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Hello dear applicants, If you are reading this, then you are probably considering applying for an NST position in Sweden – therefore, on behalf of our entity, we from MC MjÜlner would like to congratulate you all for taking this bold step!

AIESEC in Sweden is currently in a very dynamic period full of changes, challenges, and innovations as our entity takes brave steps into the future, evolving our operations and organization and striving for achieving the statements of our new mid-term ambition. For this reason, we need brave and passionate individuals who will support us on our way to

achieving our goals and creating a far bigger positive impact on Swedish society than ever before. What we are looking for is unique individuals who live our organizational values and strongly connect and believe in what we do. We need individuals who do not shy away from challenges, are resilient in the face of obstacles, and are devoted to delivering excellence. If you feel this description fits you, then you are at the right place and we are eagerly awaiting your applications. Thank you for reading and good luck! ~ MC MjĂślner

NST February R2