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Vulcan & Region Family and Community Support Services (F.C.S.S.)

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June 27, 2013

This Week’s Riddle: I have an eye but cannot see, I am stronger and faster than any man alive but have no limbs. Who am I?

Evacuation Centre has been moved to the OLD Fire Hall Anyone who has been affected by the flood please go to the Evacuation Centre. Between 8am-8pm you will be able to get assistance on Food, Clothing, etc. for you & your families. ****************

All food & clothing donations can be brought to Lodge Hall. Fuel gift card donations would be appreciated. Remember any & all donations will help the families in need.

Elderly Abuse Training

A Canadian couple was strolling through Hyde Park in London and sat down on a bench next to an elderly Briton. The Brit noticed their lapel pins sporting the Canadian flag and, to make conversation, said, 'Judging by your pins, you must be Canadians.' 'Indeed we are,' replied the Canadian gentleman. 'I hope you won't mind my asking,' said the Brit, 'but what do the two red bars on your flag represent?' 'Well,' replied the Canadian gentleman, 'one of the bars stands for the courage and hardiness of our people in settling the cold expanses and broad prairies of our country. The other is for the honesty and integrity for which Canadians are known.' The Brit mulled this over and nodded. Having poor eyesight at his advanced age, and not being familiar with maple leaves, he then asked, 'And what's that six-pointed item in the middle of your flag?' 'Oh, that's to remind us of the six words of our national motto,' the Canadian lady piped up. The Brit then asked, 'And what are those six words?' The Canadian smiled and replied, 'They are 'Don't blame us - we're not Americans.'

On July 2nd 2pm till 4pm


There will be a free Elderly Abuse Training held at The Royal Canadian Legion for the General Public and Veteran's


For all your financial needs, call 403.485.2268 today!! Brought To You By: Vulcan & Region Family and Community Support Services (F.C.S.S.) - Director: Carrol Thomson - Community Services Coordinator: Nicole Croal - Reception/Food Bank: Brenda English and Wendy Theodore - Senior Supports: Tina Wideen

Contact Us At: 115-2nd Avenue N Box 594 Vulcan, AB, T0L 2B0 Toll Free: 1-877-485-2192 (Carmangay Only) 403-485-2192 403-485-2106 Fax: 403-485-6043 To advertise, please email Nicole at

Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society WISH LIST

Items Such As: *Chicken Noodle Soup *Vegetable Soup *Pork & Beans *Miracle Whip/Mayo *Canned Vegetables *Canned Tuna/Salmon *Jell-o/Pudding *Juice Boxes *Peanut Butter/Jam *Cookies *Crackers *Ketchup/Mustard *Shampoo /Conditioner Due to Health regulations, the Food Bank cannot accept homemade foods. Please remember to check all dates on donated items.

Community Calendar

Big Thanks To Cale Warren

Every Sunday Vulcan Evangelical Missionary Church 11:00 am. Bethel Lutheran Church 4:00 pm Vulcan Church of Christ 11:00 am St. Aldhelm’s Anglican Church 11:00 am St. Andrew’s Catholic Church 9:00am Vulcan United Church 11:00am Vulcan Community Church 11:00 am Vulcan Victory Church Services 10:00 am Champion Congregational Church 10:30 am

Every Monday Crib at the Vulcan Legion at 7:30pm Get-A-Way Youth Centre from 4pm-8pm Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome

Every Tuesday Alcoholics Anonymous, 8pm in the Lutheran Church Basement Al Anon: Call Ann for time and location at 403.485.2095 Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Legion kitchen open from 11-3 Coffee Time at the Vulcan Senior’s Centre - 10:00a.m - Everyone Welcome! Carmangay Seniors’ Centre 9:30-11:30am.

Every Wednesday Get-A-Way Youth Centre from 4-8 p.m. Darts at the Vulcan Legion 7:30 pm Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Legion kitchen open from 11-3 and 5-7 Community Choir, Vulcan Seniors’ Centre, at 7:30pm (starting Oct. 3rd)

Every Thursday Alcoholics Anonymous at 8pm in the Lutheran Church Basement Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Legion kitchen open from 11-3 Carmangay Seniors’ Centre 2-4pm. Social Events ongoing Farmer’s Market at the Legion 3-6pm

Every Friday Legion Kitchen open from 11-3 Moms & Tots Carmangay Library 10am-11am Get-A-Way Youth Centre from 2-8 p.m. Coffee’s On at the Champion Pioneer Club, 9:30am-11:30am, Everyone Welcome Second Friday of the Month—Stargazing at the Trek Center-7:30pm

Every Saturday


Canada Day The Answer: A Hurricane


TD Summer Reading Club Vulcan Public Library July 10th - August 14th Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm There will be games and snacks provided!

Literacy Society 105 2nd Avenue South Learning Centre

July 1st 10am-4pm Come down to the Vulcan Pool for festivities from 10am –1pm Air Bouncers, music from Canadian artists, get tattoos and lots of giveaways 1pm-4pm Free Swim at the Vulcan Pool

OPEN 12pm-3pm If you need any of the following please drop in

We will be singing O Canada & Happy Birthday at 12pm Free cake courtesy of Market Street Food Thanks to Heritage Canada for making this event possible

The Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society is requesting funding which would assist us in purchasing and renovating our own building. We are unable to provide an exact amount of needed funding at this time since we do not know which building we will actually get, if it will need renovation, nor if we will have to build a new building instead of purchasing an existing one. However, we would like to raise $160,000 for the building fund this year. Our costs of raising these funds will be about $3500. The Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society is currently located at 115-2nd Ave. N. in Vulcan, which is also where we are incorporated in Alberta, or we may be reached by mail at Box 594, Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0. For further information, please call the Executive Director, Carrol 403 485 2192. If you are donating to our Building Fund, please make cheques out to Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society Building Fund. Thank you!

“Meat Draw" - 3:00 pm at the Vulcan Legion


This generous young man had received donations of Kraft Dinner for his Dominos display at the Champion School, after the display he donated approximately 1475 boxes of Kraft Dinner to the Vulcan Regional Food Bank.

Internet access available with computer

Stories and games for children


Vulcan FCSS Good Morning Newsletter

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