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Vulcan & Region Family and Community Support Services (F.C.S.S.)

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Oct. 3, 2013

This Week’s Riddle: I run cold but am hot, I look blue but am red. What am I?

Ding Dong!! Avon Calling!


Autumn is a season for big decisions -- like whether or not it's too late to start spring cleaning. Autumn -- time to drag out your winter clothes and see what kind of summer fun the moths had. The autumn leaves are a lot like raising kids. First they turn on you, and then they fly away. And next thing you know, you look out the window and they're back!

Call Bea Henry for your Avon needs at 403.485.4165. Conversation Café on Vulcan County Poverty Reduction Strategies October 15th 7:00-9:30 pm Vulcan Legion Vulcan’s Initiative to Achieve Better Living Environments (VIABLE) is inviting Vulcan County residents and interested parties to a Conversation Café on Oct. 15th to collaborate on poverty reduction strategies for our County. Some issues that may be discussed are: *Affordable housing *Transportation within the County *Health and wellness *Job creation Outcomes from the Café will be utilized to develop and implement our Action Plan to provide opportunities for sustainable living to Vulcan County residents living in low-income situations. So, for everyone who has a personal and/or professional interest in this important issue and wishes to contribute their ideas to the betterment of our community, please put your thinking caps on and participate in our Conversation Café. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wendy Theodore at FCSS at 403-485-2106.

I got tired of looking at all those leaves in my yard, so I got up off the couch and went into action. I closed the curtains. I can hardly wait until all the leaves turn brown to match the grass. Ah yes, summer's out and autumn's in. From swimming pools to hockey pools.... Now, today’s lawn & garden tip. If you haven’t found the hedge trimmer yet, forget it. It’s almost time now to lose the leaf rake.

For all your financial needs, call 403.485.2268 today!! Brought To You By: Vulcan & Region Family and Community Support Services (F.C.S.S.) - Director: Carrol Thomson - Senior Supports: Tina Wideen - Community Services Coordinator: Wendy Theodore - Youth Coordinator: Charlotte Kimber - Reception/Food Bank: Brenda English and Wendy Theodore

Contact Us At:

115-2nd Avenue N Box 594 Vulcan, AB, T0L 2B0 Toll Free: 1-877-485-2192 (Carmangay Only) 403-485-2192 403-485-2106 Fax: 403-485-6043 To advertise, please email Wendy at

Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society WISH LIST

I could tell there was a hint of autumn in the air when my son's football smashed me in the face. Autumn is a great time of the year. Soon those ugly patches of dead grass in your lawn will be covered up -- with ugly patches of dead leaves.



Items Such As: *Shaving Cream *Canned Vegetables/Fruit *Peanut Butter/Jam *Canned Tuna/Salmon *Spaghetti *Dry Noodles *Jell-o/Pudding *Vegetable Soup *Miracle Whip/Mayo *Juice Boxes *Kids snacks *Ketchup/Mustard Due to Health regulations, the Food Bank cannot accept homemade foods. Please remember to check all dates on donated items.

Community Calendar Every Sunday


Vulcan Evangelical Missionary Church 10:55 am Bethel Lutheran Church 4:00 pm Vulcan Church of Christ 11:00 am St. Aldhelm’s Anglican Church 11:00 am St. Andrew’s Catholic Church 9:00am Vulcan United Church 11:00am Vulcan Community Church 11:00 am Vulcan Victory Church Services 10:00 am Champion Congregational Church 10:30 am Champion Evangelical Free Church 11:00 am

Sign up a neighbour for SNOW REMOVAL and receive a 10% discount (additional discounts applied up to three neighbours) Residential Only

Every Monday Crib at the Vulcan Legion at 7:30pm Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Get-A-Way Youth Centre 4:00-8:00 pm

Every Tuesday Alcoholics Anonymous, 8pm in the Lutheran Church Basement Al Anon: Call Ann for time and location at 403.485.2095 Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Legion open from 2-10 pm Coffee Time at the Vulcan Senior’s Centre - 10:00a.m - Everyone Welcome! Carmangay Seniors’ Centre 9:30-11:30am.

Every Wednesday Darts at the Vulcan Legion 7:30 pm Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Legion open from 2-10 pm Community Choir, Vulcan Seniors’ Centre, at 7:30pm (starting Oct. 3rd) Meditation at Dragonfly Awareness (111 2nd Ave. S.) at 7:00 pm Get-A-Way Youth Centre from 4-8 p.m. / Sports Night @ PVE 6-7 p.m.

Every Thursday Alcoholics Anonymous at 8pm in the Lutheran Church Basement Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Legion open from 2-10 pm Carmangay Seniors’ Centre 2-4pm. Social Events ongoing

Every Friday Legion open from 2-10 pm Moms & Tots Carmangay Library 10am-11am Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Get-A-Way Youth Centre 2-8 pm Second Friday of the Month—Stargazing at the Trek Center-7:30pm

Every Saturday “Meat Draw" - 3:00 pm at the Vulcan Legion Legion open from 2-10 pm The Royal Astronomical

Society of Canada (Calgary) is offering free public stargazing at the Trek Center in Vulcan on Friday, Oct. 11th, 2013 at 19:30. Short indoor presentation on “Did Life on Earth Arrive From Mars or Comets?”, and then we’ll check the sky out on our 11`` telescope outside, with much more.

Vulcan Legion is looking for a part-time Bartender Please apply at the Vulcan Legion

CALL GALAXY YARDS 403-485-4185 Licensed & Insured

Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society is requesting donations of suitable items for our silent auction to be held at “Ears to You” Small Business Awards Dinner and Food Bank Building Fundraising Gala on Oct. 25th. Your name and approximate value of donation will be presented with your item at the Gala, and acknowledged in the various media. Please contact us at 403-485-2192. The Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society is requesting funding which would assist us in purchasing and renovating our own building. We would like to raise $160,000 for the building fund this year. Our costs of raising these funds will be about $3500. The Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society is currently located at 115-2nd Ave. N. in Vulcan, which is also where we are incorporated in Alberta, or we may be reached by mail at Box 594, Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0. For further information, please call the Executive Director, Carrol 403 485 2192. If you are donating to our Building Fund, please make cheques out to Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society Building Fund. Thank you!

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR THE “2013 EARS TO YOU” SMALL BUSINESS AWARDS!! You can vote by filling out a form at VBDS or FCSS, or online at . TRIPLE P TEEN SEMINAR Most of the time, parenting is great fun. You know you are doing a good job, but there are times when things get a little tricky. Maybe it is when your teenager is disrespectful! If only someone could give you some ideas to make those times easier! If this sounds like you, this Triple P Seminars may be just for you! This FREE Seminar will take place at the Vulcan FCSS (115-2nd Ave. N.)

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 6:00-8:00 pm (Raising Responsible Teenagers) Deadline: Oct. 10, 2013 Answer: Blood

Refreshment provided, all welcome and no charge. Held every second Friday of the month at 19:30. For further information contact the Trek Center at (403) 485-2994 or visit

To register, please contact Vulcan FCSS at 403-485-2192 or the Parent Link Centre at 403-652-8633. Seminar facilitated by The Parent Link Centre

Good Morning Newsletter Oct 3 2013  

Vulcan FCSS Good Morning Newsletter

Good Morning Newsletter Oct 3 2013  

Vulcan FCSS Good Morning Newsletter