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ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A CAREER WITH YOUNG CHILDREN? Lethbridge College Early Childhood Education Program Spring Semester 2011 Begin or continue your Early Childhood Education program in May, 2011. Students can attend the college part-time through evening courses while working with children or in other jobs during the day. Or, students can complete courses independently through our Distributed Learning courses. Child care staff, day home providers, preschool teachers, Out-of –School Care Staff and anyone interested in young children can complete courses for the Alberta Government Certification. Government Accreditation Individuals working in Early Childhood settings can access government funding for professional development. Also, wages for Early Childhood Educators are being supplemented by the government. Upgrade your education and increase your salary. Are you a new student at the college? Apply now for the spring, 2011 semester. You can apply on-line at or by mail or in person at the main campus. Call 403-382-6958 for information. Are you continuing your ECE program? Register now for the spring, 2011 semester. Call 403-320-3323 to register.

ECE Evening Courses on Campus Spring, 2011 May 9 through June 20

ECE-162-C91 Creative Experiences One. Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:15 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. Room IB1132 and Saturdays of May 28 and June 4, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. This course is being offered on campus and via video conferencing to rural campus. Course cost is $276.51 plus textbook cost of $215.60 (subject to change). Call 403-320-3323. This course is foundational to Accreditation Standard 3. ECE Certificate ECE-162 C-91 Creative Experiences One (3 credits) This first year course is one of three that places emphasis on developmentally appropriate activities for young children. The content of creative experiences courses will provide knowledge of the young child’s growth and abilities (physically, creatively, intellectually, socially and emotionally). This information will be applied to skills and attitudes when planning, implementing, guiding and evaluating activities offered for individual children and groups. In ECE-162, the focus is on the integration of language arts experiences through children’s literature and creative arts experiences into an early childhood curriculum. Not available for supplemental. This course has a lab component.

ECE Diploma If you have some flexibility during the daytime, courses for ECE Certificate and the ECE Diploma are offered at varied times during the day, including late afternoons. You can consider part-time study during the day.

Distributed Learning (Distance Education) All the ECE Certificate and ECE Diploma courses are available through Distributed Learning. After you have been admitted to the program, you can register in one or more courses and complete the courses independently during any one of the three college semesters.

For more information regarding off-campus, rural access to these courses, please contact:


Vulcan Innovation Project - Alan Pasolli, Program Coordinator 403-485-4147

For further information:  Patricia Lynch-Staunton: (403) 382-6943 Toll-Free: 1-800-572-0103 ext 6943

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