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@XI@ N^mes Vulc^n ^s First Town in C^n^d^ to Receive Fibre-to-the-Premise Network

Robust Internet connectivity is critical for enabling new and different ways for companies to run their businesses. High performance Internet infrastructure is also a proven driver for attracting and spurring the development of new business, a critical growth factor for communities like Vulcan. When complete, the network will provide existing and new businesses in Vulcan with a high speed reliable infrastructure managed on an open access basis. This means that multiple Virtual Service Providers (VSPs) will be able to offer their services via the network, giving you a greater choice of business-quality services than are currently

available. Services will include everything from simple email to real-time video and voice. For business this will mean faster downloads, fewer interruptions and increased access to a worldwide market. A list of Service Providers and their contact information is available at Once a business owner has reviewed the services offered and made a decision on which Service Provider they wish to use, the provider will build the fibre connection between the network and your premises and provide the services you have selected. Initial plans are to build fibre in three zones within Vulcan; Main Street from 1st Avenue to 4th Avenue, Main Street from 4th Avenue to 8th Avenue and in the industrial area at the North end of town. There is absolutely no cost to the town, county or any other level of government; Axia is investing its own capital and resources.

In order for Axia’s BroadbandZONE project to be commercially viable, 50% of those businesses within 200m of the fibre must commit to taking services over the network, from any one of the Service Providers. When 50% commitment level is reached in any of the three zones, construction in that zone will begin. If significant demand is identified in areas other than those proposed, construction plans will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer. A map of the proposed zones, a list of Service Providers and an Expression of Interest form are available at The Expression of Interest form is critical to the planning process as it tracks the commitment level in each zone and determine when and where Axia will begin construction.

Vulc^n: @ll Science. No Fiction. ISSUE 1 M@Y 2013


Vulcan’s goal is clear; to be the most technologically advanced small town in Canada and Axia NetMedia Corporation will soon help Vulcan make that vision a reality. Axia has chosen Vulcan as their first town in Canada to receive a fibre-to-the-premise broadband network, a tool that has the power to significantly increase economic development and renew growth…and make us a leader in small town technology.

@xi^: The Next Gener^tion

R^y Sh^w: Enviroment^list

VBIT: The Front Line VBIT will host a series of Informational Townhalls during May regarding this grand plan and will host a VBIT-AXIA presentation on June 12th at 7:00pm at the Vulcan Lodge Hall (basement). For a complete list of meetings please visit or

The Five Pill^rs: Newsworthy

@ Word from Leon^rd Nimoy When Leonard Nimoy uses the word ‘Vulcan’ in the coming year, he will be using it more in the context of our home town than his. Earlier this year Mr. Nimoy confirmed his support of VBIT’s efforts to brand Vulcan as ‘the most technologically advanced small town in Canada’. Will his voice attract worldwide attention? Logically!! Dear VBIT, Wishing you all the best with this incredible project. It will be a great contribution to Vulcan and its visitors. I am honored to have my name associated with it and look forward to hearing what becomes of this grand undertaking. All my best and LLAP, Leonard Nimoy

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Technology ^t Work

Technology ^t Home Knutson & Shaw Growers, based in Vulcan, is testing an indoor wetland project to treat grey water in a residential setting based on SAIT’s development of a ‘living wall’ to treat rainwater in their Green Building Technology. SAIT has built five Discovery Houses, the last one being a net zero house which includes a living wall .

The brainchild of local solar devotee Matt Orr, Vulcan’s Centennial Solar Legacy Project focuses on the design, build and installation of a solar tree; widely accepted as a combination of artistic and technological innovation. The tree will act as a renewable source of energy through the use of solar photovoltaic cells and the energy produced will be fed back into the existing power grid. The proposed unveiling of the project will take place during the Centennial celebration this summer. The project has received generous contributions from a variety of sources but still needs funding to meet its targeted launch date. Contributors include: Town of Vulcan, Vulcan County, community service groups, local businesses and private families. Contact Judy Sanderson for information;

Technology in He^lth Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation is a newly registered Charity in the community. One of the first endeavors is the installation of a digital wall in the foyer of the Vulcan Community Heath Centre. This will be an interactive hub providing information related to local health services, community services and current events. Since the County has a diverse population that use local health services this information will be in English and in German.

VBIT Profile Like so many country kids before him, Ray Shaw left Vulcan after high school but fortunately he returned in 1986 to farm and raise a family, now married to Bev Knutson- Shaw and the parents of three children, Nick, Keegan and Claire. Ray started a greenhouse business with bedding plants which evolved into a wetland plant supply and installation service (Knutson & Shaw Growers). In 2007, Ray invested in a wind turbine as a grid tied power source. Forty - five solar pv panels were added later to now produce 100 % of the electrical needs for his residence and greenhouse. Ray was invited to join VBIT in 2012 and is very excited about promoting the environment pillar of VBIT.

IT STARTS HERE. Technology in the Environment

Eng^ge Vulc^n County like never before Mobile technology is here to stay; Morgan Stanley reported that by early 2014, more of us will be accessing the internet via a mobile device than by desktop. VBDS and Vulcan Tourism, with help from Seekers Media, created the Vulcan mobile application. Take a tour through the County or enjoy a celebrity narrated historical or Star Trek walking tour of the Town. The free app is available for the Iphone, Ipad, android and blackberry through their app stores. A very exciting and

technologically advanced component of the Vulcan APP is the Augmented Reality program that works in conjunction with Vulcan's Star Trek Walk of Fame. By scanning the handprints on the Walk of Fame, the Augmented Reality program can read the handprint and displays a fountain of information pertaining to that particular actor and the portrayed character.

VBIT @GM VBIT invites you to attend our first Annual General Meeting to be held at the CCHS Palliser Room, 7pm, Wednesday May 22, 2013. For further information contact Sandra Locken.

Alberta Agriculture's 'Growing Forward’ has helped four farmers install 18 kw of solar power to their farms. These installations will be monitored for production and efficiency. Growing Forward still has active programs for free energy assessments and $2000.00 for sub metering equipment available to interested growers.



The Vulcan Branding Innovation Team (VBIT) is a volunteer group of community residents working toward a revitalized town and county. Our goal is to reposition Vulcan as ‘the most technologically advanced small town in Canada.’ In this way we can attract new technology, business and investment, offer existing businesses a viable future and bring skilled, technically advanced employment to our community. We do this because we believe in Vulcan and its future. It is our goal to position Vulcan as an incubator, a test bed for the development of practical technology appropriate for small towns. Out of Vulcan will emerge the template for rural economic development that will be replicated in progressive communities around the world. It is VBIT’s dream to bring an exhibition centre to town; to showcase technology and our community. The five pillars of innovation in technology; home, health, education, agriculture and the environment will be featured in showrooms, classrooms, exhibits and meeting rooms. Hotels will anchor the centre and provide conference space to tech related businesses. All of Vulcan and county will benefit. This is our vision.


To brand Vulcan as the most technologically advanced small town in Canada while retaining an easy going rural lifestyle that is ideally suit...