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VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010




Vuepoint Misplaced threats samantha power



lmost a year after the earthquake in Haiti, any recovery efforts underway have ground to a halt after controversy over recent elections have further outraged Haitians attempting to rebuild. Protests, demonstrations and even violence have forced Haiti's electoral authorities to go back and recount the ballots. So statements this week from the Canadian foreign affairs minister and the US secretary of state seem seem a tad callous. Minister Lawrence Cannon this past week told Haiti to get its political house in order, and to "assume their responsibility" to create stability. The blunt comments were made with the veiled threat to remove Haiti's international aid funding if things did not calm down, with Secretary Clinton pointing to a Senate colleague's motion to remove funding until the situation was resolved. But Clinton and Cannon may want to hold off playing the blame game for a while, because they may find the finger points squarely back in their direction. The recent election has been plagued by difficulty from the beginning, with the Fanmi Lavalas party—the party of exiled former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide—being



prevented from even participating at any level. Fanmi Lavalas is Haiti's most popular party, having support at levels that only the Conservative and Liberal parties of Canada combined could hope to achieve. And it has been the favourite party of the majority of Haiti's poorest population since Aristide was first elected in 1990. Unfortunately, throughout Haiti's turbulent political history the role of Canada and the US in bringing down Fanmi Lavalas and Aristide in particular remains a point of controversy. Allegations against Canada and the US include the funding of the coup d'etat against Aristide by the US, France and Canada. A proposed UN investigation in 2004 into the Aristide exile was reportedly thwarted by the US and France. Perhaps it's these allegations that are putting doubt in the minds of Cannon and Clinton on acting swiftly to assist in the resolution of the current electoral turbulence. But according to the 2004 UN mandate for troops— the leadership of which Canada and the US have directing positions in, and which was extended due to the recent unrest— their presence is to ensure the creation of free and fair elections, and right now they don't seem to be doing their job. So they might want to think twice about issuing threats and blunt punishments. V

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In response to "Back Words" (Dec 2, 2010)

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How shouldTom Flanagan be punished for his comments about Julian Assange? Academic censure 17.1% A criminal charge of incitement to commit murder 57.1% He was joking, no punishment needed 25.7%

COMMENTS FROM LAST WEEK'S WEB POLL Whether or not it was a joke, there must be some recognition of how inappropriate and problematic those statements were. Whether it is a public apology, some form of a charge, etc. Public figures such as Flanagan should not be allowed to make statements as such. If I said the same thing about his buddies Harper and Kenney et al in that kind of public platform, I would be charged . I would even have been arrested already. Why is he above the rules?


With the Leduc smoking ban in cars with children present, have smoking bans gone too far? 1) Smoke 'em if you got 'em 2) Butt out, kids

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

Troubled waters

Three-sided tailings pond reveals problems with consultation efforts deals specifically with the design and structure of the mine site. The section on tailings outlines the construction of the tailings pond, but also states that CNRL will "provide specific designs for the external tailings pond, in-pit dykes and waste areas for approval before construction in accordance with Alberta Environmental Protection."

Cam Fenton //


n mid-September, residents of Fort McKay discovered something new on the community's traditional hunting and trapping territories: tar sands tailings. What they came across was the tailings impoundment pond for Canadian Natural Resources Ltd's (CNRL) Horizon mine—a five-kilometre-long basin of water, particulate matter and toxic chemicals. Fort McKay sits on the western shore of the Athabasca River, just over 50 km north of Fort McMurray and surrounded by tar sands extraction. The difference between this site and those that have come under fire in other parts of Northern Alberta, is that this one only appeared to have three sides. Contained on the northern, eastern and southern edges by dikes, the western edge was described by Ben Powless— photo-journalist and organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network— as "a massive oil spill, in slow motion." According to the provincial government and officials from CNRL, the western side is suitably contained by a natural clay embankment. After the story broke, officials from the provincial and federal governments were sent to Fort McKay to investigate the site. Environment Canada reported

Councilor Mike Orr pulls water from the CNRL tailings pond site.

that the tailings site complied with both the Migratory Bird and Fisheries Acts, and that they would thus take no further action. Critics have claimed that the details of the tailings site were not disclosed by CNRL during the public hearings as part of the environmental review process in 2003. Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner confirmed this in an interview with CBC, stating that details of tailings facilities were not released but

contended that they were not required at that stage of the process. Jessica Totter, a spokesperson for Alberta Environment later told Vue that the minister had misspoke, and the details were included. According to Totter, the design details of the tailings site were made public in October 2002 as part of documents produced by the CNRL for the hearing and application process. Section 3 of these documents, published online by Alberta Environment on November 22, 2010,

Documents acquired from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's records of the Joint Review Panel on the CNRL Horizon project do not include the physical structure of the tailings site. Totter explained that the geo-technical details of the tailings site would have been reviewed and approved by the Dam Safety Branch at Alberta Environment, and that this approval would have been listed in the Joint Review Panel's final report. This report, published on January 27, 2004, includes references to the Dam Safety Branch, but only that they required more information as part of the "detailed design report" of the external tailings area. CBC reported that a spokesperson for Alberta Environment stated that after approval it was the responsibility of CNRL to present the details of the design to the public, and respond to any concerns. Community members in Fort McKay are worried that the tailings site is open and

NewsRoundup new report reveals that the water contaminents downstream from the tar sands are impacting the treaty rights of Aboriginal communities in the area. Treaty 8 was signed in 1899 and guarantees rights to hunting, trapping and fishing, but with environmental impacts from the tar sands contaminants—as well as large water withdrawals for tar sands purposes—are making many traditional areas off limits. Chief

Roxanne Marcel of the Mikisew Cree First Nation said, "This study confirms what our elders and Chiefs have been telling government for years: that our treaty rights are being impacted by the quality and quantity of the water. When water levels are down, we can no longer access our Traditional Lands by boat, which limits our fishing, trapping and hunting. Our members have been stranded. We no longer drink the water. We see our rights along with our River deteriorating before us."







labour dispute at a local bar has caused workers, community members and the local Industrial Workers of the World to picket outside Martini's Bar and Grill for the last two Friday nights. Two workers were let go after a manager caught workers holding a conversation about resolving unsatisfactory working conditions, but were told their firing was related to their job performance. The original dispute, as reported by the fired workers, concerned security issues with door staff during late night shifts, on-time salary payments and scheduling conflicts. Picketers have said they will continue until the dispute is resolved.

hile the majority of media reports spun the Women and Work report from Statistics Canada last week as good news, the Alberta Federation of Labour points out women are still facing an earnings gap of 72 percent. Women's jobs remain concentrated in "pink collar" fields such as nursing, teaching and the service sector, while in sectors employing a growing number of women, such as business and finance, wages continue to be stagnant at a significantly lower level than men. The Alberta Federation of Labour points out here in Alberta, male managers in the business and finance field earn almost double what their female counterparts do. Additionally the Sta-

easily accessible to local wildlife. Photos from the site show animal tracks leading to and from the edge of the tailings site, despite industry claims that they are taking all necessary steps to keep animals and birds away. Observers also noted seeing beaver dams nearby the tailings site, as well as plentiful bird populations. "I could see birds flying freely overhead, spotted beaver dams just off the shore, and we found moose and deer tracks leading right up to the toxic sludge, where animals had at least drank the waste, if not tried to swim," Powless explained. "And the waste was slowly swallowing up living trees and other vegetation." The animals on this land make up much of the traditional diet of the people of Fort McKay, who have been hunting and trapping in these areas for generations. Totter explained that Alberta Environment does not maintain standardized protocols for keeping wildlife out of tailings facilities, instead focusing on "site specific" standards developed in conjunction with industry operators. Concerns have also been raised about the potential health impacts of the tailings site. Community members have begun to develop rashes and sores after spending time near the site. Family pets CONTINUED ON PAGE 6 >>


The report also highlights areas of improvement, including creating Aboriginal baseline water flow levels to determine need, as well as a consultation committee to create mechanisms for accommodating water withdrawal. The peer-reviewed report, "As Long as the Rivers Flow," was conducted by the Firelight Group, an organization of ecologists, social scientists and anthropologists in association with the Parkland Institute, a public policy research organization at the University of Alberta.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK "His actions with WikiLeaks have put on notice those who would take us to war based on lies that any future attempts to do so will be met by the fierce bright light provided by WikiLeaks and intended to expose those who commit their war crimes." —Michael Moore in his witness statement posting bail for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Dec 14, 2010

tistics Canada data released last week shows that while 2009 marked a one percent decline in the employment rate for women, almost 70 percent of Canada's part-time work force consists of women.

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010




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The other side of the equation

Fiscal update reveals a refusal to talk about changing provincial revenues Ricardo acuña //

Last month, while the province was caught up in controversy and daily news stories around health care in Alberta, the government very quietly released its second quarter fiscal update. Because of the focus on cookies, firings, health superboard resignations and legislature filibusters, the update went largely unnoticed by the media. Unfortunate, as the financial numbers—and the government's explanation of them—reveal much about this government's priorities, and the likelihood that all of its grand vi-

sioning in areas like health care and education will actually lead to any positive change on the ground. The bottom line in the fiscal update is a jump in the projected deficit for the year from the $4.75 billion anticipated in the budget to $5 billion—an increase of $250 million. In his attempts to explain the growing deficit to the media, Finance Minister Ted Morton focused on two things: unforeseen spending on disasters and emergencies, and an unreliable revenue stream. In the first instance, what Mr Morton is referring to is a projected increase of $534

million for disaster and emergency assistance for municipal flooding, wildfires, the agricultural sector and mountain pine beetle. Although it's true that this is the largest variation from the budget on the government's expense sheet, and that the government has no control over the line item, it's somewhat disingenuous for the finance minister to single this line item out as a key reason for the growing deficit. The reason for this is that there's an increased expense that's even more significant than this one buried on the revenue sheet. This is where the government places the cost of what it calls "drilling stimulus

initiatives"—royalty breaks to the rest of us. The second quarter fiscal update projects that these royalty breaks will cost us $788 million more this year than originally budgeted. That's an increase of more than 100 percent from the budget released earlier this year, bringing the total cost of royalty breaks to a whopping $1.5 billion. Funny that we're giving away $1.5 billion of royalty money to the oil and gas sector, yet the government points to spending one third of that on emergencies and disasters as the only problem with the province's expenses. The other interesting part of Mr Morton's explanation of the deficit is his acknowledgment that there is a problem with the province's revenue stream. Personal income taxes are now projected to bring in $1.1 billion less than originally budgeted and, despite more than doubling the cost of drilling incentives, natural gas and conventional oil royalties are still projected to bring in almost $300 million less than budgeted. There's no question that there is a serious problem with the province's revenue stream. What makes Morton's recognition of this problem interesting, however, is his absolute refusal to do anything about it. The press release that accompanied the fiscal update quotes the finance minister as saying, "We will continue to control what we can and we are resolved to getting back in the black in 2012 – '13." But this statement is also misleading. What he means is that the province will continue to control what it can on the expense side of the financial statement. "We're keeping a cap on expenditures," he told the



have also shed fur, evidence of what the community is concerned is the seeping of tailings into groundwater and the surrounding lands, as well as air pollution coming from the site. Moving forward, the community is calling for a solution that involves greater community involvement in the planning, running and regulation of extraction sites. "Greater inclusion of the people of Fort McKay and other First Nations to regulate and monitor on a First Nations environmental stewardship model is required," Mike Orr, councillor from Fort McKay explained in a statement to media. "We are at ground zero, Fort McKay people are directly affected by industry from all directions more than any other group." Presently, oil and gas industry and the Alberta government are required to adhere to the First Nations Consultation Guidelines on Land Management and Resource Development when pursuing new resource extraction projects. The guidelines outline the rights and


VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

media, but made no mention of taking any action on the other side of the financial statements: the province's revenues. The implication is that the government has no control over anything on the revenues statement, but nothing could be farther from the truth. We're one of the only jurisdictions with a flat tax structure, which a recent Parkland report showed is costing us in excess of $5 billion per year. Another recent Parkland study showed that the government's failure to meet even its own modest targets for revenue collection from the oil patch is costing us between $5 and $10 billion annually. That's in addition to the $1.5 billion in current royalty breaks. Yet somehow, Mr Morton continues to insist that the government has no control over either our provincial tax rates or our royalty rates. The government's refusal to do anything about the province's revenue issues can only mean one of two things: either the government does not realize that it actually has more control over the province's revenue than it does over expenses, or it's being led exclusively by blind ideology to ignore revenues and starve public services. Either way, it is hard to fathom how anyone who can so fully ignore one side of a balance sheet can claim to be fiscally responsible. And either way, the attitude towards the province's finances makes clear that all the government's grand statements about improving health care and education in the province are simply not true, as it has no intention of raising the money necessary to make those things happen. Isn't it time we got a government in there that is not blinded by ideology and truly understands how to manage our finances in the public interest? V Ricardo Acuña is the executive director of the Parkland Institute, a non-partisan public policy research institute housed at the University of Alberta.

responsibilities of all parties in dealing with aboriginal communities in Alberta, including the necessity for all government and industry parties to "provide First Nations with access to relevant information on mineral resource development activity." These guidelines also mandate that despite the necessity to consult, subsurface mineral rights remain in the hands of the government. But Fort McKay residents are not content to sit and wait for the government to do better. The community is taking matters into its own hands. Residents have begun collecting water samples from the tailings pond for study, as well as started up a "bucket brigade"—a lowtech, but reliable, form of community air quality testing to monitor pollution in the region. "The community people who must live with the oil sands for the rest of our lives are in the best position to monitor what is happening in our backyard," Orr stated. "There is a need to move forward with greater interaction between government, industry, First Nations and the scientific community to develop innovative technologies to better manage the oil sands." V


Accusations against Assange

Is there US involvement in the charges against the WikiLeaks founder? The US government is doing all it can have to get British permission to hand to silence the WikiLeaks organization, him over. Whatever the US governincluding starving it of funds by getment is up to, that is not its strategy. ting PayPal, Visa and Mastercard to But are the rape accusations in Sweden freeze its accounts. But has it also genuine, or the result of American mapersuaded the Swedes to accuse Julian nipulation or entrapment? Assange, the WikiLeaks founder The fact that they were first made and chief whistle-blower, of after Assange released docuraping two women, in order ments about the American war to shut him up? in Afghanistan last summer, Or more subtly, as some .com and were then revived after ly k e e w of Assange's supporters alhe began releasing a quartere@vue gwynn e n n lege, is Washington using million State Department cony w G the rape charges to get Asfidential messages last month, yer D sange extradited from Britain is certainly a striking coincidence, to Sweden, from where it hopes to but coincidences really do happen. extradite him to the United States to It is possible that a man might be a face espionage charges? dedicated campaigner for truth and jusThe latter accusation is clearly nontice (or whatever) by day, and a serial sense, because it would be far easier rapist by night. So what are the odds for the United States to extradite Asthat the accusations that have been sange from Britain than from Sweden. made against Julian Assange in Sweden Under a 2003 US-UK agreement, the were brought in good faith and without United States no longer has to provide American influence? prima facie evidence that an offence There are no actual charges against Ashas been committed—usually in the sange. The accusations against him were form of witness statements—when refirst made last summer, and Assange questing the extradition of an accused voluntarily remained in Sweden until person from Britain. the investigation was closed. He claims It would be harder for the United that the file has now been re-opened States to extradite Assange from Swe(by a different prosecutor) for political den, and in any case the Swedes would reasons, and refuses to go back to Swe-


den for further questions, though he offered to be interviewed at the Swedish embassy in London. So he has been sent to jail in Britain. This came as a surprise to him, since people who are resisting extradition normally get bail in Britain. Unless an

It is possible that a man might be a dedicated campaigner for truth and justice (or whatever) by day, and a serial rapist by night. So what are the odds that the accusations that have been made against Julian Assange in Sweden were brought in good faith and without American influence?


appeal succeeds, he will be in jail for at least three weeks, and perhaps for months, while his case makes its way through the courts. Yet the allegations against him, even if true, would not normally lead to a rape charge in Britain or most other jurisdictions. The definition of rape in Sweden is no longer restricted to coercion, but includes any infringement of another person's "sexual integrity." Accusations of rape have consequently increased four-

I hope this update doesn't scare the Dickmostly disparaging towards the physiens out of you, sports fans. The ghost of cal appearances of the members of the NHL's future, Steven Stamkos, and the squad, I have to say yes. Not that that is Tampa Bay Lightning visited our fair completely the Oilers' fault—society city and all they got was embaras a whole certainly has a long rassed by Linus Omark with a way to go—but by reinforcing nifty shootout spin-o-rama. a culture that tacitly portrays Then the ghost of the NHL's men as heroic athletes and women as sex objects, the Oilpresent, the Vancouver Cauewee v @ x o intheb nucks, came to town and ers must share some of the oung & Dave Y beat the Oilers 2-1—the first blame for what the organizaBirtles n a y r B regulation loss in December. tion's decision has wrought. BB This was rounded out by a visit from the ghost of NHL's past, the ToPredictions Revisited ronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs Scrooged At the beginning of the season, I picked the Oilers 4-1. Pittsburgh (2nd in the Atlantic), LA (7th in the West), Vancouver (1st in the Still jeer-leading Northwest) and New Jersey (second last With Octane!, the Oilers cheer team makoverall) to make the final four of the NHL ing its debut this week, I thought I would playoffs. New Jersey. WTF, Lou Lamorirenew my objection to the Oil being repello? You, the empty shell that used to resented in such a way. All of the main be Martin Brodeur and the overpriced objections are still as relevant today as Ilya Kovalchuk are making me look bad. they were when the Oilers announced Birtles also picked Vancouver and Pittsthe cheer team. Is it still a ridiculous idea? burgh but he avoided the Devils and went Well it's not as if the Oilers have opened with Washington (4th in the league) and the floodgates; to date, no Canadian Chicago (9th in the west). The new guy's teams—you know, the ones whose fans showing me up. Who does this rookie view hockey as a noble sport with deep think he is? Linus Omark? DY roots in this country's social fabric and not "sports entertainment" akin to the Stats! Yes! Stats! WWE—have announced similar plans to The Oilers are currently 28th in faceoff start a cheer squad. Is it still degrading percentage, a full 12 percent lower than to women? Judging by the response to league-leading Vancouver. However, fathe pictures of the cheer team that have ceoff success does not necessarily transbeen released, a response which was late into standings payoff. Currently, only



law: they are only delivering about as many convictions for rape as they did 20 years ago. If Assange ever faced a Swedish court, he would almost certainly be found not guilty. Assange enjoys his rock-star status and the access to women that it brings, and it has made him arrogant. However, although a file was opened after the two women's complaints, Sweden's chief prosecutor refused to lay charges against him. He then left Sweden. So far, no hidden American hand. But

another, more junior Swedish prosecutor re-opened the file on Assange last month and demanded his extradition for further questioning. The man who asked the prosecutor to do that is Claes Borgstrom, the two women's new lawyer. Borgstrom denies any US ties, and you can probably believe him: he was Gender Equality Minister in the former Social Democratic-led government of Sweden until he returned to the law in 2008. Neither are Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen likely to lend themselves to an American sting operation. Indeed, both women say that they still admire Assange's actions in bringing so many secrets to light. What we have here, therefore, is a man who assumes too much, and two wronged women, but probably not enough evidence for the law in most countries to treat his actions as rape. Even in Sweden it probably wouldn't, and it's unlikely that Assange would be in jail now if he had just gone back to Sweden and answered more questions. Not that the British judge's decision to imprison him was sensible, or even defensible. V Gwynne Dyer is a London-based journalist. His column appears every week in Vue Weekly.



Crack the code

fold in the past 20 years, and Sweden now has the highest per capita rate of reported rapes in Europe. But does anybody really believe that there are more rapists in Sweden than anywhere else? Swedish courts are clearly unhappy about the politicians' meddling with the

four of the ten highest rated faceoff teams are in the league's top ten with standings points. Teams like New Jersey, Florida, Columbus and Ottawa, all languishing in the bottom half of the table are in the top seven in the faceoff dot. DY The "Code"

A lot of ink has spilled over the so-called "code" that NHL players live by in the wake of Linus Omark's amazing shoot out goal. The code, it seems, is not so much something that anyone knows the real rules to, it goes only by feel and by age. For example, when Dan Ellis was bested by Omark in the shootout, he felt bad, and since he's older, that went against the code. Similarly Martin St Louis felt bad and—even though he's used similarly unconventional shoot out moves—since he's older, it went against the code. Consequently, it would seem to me, the next time we're in a shootout we should put Jason Strudwick out there because that guy's older than Moses. Then any goalie making a save on him would be acting against the code, opening himself up to the repercussions that the Lightning so ominously alluded to after losing to the Oil. BB Player of the Week

Tom Gilbert: Credit where credit is due. After serving as the whipping boy most of the year, Gilbert's looking like his solid self again. BB Linus Omark: The "Code" is crap. The goal was fun. And the name Linus is cool. DY

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010



Find a restaurant


Wild gobblers

RECIPE Roast Turkey with Hazelnut and Apricot Stuffing (shown on the Simply Fresh Delicious TV show with Jann Arden and Dirt Willy)

Dirt Willy Farms' turkeys are a breed apart


4 cups salt 4 cups granulated sugar 16 litres (16 quarts) water, approximately 2 large onions, quartered 12 bay leaves 1/4 cup all spice berries 1/4 cup whole black peppercorns 2 garlic bulbs, halved Peel of 2 oranges Peel of 2 lemons 4 rosemary sprigs 6 thyme sprigs 10 lb (5kg) turkey, rinsed, gizzards and neck removed 1/4 cup melted butter Pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper

Hazelnut And Apricot Stuffing:

// Chelsea Boos

Jan Hostyn //


urkey. It's a no-brainer. It's what a huge chunk of us eat for Christmas dinner. Sure, the odd ham weasels its way onto a table or two but really, turkey is where it's at. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without it. So have no fear; I'm not going to recommend you mess with all your Christmas traditions and step away from the turkey. For many of you, that would be simply unthinkable. But what if you could placate all the traditionalists out there who dig into your yearly turkey and still indulge your adventurous side? Well, you could with a wild turkey from Dirt Willy Farm. Rick Wood-Samman is the man behind Dirt Willy

8 // DISH

Farm, and on that farm he raises wild turkeys—in large pens. So no, they're not wild in the runningaround-in-the-wilderness sense. Wild turkeys are simply a particular breed of turkey, "The breed that was originally found flying around North America— the United States in particular—way back when," he says. Turkeys started to change once the English came over, bringing domesticated turkeys with them. They crossed those turkeys with wild turkeys. "So all the domestic turkeys you find today are developed from wild turkeys." A traditional turkey—the kind that graces your table every year—is typically massive, sporting an equally massive amount of breast meat. That's because it's

4 slices bacon, finely chopped 1 tbsp butter 1 small onion, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 celery stalk, finely chopped 1/4 cup cranberry jelly 1 1/2 teaspoons finely grated orange zest 1/3 cup chopped dried apricots 1/2 cup hazelnuts, toasted, peeled and chopped 4 cups coarse fresh breadcrumbs 1 apple, peeled and grated 2 tsp chopped fresh thyme Pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper

Orange Brandy Gravy:

Pan drippings 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 cup brandy 6 cups chicken stock 1 cup orange juice 1/3 cup cranberry jelly Pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper


VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010


Combine salt, sugar and one litre (one quart) of water in large saucepan. Stir over high heat until salt and sugar are dissolved. Pour into large stock pot or clean container. Add remaining water, onions, bay leaves, all spice, peppercorns, garlic, peel and herbs and stir to combine. Add turkey, cover with a little more water than is necessary to completely cover turkey. Let stand in fridge for about nine hours (one hour per pound of turkey). Remove turkey from brine mixture. Rinse thoroughly inside and out and pat dry with paper towel. Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C). Grease a wire rack and place inside a roasting pan. To make the hazelnut and apricot stuffing, cook bacon in large frying pan over medium-high heat until browned and crisp. Add butter, onion, garlic and celery. Cook, stirring occasionally, for about five minutes or until onion is softened. Add sauce and stir until melted. Combine onion mixture and remaining ingredients in large bowl. Spoon stuffing into both cavities of turkey. Secure openings with skewers if necessary; tie legs together. Place turkey on prepared wire rack. Pour two cups of water into roasting pan. Brush turkey with melted butter; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cover turkey loosely with greased foil. Roast for one and a half hours. Remove foil and baste with melted butter. Cook for a further one to one and a half hours basting with butter and pan drippings and adding a little more water to pan so drippings don't burn, until turkey is tender and a meat thermometer inserted into thickest part of leg reads 180 F (82 C). Cover and let stand for 15 minutes before carving. Remove stuffing from turkey before carving. Reserve any pan drippings. To make the orange brandy gravy, drain fat from pan drippings and heat drippings in same pan you roasted the turkey in. Add flour and stir over medium-high heat for one minute to cook flour. Stir in brandy. Add remaining ingredients. Cook, stirring occasionally, for about 15 minutes or until thickened. Strain to remove any lumps. Serve gravy with turkey and stuffing. Serves eight. V



probably a Broad Breasted Bronze, a domesticated turkey that has been specifically bred for its breast meat. We love our white breast meat, after all. Wild turkeys, on the other hand, don't have that huge breast. They couldn't fly if they did. "It's a flying bird," explains Wood-Samman. "They can actually fly up to a mile at a time. That's why domestic turkeys can't fly; because of their huge chest." Wild turkeys are also smaller in general; with an average weight of three to six kilograms, you may need more than one if you're planning to feed a crowd— or want lots of those coveted leftovers. "They're kind of like large chickens," describes Wood-Samman, "and that's how you should cook them. Without all that breast meat, they cook up much quicker than your average turkey." He also recommends using a meat thermometer because you don't want them to dry out. Beyond that, the best reason to pop a wild turkey in your oven this Christmas is the taste. "You'll find them much sweeter and juicier than your typical turkey," explains Wood-Samman. "And there's a different texture to the meat—it's firmer." He attributes that to the large outdoor pens his turkeys get to run around in and the warm days and cold nights. And yes, the pens are covered with netting. These turkeys can and do fly. "Imagine a couch potato that simply sits around and watches TV all day, well that's kind of what domestic turkeys are like. My wild turkeys are more like athletes— they actually move their bodies." And because they're raised outside, they also get to indulge in bugs and grass, treats domestic turkeys can't even imagine. And Wood-Samman's turkeys are fresh. You can't get any fresher. "I'm taking them to the plant on December 22, and I'll be home with them around seven or eight in the evening." You can pick up your bird that night, or sometime during the next couple of days. As soon as he gets home, though, all the turkeys are put directly in the freezer. "It's a safety thing. They won't be totally

frozen by the next day, though." Wood-Samman is taking orders now and will continue to do so until he sells out—and he does usually sell out. So you might want to get on the phone and place your order now. The birds sell for $5 a pound, more than regular commercial turkeys, but they've been raised with care and "have had a good life." Dirt Willy Farms is only about 20 minutes from Edmonton, on the western boundary of Elk Island Park, and it's easy to get to. And you might want to make the trip a family outing. For $5 for adults and $2.50 for kids, you can take a tour of the farm. And if wild turkey isn't your thing, Wood-Samman also sells pheasants and partridges. Oh, and that name, Dirt Willy Farm? "Well," laughs Wood-Samman, "when I was just a kid, I was quite a chatty little guy. Whenever we got in the car, my dad got me to read road signs. One day—I must have been about six or seven—we passed a sign and I read out 'Dirt Willy Farm.' My dad took another look and it actually said 'Drift Willow Ranch.' I don't know how I got Dirt Willy Farm out of it, I guess I was just a lousy reader. Anyway when I got a farm years later, it stuck in my head and so that's what I named it: Dirt Willy Farm. It's kind of memorable, isn't it?" Wood-Samman thinks you'll find his wild turkeys equally memorable. V Dirt Willy Farm Rick Wood-Samman 53116 Range Rd #210, Ardrossan; 780.922.6080

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

DISH // 9


Christmas pairings The right wine for the right time of day

// Pete Nguyen

The anticipation of Christmas day is rapidly well, seriously dry Rosé wines have acidity upon us, for what could be and what will to balance the citrus and red fruits, great be. Perhaps it will go something like this: to pair with the lighter meat and cranberry the day's celebrations begin with gifts for sauces. Made from a number of grapes the kids and for the adults, perhaps, with including Grenache, Mouvedre, Pinot the pop of a cork. Bubbles are a great Noir and Syrah, France and Spain are well way to venture into the holiday brunch. known for their structured, light-tannin A classy touch is to turn your festive bubRosés with a lingering finish. bly into a cocktail. There's the classic MiAs there just may be some red wine mosa which is simply sparkling wine drinkers at the table, one could defiand orange juice, or you can try nitely choose Syrah, Tempranillo something a little more experior Zinfandel, with soft tannins, IDI V , I N VE mental like pomegranate juice, spicy, ripe fruit-forward and dark which adds a beautiful colour berry flavours to pair with that m along with that additional savoury dark meat. Although e w e u v jenn@ dimension of fruit. Since the Pinot Noir is the best single Jenn flavours of the bubbles are gowine for pairing with your turing to be enhanced with the fruit Fulford key dinner, Pinot Noir has the verjuice, it's not as pertinent to have satility of a chameleon and provides an expensive Champagne. Sparkling wine lovely warm fruit along with elegance and from Spain is called Cava while sparkling earthy complexity to enhance most dishes, wine from Italy is called Prosecco. Both opnot overpowering the food with its light tions are pocket savers for making these tannin, but supporting with its acidity and lovely cocktails. Just remember to inquire flavourful design. Complex and flavourful into the sweetness level to ensure it is to Pinot Noir can be found from many counyour taste. tries around the world. More fruit-driven As the day rolls on, with the presents all and less-earthy characters are found from opened and company arriving, try some the New World wine-making regions such Pinot Grigio from Italy, Sauvignon Blanc as California, New Zealand and Okanagan. from New Zealand, Merlot from California French Burgundy is 100 percent Pinot or the Okanagan or a softer Syrah from Noir; it won't state that on the bottle, but Washington or Oregon. These are luscious, it's bound to have some additional earthy fruit-driven wines with a bit of acidity, and characteristics. medium tannin at best for a soft start to Now the dessert. The most important the palate. A variety of finger foods are thing to remember about serving wine complimented by these versatile wines with dessert is the wine has to be as sweet that warm the mouth and body from the or sweeter than the dessert. If not, the inside. As well, these are great afternoon wine can come across as bitter or tart. sippers that don't necessarily need food There are many options; ice wine or ice and won't crush your palate before dinner. cider from Canada, late-harvest Riesling from Germany, Muscadet from Australia, As the day climaxes with the dinner itself Sauternes from France—really, whatever and the turkey is pulled out of the oven sweet delicacy you wish. with its heavenly scent filling the house, As the Christmas day closes upon us, it's time for the next round of wine. To go some post dinner Port or Sherry can be with the turkey, try some white wine from served to those still up for a wee drink. the Alsace region of France and Germany. These classic, after-dinner fortified wines Gewurztraminer has a fruity, floral mouth are a dream to sip on as the turkey takes with some zippy spice and Riesling with its full, slumbering effect as you lounge by tropical fruit, green apple and citrus flathe fire with a full tummy and great memvours offers a slightly off-dry option that ories of Christmas 2010. will pair with most things on the table. As Merry Christmas! V


10 // DISH

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

SNOW ZONE 'This wicked crossing'

Maligne River ice walk offers a winter-only exploration Kristina De Guzman //


'm not usually scared of heights, but I can't help feeling a little nervous walking along a narrow icy path along shale beds. To my right a few steps is a tumble of several feet. From the path, I can see the Maligne River, frozen and icy blue, at the base of a limestone canyon. Although ice cleats designed to grip ice and prevent slipping are attached to the bottom of my boots, I'm not entirely convinced that I won't fall backwards as I take cautious steps up a slightly inclined path. Perhaps my fear echoes the kind that explorer and Jesuit missionary JeanPierre de Smet felt when he tried to cross the lower Maligne River in the mid-1800s. He had better reason, however. In an attempt to cross the river, he was washed away. "[De Smet] wasn't killed," assures Trevor Lescard, General Manager of Overlander Trekking and Tours, one of the companies that offer Maligne Canyon ice walks. "He was actually washed down the river for about a mile, and because of his experience, he wrote in his journal 'Cette traverse maligne' or 'this evil or wicked crossing.'" If we were to return in the summer and try to retrace our steps through the canyon, says Craig McCarthy, our guide for this afternoon tour, we would soon realize we couldn't. Although there are hiking trails along the edge of the canyon, hikers cannot enter the bottom of the canyon in the summertime where

Walking on (frozen) water

there is between one to three metres of rapid-flowing water. It is during the winter that most visitors come to Maligne Canyon for the guided three-hour tour which takes them along the bottom of a canyon— towering over 30 metres—and into an ice cave. The ice walk is offered three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening) until early April. According to Lescard, about 1000 people take the ice walk each year. With

// Kristina de Guzman

Overlander Trekking and Tours, people taking the ice walk can be picked up by van from various hotels in Jasper and driven to the main office to be fitted for waterproof boots and ice cleats. It's 12 kilometres by van from the meeting point to Maligne Canyon. The hike itself is two hours long and covers a distance of four km back and forth. "The great thing about the Maligne Canyon ice walk is we basically have zero impact on the actual park," says

Lescard. With two-thirds of the trip taking place on the frozen riverbed, any erosion from people walking on river rocks as well as any trace of footprints are washed away by the fast-flowing current of water in the summer. In addition, water allows new silts to be deposited. The ice surrounding the Maligne Canyon, Lescard points out, is a renewable resource that comes back each year depending on air temperature. "The water source is actually glacial

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

water, so the water comes from an ice field further up the valley," says Lescard. "Potentially, as that ice shrinks, there could be less and less water coming through but we're talking about probably many, many years." Not only does the ice form in various shapes, it also comes in various colours. Lescard explains that blue ice CONTINUED ON PAGE 13 >>




Don't Forget Your Card It appears that every ski resort now has a discount card. To make theirs even more desirable, operators have been teaming up with other resorts, making the cards so much more versatile. If you plan on skiing or boarding in the mountains at least two weekends this winter, getting your discount card just makes financial sense. The following is a rundown of just a few of the cards available. GST is not included in any of the prices. As well, these cards come with many discounts at hotels and eateries but I don't have enough room to list them all. You'll have to visit the respective web pages to get the complete rundown on savings and purchase deadlines, which are December 24 or 31, depending on the resort. The Sunshine Marmot card costs $79.95. With it you get your 1st, 4th and 7th day free and on all other days, the lift tickets are discounted by $13. Adult lift tickets at Sun-

shine and Marmot are $76.14 and $73.90 respectivelyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that's not much more than the price of the card. The card can be conveniently picked up at any Safeway, AMA or at each of the Resorts.

The Lake Louise card, at $99, is a little more expensive but you get your savings early with both your first and second day free and $50 adult lifts after that. The Louise card is also good at both Kicking Horse and Castle Mountain. Louise cards can be purchased at Sobey's, Sport Mart, SportChek, AMA and either of the resorts. You also get a bonus savings of 25 percent off on any lift tickets at many of our local resorts. The Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR), operators of Fernie, Nakiska and Kimberley, have a card as well. It retails for $74.95 and offer the 1st, 4th and 7th as free days of skiing. This card offers $8 discounts at Rabbit Hill and Snow Valley. As you can imagine, the Whistler card is a little more expensive. For example, one option is a card for $219 where you get lift tickets for three days as well as discounted $76 tickets for the rest of the year. In all cases but Whistler, there are December purchase deadlines.

Finally, Heavy Snowfalls in the Mountains

Not only are local operators enjoying mother-nature's return to a snowy winter, Alberta's Rocky Mountain Resorts are finally getting some serious snowfalls as well. Heading into December, only Fernie and Castle were getting daily doses of the white stuff but in the last week, Marmot, Sunshine and Lake Louise were all finally getting into the act. My measuring

stick at Marmot Basin is a minimum base of 60cm and with that now surpassed, skiing and boarding conditions should be pretty sweet. Hopefully it's safe to park the snow guns and let Mother Nature take control. As well, mountain temperatures have been much milder than here, including inversions at Marmot with temperatures just slightly below zero. V

CHECK OUT VUEWEEKLY.COM/SNOMAD Follow along with Jeremy Derksen's daily snomad exploits.


VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DEC 22, 2010


is denser and contains fewer trapped air pockets while ice that appears greyer has many trapped air bubbles that scatter light. Making our way down to the frozen riverbed, the ice we're standing on ranges anywhere from 10 centimetres to one metre thick. In the deepest part of the canyon, the ice can be as thick as three and a half metres. Before entering the ice cave, McCarthy suggests we roll up our pants. It's good advice; the slush outside the cave transforms into a pool of water that nearly reaches the top of our boots. Inside the cave, we see ice climbers working their way up a frozen waterfall called Angel Falls. "Ice climbing is actually easier than rock climbing," McCarthy says, noting that ice climbers can create their own steps while rock climbers have to search for existing anchors. For those looking for a more

difficult climb, there is a steeper waterfall next to Angel Falls appropriately named the Queen. We walk past the rock climbers. By the time we reach the turn-around point of the tour, a dome-like part of the cave called the Cathedral, we've noticed that the temperature has dropped. Lescard says that the deepest part of the cave is typically 5 C lower than the outside of the cave and likens it to being in a refrigerator. We take a slightly different route going

back, walking further along the canyon floor and going down a short, narrow slide made of rock. The slide doesn't so much require one to slide, but to squeeze through it. Below, the riverbed continues to alternate between ice, slush and pools of water, reflecting the coming of spring. V


VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DEC 22, 2010


A New Year's Eve party is not simply another party—it's the party. You're not going to have many opportunities to wear velvet or sequins—let alone velvet and sequins— throughout the year, so you might as well get with it. Right place, right time, right outfit is what NYE is all about.

Noel: Tuxedo: Derks Shirt: Derks Bowtie: D&G (HS) Chelsey: Dress: Ringspun (Bamboo Ballroom) Hat: Jeanne Simmons (Chapel Hats) Bracelet: Forever XII

Annie: Dress: Forever XII Ring: Atelier Hana (Bamboo Ballroom) Necklace: Plum Tipsy (Bamboo Ballroom) Shoes: Pedro Miralles (enPrivado) Gabe: Jacket: D&G (HS) Pants: Boss (HS) Shirt: J Fedders (Jaisel) Tie: Suit (Jaisel) Shoes: Marco Bossi (Town Shoes)

Jolanda: Suit: BCBG Max Azria Shirt: Equipment (Coup) Necklace: So Pretty (Coup) Purse: BCBG Max Azria Shoes: Paco Gil (enPrivado)

14 // NYE

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

Larissa: Blazer: Forever XII Dress: Max & Cleo (Coup) Watch: Arizona (Coup) Necklace: Forever XII


• 9535 Jasper Avenue • 780.441.6966 • • Grand Illusions: Presented by Sideponytail and BBW: With special guest, Ian Pidgeon (magician, 1011 pm); DJ iiLos Señor Cholo, DJ Knuckleboom • 9 pm-2 am • $12 (Advance tickets available at W: theartery. ca/$15 (door)

Art Gallery of Alberta

• 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square • 780.422.6223 • • The Little Black Book Inc, Urban Soirée: New Year's 2010 • A cocktail party at the Art Gallery! Enjoy jazz music, and dance to Spinback Entertainment. Appetizers and tapas, an outside terrace to watch the fireworks and a complimentary martini out of the iced sculpture martini luge, and a silent auction • 8 pm • $130 at TIX on the Square • Fancy dress

Avenue Theatre

• 9030 - 118 Avenue • 780.477.2149 • • The New Year's Bash 2011: with The Scale Breakers, Kryple and Ninelivez, Billy Black Out, Brothers Grim, H-Town; no minors • 9 pm (door), 10 pm (show) • $15 (door)


• 10765 Jasper Avenue • 780.420.9098 • • Connected Fridays New Year's Eve 2011: Featuring New York native, Switzerland-based DJ/Producer Sean Tyas • 8 pm-2 am

Beer Hunter Pub

• 7522 - 178 Street • 780.489.7877 • • Dangerous Guise • $30 (includes dinner and an evening with the Dangerous Guise, some Champagne); tickets available at The Beer Hunter Kris Suit: Simon Carter (Tip Top Tailors) Shirt: Matinique (Jaisel) Tie: Naked & Famous (Jaisel) Cufflinks: Eleven Plus One

Belvedere Hall

• 13223 - 62 Street • One Love, One Beat: Parafina African Culture Festival Society (Farafina) with African Arts Sound, and Alberta West African Society (ABWAS), hosts this fundraiser to support the launch of the 2011 edition of Farafina African Culture Festival Society (Farafina) featuring DJs Guinean (DJ Ibrahim) from Montreal, Rwandan (DJ Collo), Sudanese (DJ Poor Millionare) and Sierra Leonean (DJ Arthur) • 7 pm (door), 8 pm (dinner), 10 pm (show and dance) • $20 (advance at TIX on the Square), $25 (door); first drink is free if your ticket is purchased before Dec 20

Billiard Club

• 2nd Floor, 10505 Whyte Avenue • 780.432.0335 • • Dead Famous live at the Billiard Club: Black and white theme, Dead Famous CD release party • 4 pm (door), 9 pm (band) • Tickets available at E:; T: 780.432.0335


• 9624 - 76 Avenue • 780.989.2861 • • New Year's Eve with the Rault Brothers Band


• 10643 - 123 Street • 780.482.7178 • • New Year's Eve 2010 • Indulge in the Signature 5-course menu designed by Chef/Owner Darcy Radies and wine pairings selected by Sommelier Kimberley Theoret • $180; Auld Lang Syne Package (includes glass of bubbles, 4-course meal and dessert; wine pairing includes Voss water of Norway and upgraded wines

Blues on Whyte

• 10329 - 82 Avenue • 780.439.3981 • • George Taylor and Russell Jackson • $20 available at the bar


• 10575 - 114 Street • • Clean Up Your Act for New Year's: All ages event featuring music by Slates, Nervous Wreck, Jenny Woo, Ben Disaster, Denial Society, The Pezz Heads,

Edmonton Transit • Free Transit on New Year’s Eve • December 31, 6 pm-January 1, 2011, 3:30 am

Industrial Arts, Maintain Status Quo, Troy Snaterse, Sean Bedard, Christopher Cookson, Grant Lawrence. Burlesque performance with Molly Minx, comedy stylings of: Kristin Ashmore, improv by Beerrov. Dance party with DJ Dave Finkelman and DJ Nick is Dead brought to you by Clean Up Your Act Productions. All ages gig; beer and bubbly available with ID • 7 pm • $15 at door

Caffrey's in the Park

• 1-99 Wye Road, Sherwood Park • 780.449.7468 • • Rocks New Year's Eve with Mourning Wood • $15 (party at 9 pm) • $30 (dinner at 7 pm and party at 9 pm)

Camrose Resort Casino

• 3201 - 48 Avenue, Camrose • 780.679.0904 • • Live music with The Moondogs at 8:30 pm; Seafood buffet dinner (6:30-8 pm); party favours and Champagne at 11:45 pm • $49.95; reserve at 780.479.4950

Casino Edmonton • 7055 Argylll Road • 780.463.9467 • • The Rum Brothers • $75

Casino Yellowhead • 12464 - 153 Street • 780.424.9467 • • California Sun (Beach Boys tribute)

$45 (dance only), $50 (door), includes dance, party favours, and live entertainment; Option 3 after 9 pm: $400 (Group rate for 10 dance only, includes dance, party favours, and live entertainment); tickets available at TIX on the Square

Devaney's Irish Pub

• 9013 - 88 Avenue • 780.465.4834 • New Year's Eve with Alesha and Brendon (folk/rock) • 9 pm • No cover

The Docks

• 66 St, 137 Ave, Londonderry Mall • 780.235.5113 • Black and White Masquerade Ball • 6 pm-2:30 am • $30 (includes gourmet dinner, dance, party favours, Champagne at midnight • $10 (includes dance, party favours, Champagne at midnight)

Duke's Bar

• 12650 - 151 Ave • 403.607.2113 • • Po Prvi Put u Edmontonu: DJ Tata from Vancouver spinning all your favourite club and "domaci" hits • $20 (door) • Dress to impress

Druid Irish Pub

• 11606 Jasper Avenue • 780.454.9928 • • $30 (3-course dinner and dance, seatings start at 6:30 pm); $10 (DJ and dance)


• 13103 Fort Road • 780.643.4000 • Honeymoon Suite New Year's Eve Bash (rock/pop) • 8 pm • $69.95 at TicketMaster, and Century Casino

• 8307 - 99 Street • • New Year's Bash: Kroovy Rookers, The Vrolox, Joey Moss, Party Martyrs • 8 pm-2 am • $10; includes free Champagne at midnight

Comic Strip

eddie shorts

The Common

Edmonton Downtown

Century Casino

• Bourbon St, WEM • 780.483.5999 • • New Year's Eve special presentation with Rob Little, featuring Jordan Chyzowski, and Shawn Gramiak • Package 1: $56 (hot buffet & early show 7 pm) • Package 2: $30 (early show only 7 pm) • Package 3: $65 (late show 10 pm, complimentary glass of Champagne, midnight appetizer buffet, after show party, and party favours

• 10124 - 124 Street • 780.452.7333 • • New Year's Eve Extravaganza with Austin Mcmahon, Dane, Bron, Allout DJs • $15 (advance tickets); $20 (door); includes noise makers, hats, streamers, and free Champagne at midnight • Advance tickets available at Foosh, Bamboo Ballroom, The Common • Casual/dress to impress

Cook County Saloon

• 8010 - 103 Street • 780.432.2665 • • New Year's Eve with Duane Steel • 8 pm (door) • $20 (advance); $30 (door); includes party favours

Crown and Anchor Pub

• 15277 Castledowns Road • 780.472.7696 • Stella Artois presents live music with Train Wreck; Champagne at midnight, party favours; special menu designed by Cean Holmes • $15; advance tickets available at The Crown and Anchor

Delta Edmonton South Hotel

• 4404 Gateway Boulevard • 780.434.6415 • Top of the Inn: Jazz New Year's Eve: A night of ballroom/swing and jazz music by Don Berner's Quintet Band under Delta's beautiful starlit ceiling. A panoramic view of the city and the Edmonton New Year’s Eve fireworks Showcase downtown Edmonton; 5:30 pm (door)-1:30am; ticket includes a 4-course plate service dinner (6:30 pm), complimentary noisemakers; $125; Group Rates: $440 (table of 4); $880 (table of 8) at TIX on the Square • Grand Ballroom: 10th Annual Latin New Year's Eve: Yari Moré y su Orquesta (Latin band), a salsa show performed by Etown Salsa team, and DJ Moreno, DJ Stomp, and DJ Señor Loco playing the best in Latin and Top 40; 6 pm (door), 7:30 pm (dinner), 9 pm-3 am (dance); Tickets: Option 1: $89 (dinner/dance, inlcudes 4-course plate service dinner, party favours, and entertainment, deadline for dinner ticket sales is December 27 at 4:30 pm); Option 2 after 9 pm:

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

• 10713 - 124 Street • 780.453.3663 • • New Year's party: Live music with ... Our sound machine and guests The Frolics, and featuring Lascivious Burlesque open at 3 pm • $12 (includes Champagne, party favours) • Tickets available at the bar

• Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton Arts District, Downtown 102 Avenue and 100 Street • 780.423.2822 • • Churchill Square: Street dance on the square with music by the Blackboard Jungle (9 pm-9:45 pm), Lizzy Hoyt (10-11 pm); Souljah Fyah (11 pm-12 am) • City Hall: Foggy Minded Mountain Boys (9-11:30 pm • Stanley A. Milner Library Theatre: Marco Claveria (9-11:30 pm) • CBC Centre Stage: The Command Sisters (9-9:45 pm); Kayla Patrick (10-10:30 pm); Ky Babyn (10:4511:30 pm) • Free, non-alcoholic event

Edmonton Event Centre

• WEM Phase III • 780.489.SHOW • • The Big Bang NYE: DJs from The Internationals, Easy Love, and a set from theBaby Yu; dance and party to the craziest party anthems, club hits and Electro Mashups • $32 (1st price level); $42 (2nd price level); $52 (3rd price Level); $47 (VIP); tickets available at Foosh, Rain Salon (WEM), Shadified Salon (Northgate), Soular (WEM)

Edmonton Expo Centre– Alberta Ballroom

• 7515 - 118 Avenue • 780.486.9506 • • 2011 Edmonton International New Year's Eve Gala: Music with DJ Richard Tomski; Magic Mystery and illusion show with Derrek Selinger at 9:15 pm • 7 pm (cocktails), 8 pm (dinner of distinction); 10:30 pm-3 am (dance) • Tickets at Rosenoir, WEM pase 1, 780.444.2302; Fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders; includes party favours

Electric Rodeo–Spruce Grove • 119 1st Ave, Spruce Grove • 780.962.1411 • • New Year's Eve with Love Junk • 9 pm-2 am • $15 (advance), $20 (door)


NYE // 15

Empire Ballroom

• 2687 WEM, 8882 - 170 Street • 780.486.9494 • • New Year's Eve with Flo Rida • 8-11 pm • Tickets at fb-tickets

Expressionz Café

• 9938 - 70 Avenue • 780.437.3667 • • All ages New Year's event featuring young dance bands, Campus Thieves (rock), Scenic Route to Alaska, and guests • 7 pm (door), 8 pm (show) • $15 (advance at Expressionz Café, YEG Live); $20 (door)

Filthy McNasty's

• 10511 - 82 Avenue • 780.432.5224 • • Retro Promo Night: Tons of prizes, Trip for 2 to the mountains, snowboards, skis, cash to be won • 3 pm-3 am • $5 (advance at Filthy's) • Dress in '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s prom outfits and get your prom photo taken

haven social club

• 15120A (basement), Stony Plain Road • 780.756.6010 • • Going to Graceland: Featuring members of The James Murdoch Band, and Le Fuzz playing Paul

Simon's songs, closing set by All the King's Men. A Louisiana-style Cajun buffet, and complimentary wine for dinner guests • $55 (Louisiana Cajun Buffet and show, advance); $25 (just the show, advance); $30 (just the show, door); advance tickets availalbe at YEG Live

Hellenic Community Hall

• 10450 - 116 St • 780.454.2382 • Hellenic Canadian Community of Edmonton and Region New Year's featuring DJ Dre and DJ Dell from Calgary • 6:30 pm (cocktails); 8 pm (dinner); goes until 3:30 am • $35 (adult)/$15 (child 6-12); $15 (after 12:01 am; no dinner) available at the Community Hall 780.454.2382, Omonia Foods 780.426.6210, Hellas Foods 780.455.8168, at the door

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

• 10037 - 84 Avenue • The ACME Radio Theatre Company and The Project@Holy Trinity, The Great Game Show Showdown Shindig 2010: Celebrate the New Year with 2010’s most fun filled finale. Contestants drawn from the audience battle it out in a split second party game designed to test general knowledge of the year that was. All so they can win a chance at the grand prize waiting at the end of the Calendar Dash! Trivia! Stunts! Prizes! And a chance to welcome 2011 with a bang! Three nights only! Created by David Belke with Julien Arnold as your master of ceremonies • 7 pm (Runs: December 30, 31, and January 1) • $15 (adult), $12 (student/senior), $8 (child under 12) at TIX on the Square


• • Whyte, 10307- 82 Ave, 780.439.4526 • Campus, 11113 - 87 Ave, 780.433.0473 • Downtown, 11248 - 104 Ave, 780.428.5196 • Bourbon St, WEM, 7870.489.3035 • South Common, 2104 - 99 St, 780.469.7007 • Half Way to Canada Day: Ring in 2011 the Canadian way by celebrating the half-way point to Canada's birthday • $30 (dinner seating 7-8 pm, and party, includes reserved table, dinner, first drink, party favours, and Champagne at midnight) • $10 (party, includes admission after 9 pm, first drink, party favours, and Champagne at midnight) • Tickets available on location • Dress your casual best; Team Canada jerseys optional

Jekyll and Hyde Pub / The Hydeaway

• 10209 - 100 Avenue • 780.426.5381 • • Downstairs in the pub: bring in the New Year with live music by Headwind; 11 am (door) ; $5 for downstairs only (fundraiser for Santa's Anonymous, all proceeds from $5 ticket sales to be donated to Santa's Anonymous) • Upstairs in the Hydeaway: Three bands play, and the Kids Are OK DJs; 6 pm (door); $15 admission to Hydeaway only (includes one glass of Champagne for every ticket-holder, finger-food snacks, and chance to win door prize)

L.B.’s Pub

• 23 Akins Drive, St Albert • 780.460.9100

• • New Year's Eve Extravaganza: Live music with Paula Perro and No Foolin' • 7-9 pm (buffet), 9:30 pm-2 am (dance) • $40 (buffet and dance), $20 (dance only); includes party favours and Champagne at midnight; reservations preferred

• The Knight Is Young–A Medieval New Year's: Celebrate the New Year Medieval style. An evening of music, live performances, and activities • 7-10 pm • $45 (family-2 adults and child under 18 living in same household); $16 (13 yrs and older); $11 (2-12 year); free (child under 2 yrs)

Level 2 Lounge

Northlands Park

McDougall Church

Old Timer's Cabin

• 11607 Jasper Avenue • 780.447.4495 • Music for the Night: With guest Marzetti (Plasma Pool, HUFM, SHR), with residents, Groovy Cuvy, David Stone, Neebz, Josh EP, Micky Sasso, Battery • $10 (includes free party favours, free Champagne at midnight); tickets available in advance at Level 2 , Foosh on Whyte • Reserve a Bottle Service table for your group of 4 • New Year's Day at Level 2: Open 10 am-2 am

• 10025 - 101 Street • 780.428.1818 • • New Year's Eve Concert: Family event featuring performers: Bill Bourne, Karla Anderson, Mike Lent, Back Porch Swing, Scott Cook, Jesse Dee and Jacquie B, Joe Noaln, Bob Jarhig, Chris Smith, Andrea House, Dana Wylie, and Lisi Sommers; also, free face painting, refreshments for sale • 7:30-10:30 pm • Free admission with a non-perrishable item or donation to the Edmonton Food bank

Muttart Hall

• Alberta College, 10050 Macdonald Drive • 780.442.5311 •

• 73 Street, 116 Avenue • 780.491.3445 • Three-course dinner in Colours Restaurant and your choice of show–hypnotist or magician, hypnotist Colin Christopher and magician Sean Watson to perform two separate shows throughout the night, plus collector's Champagne flute at midnight • Two seatings: 6 pm (dinner), 8 pm (show) or 8 pm (dinner), 10 pm (show) • $39.95 reserve at or 780.491.3445

• 9430 Scona Road • S.I.R.E.N.S. Charity first annual New Year's Eve Gala: featuring live music by the Dave Babcock Band, and the Hardline Blues Band • 6:30 pm (door), 7 pm (buffet), 8 pm (blues dance party) • $100; includes party favours, Champagne, buffet • Tickets available at 780.439.7460, E: sirenscharity@


• 11730 Jasper Avenue • 780.482.4767 • • Rock in the New Year with music by the Five on the Side • 9 pm (door) • $40 (dinnner and dance); $25 (band and dance); guaranteed no line-up until 10 pm

Pawn Shop

• 15120A (basement), Stony Plain Road • 780.756.6010 • • New Year's Eve Extravaganza: Dreamface, Mass Choir, Sister Gray, and Arias • 8 pm (door) • $10 (advance at Blackbyrd)

The Pint

• 10125 - 109 Street • 780.497.7468 • • Countdown New Year's Eve 2011 and dance until 2 am • 8 pm-2 am

Red Piano

• Bourbon Street, WEM • 780.486.7722 • • Black and White Affair: Burlesque show and dueling piano show; 3-course meal by chef Tim Barath; party favours and complimentary glass of Champagne • 6:30 pm (dinner), 8 pm (show) • $125; $40 (show only); $55 (dinner only) reserve • Formal dress required

rendezvous pub

• 10108 - 149 St • 780.444.1822 • A evening with Necronaut and guests • 8 pm (door), 10 pm (show) • $10 (includes Champagne at the witching hour)

River Cree

• 300 East Lapotac Boulevard • 780.484.2121 • • Marriott Ballroom New Year's Eve Gala: Live entertainment by The Gong Show (rock cover band), and buffet dinner; 7 pm (door), 7:30 pm (dinner); $115 at • Sage Steakhouse: Sparkling New Year's Eve: 3-course seating: 5:30 pm; $95; 4-course seating: 8 pm; $135; Sage dinners include one glass of Champagne; please reserve at 780.930.2636


• 12402 - 118 Avenue • 780.451.1390 • • The Rusty Reed Band and special guest Bobbie Cameron; 5-course dinner, door prize: 3-day trip to Las Vegas leaving New Year's Day • 9:30 pm • $150 (dinner for two); $80 (single); $50 (door) available at Rusty's

Sawmill Banquet Centre

• 3840 - 76 Avenue • 780.468.4115 • • New Year's Eve at the Sawmill Banquet Centre with the Classics; prime rib and seafood buffet, dinner and dance with the Classics • 9 pm-1 am • $65; contact The Sawmill Banquet and Catering Centre at 780.468.4115 for tickets and information or banquets@


16 // NYE

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

Teng: Blazer: Forever XII Shirt: Jenni Kayne (Coup) Jewellery: Larque by Jason Purse: BCBG Max Azria Jenni: Dress: BCBG Max Azria Shirt: Left on Houston (Bamboo Ballroom) Bracelet: Saraswati (Bamboo Ballroom) Necklace: So Pretty (Coup) Earrings: Larque by Jason

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DEC 22, 2010

NYE // 17


• 10148 - 105 Street • 780.761.0105 • • Featuring a fully produced stage illusion plus up close and personal slight of hand by Michael the magician. A midnight video countdown production and music spun by mix-master DJ Shocker • 21+ to attend • 9 pm-2 am • $1320 (Elite dance floor package); $860 (Elite balcony package tickets include VIP seating for 10 guests, 4 premium bottled spirits, 3 bottles of Champagne, display of magic at your booth, party favours); $700 (premium balcony package tickets include VIP seating for 10 guests, 2 premium bottled spirits, 2 bottles of Champagne, display of magic at your booth, party favours)

Shaw Conference Centre

• 9797 Jasper Avenue • • The Mau5querade Ball: Featuring Deadmau5, Showtek, and Skrillex, joined by Mikey Da Roza, Mikey Wong, Mazik vs. Andy Eff, Seelo Mondo • no minors • 8 pm (door, early arrival recommended) • $109.60-$120.10 at TicketMaster; vip admission includes express entry, VIP section with separate bar, complimentary Champagne at midnight (included in price)

SherwoodPark– Broadmoor Lake Park

• Oak Street and Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park • 780.467.2211 • • Strathcona County’s Broadmoor Lake Park and

Community Centre will be transformed for a family fun New Year’s Eve Celebration • 4 pm-8 pm • Free

• • New Year's Eve Party with music by Jo Hikk • $25 (VIP member), $30 (advance before Dec 20), $35 (door); incl midnight buffet

Starlite Room

World Waterpark

• 10030 - 102 Street • 780.428.1099 • • NYE Party with Raygun Cowboys, The Get Down, Fire Next Time, Whiskey Face, The Hellfire Specials, and others; 3 Room Party • 7 pm (door)


• 9020 McKenney Ave, St Albert • 780.458.0860 • The Ozzy Osbourne Experience, a live tribute spanning his career from early Sabbath to the latest releases • 8 pm (door), 9 pm (show) • $10 (includes free Champagne and party favours at midnight to bring in the new year); available at the Taphouse main bar

Vinyl Retro Dance Lounge • 10740 Jasper Avenue • 780.428.8655 • • Ice Palace New Year's Eve 2011: Ring in New Year's 2011 at The Ice Palace New Year's Eve Party • 8 pm-2 am • $10

WILD WEST SALOON • 12912 - 50 Street • 780.476.3388

• Phase III, Lower Level, WEM • 780.444.5321 • • New Year's Eve Family Beach Ball: Ring in the new year at World Waterpark with DJ, live entertainment, prizes, party favours, ending in an indoor firework display • 6 pm-1:15 am • Tickets at World Waterpark or Guest Services

Year Ender Bender

• Various venues: Route 1: Lucky 13; Route 2: Union Hall; Route 3: Oil City Roadhouse; Route 4: The Pint; Route 5: Rack; Route 6: Vinyl • • • New Year's Eve Pubcrawl: 9 Bars • 6 Routes • 50 Buses Your Ticket Into The Hottest Countdown Parties In Edmonton • 5 pm (check-in), 7 pm (buses leave) • Reserve Tickets at


• 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square • 780.392.2501 • • Zinc New Year's Eve celebrations • First seating: 5-8 pm (must be seated by 5:30 pm) • Second seating: 9 pm-1 am (must be seated by 10 pm) • $100 each (includes 4-courses, and Champagne); advance bookings required; tickets avalable at Zinc

Mark: Jacket: Sand (Derks) Pants: Shades of Grey (Jaisel) Shirt: Matinique (Jaisel) Bowtie: D&G (HS) Shoes: Angel Infantes (enPrivado)

where to buy Bamboo Ballroom



#101, 10137 - 104 St



8111 - 102 St

Eleven Plus One

Larque by Jason

BCBG Max Azria


Tip Top Tailors

West Edmonton Mall

9947 - 109 St

West Edmonton Mall

Chapel Hats

Forever XII

Town Shoes

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

Style Editor: Bryan Birtles

Styling: Chelsea Boos & Bryan Birtles Photography: Eden Munro

B&W Photography: Bryan Birtles Layout: Pete Nguyen

Hair: Jonn Gluwchynski, Emily Prew & Amy Whitham (The Cutting Room) Nails & Esthetics: Caitlin Vodnoski (The Cutting Room) ART: Tim Rechner (

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

8133 - 104 St

8206 - 104 St

18 // NYE

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

NYE // 19



Onwards and upwards

Mostly Water Theatre expands as a core member departs Paul Blinov //


t's hard to think Trent Wilkie is being anything but coy when he can't quite recall how many Christmas shows Mostly Water Theatre has performed to date. His uncertainty may very well be an honest slip of the mind, but the excuse he gives makes it seem almost rehearsed. A set-up for a punchline. "I think it's our fifth. Matt [Stanton] said it was our sixth last night, but we had tried beer for the first time, so everything was really skewed," Wilkie says. Tried beer for the first time? "Yeah. We had heard it was really neat, and a lot of people were doing it, so we thought hey, we'd do beer," he explains. "And we did it, and I think we have to do it again, because I don't think we did it right." If you've caught any of their previous Christmas shows, their Fringe runs, contributions to CBC Radio's The Irrelevant Show or are simply aware of their career-highlight skit, "The Jane Austin Drinking Game," you'll know beer is

as much an integral part of the Mostly Water name as H20, but let it slide. They do, after all, craft quality live and video sketches from a particular oddball perspective, whether spoofing videogames or harmonizing on acoustic ballads about forbidden love in Lloydminster. But other, non-alcoholic-yet-still-integral parts of Mostly Water are in flux for this incarnation of its annual festive send-up. Core member Sam Varteniuk, newly a father, is soon to depart the company, and won't be performing this weekend. As if in response, Let's do it for Santa!—following previous yuletide-spoofing titles of Silent Night; Holy Shit, Fa-la-la-la-la,-la-la-uck you, Good King WTF and The ReGifting (this is the fifth show, Wilkie was correct)—will involve a bigger pool of outsiders than ever before. Chris Craddock helped write the show and will perform onstage in the cast, alongside longtime Mostly Water cohort Elizabeth Ludwig. Local alt-folkers the Wheat Pool will supply the score and Bradley Moss, artistic director of

What a Mostly Water Theatre collaboration looks like

Theatre Network, will direct, marking this as the first time Mostly Water's taken a full-on director from outside the group for a show. "We're part of the [Theatre Network] Roxy series, and we knew that we wanted to do a Christmas show, we just didn't know what it was," Wilkie says. Moss, he

notes, offered to let them do a two-night stint at the Roxy; they offered to let him direct the whole thing. They've worked with Ludwig before, and Craddock is an inclusion that Mostly Water had been hoping to see for a while now. "We all work the same sort of way; we like to start a hang out, and constantly

work on stuff, so it's really fun," Wilke notes of their expanded cast. "And we're not afraid to change something on the go. I had people think skits are very structured, and they're written in stone. But now, we're constantly changing, and adding different ideas and whatnot." So while the group faces its fist real departure, Wilkie seems unphased by the prospect of opening up their punchline process to new members and outside influences. "Mostly Water Theatre was always just a name, but now it's becoming more of a theatre," he says. "We are branching out with other people and working with different groups, and I think that's going to continue." V Fri, Dec 17 and Sat, Dec 18 (8 pm) Let's do it for santa! Directed by Bradley Moss Featuring Mostly Water Theatre, Chris Craddock, Elizabeth Ludwig, Jason Ludwig, the Wheat Pool Roxy Theatre (10708 - 124 st), $21


Road tested

Mike Birbiglia's comic Sleepwalk with Me a well-refined memoir Michael hingston //

A man of 40 winks


lenty of comedians present themselves as regular Joes, the kind of average citizens who report back from the same bizarre yet utterly familiar situations we all encounter. But Boston's Mike Birbiglia is that true rarity: an everyman you can actually identify with. Onstage, he's humble and soft-spoken. He smiles a lot. His jokes are diamond-polished, but come from an unflaggingly positive place. You can just as easily imagine saying hello to him after a show as you could the two of you going to see a matinee of Avatar together. Birbiglia is also rare in that his material is unusually well suited to the printed page. Over the years he's moved from a standard set-'em-up-knock-'em-down format to longer, more expansive storytelling. Instead of doing observational comedy, Birbiglia has increasingly looked inward: to his parents, to his childhood, to his own psyche. As such, his first book, the comic memoir Sleepwalk with Me, contains mostly old material—culled from multiple CDs, a DVD and a hit off-Broadway

20 // ARTS

show of the same name. In many cases the jokes are identical, down to the word. Amazingly, though, it doesn't feel like a repackaged greatest-hits collection. Birbiglia has written a winning memoir in the strangest way possible: by spending over a decade driving from town to town, telling it to roomfuls of drunk strangers one small piece at a time. He must've been amazed to sit down at his computer that first day and realize the book was basically

already done. It was road-tested and refined. All it needed was to be transcribed. Sleepwalk with Me is arranged thematically, with touchstones that any comedian will recognize: a youngest-child syndrome that left Birbiglia mugging for attention, struggling to express himself within a conservative family, and maintaining a general state of self-delusion—one that enabled him as a teenager to get up on-

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

stage for a 30-minute set with maybe four minutes' worth of jokes prepared. Throughout, Birbiglia is buoyed by his earnestness, curiosity and willingness to barrel through adversity with a goofy shrug. He was bullied in school, but doesn't try to solicit the reader's pity; instead, he'd rather talk about the time he got caught taking a shit in his backyard, or when he pleaded with his Catholic school teacher to let him perform an anti-drug parody of "Bust a Move" at a DARE seminar. This, despite not knowing how to rap, or even having access to an instrumental version of the song. It's Birbiglia's resiliency that one suspects has come in most handy. He nearly died as a toddler from a vicious gastro-intestinal virus. At 19, he was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his bladder—which he says is actually funny, because he was also a hypochondriac, and getting cancer confirmed everything he'd ever suspected. He told his family, "See? I told you! Remember last week when I was overtired and thought I had rickets? I was probably right about that too. There are gonna be a lot of changes around here!" In 1998, Birbiglia started walking in his sleep. For years he shrugged it off, never seeking serious treatment, despite unconsciously acting out more and more extreme behaviour. Eventually, in 2005, he dreamed a missile was pointed straight

at him, so he jumped out of the window— except he did this in real life, too. In his hotel room. On the second floor. Through a closed window. "Like the Hulk," he kept telling staff at the hospital later. You could hardly blame someone for wanting to keep this kind of event, both embarrassing and legitimately dangerous, to himself. That's precisely what his father advises. Birbiglia, however, decided to embrace it, to work it into his onstage routine—and it really can't be overstated how brave an act this is. It's hardly the kind of joke that most stand-ups tell, and for good reason. But it changed Birbiglia's whole trajectory as a comic. It made him stronger and more honest, and it gave him a brand new direction. This is the real climax of Sleepwalk with Me, and while Birbiglia may not spell it out as such, you'd have to be asleep yourself not to feel it. And if you were wondering, he's not at risk anymore, either. Now Birbiglia sleeps wearing mittens, inside a sleeping bag that's zipped all the way up to his neck. V Now Available Sleepwalk with Me: And Other Painfully True Stories By Mike Birbiglia Simon & Schuster 208 pp, $27.99



Capturing a moment


Urban Vernaculars offers archival insight, but isn't the ideal experience

// Laura St Pierre

Amy Fung //


n Laura St Pierre's Urban Vernaculars, large-scale photo landscapes fill each given wall of the AGA's RBC New Works Gallery. As ever-so slightly digitally manipulated stretches of urban landscapes, they are the end results of guerilla art tactics in and around the town of Grande Prairie, where St Pierre has been living and teaching for the past several years. In one image from the series, the mounds of silty snow gathered at the edge of a mega parking lot are undeniably familiar to any resident of an urbanized winter city. In looking closer, nestled within the mounds are temporary shelters made out of garbage, and even these are not so unfamiliar sights. The mounds of snow recall a direct first-hand experience of suburbia, especially to those who have become accustomed to navigating our cities from the point of view of automobiles or attempted the impossible walks through sidewalkless streets and mounds of dirt and snow. In short, the photographs elicit an intimate experience of urban landscape, but a particular type of urban landscape that has not yet lived up to its own expectations. St Pierre's latest series is photo-based, but it is photo-based documentation of an action, one that is both immortalized and trapped in its own preservation. As an artist who has been known to create sculptural installations that take over galleries, St Pierre shifts into presenting only the photographs of her installations, and while the installations are site-specific and not transportable, I wonder if the medium of photography is enough to translate the initial concept. In "5.10," the most striking image of the series, the open facade of an isolated building sits like a proverbial Narcissus, sitting before its own reflection with pride and glory. Congregated street lights appear off in the distance signaling civilization. Above, the prairie sky is vast and open, and the upturned and exposed earth suggest both development and death. The possibilities are open for interpretation, and intervention, and yet, the photographs elevate these gritty and ephemeral installations into something that is enchanted and permanent. The immortality of the photographs are seemingly in opposition to the inspiration of their subject matters.

converted a handful of beat-up old cars into self-sustaining green houses. The presence of the cars, the smell of condensation and dirt, those factors played into the overall work. Conducting a series of interventions, St Pierre sought out locations that potentially relay a survivalist instinct, seeking locations that could be transformed into temporary shelters. From abandoned school portables to the back of an appliance store, St Pierre built makeshift shelters using disposable materials like styrofoam and plastic packaging. Lighting them simply from the interior, and giving them a semblance of being inhabited, they were photographed in the twilight hours, further adding a cinematic quality to the implied narrative. The photographs themselves are desirable objects, pristine panoramas of controlled chaos that push view-

ers past the point of reality. Like her series of landscape interventions and subsequent photographs along the St Lawrence River during a 2007 residency in Quebec, the photography of Urban Vernaculars are captivating photographs. However, photographs are not the installations, even though that is how most of us will ever get a glimpse of ephemeral art. Photographing works in order to share and archive them, that strategy has proliferated, and the issue remains debatable as to what is preserved in photography and what is lost. V Until Sun, Feb 13 Urban Vernaculars Works by Laura St Pierre Art Gallery of Alberta (2 Sir Winston Churchill Square)

The Singing Christmas Tree / Fri, December 17 (7pm); Sat, Dec 18, and Sun, Dec 19 (3 pm & 7 pm) It's hard to imagine something more festive than a 35-foot tree standing tall at the Jubilee's centre stage, adorned with over 100 singers like they were twinkling ornaments, accompanied below by an orchestra as they sing in

the spirit of the season. I defy you to picture something that condenses the spirit of the season more succinctly. Oh, and the net proceeds from The Singing Christmas Tree are being donated to Santa’s Anonymous. Even the giving side of things is covered. (Northern Jubilee Auditorium [11455 87 Ave], $25 – $125)

The Best Newfoundland Christmas Pageant ... Ever! / Tue, Dec 21 – Thu, Dec. 23 (7:30 pm) Charged with putting on a Christmas pageant after the original teacher breaks her leg, Mrs O'Brien finds it to be less a boring run through of the same ol' carols and costumed nativity scene, and more trouble with the Herdmans, a particularly bad bunch of children who showed up for free refreshments. A co-production between

Whizgiggling Productions and Spirit of Newfoundland Productions, The Best Newfoundland Christmas Pageant ... Ever! is out to be a cheerful, familyfriendly take on the true meaning of Christmas, (likely served with some good-natured ribbing toward the usual adorably awful pageantry found in school christmas events), featuring the musical wizardry of Paul Morgan Donald. (Varscona Theatre [10329 83 Ave], $18 – $20)

Last seen in Edmonton with her Autopark installation on Churchill Square as part of The Works Festival, St Pierre

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

ARTS // 21


Fiction from beyond the grave The 10 pieces included in While the Womfer a curious variation on the book's title, en Are Sleeping (New Directions, $27.50), these tales told by husbands somewhere a slim collection of Javier Marías' in mid-life, men whose lives are lived short prose newly translated by in steady proximity to their wives Margaret Jull Costa, form a yet who maintain their secrets. remarkably coherent whole Women are peripheral figures given that they derive from who may even be aware of the m such a long span of time, the strange things their husbands vuewe @ h tc o most recent dating back to hopsc are thinking or doing, but who f e Jos 1990, and the oldest to 1965, are in any case not directly conBraun when the now internationally sulted about what is ultimately celebrated Spanish author was only rendered as man's business. "While 14 years old. The themes range from the the Woman Are Sleeping" describes an merely morbid to the uncanny. Many are encounter between the narrator and a ghost stories, all of them concern death. man who compulsively makes videos of One tells of letters received from people his much younger wife in anticipation of presumed dead, one is narrated from beher death and in desire of having her fiyond the grave. nal hours on record. "Gualta" describes Each of the first three stories, which conthe narrator's encounter with his doppelstitute about half the book's length, ofgänger and the frustration he undergoes


when he attempts to arbitrarily differentiate himself, desperate to assert his lost sense of uniqueness. "One Night of Love" is about a sexually unsatisfied man who begins to receive letters from his father's former mistress following his father's death. With these first stories especially, I experienced a particular sort of frustration: in every case I was reading the work of an author who seems so clearly attracted to the sort of stories that attract me, and in every case these stories seemed to succeed mainly on the level of smart ideas and clever twists. The storytelling itself seemed to be lacking juice.

idea, one involving translators who fall in love—I read the book a good dozen years ago, so I won't pretend that my lack of memory regarding its finer points means anything other than my having a faulty memory. But in the interim I don't know how many times I've come across quotes from other, often wonderful writers and critics praising Marías' literary genius. Add to that my great enthusiasm for New Directions and nearly everything they publish, and I clearly went into While the Women Are Sleeping with hopes of discovering a masterful voice I'd long neglected. But these stories are so often too slight. The one narrated from beyond the grave, for example, does little more than describe an unremarkable life cut short and now resigned to calmly laying under the earth—I feel obliged to note once more

Perhaps my expectations were unreasonably high. I've only read one other work by Marías, his 1992 novel A Heart So White, of which I now recall just its terrific central


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FRASER COMMUNITY LEAGUE œ*f\>d$),/*(%*) Klœb]Yff]ll]]_Yf&\]naYflYjl&[ge'_Ydd]jq'œHYaflaf_k ZqB]Yff]ll]=_YfœDec 19$))Ye%0he

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GALLERY AT MILNER œKlYfd]q9&Eadf]jDaZjYjq EYaf>d$KajOafklgf;`mj[`addKiœ/0(&1,,&-+0+ œFOREST RHYTHMS29[jqda[hYaflaf_kZq?Yad =[`dafœUntil Dec 30

FROM BOOKS TO FILM œKlYfd]q9&Eadf]jDaZjYjq$ /KajOafklgf;`mj[`addKiœ/0(&,1.&/(((œ]hd&[Y œO]]cdqk`goaf_kg^ÇdekY\Yhl]\^jgeZggckœ =n]jq>jaYl*he3Until Dec 17

GALLERIES + MUSEUMS AGNES BUGERA GALLERY œ)*+)(BYkh]j9n]œ /0(&,0*&*0-,œCHRISTMAS CHEER2KeYddogjck Zqf]oYjlaklk$;qf\a]DY[c$;dafl@mfc]j$E]_`Yf @ad\]ZjYf\$Yf\gl`]jkœUntil Dec 24 ALBERTA CRAFT COUNCIL GALLERY œ)()0.% )(.Klœ/0(&,00&..))œYdZ]jlY[jY^l&YZ&[YœFeature Gallery: PRAIRIE EXCELLENCE29bmja]\lgmjaf_ ]p`aZalagfg^^af][jY^l^jge9dZ]jlY$KYkcYl[`]oYf$ Yf\EYfalgZY3until Dec 18 œDiscovery Gallery: WORDS, WIT, WISDOM, AND WOOL29jlogjckZq EYll?gmd\3until Dec 24 ALLEYSCAPE STUDIO�Red Deer œ,1+(;Jgkk Kl$Ydd]q]fljYf[]œ,(+&-1/&1/00œTHE RED [AND] GREEN SHOW2HYaflaf_k[]d]ZjYl]l`][gdgmjkg^ l`]k]Ykgf$oal`l`]g\\ha][]g^\m[llYh]l`jgof af^gj_gg\e]Ykmj]œUntil Jan 14 ART GALLERY OF ALBERTA (AGA) œ*KajOafklgf ;`mj[`addKiœ/0(&,**&.**+œqgmjY_Y&[YœEDWARD BURTYNSKY–OIL2H`glg_jYh`kZYk]\gfl`]kmZb][l g^gad3until Jan 2 œSculpture Terraces: OgjckZqH]l]j @a\]Yf\C]fEY[cdafœREFRAMING A NATION3 until Jan 30 œALL ABOUT STAR2K]ja]kg^dYj_]k[Yd] h`glg_jYh`kg^[goZgqkYf\[go_ajdkZqOaffah]_ YjlaklK`]adYKh]f[]afl`]=jf]kl;&EYffaf_@Ydd3 until Jan 30œBMO World of Creativity: PLAY ON ARCHITECTURE: ;`ad\j]fk_Ydd]jqœHENRI MATISSE: A CELEBRATION OF LIGHT AND LINE: gh]faf_2until Feb 13œDYmjYKlHa]jj]2URBAN VERNACULAR: until Feb 13œSYMBOLIST MUSE2 K]d][lagfg^Hjaflk^jgel`]FYlagfYd?Ydd]jqg^ ;YfY\Y3until Mar 13 œArt for Lunch2Symbolist Aesthetics: Suggestion, Mystery, Dream3L`m$Dec 16$ )*2)(%)*2-(he3^j]]Y\eakkagfœAdult Drop-in2 KqeZgdk2;`Yj[gYdYf\Afc<jYoaf_2L`m$Dec 16$ /%1he3)*')( e]eZ]j!œStudio Y Youth Drop-in2 ?]lOad\2HYaflaf_dac]l`]>Ymn]k2>ja$Dec 17$+2+(% -2+(he3)($hj]%j]_akl]jYlqgmjY_Y&[Y AVENUE THEATRE œ1(+(%))09n]œ/0(&,//&*),1 œKhadd&&&2=\egflgfk;geegf?jgmf\9jlkKg[a]lq =;?9K!^]Ylmj]kYfYjl]n]fl3l`]j]akYfgh]f afnalYlagf^gjYjlaklklgZjaf_Y^]oha][]kg^ogjc& HYaflYf\]Yk]dkhjgna\]\kgl`YlYjl[YfZ]eY\] lgdan]emka[&L`]egklhghmdYjha][]kYj]k]d][l]\ lgZ]k`gofYl9n]fm]L`]Ylj]gjOmf\]j:Yj O`ql]9n]!œ=n]jq*f\Kmf CAFÉ HAVEN œ1KagmpJ\$K`]jogg\HYjc œSHADOW AND LIGHT2DYf\k[Yh]kZqA_gj OgjgfamcœUntil Jan 15 CENTRE D’ARTS VISUELS DE L’ALBERTA œ1)(+%1- 9n]œ/0(&,.)&+,*/œMINIATURES AND MORE2 >]Ylmjaf_egj]l`Yf+-YjlaklkœUntil Dec 23

22 // ARTS

that it was written by a 14-year-old. There are hints of mischievous inspiration. The final story, told to the narrator by a butler while trapped in an elevator, features a woman so entranced with watching Family Feud that her servants can fondle her breasts without her apparent notice. Another features a ghost who makes his presence known by leaving his letter of resignation in the same place night after night—again, a pretty good idea. Yet the net effect is one of puzzlement. Perhaps this book yields riches to those who know Marías' best work and can read these stories for flickers of the greatness to come. I vow to read some of those reputable works. In the meantime, I feel it's only fair to warn those who've never read Marías that this can't possibly be the best place to discover him. V

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

GALLERY IS�Red Deer œ-)*+,0Kl$9d]pYf\]jOYq$ J]\<]]jœ,(+&+,)&,.,)œ9ffmYdeafaYlmj]k`goYf\ kYd]$YjlogjkZqnYjagmkYjlaklœThrough Dec HAGGERTY CENTRE�Stollery Gallery œFafY @Y__]jlq;]flj]^gjl`]9jlk$1**-%))09n]œ /0(&,/,&/.))œfafY`Y__]jlqYjl&[YœTOTEMIC MANIFESTO2;dYqYjlogjckZql`]FafY@Y__]jlq ;]flj]Yjlaklk[gdd][lan]œUntil Dec 23 HARCOURT HOUSE œ+j\>d$)(*)-%))*Klœ /0(&,*.&,)0(œ`Yj[gmjl`gmk]&YZ&[YœMain Space2 (SIR)ROGATES: HYaflaf_kZqBmdaYf>gjj]kl3until Dec 18 œFront Room2FOLDY BOOKS OF DEATH: 9jlogjckZqAYf>gjZ]k3until Dec 18 HARRIS�WARKE GALLERY�Red Deer œKmfogjck$ ,1*,JgkkKl$J]\<]]jœ,(+&+,.&01+/œCHICKENS, CHICKENS, CHICKENS, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE2 ;]jYea[kZqK`]adYC]dZYœUntil Dec 31 JEFF ALLEN GALLERY œKljYl`[gfYHdY[]K]fagj ;]flj]$)(0+)Mfan]jkalq9n]œ/0(&,++&-0(/œ ;@JAKLE9KK@GO9F<K9D=29jlogjckZqhj]na% gmk]p`aZalgjkafl`]_Ydd]jqaf*()(œUntil Dec 22 JOHNSON GALLERY œSouthside2//))%0-Kl3 /0(&,.-&.)/)3CHRISTMAS ART FAIR29jlogjck ZqnYjagmkYjlaklkœNorthside2))0)/%0(Kl3 /0(&,/1&0,*,3CHRISTMAS ART FAIR29jlogjckZq nYjagmkYjlaklkœThrough Dec JURASSIC FOREST/LEARNING CENTRE œ)-eafk Fg^=\egflgfg^^@oq*09$Lgofk`ahJ\-.,œ =\m[Ylagf%ja[`]fl]jlYafe]fl^Y[adalq^gjYddY_]k KIWANIS GALLERY�Red DeerœJ]\<]]jDaZjYjq œ24TH ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS2 Bmja]\]p`aZalagfœThrough Dec MARJORIE WOOD GALLERY�Red Deer œC]jjq Ogg\FYlmj];]flj]œ,(+&+,.&*()(œSTILL LIFE 9F<EAFA9LMJ=KœUntil Dec 18 MCMULLEN GALLERY œMg^9@gkhalYd$0,,(%))* Klœ/0(&,(/&/)-*œTHE CROOKED TREES OF ALTICANE2HYaflaf_kZqC]f<Yd_YjfgœUntil Dec 24 MICHIF CULTURAL AND MÉTIS RESOURCE INSTITUTE œ1Eakkagf9n]$Kl9dZ]jlœ/0(&.-)&0)/.œ 9Zgja_afYdN]l]jYfk<akhdYqœ?a^lK`ghœ>af_]jo]Yn% af_Yf\kYk`\akhdYqZq;]dafYDgq]jœOngoing MILDWOOD GALLERY œ,*.$..--%)/0KlœE]d @]Yl`$BgYf@]Yd]q$>jYf@]Yl`$DYjjYaf]GZ]j_$ L]jjqC]`g]$<Yjd]f]9\Yek$KYf\q;jgkkYf\ Na[lgjaY$Hgll]jqZqFYZgjgCmZgYf\Na[lgj@Yj% jakgfœOngoing MISERICORDIA HOSPITAL œ).1,(%0/9n]œ 9jlogjckZqe]eZ]jkg^l`]=\egflgf9jl;dmZœ Until Jan 29 MULTICULTURAL CENTRE PUBLIC ART GALLERY (MCPAG) œ-,))%-)Kl$KlgfqHdYafœ /0(&1.+&11+-œHYaflaf_kYf\\jYoaf_kZqEYjq Bgq[]3until Jan 11 œDining Room Gallery2HYafl% af_kZq<Yh`f];gl]3until Jan 6

MUSÉE HÉRITAGE MUSEUM œ-Kl9ff]Kl$Kl9dZ]jl œ/0(&,-1&)-*0œPATTERNS IN GLASS2E…lak<]ka_f af:]Y\k3until Jun 2011 NAESS GALLERY�Paint Spot œ)((+*%0)9n]œ /0(&,+*&(*,(œLANDSCAPES OF ALBERTA2HYaflaf_kZq FYlYda]K`]o[`mc%HYj]3through DecœFree art demos2 KYl))Yegj*he3KeYdd?a^lk<]eggfKYl$Dec 18 PETER ROBERTSON GALLERY œ)*+(,BYkh]j9n]œ /0(&,--&/,/1œGHOST IN THE MACHINE29jlogjck ZqHYmd:]jf`Yj\lœ?9L@=JJMEHD=>D=P9F< FOLD: 9jlogjckZqK[gll;meZ]jdYf\ PROFILES GALLERY�St Albert œ)1H]jjgfKl$Kl9d% Z]jlœ/0(&,.(&,+)(œVESSELS2;]jYea[kYf\hYaflaf_k Zq;Yf\a[]Jaf_$Eaf\q9f\j]ok$Kmr]ll]Cfm\k]f$ Ha]jj]:YlYaddYj\$Yf\EYjqKoYaf3until Jan 29œ ARTernative2;j]Ylan]ogjck`ghk^gjl]]fk2;j]Ylan] ;dYq;Yjnaf_k2Dec 16$.%1he3)*]Y[`',^gj,( af[d eYl]jaYdk!3hj]j]_akl]jœArtVentures2DglkG^Hglk2KYl$ Dec 18$)%,he3\jgh%af^gjY_]k.%)*3- PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES OF ALBERTA œ0---Jgh]j J\œ/0(&,*/&)/-(œ9j[`anYdJ][gj\kYf\;daeYl] ;`Yf_]=p`aZalœUntil Dec 18 RED DEER COLLEGE œNakmYd9jl<hl$>gmj;]flj]k :d\_œFAREWELL RECEPTION: 9jlogjckZqnakalaf_Yjl% aklkDYmj]f;god]kYf\Kl]h`Yfa]@Yf]kœThrough Dec RED DEER MUSEUM œ,-*-%,/99n]$J]\<]]jœ ,(+&+(1&0,(-œGLASS 2009: 9jlogjck^jgel`][gd% d][lagfg^l`]9dZ]jlY>gmf\Ylagf^gjl`]9jlkœTOP SECRET: MISSION TOY2mfladJan 9 œMAGNIFICENT TOYS2until Jan 9 œBERT FORS: FqY:Y[c]fºl`]F]o DYf\2until Jan 9 œALBERTA FARM WOMEN2HgjljYalk g^>YjeOge]fZq<YofKYmf\]jk<Y`dœFARM FRAGMENTS29jlogjckZqB]YfH]\]jkgfœO]Yj] E9?khYjck E9?khYjckhYjla[ahYflk! ROYAL ALBERTA MUSEUM œ)*0,-%)(*9n]œ /0(&,-+&1)((œWILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR3until Jan 9 œL@=OGF<=J>MDOAR9J<G>GR2 DYj_]jl`Yfda^]hgh%mhZggc]p`aZalagf3until Jan 2

SCOTT GALLERY )(,))%)*,Klœ/0(&,00&+.)1œ ;@JAKLE9KLJ=9KMJ=K2HYaflaf_kZq_Ydd]jqYjlaklk$ JgZ]jlKaf[dYaj$BaeKlgc]k$K`Yjgf<]dZdYf[$EYjaYff] OYl[`]d$Yf\gl`]jk3[]jYea[ogjckZq9jf]@Yf\d]q$ Yf\l`]K]d^ja\_]k&>]Ylmjaf_ogjckZqf]o_Ydd]jq YjlaklkBg]dKaf[dYaj$Yf\Eal[`>]flgfœUntil Dec 23 SIDESHOW GALLERYœ1.(1%0*9n]œ/0(&,++&),+(œ ka\]k`go_Ydd]jq&[YœMENAGERIE2?jgmh]p`aZalagfg^ keYddY^^gj\YZd]YjlogjckœUntil Jan 8 SNAP GALLERY œ)()*+%)*)KlœPRINT AFFAIR 2010: WELCOME TO THE MAGIC FACTORY SPRUCE GROVE GALLERY œE]d[gj;mdlmjYd;]flj]$ +-%-9n]$Khjm[]?jgn]œ/0(&1.*&(..,œ;`jakleYk \][gjYlagfk3until Dec 23 TELUS WORLD OF SCIENCE œ))*))%),*Klœ /0(&,-)&++,,œInventor’s Workshop2\Yadq$)*2+(%,% 2+(heœWHEELS, WINGS AND WAVES-A LEGO® WORLD OF TRANSPORTATION œUntil Jan 2 TU GALLERY )(/)0%)*,KlœTHE MAJESTY OF THE :GP29k`go\]\a[Yl]\lgZgp]kœUntil Dec 18 VAAA GALLERY œ+j\>d$)(*)-%))*Klœ/0(&,*)&)/+) œPERSONA29jlogjckZq<]ZjY:Y[`eYfKeal`Yf\ JgpYff]<ja]\a_]j3until Dec 18 œVAAA BAY: N999 ^mf\jYak]j2HYaflaf_kYf\al]ekl`Yl[YfZ]Za\gf until Dec 163OjYhAlMh?YdY2L`m$Dec 16$.%1he VASA GALLERY œ ^gje]jdqKlm\ag?Ydd]jq!))H]jjgf Kl$Kl9dZ]jlœ/0(&,.(&-11+œWET PAINT: HYaflaf_kZq N9K9YjlaklkœUntil Dec 24 VELVET OLIVE�Red Deer œ,1*0JgkkKlœCANCIAS PERDIDOS29jlogjckZqLj]flgfD]Y[`œThrough Dec

CARROT œ1+-)%))09n]œYjlkgfl`]Yn]&gj_œBgqk Oad\HYjlqYf\Gl`]jKgff]lkZqL`]Hg]lkOal`af2 hg]ljqj]Y\af_Yf\emka[œL`m$Dec 16$/heœ Closed Dec 24, 1pm-Jan 3

DIE�NASTY œNYjk[gfYL`]Ylj]$)(+*1%0+9n]œ /0(&,++&++11œœDan]aehjgnak]\kgYhgh]jYœ=n]jq Egf$/2+(he3mfladMay 30œfgh]j^gjeYf[]kgf Dec 27, Jan 3

RIVERDALE œ11)/%0/Klœ;j]Ylan]Ogj\BYeœ =n]jq+j\Kmfg^l`]egfl`$.%)(he

A GOODNESS TO HONEST CHRISTMAS œ@gdq Ljafalq9f_da[Yf;`mj[`$)((+/%0,9n]œL`]9;E= JY\agL`]Ylj];gehYfqYf\L`]Hjgb][l8@gdq Ljafalq9fgja_afYdjY\aghdYqZq<Yna\:]dc]$klYj% jaf_BYf]dd]Bgj\]$9klja\KhYjckYf\?d]ffF]dkgf oal`emka[Yf\fYjjYlagfZqHYmdEgj_Yf<gfYd\ œDec 18$/heœ)- Y\mdl!3)* klm\]fl'k]fagj!'0 [`ad\mf\]j)*!YlLAPgfl`]KimYj]

ROUGE LOUNGE œ)()))%))/Klœ/0(&1(*&-1((œ Hg]ljq]n]jqLm]oal`=\egflgfkdg[Ydhg]lk STANLEY A. MILNER LIBRARY œ/KajOafklgf ;`mj[`addKiœ/0(&,1.&/(((œCentre for Reading2 >jge:ggcklg>ade3]n]jq>ja$*heœTeen Movie Scene2egna][dmZ^gjl]]fk3)klYf\+j\L`m]n]jq egfl`œ:ggcafAlº:ggclYdck^gj9\mdlk2L`m$Dec 16$*2+(heYf\)*2)-he UPPER CRUST CAFÉ œ)(1(1%0.9n]œ/0(&,**&0)/, œL`]Hg]lk¿@Yn]fO]]cdqJ]Y\af_K]ja]k2]n]jq Egf$/hehj]k]fl]\Zql`]Kljgddg^Hg]lkKg[a]lq

THEATRE THE ASH GIRL œ;gf[gj\aYMfan]jkalq;gd% d]_]$JgZ]jlL]_d]j9m\algjame$/+Kl$)))9n]œ /0(&,/1&1*/( THE BEST NEWFOUNDLAND CHRISTMAS PAGEANT....EVER! œNYjk[gfYL`]Ylj]$)(+*1%0+ 9n]œO`ar_a__daf_Hjg\m[lagfkYf\Khajalg^F]o% ^gmf\dYf\Hjg\m[lagfk&O`Yl`Ykl`]hgl]flaYdlgZ] l`]ogjklHY_]Yfl]n]j$lmjfkgmllgZ]l`]Z]klgf] Yk]n]jqgf]d]Yjfkl`]ljm]e]Yfaf_g^;`jakleYkœ Dec 21-23$/2+(heœ*( Y\mdl!')0 k]fagj'klm\]fl' [`ad\mf\]j)-q]Yjk!YlLAPgfl`]KimYj]


CHIMPROV œNYjk[gfYL`]Ylj]$)(+*1%0+9n]œ=n]jqKYl Yl))he fgk`gogfl`]dYklKYlg^l`]egfl`!œ)('- @a_`K[`ggdKlm\]flk!YlLAPgfl`]KimYj]$\ggj

AUDREYS BOOKS œ)(/(*BYkh]j9n]œ/0(&,*+&+,0/ œBg[]dqf:jgof$l`]f]oOjal]j%af%J]ka\]f[]Yl 9m\j]qk:ggck]n]jqLm]Yf\O]\*%-he

A CHRISTMAS CAROL œ;alY\]dEY[dYZL`]Ylj]$10*0% )()99n]œ/0(&,*-&)0*(œLgeOgg\¿kZjaddaYflY\YhlYlagf g^;`Yjd]k<a[c]fk¿[dYkka[lYd]œUntil Dec 23

IT'S ABOUT TIME œ9j\]fL`]Ylj]$Kl9dZ]jlœKl 9dZ]jl;`ad\j]fkL`]Ylj]9dmefak+(l`9ffan]jkYjq []d]ZjYlagfœL`m$Dec 30$/2+(he IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: THE LIVE RADIO EVENT œNYjk[gfYL`]Ylj]$)(+*1%0+9n]œL]Yljg DYImaf\a[afYœOYl[`l`][dYkka[`gda\YqlYd]g^ \]khYajYf\j]\]ehlagfh]j^gje]\YkY)1,(¿kjY\ag ZjgY\[YklZqY[Yklaf^mddh]jag\[gklme]oal`dan] emka[Yf\kgmf\]^^][lk&KlYjjaf_B]^^@YkdYe$<Y% nafYKl]oYjl$D]gfY:jYmk]f$C]f\jY;gffgj$;Yl`q <]jcY[`$Lge=\oYj\k$9f\j]oEY[<gfYd\%Keal`$ Yf\EYjcE]]jœDec 16-18$/2+(he3*heeYlgf Dec 18 œ*-YlLAPgfl`]KimYj] MOSTLY WATER’S ROXY XMAS SPECIAL œ L`]Ylj]F]logjcºdan]Yll`]Jgpq$)(/(0%)*,Kl œ/0(&,-+&*,,(œGd\'f]okcalk$kgf_kYf\na\]gk hj]k]fl]\ZqEgkldqOYl]joal`;`jak;jY\\g[c$Yf\ emka[Yd_m]klkEac]Yf\JgZ9f_mk O`]YlHggd!$ =darYZ]l`Dm\oa_3\aj][l]\Zq:jY\d]qEgkkœDec 17-18$0heœLa[c]lkYlL`]Ylj]F]logjc¿kZgpg^^a[] NILES’ JOURNEY œ@gdqLjafalq9f_da[Yf;`mj[`$ )((+/%0,9n]œRm%EYHjg\m[lagfkYf\L`] Hjgb][l8@gdqLjafalqœK[jahlZq<Yna\:]dc]Yf\ klYjjaf_;af\aRmZqYf\Dqf]ll]EYmja[]&9^l]j`ak egl`]jak]fdakl]\ZqYljYn]dd]jlg^afak`Ybgmjf]q lg^gddgoYklYj$l`]dgf]dqdalld]Fad]klja]klgZ] ZjYn]Zml]f\kmh^gddgoaf_`akegl`]j¿kljYad

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

Z]_affaf_Yim]kl^gjdgn]Yf\[gmjY_]œDec 18, Jan 1$*heœ)- Y\mdl!')* klm\]fl'k]fagj!'0 [`ad\ mf\]j)*!YlLAPgfl`]KimYj]

OH SUSANNA! CHRISTMAS SPECIAL œNYjk[gfY L`]Ylj]$)(+*1%0+9n]œ/0(&,++&++11œL`]=mjg% klqd]nYja]lqkh][lY[d]¿kYffmYd;`jakleYkZYk`$ `gkl]\Zq]f[`Yflaf_]d^KmkYffYHYl[`gmdaYf\ l`]]n]j%bgddq=jgk$?g\g^Dgn]$^]Ylmjaf_k]YkgfYd kgf_k$`gda\Yq`megmj$Yf\hd]flqg^]__fg_œKYl$ Dec 18$))he THE SUPER GROOVY 70'S PART 2: KEEP ON TRUCKIN' œEYq^a]d\<aff]jL`]Ylj]$)..)-%)(1 9n]œ/0(&,0+&,(-)œeYq^a]d\l`]Ylj]&[YœOjall]f Yf\[gehad]\ZqOaddEYjckœUntil Feb 6 THEATRESPORTS œNYjk[gfYL`]Ylj]$)(+*1%0+ 9n]œJYha\>aj]L`]Ylj]k+(l`9ffan]jkYjq=\alagf œ=n]jq>jaYl))heœ)(YlLAPgfl`]KimYj]$\ggj œDec 17 ojYhk%mh*()(aehjgn&J]_mdYjo]]cdq k`gokj]kme]Jan 7 and 8 TOM JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM œBmZadYlagfk<aff]jL`…€lj]$000*%)/(Klœ /0(&,0,&*,*,œbmZadYlagfk&[YœUntil Jan 223k]Ylaf_2 O]\%KYl2.2)-%.2,(he3Kmf2-he WHITE CHRISTMAS œ>]klanYdHdY[]$)((>]klanYd OYq$K`]jogg\HYjcœ/0(&,,1&++/0œ^]klanYdhdY[]& YZ&[Yœ:qAjnaf_:]jdaf$hj]k]fl]\Zq>]klanYdHdYq% ]jk$emka[Yf\dqja[kZqAjnaf_:]jdaf$ZggcZq<Yna\ An]kYf\HYmd:dYc]œDec 17-30 œ+* Y\mdl!'*( [`ad\!3E]YdkYj]YnYadYZd]^gjkge]k`gokg^l`ak hjg\m[lagf$^gjYk]hYjYl]Y\\alagfYd[`Yj_]2lg eYc]e]YdYjjYf_]e]flk[gflY[ll`]>]klanYdHdY[] Zgpg^^a[]Yl/0(&,,1&++/0Yld]Ykl,0`gmjkZ]^gj] l`]\Yl]g^l`]k`go THE WIZARD OF OZ œBmZad]]9m\algjame$)),--% 0/9n]œHjg\m[lagfZYk]\gfl`]JgqYdK`Yc]kh]Yj] ;gehYfq¿k[]d]ZjYlagfg^l`])1+1E?Eegna]œ Dec 23, 24, 26

ARTS // 23


"December’s draped in Tinseltown: starstudded dramas at the top of the tree, action flicks and family films weighing down the middle boughs, some awards-contenders and quirky leftovers sprinkled among the lower branches. So let’s start unpacking some of the loaded meanings of Hollywood’s gala-gifts." Sidevue: Winter Wonderings // Online at

Come out swinging

solutely nothing on this earth, except your family, that then makes a bond that those of us that scatter and flee and [have] flung ourselves around the world and away from the place of our origin have a harder time understanding. Alice, in keeping her family together alone, has accomplished something extraordinary in this day and age. And not only that, she made fight careers for both of her incredibly talented sons.

Melissa Leo carries The Fighter's family dynamic Paul Blinov //


lthough his brother Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) is the one in the ring, Dicky (Christian Bale) wears the bravado of being Lowell, Massachusetts' hometown hero: his career highlight, of knocking down "Sugar Ray" Johnson is contested (some say Johnson slipped), but has saturated some of the town's consciousness—meaning he gets the proverbial slap on the wrist for hanging out in a crack den and missing Micky's training sessions—and makes his family all the more willing to ignore his faults. For all of those, he's the biggest success they've had. Micky, by comparison, is in a far-sorrier state: getting used as a "stepping stone" to launch other fighter's careers. His attempts to become a real contender for the welterweight title aren't helped by the sparse bouts his mother/ manager Alice keeps setting him up for and his floundering, brother-led training regimen. Then comes an arrest in the family and a feisty bartender, Charlene (Amy Adams), and the underlying tensions and resentments between the Ward family begin to simmer. Based on the true working-class underdog story of the boxing Ward family, The Fighter finally comes to a boil when it threatens that family bond and we see these strained relationships stretched beyond their breaking points. While the boxing scenes and underdog story are fine, if familiar, director David O Russell—also responsible for 1999's Three Kings and 2004's I heart huckabees—most successfully captures

What mama says goes

the visceral inner workings of this complicated family dynamic, one that seemingly can't help but sabotage itself. Melissa Leo plays the Ward matriarch Alice, in charge of both her sons' careers but seemingly incapable of improving their lives. It's an engaging, compassionate performance by an actress who's been getting seeing a flood of scripts ever since her starring turn in 2008's Frozen River. Vue recently took a call with Leo to discuss the role, on-set intensity and the real Alice Ward. VUE WEEKLY: Did you discuss the role with Alice herself ? MELISSA LEO: Yes I did, somewhat. The aspect of the chapters of her life that were gonna be included in the film

were completely out of my control, and what story points they were using the character were out of my control. But who she is, and how she carries herself, and what she knows to be true in her heart, I ascertained from Alice and her daughters and her husband George, and from all the very many people involved that had known Alice, and had opinions about her, and a great deal of love, and certain amount of fear [laughs]. VW: I think she's certainly the most interesting part of the family dynamic in The Fighter; I wouldn't nearly call her coddling, but for all her tough-as-nails outwardness to people outside the family, she lets people within her family, like Dicky, get away with almost anything. ML: Well, when you've got really ab-

VW: David O Russel has quite a reputation for being difficult to work with on set. How did you find working with him? ML: I was very lucky that I didn't go into it with presupposed ideas about it, because I did not know these rumours and things. I just knew the titles of several of David's films, and my knowing them means that they were of import, because I don't clock much of anything, so that I'd actually heard of the vast majority of David's handful of films, to me, speaks something. I don't come with all kinds of ideas beforehand. I just come to do the work, and the work we were doing was deep, and complex and rich, and we had the actual people there, guiding and watching and stepping up our game by that challenge of their presence, that we do it accurately. And given that I was playing this complicated woman, I'm not going to say it was a happy, fun, and un-hard experience. It was a very hard experience, but a very rewarding experience. There's nothing wrong with hard work, and you put a bunch of artists in a room to do the one single collaborative art that we have, and it's bound to be an intense time. And it was indeed that. But that is also sort of sacred, and the general public can hear part of a story, or see a blip on a YouTube, and without knowing the entire story, make gross misinterpretations about things. VW: So the Ward family was on set?

ML: Absolutely. Micky and Dicky, most apparently, were around almost at all times, and the sisters dropping in and out—you see several of the actual sisters, older than they were portrayed in the film, as background extras throughout the film. And the boxing gym was the actual gym in which Mick and Dick both began their careers. And the fellas there, some of them seen onscreen, also were the actual fellows that were there when the boys were kids. VW: How does that change things for you as an actor, when the person you're playing is there in the room with you? ML: It was just so rich. I have to credit him, because I'll steal it from Christian: I heard him say the other day the relationship he built with Dick was so deep and so helpful that he wished he could always have his character alongside him as he worked. For me as an actor, everything is in the specifics, and I usually look to the script for the specifics, and then to the different project and that. That the script was morphus even as we worked in many ways, in subtle ways. David could've put a scene in a grocery story, me and Christian there, and we probably could've improvised it, because we knew so much about who they were. It was amazing to have them there, and the heart of Alice that I felt, and Alice knowing her own truth, and keeping her lips zipped these days, because 'evy'body else is gonna tell stories. You decide.' V Opening Friday The Fighter Directed by David O Russel Written by Eric Johnson Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy Starring Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Melissa Leo,



Del Toro's early fangs An aging seller of antiques is bitten by a inexplicably compelled to merge with flesh, strange device, begins to thirst for blood and blood and bone, luring all those who make is rendered immortal, yet the word "vamcontact with it into fathomless addiction. piro" is never uttered in Cronos (1993), alWhen I first saw Cronos I was delighted to lowing our experience of the film to expand discover a horror film that seemed to share far beyond the limits of genre or myth. the labyrinthine thematic network of This is a film where the balance of David Cronenberg's corporeal cinexplicit and occult knowledge is ema, so rich as it is in cerebral kept carefully calibrated at all metaphor and arresting, guttimes. We know only what's estural imagery. Yet Guillermo Del om eekly.c sential, even if what's essential Toro, Cronos's writer and direc@vuew e v ti c te sometimes includes the seem- dvdde tor, would prove to possesses f Jose ingly trivial. Every character, his own unique imaginative n u Bra even the most minor, is endowed universe, one which embraces the with distinct attributes, eccentricities fabulous and the supernatural in ways and preoccupations, most all of them conantithetical to Cronenberg's materialist sencerning the imperfections of the flesh, while sibility. Cronos was but the first giant step at the film's centre lies an insectile machine in a prolific career that would quickly and



24 // FILM

rather deftly shift between the commercial and the personal. Nevertheless, even after The Devil's Backbone ('01) and Pan's Labyrinth ('06), Cronos remains my favourite Del Toro film. It's not as lush nor as honed as the later work, but it has a shaggy perfection all its own, and that special air of an exuberant, exacting young artist trying everything for the first time. Del Toro has said that the worst thing a filmmaker can have is everything he or she needs, and maybe there's something about Cronos that generates some extra electricity out of sheer hunger and determination. So Jesús Gris (the great Federico Luppi, giving a marathon performance) unknowingly falls victim to the 400-year-old de-

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

vice. It comes to him by accident, latching onto first his hand and then his heart, its golden claws inserting themselves into his skin. Thenceforth desirous of human blood, Gris is haunted by need, and like any junkie he endures humiliating scenes to fulfil this need, such as licking some stranger's nosebleed off the marble floor of a public washroom. Gris is hunted by one Ángel de la Guardia (Ron Perlman, so funny and precise in his bits of behaviour), the nephew of a dying industrialist (Claudio Brook) who knows of the device's powers and wants it for himself. But Ángel would just as soon never find the device; he's waited too long already for his uncle to die and leave him the generous inheritance which will finally allow him to get that nose job he's dreamt of for so long. Death and vanity loom over everything in Cronos, and the film brims with ghoulish humour. It also features moments of touch-

ing connection between Gris and his eightyear-old granddaughter Aurora (Tamara Shanath). Aurora speaks little and rarely drives the action, yet she might be the film's real heroine, hiding the device in her teddy bear—just like little Pearl hides the money in The Night of the Hunter ('55)—and gradually learning to let go of her grandparent as a child's first brush with death. That sense of loss and wonder is what lingers in the film's final moments, and most especially its closing dedication to Del Toro's grandmother, their relationship having inspired the one shared by Gris and Aurora. It's a satisfying, somber resolution to a captivating journey through morbid pursuits, one that in all its errant Catholicism, its peculiar relationship to the United States, its wily suspicions about its colonialist past and its inventive violence, could perhaps have only come from Mexico. The film is now available on DVD and Blu-ray from Criterion. V

Tron: Legacy

A quick game of killer Frisbee

Opening Friday Directed by Joseph Kosinski Written by Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis Starring Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund


It's been two decades since programming genius and former ENCOM CEO Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) fell off the grid and disappeared into the Grid, leaving behind a son so baffled and dim he never bothered to check the wall behind dad's Tron arcade game for the secret passage leading to the electronic rabbit hole. Perhaps Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) preferred being a wealthy orphan, having inherited dad's company without having to assume any of dad's responsibilities. When asked what he thinks happened to his father, Sam, now 27, shrugs amiably and replies, "He's either dead or chillin' in Costa Rica.

Probably both!" When Sam does finally follow Kevin into the infinite geometrical plain of the Grid, he actually seems more at home there than in Vancouver, where Tron: Legacy was filmed. Having simply traded one world without daylight for another, Sam's immediately stripped of earthly clothing, covered in flatteringly body-hugging electro-goo, given an "identidisc"—a sleek LP-sized object which slips snugly into your backpack and records everything you do—and sent off to play killer Frisbee in the neon coliseum. Sam proves a natural gladiator, literally shattering his opponents in quick succession and breaking away to find Kevin, who's been hiding in some pocket where Clu (also Jeff Bridges), his evil renegade avatar who now controls the Grid, can't find him. Kevin, now bearded and gray, wears comfy looking karate

gear and sits barefoot and cross-legged, still pondering the possibility of "a digital frontier that will reshape the human condition" and "a system where all information is free and open. Beautiful." If we don't count his appearances in a brief flashback and as Clu, whose face is digitally air-brushed to make Bridges look 27 years younger and really, really creepy, Sam's reunion with Kevin about marks Bridges' proper star entrance, 30 minutes into Tron: Legacy and not a moment too soon. 20 years trapped in a video game and Bridges still seems like a human being, while Hedlund, whose performance involves a great deal of face squishing, feels like a figure out of a video game from the very start. Bridges' approach is so loose, funky and tender as to be refreshingly antithetical to the one-dimensional performance style that dominates these sorts of effects-heavy

3-D fantasies. Despite being a fugitive in the fascist state, Bridges' Kevin retains a youthful enthusiasm for his grandiose project, which might as well be an organic farm on Mars. "You're messing with my Zen thing, man!" The Dude abides ... in virtual reality! To be honest, though Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis' script is somehow simultaneously underwritten and confusing, if not completely nonsensical—how do flesh-and-bone people get sucked into the Grid? And how do they eat that suckling pig?—there's a lot about Tron: Legacy that feels like a welcome alternative to your average contemporary science-fiction blockbuster. Rather than assault the viewer with frames saturated with extraneous detail and Redbulladdled editing, Joseph Kosinksi's directorial debut, with production design by Darren Gilford, ushers us into a disco-lit world of smooth plateaus and distant thunder that's austere enough to allow

the action to become more graphically dynamic. The outfits, motorbikes and ships employed by the bad guys emanate a warm orange glow that reminds me of the inside of my toaster oven, and Daft Punk's pleasingly percolating synth washes enhance the film's overall liquid vibe as Sam, Kevin and Quorra, Kevin's almond-eyed Girl Friday (Olivia Wilde), attempt to cross the Sea of Simulation. It's both a chase movie and the cinematic equivalent of a warm bath. Tron: Legacy ends however not in the Grid but back in our gungy material world. Kevin's big epiphany during his years away was that perfection needs to be cultivated rather than designed or dictated: "Bio-digital jazz, man!" The final shot, which of course alludes to another Tron sequel, implies that it's the world we actually live in that contains the real adventure. Josef Braun


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

A girl and her religious allegory

Now playing Written by Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Michael Petroni, CS Lewis (book) Directed by Michael Apted Starring Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Will Poulter


The third film in Walden Media's adaptations of CS Lewis' famous seven-book series basically starts with a quaint little painting of a ship on the high seas. The seas get higher, spilling out of the frame, swamping Lucy (Georgie Henley), Edmund (Skandar Keynes), and their cousin Eustace (Will Poulter), and washing them out of 1940s England. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader then sails rather calmly

along on its fantastic odyssey, docking at this plucky adventure or landing us at another strangely familiar shore (a desert isle, an invisible manor house and its English garden, a volcanic island). There isn't much character development—though one girl's yearning for her mother spills out of the story, suggesting the many orphans to come in Second World War England. The evil temptations and magical obstacles (especially wraiths of green mist) seem a bit outstripped by more recent fantasy-epic adaptations, but this Narnia cruise—helmed by Michael Apted this time around—is quaintly enjoyable enough in its own way. Until it's slowly sunk by a certain divine Lion, bringing along all his earnestness and preciousness. While Lucy has a "mirror, mirror on the

wall" episode of self-reflection on how much she's let her lack of self-worth conquer her, the movie belongs to Eustace, a complaining, unimaginative lad who's turned into a fiery hero over the course of the voyage. The ultimate battle, versus a writhing, gaping sea serpent, is rather thrilling. And the 3-D isn't thrust in your face but used more subtly, to steepen a gorge, deepen the shadows in caves, or ripple out underwater shots. But the holy whispers of Aslan ("We have nothing if not belief"; "You just have to have faith"), Lewis's obvious Christ-figure, reverberate until he appears at movie's end, when we get a glimpse of his country (Heaven). The Harry Potter books were attacked by Christian groups for their supposed endorsement of witchcraft (as was the Oz series in the '50s, along with supposedly being pro-Communist), but The Voyage of the Dawn Treader finishes up altogether too preciously and piously. It comes off as a ride, all dressed up as a child-hero fantasy quest that's meant to lead us to one red-light moral: "In your world I have another name," Aslan tells us, his children, "You must learn to know me by it." So, back in our world's cinema pews, adventure's wonder gets preached away and its spirit snuffed out by religion. Brian Gibson


VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

FILM // 25

Made in Dagenham

Opening Friday Directed by Nigel Cole Written by Billy Ivory Starring Sally Hawkins


We see the women on their rattling bikes, a mass of cheerful workers, some with big hair, many dressed in the period's multi-coloured, day-glo synthetics, on their way to another day of sewing seat covers for cars they and their families can't afford. The soundtrack gets poppin' with Desmond Dekker's "The Israelites," a big hit in '68, its lyrics—"Get up in the morning/ slaving for bread, sir / So that every mouth can be fed"—and amiable, lightly propulsive, kinky rhythm immediately announcing the film's theme, tone and kitsch-nostalgia all at once. The use of this song, already a staple on EastEnders, is just one among a smorgasbord of clichés on the menu for Made in Dagenham, another entry into the British proletariat go-for-it comedy subgenre, helmed by Nigel Cole, whose earlier Calendar Girls feels like its natural predecessor. Scripted by Billy Ivory, Made in Dagenham dramatizes the 1968 sewing machinists strike at the Ford Dagenham assembly plant, an action which brought attention to institutionalized sexual discrimination and proved instrumental in the development of the Equal Pay Act of 1970. The film is perfectly likable and only slightly tedious in its paint-by-numbers trajectory, entertaining if not exciting, pleasant if not actually funny, an interesting and important story told in an uninteresting, unimportant way. But I'll give you one good reason to check it out even if you'd just as soon read about the strike on Wikipedia as pay money to see the movie version: Sally Hawkins. Most of us know her as the compulsively chipper heroine in Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky, a role that may come to haunt Hawkins every time she exhibits that unforgettable smile. She didn't smile much in

26 // FILM

Soon to be thinking out loud

The Tourist Directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck Written by Donnersmarck, Christopher McQuarrie, Julian Fellowes Starring Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie


Sally Hawkins as Rita O'Grady

Never Let Me Go—nor did anyone else—but she didn't get to hang around long either. In Made in Dagenham, in which she plays Rita O'Grady, the worker who unexpectedly finds herself the leader and spokesperson for her workmates and eventually every underpaid woman in Britain, Hawkins gets to stretch out. The material has none of the sophistication of Leigh's text, but it does have high stakes. Several scenes find Rita in way over her head, fending against a patriarchal, condescending establishment, and I'll be damned if Hawkins doesn't nail every one of them. Her voice cracks, her eyes search for a safe place to focus, her whole body commits to taking a stand against an injustice so appallingly obvious that everyone else just ignores it. These scenes momentarily give Made in Dagenham a pulse. And they assure us that Hawkins is capable of great things, if only she can be provided with the right vehicle. Josef Braun


The movie opens with all these guys following Angelina Jolie around with cameras, scrutinizing her every move, so you could be forgiven for wondering if you're watching a documentary. But no, this is Paris, Jolie speaks with an English accent, she receives an envelope with cryptic instructions, and we get about 40 different camera angles just to cover a half-minute of action—and if those clues don't assure you that we're in the realm of pure hokum, the deliriously fussy, overbearing, almost instantly annoying James Newton Howard score will. The director is Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, who helmed The Lives of Others. Like that earlier film, this one is heavy on surveillance. Consequence, not so much. You could shave off the first 15 minutes of The Tourist and just start the thing with Jolie's expensively tailored mystery vixen approaching Johnny Depp on a train, since he is, I think, our protagonist, or at least steals every scene from Jolie. She's given precious little to do aside from look gorgeously worried; Depp, beard-

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

ed and slightly husky-looking, at least gets to be funny and bumblingly charming. He's terrific in their early exchanges. If only he and everyone else didn't have to speak so many of their thoughts aloud. Redundancies accumulate, the bloat becoming near-palpable by the movie's mid-point. I haven't seen Anthony Zimmer, the French film The Tourist is based on, but if nothing else the original was at least shorter. So Jolie uses Depp, a Wisconsin schoolteacher meandering through Europe on holiday, to mislead British fuzz and some nasty thugs led by a billionaire Steven Berkoff. The heavies all want to track down Jolie's exlover to collect some six-figure debts—could Depp be that rascal in disguise? The Tourist is a Wrong Man movie, playing like Polanski Lite or neo-Hitchcock, with its doubles, snarling villains and chase scenes through the lovelier canals of Venice. If I sound grumpy it's only because the movie had every reason to be fun, if forgettable. Unfortunately it's far too dumb to generate suspense, and the deeply predictable "unpredictable" ending is wildly nonsensical. The movie also fails to offer us a single truly compelling character, one we can believe in, even on the story's own flimsy terms. Jolie's character wears this medallion on a bracelet that features the two heads of Janus. She says her mom gave it to her to remind her that everyone has two distinct faces. But after watching The Tourist, two sounds luxurious. Me, I would have settled for one. Josef Braun



Fri, Dec 17 and Sun, Dec 19 (7 pm) Sat, Dec 18 and Mon, Dec 20 (9 pm) Written and directed by Margarethe von Trotta Starring Barbara Sukowa Metro Cinema (9828 - 101A Ave)


The titular 12th century Benedictine magistra and mystic of Margarethe von Trotta's Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen was a preternatural renaissance woman of the highest order, writing plays, botanical and theological texts, composing music and founding an independent, all-woman monastery on her way to canonization, feminist revisionism and cinematic stardom. While scandalizing her peers, she was deft in her dealings with both church and state—this nun wouldn't take nein for an answer. But she was human like anybody else and suffered from longings and envy, which allows Vision to see-saw engagingly between the steady

She won't put up with your nunsense.

accumulation of its protagonist's accomplishments and her occasional surrender to overwhelming emotions. There's a superfluous and fairly silly prologue involving a millenarian sect gathering to mark the last night of the first millennium and its implicit apocalypse. But the sun insistently rises the next morning and the world's stage is set for von Bingen's entrance ... about 98 years later.

Von Trotta dramatizes von Bingen's childhood cloistering before darting ahead 30 years to the moment when she assumes the role that will facilitate her destiny as maverick and renown polymath. Around this point we catch a glimpse of von Bingen's visions, replete with sudden zooms into our heroine's supernaturally blue eyes and psychedelic cloud formations. It would seem advisable to regard such reli-

gious experiences as best left to the imagination, but von Trotta's approach to this material generally feels ambivalent about whether to mime it's subject's austerity or follow Ken Russell's example as to how to shoot nuns: on the one hand Vision is almost elliptical in its efficient rendering of biographical bullet points; on the other it employs expressionistic hand-held camerawork and contemporaneous but decid-

edly non-diegetic choral music that could furnish several Omen sequels. "God loves beauty," declares von Bingen in Vision, and the proof is manifested in von Bingen herself, embodied here by the positively ageless Barbara Sukowa in her fifth collaboration with von Trotta, the pair of them having forged their careers four decades back as important figures in the New German Cinema. Sukowa makes an agreeably radiant visionary, though her beauty doesn't distract from the character's chaste integrity. For secular viewers at least, Vision will feel most alive when von Bingen throws a bit of a tantrum upon discovering that her young protégée, also rather fetching, will be leaving her for another convent. There's nothing beyond our own suspicions to imply anything erotic transpiring between the two during those long, lonely Dark Age nights, but perhaps there's no harm in us having our own visions of transgression nonetheless. Josef Braun


A Film Unfinished

Evil, documented

Fri, Dec 17 and Sun, Dec 19 (9 pm) Sat, Dec 18 and Mon, Dec 20 (7 pm) Written and directed by Yael Hersonski Metro Cinema (9828 - 101A Ave)


The film was discovered at the end of the Second World War among a sprawling celluloid archive located in a concrete vault, hidden in a forest. It ran 60 minutes, was without credits, and, in lieu of a title, the cans bore the label Ghetto. It apparently documented Jewish life in the Warsaw ghetto in May of 1942, yet a reel of outtakes found decades later verified what was already obvious in the nearly completed film: numerous scenes, such as those depicting Jews enjoying a life of luxury while ignoring the destitution of their fellow citizens, were staged by Nazi propagandists as another method of justifying their Final Solution. Yael Hersonski's A Film Unfinished attempts to understand how Ghetto

was conceived and executed. Much of what constitutes this documentary are sequences taken directly from Ghetto, methodically arranged by Hersonski and editor Joel Alexis. Some scenes are insidiously repellent, others utterly, infernally grotesque. Daily deportations to Treblinka began in July, so most everyone we see is mere months away from being carted off to their deaths, if they didn't perish first from malnutrition, disease or starvation. The balance of A Film Unfinished is given over to a reenactment of testimony given by Ghetto camera operator Willy Wist, who claimed not to know the purpose of what he was shooting, and sequences in which survivors of the Warsaw ghetto watch the found materials, sequences of questionable value given that for the most part all that can really be conveyed in these screenings are the viewers' intense anxiety over reliving their experiences or perhaps seeing a loved one on-screen for a moment or two. There is however a bleakly humor-

ous moment when one of the viewers watches a genteel dinner scene, notes the floral arrangements on the table, and asks "When did one ever see a flower? We would have eaten a flower!" There's no arguing over the immense value of what's presented in A Film Unfinished, but I'm not entirely certain that the way it's presented is especially illuminating. Hersonski is justifiably fascinated by Nazi efforts to "document its own evil, systematically, even passionately." But her work here seems founded on the notion that contemporary viewers aren't aware of the ways in which such documents can be manipulated to advance a nefarious agenda. I have a hard time imagining anyone who would watch A Film Unfinished, especially in an age when consumer technology allows anyone to record, edit, alter and even broadcast their own movies, as being very shocked by the Nazi propagandists' capacity to construct, well, propaganda. Josef Braun


VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

FILM // 27

FILM WEEKLY FRI, DEC 17 – THU, DEC 23, 2010 s

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BURLESQUE (PG coarse language, not recommended for children) FRI�SAT 7:00, 9:10; SUN�TUE 8:00; SAT�SUN 1:30 YOGI BEAR (G) FRI�SAT 7:00, 9:10; SUN�THU 8:00; SAT�SUN 1:30


5074-130 Ave, 780.472.9779

BAND BAAJA BAARAAT (PG coarse language) Hindi W/E.S.T. DAILY 1:45, 4:35, 7:30 NO PROBLEM (14A violence) DAILY 1:05, 4:05, 7:00, 9:45 MAR JAWAN GUR KHAKE (PG violence) DAILY 2:00, 5:00, 7:50 RED (14A violence) DAILY 1:15, 4:20, 7:10, 10:00 HEREAFTER (PG coarse language, mature subject matter) DAILY 1:10, 3:50, 6:45, 9:40 THE SOCIAL NETWORK (PG coarse language, substance abuse) DAILY 1:35, 4:10, 7:05, 9:35 LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: THE OWLS OF GA'HOOLE 3D (PG violence, frightening scenes, not recommended for young children) Digital 3d DAILY 1:25, 4:00, 6:50, 9:15 YOU AGAIN (G) FRI�TUE 1:40, 4:15, 6:40, 9:05 ALPHA AND OMEGA (G) Digital Cinema DAILY 1:20, 3:45, 6:35, 9:10 THE TOWN (14A coarse language, violence) FRI�TUE 1:50, 4:40, 7:20, 9:50

EASY A (14A, language may offend) DAILY 9:20 INCEPTION (PG violence) FRI�TUE 1:00, 4:30, 8:00 DESPICABLE ME (G) DAILY 1:30, 3:55, 6:30 TEES MAAR KHAN (STC) Hindi W/E.S.T. WED�THU 1:00, 4:30, 8:00 LIFE AS WE KNOW IT (PG language may offend, substance abuse) WED�THU 1:50, 4:25, 7:10, 9:55 SECRETARIAT (G) WED�THU 1:40, 4:20, 7:00, 9:50

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HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) DAILY 12:20, 3:30, 6:45, 10:05 DUE DATE (14A crude content, substance abuse) FRI�TUE 4:10, 9:40 THE NUTCRACKER�BOLSHOI BALLET LIVE (Classification not available) SUN 12:00 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) No passes WED�THU 12:25, 2:50, 5:20, 8:00, 10:40 TRUE GRIT (14A violence) No passes WED�THU 1:10, 4:00, 7:05, 9:45 THE KING'S SPEECH (PG language may offend) WED�THU 12:50, 3:45, 6:30, 9:20

CINEPLEX ODEON SOUTH 1525-99 St, 780.436.8585

YOGI BEAR (G) No passes DAILY 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 8:30, 10:30 YOGI BEAR 3D (G) Digital 3d, No passes DAILY 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 TRON: LEGACY (PG) No passes DAILY 12:15, 3:00, 5:45, 8:30, 11:15; Digital 3d: DAILY 4:30, 8:00, 10:45; Ultraavx: DAILY 12:00, 3:30, 7:00, 10:30 HOW DO YOU KNOW (PG coarse language) DAILY 11:40, 2:30, 5:30, 8:15, 10:50 THE FIGHTER (14A, coarse language, substance abuse) FRI�MON, WED 12:40, 3:15, 5:50, 8:35, 11:10; TUE, THU 12:40, 3:15, 5:50, 8:45, 11:10 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) FRI 12:20, 3:00, 5:30, 8:15, 10:30, 10:45; SAT�TUE 12:20, 3:00, 5:30, 8:15, 10:45 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER 3D (PG frightening scenes) Digital 3d FRI 11:40, 2:25, 5:00, 7:45; SAT�THU 12:00, 2:30, 5:10, 8:00, 10:40 THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) FRI�SAT, MON�THU 12:55, 3:25, 5:45, 8:10, 10:40; SUN 11:30, 3:25, 8:10, 10:40 BLACK SWAN (14A sexual content, disturbing content, not recommended for children) No passes FRI�WED 12:00, 2:45, 5:15, 8:00, 10:45; THU 12:00, 2:45, 5:15, 7:45, 10:25 BURLESQUE (PG coarse language, not recommended for children) FRI�SAT, MON�TUE 11:30, 7:40; SUN 7:40 TANGLED (G) FRI�TUE 11:50, 2:20, 4:40, 7:30, 9:55; WED�THU 4:50 TANGLED 3D (G) Digital 3d FRI�TUE 12:15, 2:30, 4:50, 7:10, 9:45; WED�THU 12:15, 2:30, 7:10, 9:45 LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (18A) FRI�TUE 2:15, 4:45, 10:20 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) FRI�MON, WED�THU 1:00, 4:20, 7:50, 10:55; TUE 1:30, 4:55, 7:50, 10:55 MEGAMIND 3D (G) Digital 3d DAILY 11:40, 2:00 DUE DATE (14A crude content, substance abuse) FRI�SAT, MON�TUE 1:15, 3:40, 5:50, 8:05, 10:20; Sun 1:15, 3:40, 5:50, 10:20 WWE TLC: TABLES, LADDERS AND CHAIRS (Classification not available) SUN 6:00 THE NUTCRACKER�BOLSHOI BALLET LIVE (Classification not available) SUN 12:00 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) No passes WED�THU 12:15, 12:45, 2:45, 3:45, 5:10, 6:15, 7:35, 8:30, 10:25, 11:00 TRUE GRIT (14A violence) No passes WED�THU 12:45, 3:15, 6:00, 8:25, 11:00 THE KING'S SPEECH (PG language may offend) WED�THU 1:30, 4:45, 7:45, 10:15

CITY CENTRE 9 10200-102 Ave, 780.421.7020

THE FIGHTER (14A, coarse language, substance abuse) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating DAILY 12:40, 3:30, 6:30, 9:20 TRON: LEGACY (PG) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating, No passes DAILY 12:00, 3:00, 7:00, 10:00 HOW DO YOU KNOW (PG coarse language) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating, No passes DAILY 12:30, 3:50, 6:50, 9:45 YOGI BEAR (G) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating, No passes DAILY 12:25, 2:40, 5:00, 7:15, 9:30 DUE DATE (14A crude content, substance abuse) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating FRI�TUE 12:20, 2:55, 5:25, 7:50, 10:15 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating FRI�TUE 12:05, 3:20, 6:40, 9:55 TANGLED 3D (G) Digital 3d, No passes, Stadium Seating Fri-Tue 12:15, 2:50, 5:25, 8:00, 10:35 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) Digital 3d, Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating DAILY 12:50, 3:40, 7:10, 10:10 THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating DAILY 12:10, 2:45, 5:20, 7:55, 10:30 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) No passes, Stadium Seating WED�THU 12:15, 2:50, 5:25, 8:00, 10:35 THE KING'S SPEECH (PG language may offend) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating WED�THU 12:20, 3:10, 7:20, 10:15 TRUE GRIT (14A violence) Dolby Stereo Digital, Stadium Seating, No passes WED�THU 12:05, 3:20, 6:40, 9:55

CLAREVIEW 10 4211-139 Ave, 780.472.7600

DUE DATE (14A crude content, substance abuse) FRI 4:30, 7:20, 9:55; SAT�TUE 2:00, 4:30, 7:20, 9:55 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) FRI 4:40, 8:00; SAT�THU 1:20, 4:40, 8:00 FASTER (14A brutal violence) FRI 4:50, 7:05, 9:30; SAT�TUE 1:50, 4:50, 7:05, 9:30 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER 3D (PG frightening scenes) No passes, Digital 3d FRI 3:40, 6:30, 9:10; SAT�SUN 1:00, 3:40, 6:30, 9:10; MON�THU 1:00, 3:40, 6:30, 9:10

28 // FILM

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) No passes FRI 4:10, 6:40, 9:20; SAT�SUN 1:25, 4:10, 6:40, 9:20; MON�TUE 1:25, 4:10, 6:40, 9:20; WED�THU 1:25, 4:10, 6:35, 9:15 TANGLED (G) FRI 4:15, 6:50, 9:15; SAT�TUE 1:40, 4:15, 6:50, 9:15; WED�THU 1:40, 4:15, 6:55, 9:20 THE FIGHTER (14A, coarse language, substance abuse) FRI 4:20, 7:10, 9:50; SAT�THU 1:30, 4:20, 7:10, 9:50 YOGI BEAR 3D (G) Digital 3d, No passes FRI 4:50, 7:15, 9:25; SAT�THU 12:30, 2:40, 4:50, 7:15, 9:25 HOW DO YOU KNOW (PG coarse language) No passes FRI 4:00, 7:00, 9:45; SAT�TUE 1:10, 4:00, 7:00, 9:45; WED�THU 12:45, 3:45, 6:40, 9:35 TRON: LEGACY 3D (PG) Digital 3d, No passes FRI 3:50, 6:45, 9:40; SAT�THU 12:50, 3:50, 6:45, 9:40 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) No passes WED�THU 1:50, 4:30, 7:20, 9:45 TRUE GRIT (14A violence) No passes WED�THU 1:10, 4:00, 6:50, 9:30

DUGGAN CINEMA�CAMROSE 6601-48 Ave, Camrose, 780.608.2144

YOGI BEAR 3D (G) DAILY 7:05 9:05; SAT, SUN, TUE, THU 2:05 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) DAILY 6:45 9:15; SAT , SUN, TUE, THU: 1:55 TANGLED (G) FRI�TUE 6:50 9:00; SAT, SUN, TUE 1:50; Closed TUE, DEC 21 TRON: LEGACY (PG) DAILY 6:45, 9:20; SAT , SUN, TUE, THU 1:45 THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) DAILY 7:00, 9:10; SAT �SUN, TUE, THU 2:00 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) WED�THU 6:50 9:00; THU 1:50; Opens WED, DEC 22

GALAXY�SHERWOOD PARK 2020 Sherwood Dr, 780.416.0150 Sherwood Park 780-416-0150

YOGI BEAR 3D (G) Digital 3d, No passes FRI 4:15, 7:00, 9:20; SAT�THU 11:30, 1:50, 4:15, 7:00, 9:20 TRON: LEGACY (PG) Digital 3d, No passes FRI 3:45, 6:50, 9:45; SAT�THU 12:45, 3:45, 6:50, 9:45 HOW DO YOU KNOW (PG coarse language) FRI 3:50, 7:05, 9:55; SAT�THU 1:05, 3:50, 7:05, 9:55 THE FIGHTER (14A, coarse language, substance abuse) FRI 4:10, 7:20, 10:05; SAT�THU 1:20, 4:10, 7:20, 10:05 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) FRI 4:30, 7:20, 10:05; SAT�TUE 1:45, 4:30, 7:20, 10:05 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER 3D (PG frightening scenes) Digital 3d FRI 3:30, 6:45, 9:30; SAT�THU 12:15, 3:15, 6:45, 9:30 THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) FRI 4:20, 7:25, 10:00; SAT�THU 1:40, 4:20, 7:25, 10:00 TANGLED (G) FRI 4:35, 7:10, 9:35; SAT�THU 11:40, 2:05, 4:35, 7:10, 9:35 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) FRI 3:20, 6:30, 9:50; SAT�THU 11:45, 3:00, 6:30, 9:50 DUE DATE (14A crude content, substance abuse) FRI 4:25, 7:30, 9:50; SAT�TUE 2:00, 4:25, 7:30, 9:50 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) No passes WED�THU 1:15, 4:00, 7:15, 9:50 TRUE GRIT (14A violence) No passes WED�THU 2:00, 4:40, 7:30, 10:10


8712-109 St, 780.433.0728

CLOSED DEC 24 AND 25 BLACK SWAN (14A sexual content, disturbing content, not recommended for children) DAILY 6:50, 9:10; SAT�SUN 2:00

GRANDIN THEATRE�ST ALBERT Grandin Mall, Sir Winston Churchill Ave, St Albert, 780.458.9822

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) DAILY 12:45, 3:25, 6:10, 8:50 MORNING GLORY (PG coarse language, mature subject matter) DAILY 8:45 MEGAMIND (G) DAILY 1:15, 3:10, 5:00, 6:50 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) DAILY 1:35, 3:35, 5:35, 7:35, 9:35 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) No passes DAILY 12:50, 3:00, 5:05, 7:10, 9:20 THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) No passes DAILY 1:10, 3:15, 5:15, 7:20, 9:15 YOGI BEAR (G) No passes DAILY 12:55, 2:45, 4:25, 6:10, 7:50, 9:30

LEDUC CINEMAS Leduc, 780.352.3922

THE NEXT THREE DAYS (PG violence, coarse language) SAT�SUN 6:50, 3:30; DAILY 6:50, 9:30 TRON: LEGACY 3D (PG) Digital 3d SAT�SUN 1:00, 3:40; WED, DEC 22 �TUE, JAN 4: 7:00, 9:40 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) SAT�SUN 1:05, 3:35; WED, DEC 22�THU, JAN 4: 7:05, 9:35 YOGI BEAR (G) SAT�SUN 1:10, 3:25; WED, DEC 22� TUE, JAN 4: 7:10, 9:25 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) WED, DEC 22�TUE, JAN 4: 6:55, 3:30; 9:30


9828-101A Ave, Citadel Theatre, 780.425.9212

VISION (PG mature subject matter) FRI, SUN 7:00; SAT, MON 9:00

A FILM UNFINISHED (14A disturbing content, nudity) FRI, SUN 9:00; SAT, MON 7:00


130 Century Crossing, Spruce Grove, 780.972.2332 (Spruce Grove, Stony Plain; Parkland County)

TRON: LEGACY (PG) DAILY 6:30, 9:20; SAT�THU 12:30, 3:20 YOGI BEAR 3D (G) DAILY 6:50, 9:00; SAT�THU 1:20, 3:30 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) DAILY 7:00, 9:30; SAT�THU 12:40, 3:40 THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) DAILY 7:10, 9:40; SAT SUN TUE 1:00, 3:40 TANGLED (G) DAILY 7:00, 9:20; SAT�SUN, TUE 12:50, 3:20 BURLESQUE (PG coarse language, not recommended for children) FRI, SAT, SUN, MON, TUE: 6:45, 9:40; Sat -Tue 1:10, 3:45; last day TUE, DEC 21 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) FRI, SAT, SUN, MON, TUE: 6:30, 9:30; SAT�TUE: 12:20, 3:20; last day TUE, DEC 21 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) WED, DEC 22�THU, DEC 23: 12:20, 3:00, 6:45, 9:10 TRUE GRIT (14A violence) WED, DEC 22�THU, DEC 23: 1:10, 3:45, 7:10, 9:40

PRINCESS 10337-82 Ave, 780.433.0728

CLOSED DEC 24 AND 25 127 HOURS (14A gory scenes, disturbing content) DAILY 7:00, 9:00; SAT�SUN 2:30 MADE IN DAGENHAM (14A coarse language) DAILY 6:50, 9:10; SAT�SUN 2:00

SCOTIABANK THEATRE WEM WEM, 8882-170 St, 780.444.2400

YOGI BEAR 3D (G) Digital 3d, No passes DAILY 11:00, 1:20, 3:50, 6:30, 9:00 TRON: LEGACY (PG) Digital 3d, No passes DAILY 12:00, 3:30, 6:45, 9:45 HOW DO YOU KNOW (PG coarse language) DAILY 1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 10:10 THE FIGHTER (14A, coarse language, substance abuse)DAILY 12:40, 3:40, 7:40, 10:40 TRON: LEGACY: AN IMAX 3D EXPERIENCE (PG) No passes DAILY 11:00, 1:50, 4:40, 7:30, 10:30 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) FRI�TUE 1:45, 5:00, 7:45, 10:30 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA�VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER 3D (PG frightening scenes) Digital 3d DAILY 12:30, 3:20, 6:40, 9:30 THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) DAILY 1:10, 4:10, 7:20, 10:20 BURLESQUE (PG coarse language, not recommended for children) DAILY 9:40 FASTER (14A brutal violence) FRI�TUE 8:00, 10:45 TANGLED 3D (G) Digital 3d DAILY 11:10, 1:40, 4:20, 6:50, 9:20 LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (18A) FRI�SAT, MON�TUE 1:30, 4:50, 7:50, 10:45; Sun 11:30, 2:15, 10:45 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) DAILY 11:30, 2:50, 6:30, 10:00 MEGAMIND (G) FRI�TUE 12:20, 3:00, 5:30 DUE DATE (14A crude content, substance abuse) DAILY 11:45, 2:10, 4:45, 7:15 WWE TLC: TABLES, LADDERS AND CHAIRS (Classification not available) SUN 6:00 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) No passes WED�THU 11:20, 12:20, 2:00, 3:00, 4:30, 5:30, 7:10, 8:00, 9:50, 10:45 TRUE GRIT (14A violence) No passes WED�THU 1:30, 4:50, 7:50, 10:45


111 Ave, Groat Rd, 780.455.8726

THE TOURIST (PG coarse language) No passes, Dolby Stereo Digital FRI 7:05, 9:50; SAT�SUN 1:15, 3:55, 7:05, 9:50; MON�TUE 1:15, 3:55, 7:05, 9:50; WED�THU 1:15, 3:55, 7:00, 9:40 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) Dolby Stereo Digital FRI 8:00; SAT�THU 12:45, 4:05, 8:00 BURLESQUE (PG coarse language, not recommended for children) DTS Digital FRI 6:35, 9:30; SAT�TUE 1:00, 3:45, 6:35, 9:30 LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (18A) DTS Digital FRI 6:45, 9:40; SAT�TUE 12:30, 3:30, 6:45, 9:40 TRUE GRIT (14A violence) No passes, Dolby Stereo Digital WED�THU 12:30, 3:30, 6:50, 9:30 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) No passes, DTS Digital WED�THU 1:00, 3:45, 6:35, 9:20


Wetaskiwin, 780.352.3922

YOGI BEAR (G) SAT, DEC 18�SUN, JAN 2: 1:10, 3:20; DAILY 7:10, 9:20 TRON: LEGACY 3D (PG) Digital 3d: SAT, DEC 18� SAT, JAN 2: 1:00, 3:4; DAILY 7:00, 9:40 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (PG frightening scenes) SAT�SUN 1:05, 3:35; WED, DEC 22�THU, JAN 4: 7:05, 9:35 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (PG frightening scenes, violence, not recommended for young children) SAT, DEC 18�SUN, JAN 2: 12:40; FRI�TUE: 6:40 BURLESQUE (PG coarse language, not recommended for children) DAILY, SAT, DEC 18�SUN, JAN 2: 3:30; DAILY 9:30 LITTLE FOCKERS (PG crude sexual content, not recommended for young children) WED, DEC 22�SUN, JAN 2: 6:55, 3:30; DAILY 6:55, 9:30


Smokin' Hot Pandas

// Robert Fougere

Pandas just wanna have fun

A revitalized band roars back to life on How Come I'm Dead? Mike Angus //


t stopped being fun a couple of years ago, being on the road too long— longer than we should have, probably—and a lot of the fun wasn't there anymore," Hot Panda's frontman Chris Connelly concedes. "Now the fun is back. For our band, so much of it is in the energy of the music, so if that energy and goodwill and good spirit isn't there it really affects things poorly." It's hard to believe him, considering the Edmonton band's signing to Mint Records, its sharp and sudden rise to fame across North America and Europe thanks to the success of the 2009 fulllength debut Volcano ... Bloody Volcano and now the release of the band's sophomore album How Come I'm Dead?. But the grind of the last 22 months on the road, a band-member change and the scrapping of what was originally to become the next record eventually wore the band down, leaving the members—Connelly, guitarist Heath Parsons, drummer Maghan Campbell and newest member, bassist Catherine

Hiltz—to go through the motions. "We felt that way in a lot of areas: not just the writing, but the way the whole band was going. We toured a lot, losing that fun and losing that spark," Con-

The decision to work so frantically was an intentional attempt to capture the spark that fires the band. "We just did everything really quick and fast, which we'd never done before,"

For our band, so much of it is in the energy of the music, so if that energy and goodwill and good spirit isn't there it really affects things poorly. nelly admits. "We had some other stuff that we'd been working on before, but it felt like we'd been working on it for a long time with a member that wasn't there anymore, and the stuff just didn't feel like it was connecting with us, like we were past it already even though it wasn't recorded. So we just scrapped it and wrote a bunch of new songs." With Hiltz on board as of 2009, the band wrote new material for How Come I'm Dead? in a month, then went into the studio with producers John Collins and David Carswell (New Pornographers, Destroyer, Tegan & Sara, Eamon McGrath) and recorded it in a week.

Connelly enthuses. "It was neat to do that, to try and catch that energy when you first come up with a song and it's working, to record that as quick as we could to try and capture that energy. I think that's what this album has that the last one maybe didn't have as much of. "Now we do what feels good, and it's translating well. The shows are going much, much better, and things seem to be back on track." V Fri, Dec 17 (9 pm) Hot Panda With CYGNETS, ARTISAN LOYALIST Pawn Shop

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

MUSIC // 29



BRIXX BAR Radio Brixx


Open stage every Thu; bring your own instruments, fully equipped stage; 8pm

BUDDY'S Thu Men’s Wet Underwear Contest with DJ Phon3 Hom3; 9pm (door); no cover before 10pm



Mic Thu; 7pm

Jam by Wild Rose Old Time Fiddlers

Thu: 123 Ko

RIC’S GRILL Peter Belec

Underground House every Thu with DJ Nic-E

(jazz); every Thu; 7-10pm


Quigley (Americana/folk/ indie), Tyler Butler (ambient/ folk/indie); 9:30pm-11:30pm; no minors; no cover


Findlay Trio; 7:30pm; $8


Martin and the Heavenly Blues

BOHEMIA Paint My Decks: No Ego DJs, Just Joe Clarke; 8pm; no minors; no cover

BRIXX BAR Dex and Gorys

Bingo Death Match Bad Cop vs Worse Cop; 8pm (door); Bingo starts (10pm); no cover


Thu afternoon Open Mic; 1-4pm

COLAHAN'S Back-porch

jam with Rock-Steady Freddy and the Bearcat; every Thu 8pm-midnight


Labarda's Dirty Animals Art show opening featuring Shortround, Double Tights

CHRISTOPHER'S PARTY PUB Open stage hosted by

Alberta Crude; 6-10pm


(CD release party), Audio/ Rocketry, The River City Rat Band; 8pm (show); Edmonton Food Bank fundraiser; $5 cover


Pub Latin/world fusion jam hosted by Marko Cerda; musicians from other musical backgrounds are invited to jam; 7pm-closing

DUSTER'S PUB Thu open jam hosted by the Assassins of Youth (blues/rock); 9pm; no cover

DV8 Open mic Thu hosted

by Cameron Penner and/or Rebecca Jane

ELECTRIC RODEO� Spruce Grove Open Stage

Thu: Bring an instrument, jam/sing with the band, bring your own band, jokes, juggle, magic; 8-12



Blowout: Rusty Reed, Rotten Dan, and Scott McCrady; 9pm; $10


Live music every Thu night; 7-9pm

STARLITE ROOM Dex and Gorys Bingo Death Match; 8pm


TJ the DJ every Thu and Fri; 10pm-close

(U22) Revue: Ky Babyn; 7:30pm


GAS PUMP Barry Campbell


Band; 8pm


Utopian Skank, Kris Bridge, guests; 7:30pm (door); $10 (door)

HOLT RENFREW Jan Randall; 7pm

HOOLIGANZ Open stage Thu hosted by Phil (Nobody Likes Dwight); 9pm-1:30am

Roger West; 9:30pm


HYDEAWAY Hydeaway All Ages Open Stage; 7pm L.B.'S PUB Thu open jam


Night out

FUNKY BUDDHA�Whyte Ave Requests with DJ Damian

Brown and Graham Guest; 8pm; $15


Martin and the Heavenly Blues

BOHEMIA Heard on the

Radio, National Security Council, Consilience; 8pm (door), 9pm (music); no minors; $7 (door)

BRIXX BAR Fear of Crime (CD release), Bailey Sutton, Making a Monster; 9pm (door); $12 (door) CAFFREY'S IN THE PARK The Boom Boom Kings

CARROT Live music Fri: all

GAS PUMP Ladies Nite: Top

ages; Matt Morris and Mandy; 7pm; $5 (door); Jingle Jammin at the Carrot

HALO Thu Fo Sho: with


40/dance with DJ Christian

Allout DJs DJ Degree, Junior Brown

Normals (pop/rock)

CASINO YELLOWHEAD Suite 33 (pop/rock)

Stage every Fri; 9:30pm

K Live

Mike Tomas


ON THE ROCKS Salsaholic

Edit...: Koosh, Dane, Bron (7" vinyl release party)


Tidings: A Lightly Classical Christmas: Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Richard Eaton Singers, Bob Bernhardt (conductor); featuring narrator Archbishop Richard Smith; 8pm; $20-$71 at Winspear box office

with Kenny Skoreyko, Fred Larose and Gordy Mathews; 9pm-1am


LEVA CAFÉ Ariane Marÿke

Escapack Entertainment

Lemire; 8-10pm

DJ every Thu at 9pm

ages; 7pm


LUCKY 13 Sin Thu with DJ


Go (guitars); $10





COMMON LOUNGE Thu night residency–Boom the box (Allout djs)


ROOM Ashley Theberge, April Smith; 8pm

KAS BAR Urban House:

Open stage, play with the house band every Thu; 9pm

jam; 7-11pm



Sparrow, F&M (the band), Fender Case, Jason Kodie; 8pm

CHURCH McDougall United Church Choir and Orchestra, Handel's Messiah: Part One (Fund-Raising the Roof Concert) 7:30pm; $15 at TIX on the Square

J AND R Classic rock! Woo!

with Tommy Grimes spinning rock and roll



Stage Thu with Gary Thomas

Big Rock Thu: DJs on 3 levels– Topwise Soundsystem spin Dub & Reggae in The Underdog

COMMON LOUNGE 10124-124 St CONVOCATION HALL Arts Bldg, U of A, 780.492.3611 COPPERPOT Capital Place, 101, 9707-110 St, 780.452.7800 CROWN AND ANCHOR 15277 Castledowns Rd, 780.472.7696 CROWN PUB 10709-109 St, 780.428.5618 DIESEL ULTRA LOUNGE 11845 Wayne Gretzky Drive, 780.704. CLUB DEVANEY’S IRISH PUB 901388 Ave, 780.465.4834 DOW'S SHELL THEATRE�Fort Saskatchewan 8700-84 St, Fort Saskatchewan, 780.992.6400 DRUID 11606 Jasper Ave, 780.454.9928 DUSTER’S PUB 6402-118 Ave, 780.474.5554 DV8 8307-99 St, DV8TAVERN. com EDDIE SHORTS 10713-124 St, 780.453.3663 EDMONTON EVENTS CENTRE WEM Phase III, 780.489.SHOW ELECTRIC RODEO�Spruce Grove 121-1 Ave, Spruce Grove, 780.962.1411 ELEPHANT AND CASTLE� Whyte Ave 10314 Whyte Ave ENTERPRISE SQUARE 10230 Jasper Ave, 780.435.9569 EXPRESSIONZ CAFÉ 9938-70 Ave, 780.437.3667 FIDDLER’S ROOST 8906-99 St FILTHY MCNASTY’S 10511-82 Ave, 780.916.1557 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 10031-109 St FLOW LOUNGE 11815 Wayne Gretzky Dr, 780.604.CLUB FLUID LOUNGE 10105-109 St, 780.429.0700 FUNKY BUDDHA 10341-82 Ave, 780.433.9676 GAS PUMP 10166-114 St,

780.488.4841 GLENORA BISTRO 10139-124 St GOOD EARTH COFFEE HOUSE 9942-108 St HALO 10538 Jasper Ave, 780.423.HALO HAVEN SOCIAL CLUB 15120A (basement), Stony Plain Rd, 780.756.6010 HILL TOP PUB 8220-106 Ave, 780.490.7359 HOLT RENFREW 10180-101 St HOLY TRINITY ANGLICAN CHURCH 10037-84 Ave HOOLIGANZ 10704-124 St, 780.452.1168 IRON BOAR PUB 4911-51 St, Wetaskiwin IVORY CLUB 2940 Calgary Trail South JAMMERS PUB 11948-127 Ave, 780.451.8779 J AND R 4003-106 St, 780.436.4403 JEFFREY’S CAFÉ 9640 142 St, 780.451.8890 JEKYLL AND HYDE 10209-100 Ave, 780.426.5381 JUNCTION BAR AND EATERY 10242-106 St, 780.756.5667 KAS BAR 10444-82 Ave, 780.433.6768 L.B.’S PUB 23 Akins Dr, St Albert, 780.460.9100 LEDUC FAMILY WORSHIP CENTRE 4310 Black Gold Dr, Leduc LEGENDS PUB 6104-172 St, 780.481.2786 LEVEL 2 LOUNGE 11607 Jasper Ave, 2nd Fl, 780.447.4495 LIVE WIRE 1107 Knotwood Rd. East MARYBETH'S COFFEE HOUSE–Beaumont 5001-30 Ave, Beaumont MCDOUGALL UNITED CHURCH 10025-101 St MORANGO’S TEK CAFÉ

with DJ Mark Stevens; 9pm

Thu: Dance lessons at 8pm; Salsa DJ to follow

PLANET INDIGO�St Albert Hit It Thu: breaks,

electro house spun with PI residents


Gameshow every Thu with Patrick and Nathan; 9pm


Kissel (country Christmas concert)


T'was the week before Christmas Party: with Helena Magerowski Group (soul, R&B, jazz); 7-10pm



SPORTSWORLD Roller Skating Disco: Thu Retro Nights; 7-10:30pm;


Mental Thurzday with org666

STOLLI'S Dancehall, hip hop with DJ Footnotes hosted by Elle Dirty and ConScience every Thu; no cover TAPHOUSE�St Albert Eclectic mix with DJ Dusty Grooves every Thu

Day; 8:30pm; $10 (door)

Warning To Avoid, First Aid Kit, Gorgon Horde; 7:30pm (door); $10 (door)


Upon the Earth: Andrea House, Dana Wylie; 8pm; $15 (adult)/$12 (student/senior)/$8 (child under 12) at TIX on the Square

IRISH CLUB Jam session;

8pm; no cover

VENUE GUIDE 180 DEGREES 10730-107 St, 780.414.0233 ACCENT EUROPEAN LOUNGE 8223-104 St, 780.431.0179 ARTERY 9535 Jasper Ave AVENUE THEATRE 9030-118 Ave, 780.477.2149 AXIS CAFÉ 10349 Jasper Ave, 780.990.0031 BANK ULTRA LOUNGE 10765 Jasper Ave, 780.420.9098 BEIJING BEIJING RESTAURANT 3803 Calgary Tr NW, 780.430.7720 BILLY BOB’S Continental Inn, 16625 Stony Plain Rd, 780.484.7751 BLACK DOG FREEHOUSE 10425-82 Ave, 780.439.1082 BLACKSHEEP PUB 11026 Jasper Ave, 780.420.0448 BLUE CHAIR CAFÉ 9624-76 Ave, 780.989.2861 BLUES ON WHYTE 10329-82 Ave, 780.439.3981 BOHEMIA 10575-114 St BOOTS 10242-106 St, 780.423.5014 BRIXX BAR 10030-102 St (downstairs), 780.428.1099 BUDDY’S 11725B Jasper Ave, 780.488.6636 CAFFREY'S IN THE PARK 1-99 Wye Rd, Sherwood Park, 780.449. PINT CASINO EDMONTON 7055 Argylll Rd, 780.463.9467 CASINO YELLOWHEAD 12464-153 St, 780 424 9467 CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY 10255-97 St, 780.425.3662 CHRISTOPHER’S 2021 Millbourne Rd, 780.462.6565 CHROME LOUNGE 132 Ave, Victoria Trail COAST TO COAST 5552 Calgary Tr, 780.439.8675 COLAHAN'S 8214-175 St, 780.487.8887

30 // MUSIC

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

10118-79 St NAKED CYBERCAFÉ 10354 Jasper Ave NEWCASTLE PUB 6108-90 Ave, 780.490.1999 NEW CITY LEGION 8130 Gateway Boulevard (Red Door) NIKKI DIAMONDS 8130 Gateway Blvd, 780.439.8006 NORTH GLENORA HALL 13535-109A Ave O’BYRNE’S 10616-82 Ave, 780.414.6766 OLD STRATHCONA PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE 8426 Gateway Blvd ON THE ROCKS 11730 Jasper Ave, 780.482.4767 ORLANDO'S 1 15163-121 St OVERTIME Whitemud Crossing, 4211-106 St, 780.485.1717 PAWN SHOP 10551-82 Ave, Upstairs, 780.432.0814 PLANET INDIGO�Jasper Ave 11607 Jasper Ave; St Albert 812 Liberton Dr, St Albert PLAY NIGHTCLUB 10220103 St PLEASANTVIEW COMMUNITY HALL 10860-57 Ave REDNEX BAR�Morinville 10413-100 Ave, Morinville, 780.939.6955 RED PIANO BAR 1638 Bourbon St, WEM, 8882-170 St, 780.486.7722 RED STAR 10538 Jasper Ave, 780.428.0825 RENDEZVOUS 10108-149 St RIC’S GRILL 24 Perron Street, St Albert, 780.460.6602 ROBERT TEGLER STUDENT CENTRE Concordia University College Campus, 73 St, south of 112 Ave ROSEBOWL/ROUGE LOUNGE 10111-117 St, 780.482.5253 ROSE AND CROWN 10235-

101 St RUSTY REED'S HOUSE OF BLUES 12402-118 Ave, 780.451.1390 ST ANDREW’S UNITED CHURCH 9915-148 St SECOND CUP�Mountain Equipment 12336-102 Ave, 780.451.7574; Stanley Milner Library 7 Sir Winston Churchill Sq; Varscona, Varscona Hotel, 106 St, Whyte Ave SHRINE TEMPLE 14510-142 St SIDELINERS PUB 11018-127 St, 780.453.6006 SNEAKY PETE'S 12315-118 Ave SPORTSWORLD 13710-104 St SPORTSMAN'S LOUNGE 8170-50 St STARLITE ROOM 10030-102 St, 780.428.1099 STEEPS�College Plaza 11116-82 Ave, 780.988.8105; Old Glenora 12411 Stony Plain Rd, 780.488.1505 STOLLI’S 2nd Fl, 10368-82 Ave, 780.437.2293 TAPHOUSE 9020 McKenney Ave, St Albert, 780.458.0860 TREASURY 10004 Jasper Ave, 7870.990.1255, WHISTLESTOP LOUNGE 12416-132 Ave, 780. 451.5506 WILD BILL’S�Red Deer Quality Inn North Hill, 7150-50 Ave, Red Deer WILD WEST SALOON 1291250 St, 780.476.3388 WINSPEAR CENTRE 4 Sir Winston Churchill Square; 780.28.1414 WOK BOX 10119 Jasper Ave WUNDERBAR 8120-101 St, 780.436.2286 Y AFTERHOURS 10028-102 St, 780.994.3256, YESTERDAYS PUB 112, 205 Carnegie Dr, St Albert, 780.459.0295

IVORY CLUB Duelling piano show with Jesse, Shane, Tiffany and Erik and guests





10pm; free

Jones (jazz/blues singer); $10


Every Fri: Headwind (classic pop/ rock); 9pm; no cover


Singing Christmas Tree; 3pm and 7pm; $33.15-$63.15

L.B.’S Coaster 44 MEAD HALL Punk Rock Food

Fight For Food Bank; 8-11:30pm

ON THE ROCKS Hamburger;

9pm; $5

PAWN SHOP Hot Panda,

Cygnets, Artisans Loyalists


dueling piano show featuring the Red Piano Players; 9pm-2am


Necrobiosis (CD release), Dead Jesus, Terrorfist; 8pm (door), 10pm (show); $10/$15 (with a CD)

Underground House every Fri with DJ Nic-E Platinum VIP Fri

THE DRUID IRISH PUB DJ every Fri at 9pm


Rock, hip hop, house, mash up; no minors


Freakin Frenzy Fri: Playing the best in country


Ave Top tracks, rock, retro with DJ Damian

GAS PUMP Top 40/dance


House, dance mix with DJ Donovan

REDNEX�Morinville DJ Gravy from the Source 98.5 RED STAR Movin’ on Up

Fri: indie, rock, funk, soul, hip hop with DJ Gatto, DJ Mega Wattson



STEEPS�Old Glenora Live

SPORTSWORLD Roller Skating Disco Fri Nights; 7-10:30pm;

Boudoirs, Stone Iris, Hale Hale; 9pm (door); $12 (door)

Music Fri

SPORTSMAN'S LOUNGE Christmas Boogie: Big Hank Lionheart and a Fist Full of Blues; 9pm


Moka Only, Kyprios of Sweatshop Union, R.C Syndicate, guests; 7pm (door), 8pm (show); $12/$15

TREASURY VODKA BAR Instyle Fridays; 3pm

TREASURY Treasury In Style Fri: DJ Tyco and Ernest Ledi; no line, no cover for ladies all night long


TJ the DJ every Thu and Fri; 10pm-close



180 DEGREES Dancehall

WOK BOX Fri with Breezy Brian Gregg; 3:30-5:30pm



Christmas Bureau Sing-along: Edmonton Choirs; 12-1pm; free, donations accepted from 11:15am-2pm


Christmas Pops: Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Bob Bernhardt (guest conductor); 8pm; $24-$81 at Winspear box office

DJs 180 DEGREES Skinou

*Wear*Red* Fri: with Femcee DJ Eden Lixx


DJ Papi and DJ Latin Sensations


Connected Fri: 91.7 The Bounce, Nestor Delano, Luke Morrison

BAR�B�BAR DJ James; no cover

BAR WILD Bar Wild Fri BLACK DOG FREEHOUSE Fri DJs spin Wooftop and Main Floor: Eclectic jams with Nevine–indie, soul, motown, new wave, electro; Underdog: Perverted Fri: Punk and Ska from the ‘60s ‘70s and ‘80s with Fathead


DJ spinning retro to rock classics to current

BOOTS Retro Disco: retro dance

BUDDY’S Fri: DJ Arrow Chaser; 8pm (door); no cover before 10pm

CROWN PUB Acoustic Open

Stage during the day/Electric Open Stage at night with Marshall Lawrence, 1:30pm (sign-up), every Sat, 2-5pm; evening: hosted by Dan and Miguel; 9:30pm-12:30am

Assasins, Finest Hour; 9pm


Cook and Friends; 4-6pm; free afternoon show

GAS PUMP Blues Jam/open stage every Sat 3-6pm, backline provided HAVEN SOCIAL CLUB

Oak Apple Records (CD release party): The Shakedown, Zero Something, Fiction Smiles, Taking Medication; 7:30pm (door); $10 (door)


stage/mic Sat: hosted by Sally's Krackers Sean Brewer, 3-5:30pm; Annual Holiday Party: with the McGowan Family Band, no minors, 9pm, no cover


IVORY CLUB Duelling piano

Foundation Fri


bands every Sat; 9:30pm

TEMPLE Options Dark Alt


Roger West; 9:30pm


STOLLI’S Top 40, R&B, house Night; Greg Gory and Eddie Lunchpail; 9pm (door); $5 (door)

and Reggae night every Sat

Open stage with Trace Jordan 1st and 3rd Sat; 7pm-12; Loren Burnstick at 8pm



Suite 33 (pop/rock)

Wetaskiwin featuring jazz trios the 1st Sat each month; $10

with People’s DJ

Eaton Singers: Handel’s Messiah; 7:30pm


Normals (pop/rock)

DV8 RealCamino, The Empire

Rotating DJs Fri and Sat; 10pm


Holidays: Mill Creek Colliery Band; 7pm; $18/$14 (student/ senior) at TIX on the Square

DOUBLE D'S Law and Order

ROSE AND CROWN Boogie SHRINE TEMPLE Options: with Greg Gory and Eddie Lunchpail; 9pm


with DJ Christian

RUSTY REED'S HOUSE OF BLUES Front Porch Roots Patrol; 9pm

CARROT Open mic Sat; 7:30-


PLAY NIGHTCLUB Pretty People Get Nasty with Peep n Tom, Showboy and rotating guest; DJS; every Fri; 9pm (door)

Revue; 9:30pm; $15

The Boom Boom Kings

show with Jesse, Shane, Tiffany and Erik and guests


jam, 3-7:30pm; country/rock band 9pm-2am


Jubiloso! Bells; 7:30pm; $12 (adult)/$10 (student/senior) at TIX on the Square


Christmas Day: Messiah sing-along, David Garber (conductor), Stringbeans Quartet; Russell Whitehead (trumpet), Jeremy Spurgeon (piano), guest soloists; 3pm; $15 at TIX on the Square, door


Christmas Pops: Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Bob Bernhardt (guest conductor); 8pm; $24-$81 at Winspear box office

DJs AZUCAR PICANTE Every Sat: DJ Touch It, hosted by DJ Papi

BLACK DOG FREEHOUSE Sat DJs on three levels. Main Floor: Menace Sessions: alt rock/electro/trash with Miss Mannered


rhythm with DJ Phon3 Hom3; 8pm (door); no cover before 10pm


Underground House every Sat with DJ Nic-E

Kodie and Friends Christmas Special; 8pm; $15


Martin and the Heavenly Blues

BOHEMIA Dance Party:

Jazz on the Side Sun; $25 if not dining

BLUES ON WHYTE Celtic Fusion Illusion

B�STREET BAR Acoustic-

based open stage hosted by Mike "Shufflehound" Chenoweth; every Sun evening


SCIENTOLOGY Open stage; blues and original, all welcome every Sun; 7-9:30pm CROWN PUB Latin/world fusion jam hosted by Marko Cerda; musicians from other musical backgrounds are invited to jam; 7pm-closing DEVANEY’S IRISH PUB

Celtic Music Session, hosted by Keri-Lynne Zwicker, 4-7pm

DOUBLE D'S Open jam every Sun; 3-8pm

DRUID IRISH PUB Chris Harold; 9pm

EDDIE SHORTS Sun acoustic oriented open stage hosted by Rob Taylor

J AND R BAR Open jam/

Singing Christmas Tree; 3pm and 7pm; $33.15-$63.15


One Man, One Piano (blues/ classical/jazz); 8pm


Parties: Every Sat a different theme

NEWCASTLE PUB Sun Soul Service (acoustic jam): Willy James and Crawdad Cantera; 3-6:30pm

L.B.’S PUB Sat Jam with


O’BYRNE’S Open mic Sun

MEAD HALL Progressive

FUNKY BUDDHA�Whyte Ave Top tracks, rock, retro


ORLANDO'S 2 PUB Sun Open Stage Jam hosted by The Vindicators (blues/rock); 3-8pm

Gator and friends, 5-9pm; Bob Cook and Mucho Nada Band

Metal Explosion: Oooze, Truck!, Sapient; no minors; 8pm-2am; $8 at Oooze, Sapient, Mead Hall

Sat open stage: hosted by Dr. Oxide; 7-10pm 3-7pm; DJ 9:30pm


PAWN SHOP Sportscar

(Cadence Weapon Side Project), Silly Kissers Side Project


dueling piano show featuring the Red Piano Players; 9pm-2am

REXALL PLACE Carrie Underwood, Billy Currington, Sons of Sylvia; 7pm RUSTY REED'S HOUSE OF BLUES Front Porch Roots

Revue; 9:30pm; $15

STARLITE ROOM Starlite Room Members Xmas appreciation party; Idles of Ruin


InterBash for Nash: featuring Wednesday Morning Blues, John not Joan, Thoroughbred Racing Pigeons; 8pm (door), 9pm (show); $15

featuring 5 guest DJs; no minors; cover by donation




Hunger: Politic Live, K-Blitz, Mitchmatic, Peoples Poets, Cashflo; hosted by Sterling Scott, Music by Sonny Grimezz and DJ Twist; 8pm (door); $10 with non-perishable food items/$12 without


EMPIRE BALLROOM Rock, hip hop, house, mash up

Gold Mash-Up: with Harmen B and DJ Kwake

with DJ Damian

Hamburger; 9pm; $5


BLUE CHAIR CAFÉ Sun Brunch: Will Cramer; 10am2.30pm; donations

Singing Christmas Tree; 3pm and 7pm; $33.15-$63.15


Hair of the Dog: The Depression, Jake Ian (CD release party), live acoustic music every Sat; 4-6pm; no cover

Who Made Who–The Rock and Roll Resurrection: The Maykings (revive The Who), The Dirty Dudes (revive AC/DC); 10pm; no cover


DJ at 9pm




Sat: Featuring Allout DJs

O’BYRNE’S Live band Sat

(folk), Danielle Knibbe; 8pm; $10

Open stage/jam every Sun; 2-6pm


HALO For Those Who Know: house every Sat with DJ Junior Brown, Luke Morrison, Nestor Delano, Ari Rhodes

AXIS CAFÉ Andrew Reid


stage every Sun hosted by Me Next and the Have-Nots; 3-7pm


Abstract Saturday Round 2: Capture the Hills, The Dusty Tucker Band, Daedalus, Straight Goodz, All Else Fails, The Promethean Labrinth; no minors; 8:30pm (door); $12 (door)/$10 (adv at 780.292.2728)



edmontonpunkrockkaraoke.; sign-up to sing karaoke with a live band E: edmontonpunkrockkaraoke@; Benefit for the Armoury Youth Emergency Shelter

ARTERY Punk Rock Karaoke:


BIG Saturdays; 3pm Roger West; 9:30pm


Years, Micelli, Brash Tax, Jay Shitshow Myatt; 8pm (show); no cover


Rotating DJs Fri and Sat; 10pm

NEWCASTLE PUB Top 40 Sat: requests with DJ Sheri NEW CITY LEGION Black

Polished Chrome Sat: with DJs Blue Jay, The Gothfather, and Anonymouse; no minors; free (5-8pm)/$5 (ladies)/$8 (gents after 8pm)

with Robb Angus (Wheat Pool); 9:30pm-1am

Strings: Charity event for the Bissell Centre; 7pm

RUSTY REED'S HOUSE OF BLUES Sun open stage with the Rusty Reed Band; 3-6pm


Equipment Co-op Live music every Sun; 2-4pm


Lounge Sat night DJ

Home for the Holidays: Mill Creek Colliery Band; 3pm; $18/$14 (student/senior) at TIX on the Square



PALACE CASINO Show Presents Live On Site! AntiClub Sat: rock, indie, punk, rock, dance, retro rock; 8pm (door)

PLANET INDIGO�Jasper Ave Suggestive Sat: breaks

electro house with PI residents

PLAY NIGHTCLUB Every Sat with DJ Showboy; 8pm (door) RED STAR Sat indie rock, hip hop, and electro with DJ Hot Philly and guests


metal night

SPORTSWORLD Roller Skating Disco Sat; 1pm4:30pm and 7-10:30pm STOLLI’S ON WHYTE Top 40, R&B, house with People’s DJ TEMPLE Oh Snap! every Sat:

Tidings of Joy; Da Camera Singers: Christmas concert featuring Jolaine Kerley, Sarah Schaub (sopranos), Rob Clark (tenor), Da Camera Wind Ensemble, John Brough (conductor); 3pm; $20 (adult)/$15 (student/senior) at door

MCDOUGALL UNITED CHURCH McDougall United Church Choir and Orchestra, Handel's Messiah; 10:30am; free performance as part of the church service

WINSPEAR CENTRE A Family Christmas: Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Story time and sing-alongs with Santa Claus and Mr. Grinch (actor, John Ullyatt), Cantilon Chamber Choir, Lucas Waldin (conductor); 1:30pm and 3:30pm; $30 (adult)/$15 (child)

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

MUSIC // 31

DJs BACKSTAGE TAP AND GRILL Industry Night: with

Atomic Improv, Jameoki and DJ Tim

BLACK DOG FREEHOUSE Sun Afternoons: Phil, 2-7pm; Main Floor: Got To Give It Up: Funk, Soul, Motown, Disco with DJ Red Dawn

FLOW LOUNGE Stylus Sun PLAY NIGHTCLUB Rotating Drag shows; every Sun; 9pm (door)


RnR Sun with DJ IceMan; no minors; 9pm; no cover


Skating Disco Sun; 1-4:30pm;

MON DEC 20 BLACK DOG FREEHOUSE Customer Appreciation X-Mas Party


Christmas Blow Out: Three Red hot Harmonicas featuring Rusty Reed, Scotty Mcready, Rotten Dan

32 // MUSIC


Open stage with Jesse Dee and Jacquie B; 8pm

LUCKY 13 Industry Night with DJ Chad Cook every Mon





(annual Christmas concert); $15


instrumental old time fiddle jam hosted by the Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Society; 7pm

ROSE BOWL/ROUGE LOUNGE The Legendary Rose Bowl Mon Jam: hosted by Sean Brewer; 9pm

RUSTY REED'S HOUSE OF BLUES Wayne Allchin and Blue

Gator; 8pm

DJs BAR WILD Bar Gone Wild Mon:

Service Industry Night; no minors; 9pm-2am


Main Floor: Eclectic Nonsense, Confederacy of Dunces, Dad Rock, TJ Hookah and Rear Admiral Saunders

FILTHY MCNASTY'S Metal Mon: with DJ S.W.A.G.


Blow Out: Three Red hot Harmonicas featuring Rusty Reed, Scotty Mcready, Rotten Dan

BRIXX BAR Troubadour Tue: with Electric Mantra and guest, host Mark Feduk; 8pm (door); $5 (door) CROWN PUB Underground At The Crown: underground, hip hop with DJ Xaolin and Jae Maze; open mic; every Tue; 10pm; $3 DRUID IRISH PUB Open

stage hosted by Chris Wynters of Captain Tractor with guests Jesse Dee and Jacquie B; 8pm


8:30pm-2:30am; $27-$47 at Rain Salon, Foosh (Whyte), Shadified Salon (Northgate) TicketMaster

JEFFREYS CAFÉ Alfie Zappacosta; $35

PADMANADI Tue open stage with Mark Davis; all ages; 7:3010:30pm RUSTY REED'S HOUSE OF BLUES Wayne Allchin, Blue

Gator; 8:30pm

SECOND CUP�124 Street Open mic every Tue; 8-10pm

SECOND CUP�Stanley Milner Library Open mic every Tue; 7-9pm


ESMERALDA’S Retro Tue; no

cover with student ID

FUNKY BUDDHA�Whyte Ave Latin and Salsa music, dance lessons 8-10pm

RED STAR Tue Experimental Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Electro with DJ Hot Philly


Jam with Alicia Tait and Rickey Sidecar; 8pm




Open Stage hosted by Paul McGowan and Gina Cormier; every Tue; 8pm-midnight; no cover

STEEPS�Old Glenora Every Tue Open Mic; 7:30-9:30pm

DJs BLACK DOG FREEHOUSE Main Floor: CJSR’s Eddie Lunchpail; Wooftop: with DJ Gundam

L.B.’S Tue Jam with Ammar;

BRIXX BAR Troubadour Tue: The Balconies and Sean Brewer, hosted by Mark Feduk; 9pm; $8

O’BYRNE’S Celtic Jam with Shannon Johnson and friends

BUDDYS Tue with DJ Arrow


(door); no cover

Chaser; free pool all night; 9pm

Main Floor: Glitter Gulch Wed

EDDIE SHORTS Wed open stage with Will Coles, all gear provided

ELEPHANT AND CASTLE� Whyte Ave Open mic every

Wed (unless there's an Oilers game); no cover


Open stage; 7-11pm; admission by donation

FIDDLER'S ROOST Little Flower Open Stage Wed with Brian Gregg; 8pm-12 GOOD EARTH COFFEE HOUSE Wed with Breezy Brian

Blow Out: Three Red hot Harmonicas featuring Rusty Reed, Scotty Mcready, Rotten Dan

Gregg; 12-1pm

BOHEMIA Ramshackle Day Parade: featuring local noise bands; 7pm; no minors; $5 (door)

HOOLIGANZ Open stage Wed:

HAVEN SOCIAL Open stage with Jonny Mac, 8:30pm, free

with host Cody Nouta; 9pm


BRIXX BAR Really Good… Eats and Beats: DJ Degree every Wed, Edmonton’s Bassline Community; 6pm (music); no cover

B; 9pm



Zappacosta; $35

O'BYRNE'S Jesse Dee & Jacquie

Live jazz every Wed night

Beach Party

CROWN PUB Creative original Jam Wed (no covers): hosted by Dan and Miguel; 9:30pm-12:30am

PAWN SHOP Country Christmas Hoe Down

DEVANEY Open Stage hosted by Duff Robinson; 8pm

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

PLEASANTVIEW COMMUNITY HALL Acoustic Bluegrass jam presented by the

Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society; Slow pitch for beginners on the 1st and 3rd Wed prior to regular jam every Wed, 6.30pm; $2 (member)/$4 (non-member)



Treehouse Wed: Guest DJs every Week; 7pm (music)

Live: hosted by dueling piano players; 8pm-1am; $5

RIVER CREE Wed Live Rock Band hosted by Yukon Jack; 7:30-9pm

RUSTY REED'S HOUSE OF BLUES Wayne Allchin and Blue

Gator; 8:30pm

SECOND CUP�Mountain Equipment Open Mic every Wed; 8-10pm

BUDDY'S Wed: DJ Dust 'n' Time; 9pm (door); no cover



Wind-up Wed: R&B, hiphop, reggae, old skool, reggaeton with InVinceable, Touch It, weekly guest DJs

FLUID LOUNGE Wed Rock This IVORY CLUB DJ ongoing every Wed; open DJ night; 9pm-close; all DJs welcome to spin a short set LEGENDS PUB Hip hop/R&B

STEEPS TEA LOUNGE� College Plaza Open mic every

with DJ Spincycle

TEMPLE Wyld Style Wed: Live


Wed; 8pm

hip hop; $5

DJs BANK ULTRA LOUNGE Wed Nights: with DJ Harley


Main Floor: Blue Jay’s Messy Nest Wed Night: Brit pop, new wave, punk, rock ‘n’ roll with LL Cool Joe

BRIXX BAR Really Good... Eats and Beats with DJ Degree and

NIKKI DIAMONDS Punk and ‘80s metal every Wed

Night every Wed; 9pm (door)

RED STAR Guest DJs every Wed STARLITE ROOM Wild Style Wed: Hip-Hop; 9pm

STOLLI'S Beatparty Wed: House, progressive and electronica with Rudy Electro, DJ Rystar, Space Age and weekly guests; 9pm-2am;


Our Mercury Thu, Dec 23 (7pm) With Falklands, Old Wives ARTery, $15

The decision to reunite as a band can be a thorny one, especially for a punk band too dignified to cash in on nostalgia. So when Edmonton's beloved Our Mercury was approached to play a one-off, the decision was basically made for them, Ben Stevenson explains. "It wasn't really our decision," he chuckles. "We were approached by [promoter] Aaron Getz, and we thought it'd be a lot of fun. I guess it's been long enough that we'll enjoy the music again—it's like that period between when you write something and record and can't listen to it to the time when it's appreciated." Add the fact that the band broke up on the best of terms—each member happily moving on to new challenges and musical careers—only adds to the charm and ease of the evening. The members— Stevenson, John Watson, Daniel Laxer, Joseph Lubinsky-Mast and Eric Budd— will all flow through the set as the band works its way through its catalogue. "It will be the three of us—me, Danny Laxer and John—getting up to play some old stuff, then we'll bring Eric up to play keys on the later stuff, and then we'll fin-

Wondertone Ben Stevenson is reuniting with Our Mercury for one night only

ish the set off as the last version of Our Mercury with Joseph on bass, so it will be a chronology of sorts." With the demise of Our Mercury, Stevenson moved to Toronto and started the soulful Ben Stevenson & the Wondertones; Watson followed suit to do a Masters in Carribean music at York University, while Laxer has earned his PhD in the history of voyageur music. Budd remains in Edmonton, fronting the ragged rock 'n' roll outfit SLATES, and Lubinsky-Mast is currently pursuing a career in jazz.

// Eden Munro

While there was no animosity or armtwisting in organizing the reunion, there are no plans to produce any new material. "We don't really have any interest in being a band again, it's just for fun," Stevenson reiterates. "We're not trying to reform something out of this, we just thought it'd be fun to revisit the songs, and I think a lot of people are interested in seeing us. We had a nice following, and it would be nice to have a show where everyone can enjoy that music again." Mike Angus


Kicking out the jams

Punk-rock karaoke aims to bring music to at-risk youth // Eden Munro

Bryan Birtles //


hough he's been involved in a number of bands in this city, including Fractal Pattern, the Secret Fires and SLATES, Dallas Thompson has never been the kind of person to view music as a way to promote his own status. Instead, it's a means to an end, and that end is making a difference, promoting positive change. Whether its sporting a pro-Kyoto message on the front of his bass drum or organizing this weekend's punk-rock karaoke as a fundraiser to buy instruments for the Armoury Youth Centre, Thompson is most at home when his music means something. "I think there are more important things in this world than seeking a gold record or some kind of status out of making music," he says. "Music is a real community thing—when you go to places where music hasn't been commodified, people use music as a place to gather, as a positive expression. The thing I like most about this karaoke thing is that nobody is going to be the star of the show, it has nothing to do with any kind of status or celebrity: it's the community getting together to have fun and raise some dough to help out the community." The idea to buy instruments for the Armoury Youth Centre came out of Thompson's band SLATES' recent trip to Cuba where, as part of the organization Solidarity Rock, the group helped facilitate a large donation of instruments to musicians in that country. Coming back

Dallas Thompson and James Stewart chilling as they prep for their punk-rock karaoke fundraiser.

home, the band wanted to continue the good work it had done. "We came back and said, 'What can we do locally?' and James [Stewart, guitarist and singer] talked about the Armoury so we took a tour," he recounts. "I think they only had one acoustic guitar floating around the Armoury, but they have room for a jam space so we thought we should see if we could hook them up with gear for kids to put together a band or something." So, with a back line provided by Long & McQuade, raffle prizes donated by local businesses and around 12 musicians from bands like the Falklands, the Get Down, Famines, BrontoScorpio, Old Wives and the Blame-Its who each learned 30 songs for the evening, punk rock karaoke is set to hopefully raise enough money to bring music into the lives of some kids

who could really use it. "The main thing is that a lot of kids have got nothing to do, so they find themselves in trouble because they've got all this time to piss around with and nothing to channel their energies with," says Thompson, himself a teacher, before reflecting on the generosity of everyone involved. "The community has been super supportive and I think everybody we talked to was into the idea and didn't think twice about throwing something into the raffle to try and raise some dough." V Sat, Dec 18 (6 PM) Punk Rock Karaoke Featuring members of Slates, the Falklands, the Get Down, BrontoScorpio, the Blame-Its, Famines, Old Wives The Artery, $10

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

MUSIC // 33

NEWSOUNDS TI No Mercy (Grand Hustle) 

Roland Pemberton //


I wants mercy but consistently proves he isn't worthy of it. When rappers go to jail, there is usually an inane call for freedom, regardless of the charge. An early example of this happened when New Orleans rapper C-Murder went to jail for murder. His name and music were admissible in court. What happened next? The hood responded with sloganized shirts, exclaiming "Free C-Murder." Why should he be free, exactly? He killed someone. TI bought machine guns from an undercover police officer, reportedly to exact revenge on the killers of his best friend and bodyguard. He went to jail and now has to go back after getting caught with ecstasy, a violation of his parole. No Mercy consistently asks for sympathy, but is incapable of producing any in the listener. TI tells us "I'm only human, y'all" over an ebullient Neptunes beat featuring the crooning of Chris Brown. The song is called "Get Back Up." It's about being resilient in the face of adversity. Chris Brown is a famous R&B singer but he's

also infamous for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna's face in for a perceived indiscretion. It's sympathy for the devil. TI closes the song with a half-genuine speech that sounds like it was ordained by court: "I accept full responsibility for all the wrong I have done. If y'all thought I was perfect, I apologize for being human, man. But never again, partner, you can put my life on that." The next song is called "I Can't Help It." TI raps, "See how I do it, I'm so hood / Cut it off, go Hollywood / Bitch, I would if I could." On the title track, TI lamely asks someone to "Tell the judge, if he throw the book at me, make it the Bible." These contradictions are meant to present emotional complexity, but only emphasize the empty morality featured throughout this record. Like previous TI albums designed to cash in on his criminality in time for the Christmas market, the album has loud, glossy, anthemic beats from expensive producers. "Everything On Me" (composed by Timbaland protégé Danja) is processed like French house, all flange and watery bass. The Neptunes's "Amazing" is marvellous, a stark, atonal monster with low end and glockenspiel filling out gaping negative space. This album was supposed to be called King Uncaged but then TI calculatedly announced a change in title on a religious talk show, seven months before going back into prison. When Gucci Mane went to jail, his record label subsequently hocked "Free Gucci" shirts. Ironically, record labels benefit when their artists go to jail or die, especially if done in a way that legitimizes the content of their music to consumers. "We figured prison, it should come with the life / … We go to jail for every case we caught," TI muses on "How Life Changed." This kind of reductive, cyclical logic is what keeps impressionable youth making mistakes and the pillars of industry comfortable in their offices. V

Various artists The Twilight Saga: Music Videos and Performances from the Soundtracks, Volume One (Concert Hot Spot) 

A collection of music videos culled from artists on the various Twilight soundtracks—including Cee Lo Green, Bon Iver & St Vincent, Iron & Wine and a bunch of other artists you wouldn't expect, though also a bunch you probably would—The Twilight Saga: Music Videos and Performances from the Soundtracks, Volume One shows just how deeply the megafranchise has managed to extend its reach to both established Top-40 and upand-coming artists alike. Green's sunny "What Part of Forever" stands out, as does a spine-tingling live version of I&W's "Flightless Bird, American Mouth," but it's all pretty consistent if leaning a bit heavily on the moodier, more melodramatic pieces these artists have. To the DVD's credit, none of the videos on here—some culled from live performances or a band's already existing oeuvre (MUTEMATH's "Spotlight" is pretty charming, the band performing/falling over in a van as it drives & hairpins), some shot specifically for the DVD—is just a rehash of film footage (you won't catch any of that, actually, save some recognizable backdrops), even the ones that seem shot specifically for the release. The flipside of that is that some aren't really much to look at, and somewhat formulaic (the artist wandering around a large north pacific woods), making this the sort of thing you put on to listen to, if not watch intently the whole way through. Paul Blinov


Aeroplane Trio Naranja Ha (Drip Audio) 

Emerging from Vancouver, Aeroplane Trio demands attention with its debut fulllength, Naranja Ha. Having played together since 2001, the album is ripe with cohesion and creativity. Though Naranja Ha is an equal blend of free jazz and composed pieces, the improvised recordings often grab more attention than the composed tracks, setting themselves apart with soundscapes redolent of clouds about to burst ("Lagoon"), or being woken up by children ("Plastic Farm Animals"). However, by contrast, the "Callejuela" composition takes the day with its far-off lullaby noir, effectively blurring the line between awake and dreaming. Joe Gurba


34 // MUSIC

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

Tom Tom Club Genius of Live (Nacional) 

Tom Tom Club's newest album, Genius of Live, is a waste of time. A selection of tracks from the group's 2003 live album coupled with 11 mostly-lifeless remixes of the group's already heavily sampled and remixed "Genius of Love," the disc offers nothing new. It's a bald-faced cash grab, and its eyebleedingly-bad layout ought to embarrass band leaders and art school grads Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz.


The Smiths

Bryan Birtles


The Stormalongs Raise Up Your Head (Independent) 

At first, Raise Up Your Head invites a lot of comparison. At first you may think of "Come Together" by Spiritualized or "Metal Mothers" by Guided by Voices. Then you begin to realize the whole thing is a dichotomy of the driving new-wave punk of Joy Division and the slow heavy rock of the early '90s complete with the full nasal voice that rides the waves like Jon Auer. And then you conclude that it is something entirely its own. Joe Gurba


Ox Silent Night & Other Cowboy Songs (Cosmic Dave's Record Factory) 

On Silent Night & Other Cowboy Songs, Ox's singer/guitarist/band leader Mark Browning turns in a record that is sometimes sentimental and sometimes quirky, both of those approaches coming together in the best of ways. The album splits naturally into three parts, Browning leading the group through a series of languid, countrified versions of "White Christmas," "It's Christmas Time Again," "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" and "Little Drummer Boy." The album then shifts slightly with the appearance of two Browning originals: the first, "Xmas in the Jailhouse," is a snare-driven ramble, fun in its lightweight approach, while the second, "Christmas With the Band," perfectly captures a holiday spent far from home. The record shifts again after a short interlude in the form of a kid-with-a-newsynth-on-Christmas-morning take of "Good King Wenceslas," as Browning steers towards a darker, less familiar direction for the final four tracks, avoiding any sort of schmaltzy aftertaste and adding up to a holiday gem. Eden Munro


The Queen Is Dead (Rough Trade)

Originally released: 1986 It's tough to assign the success of The Queen Is Dead to either the timeless guitar lines of Johnny Marr or the dichotomy of wit and melodrama Morrissey brings to the table. The magic of the Smiths has never rested with Morrissey alone, but it's difficult to ignore his adhesive force in this otherwise eclectic album. The aural chemistry between Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce creates a record where every element complements the others—not a toe is stepped on. But on an album where no two songs are alike, Morrissey, by the sheer gravity of his curious personality, creates remarkable cohesion. He remains that intelligent, well-read, flamboyant ray of punditry for every disenfranchised young listener who discovers him in their catcher-in-the-rye hour of lost innocence. Every lyric drips with snide awareness, whether speaking to inevitable death and the pursuit of love or instead giving the brit-punk double bird to the naysayers in his cheeky, vainglorious way. The former constituting the entirety of ballads like "I Know it's Over," "The Boy with the Thorn in his


Side" and "There Is a Light that Never Goes Out." The latter is well exemplified in "Frankly, Mr Shankly" but perhaps even more so in "Cemetry Gates," written in response to criticism accrued by borrowing from poets such as Elizabeth Smart and Shelagh Delaney. He mimics his critics with his lines "If you must write prose-poems / The words you use should be your own / Don't plagiarise or take "on loan" / 'Cause there's always someone, somewhere / With a big nose, who knows / And who trips you up and laughs when you fall." He goes on to indict them directly with the final chorus "A dreaded sunny day / So let's go where we're wanted / And I meet you at the cemetry gates / Keats and Yeats are on your side / But you lose / 'Cause weird lover Wilde is on mine," eliciting Oscar Wilde's notorious "Talent borrows, genius steals." The album is surrounded by all sorts of lore like this. For example, rumour has it "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" fades out in the beginning because it was an unofficial mix given the band as a proof before they'd paid for the recording. Or consider the backing vocals on "Bigmouth Strikes Again" and "The Queen Is Dead" being attributed to one Ann Coates who in reality was a pitch-shifted Morrissey. Aside from all of this, so much of the album is so anthemic it's hard not to fall in love with it when you remember every word after one or two listens. The MarrMorrissey duo is so unencumbered by boundaries, planting its flag in a plethora of genres before the album lets out, dotting the i's with Marr's amphetamine strumming and crossing the t's with Morrissey's entrancing charisma. It's one of those infamous rock 'n' roll duos, the mysterious guitarist and the magnetic vocalist, that push the genre forward into the future like a light that never goes out. V Joe Gurba



Yelawolf Trunk Muzik 0-60 (Indica)

Tennis Cape Dory (Fat Possum)

Southern white trash mouth The Toby Keith of hip hop? Still ... entertaining

It's quite delightful Subtle shades of Neko Case Run through 10 reverbs

Kid Cudi Man On The Moon II (Universal/Motown)

Screeching Weasel TelevisionCityDream Reissue (Fat Wreck Chords)

Stylish and classy Call me Mr wind tunnel Cuz I'm a huge fan

This disc brings me back I once had hair, liked punk rock Pissed the bed often

Fujiya & Miyagi Ventriloquizzing (YepRoc)

Smoke or Fire The Speakeasy (Fat Wreck Chords)

These guys are the best Another classic slab of Valium krautrock

Anthemic old feel It's Stiff Little Fingers for Poly-Sci dropouts

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

MUSIC // 35

FRESH FRUIT VOLUME ONE RELEASE Sat, Dec 18 (7 pm) Featuring Taking Medication, Fiction Smiles, Zero Something, The Shakedowns Haven Social Club, $5 Though the music business has never been the easiest place to make a living, it seems that each year it gets more and more difficult. Nevertheless, there are still brave souls making music and starting labels with the intent of having music heard, to share what they've discovered. Nathaniel Sutton, whose label Oak Apple Records will celebrate the release of its first compilation record Fresh Fruit Volume One this Saturday is one such individual. Having started the Oak Apple Records to release his own music, he quickly decided that, because of the wealth of talent he saw all around him, it might be prudent to expand the scope of his label. "I find a lot of bands are doing it themselves these days because the record label scene is kind of dying out because of all the piracy that's happening," he says. "I know that there's so much talent in this city and I felt that I should start up a record label to help get them promoted and get people's ears listening to them. I think a lot of people don't realize how much talent there is in Edmonton and it's only growing as bands keep forming." The idea to put out a compilation came from his love of a compilation series put out by Charlotte, North Carolina-based record label Deep Elm Records' The Emo Diaries series of compilations. "I decided to start my own compilation because I like the Deep Elm releases so much so I thought it'd be a cool thing to do with my own label," he explains. "I looked at a bunch of local bands on Myspace and started messaging the ones I thought would make a good fit for the album. Eventually I narrowed it down to 12 which was probably the hardest part of the whole idea of doing this." His intent, he explains, was to group

36 // MUSIC

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DEC 22, 2010

Label boss Nathaniel Sutton holds Oak Apple's first compilation

together a whole slew of bands that each sounded unique, thereby creating a snapshot of independent music from across genre lines in the city of Edmonton and beyond. "I was actually looking to have every band be unique and I like to have a different genre for each band, that was the idea I had going into it and probably the idea I'll stick with when I release the other volumes," he says, mentioning his plans to make the compilation an ongoing thing. "I plan to get right back into it in the new year and start taking submissions again. I'm thinking it'll always be 12 bands and just go from there." Bryan Birtles



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YOUTH UNDERSTANDING YOUTH œqmq]\e& [YœE]]lk]n]jqKYl$/%1heœ=2af^g8qmq]\e&[Y$ L2/0(&*,0&)1/)


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THE GREAT GAME SHOW SHOWDOWN SHINDIG 2010 œ@gdqLjafalq9f_da[Yf;`mj[`$

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\algjameœI'll Be Home for Christmas œDec 17-19 œ *-%--YlLa[c]lEYkl]j



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WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION œ;alq @Ydd$;alqJggeœ9f]n]faf_g^emka[$klgjq$Yf\ []d]ZjYl]l`]j]lmjfg^da_`lYf\dgf_]j\Yqk&@gl [a\]jYf\j]^j]k`e]flkY^l]jl`]k]jna[]œLm]$Dec 21$/2+(%02+(heœ>j]]

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

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The ex-gay survivor

All I want for Christmas ...

We spend so much time laughing at the so-called ex-gay comes from a very Protestant, Evangelical idea that movement that it's easy to forget how truly horrifying there's this huge spiritual warfare going on, the forces it really is. Ex-gay refers to the concept that through of evil against the forces of light—you take the battle enough treatment (usually religious) a person who personally, you drive out the evil from within you. identifies as gay can be transformed into someone who can live as a heterosexual. Every major psychiatric orVW: Do they promise to actually make you heteroganization denounces ex-gay therapy, yet so many consexual? fused and isolated queers turn to these organizations Toscano: In their marketing and funding materials it looking for help and leave trying to live a lie. seems they're promising you can go straight. Once you Peterson Toscano is a former ex-gay, meaning he get behind closed doors they make it clear that it's has spent time in treatment trying to change an unrealistic expectation to think that you will his homo ways before fully accepting his never have gay feelings again. You will probatrue identity. I had the chance to interview bly, as they say, struggle with these feelings Toscano after his workshop for Seattle's for the rest of your life. What they're basiom Gender Odyssey conference. cally saying is you can change your behaveekly.c w e u v tam@ iour and how you identify. Changing your a r Tama Vue Weekly: Can you explain your history behaviour means suppressing your desire a k l a Gorz with the ex-gay movement? and either being celibate or attempting to be Peter Toscano: I'm an ex-gay survivor. I spent 17 in a heterosexual marriage which almost always years and over 30 000 dollars on three continents atends disastrously. tempting to de-gay myself. I finally came to my senses around age 33 and came out of the closet. For the past VW: Your latest project is Transfigurations: Transgress10 years I've been detoxing from that experience and ing Gender in the Bible. much of that detoxing has been through art, I became Toscano: It's a play about transgender and gender a playwright and an actor and shared my experience variant Bible characters and there are plenty of them. on stage. I first began to tell my story in doing Time in In fact they turn out to be the most important people the Homo No Mo Halfway House which is a one perin the most important Bible stories without whom son, multi-character comedy which is a comic exposé the stories would fall apart. I took the stories I learned of this ex-gay industry. in Bible study and put some gender glasses on to see I began speaking at conferences from an academic who's transgressing and transcending gender. I found point of view, the whole phenomenon of people trying loads of people. What I did was I interviewed many to go straight and what's behind it. The misogyny, the trans people about their own stories and wove their sexism, the power and privilege, that it's not just some narratives into these biblical narratives. The response people who are tying to adhere to some faith. has been phenomenal.

It's that time of year again. The time when retailextremely poor and my car was screwed. This ers and marketers team up to try to convince us lovely man stole a tire off another car and rolled that the best way to show that special someone it into my room for me. Stealing is bad but in this that you really care is to buy them an incredibly day and age to know a man who will risk jail to expensive gift. I just heard a radio ad suggesting jack you a tire? That is sooooo West Side Story that a woman was a rock star, worthy of adorabadass! I was deeply, deeply touched." –O tion and autograph sessions because she bought "The best Christmas gift I ever got was getting her husband a 50" flat screen TV. And it's not pregnant with my daughter." –T Christmas without the slew of ads letting you know that if you buy her a diamond, she'll Not one person said "The most romantic never forget it. This is one of the reasons gift I ever got was a gigantic diamond I've become such a Grinch over the years, necklace," or, "I'll never forget the year this incessant equation of love with my lover bought me a top-of-the-line money. blender." I guess the marketing gem Is the amount of money you spend a niuses are wrong. You don't need to eweek u v @ a brend true indication of how much you love buy something, you just need to pay a Brender attention to your lover and show that a person? Is buying something you can't b Ker afford the stuff that holiday memories are you know and care about who he or she made of? I wanted to test the theory so I really is. asked around: what is the most romantic gift you Indeed, the most romantic gift I ever got from gave or received at Christmas? Here are some of my partner doesn't seem romantic at all. He gave the responses I got: me the book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell "I had somebody write me a song and perform it Them by Al Franken. Owning a new hardcover for me at a Christmas party." –L book is a big deal to me because I rarely buy my"Hand made 'gift certificates' for nice things to self books, and I was pleased and moved that he be done for me, redeemable at any time, ie: masknew I wanted it without my having said it. The sage, take me out for dinner, cook dinner, clean best part of the gift was that I brought it with us the house, etc. Cost them zero dollars, but worth for our holiday travels the following week, and a million coming from their heart." –S every night we would snuggle in bed together and "Annual Christmas love letters ... A special letter I would read the book to him. to my beloved, reminiscing over the past year and This is what the DeBeers ads don't tell us. Roall the wonderful times we had, and how I felt mance isn't about getting the gift that everyone about him. Best gifts ever." –J thinks is romantic, it's about getting the gift that "When I first started seeing my girlfriend, after your lover thinks is romantic, and knowing them two or three dates, I still hadn't kissed her yet. well enough to know what that is. V She took matters into her own hands and went shopping for mistletoe. Let's just say it worked! Brenda Kerber is a sexual health educator who has We've been married now for 13 years." –D worked with local not-for-profits since 1995. She "The most romantic gift and best Christmas gift I is the owner of the Edmonton-based sex-positive ever received from a lover was a tire. I was young, adult toy boutique, The Traveling Tickle Trunk.


VW: You talk about how the ex-gay movement is more anti-gay than ex-gay. Toscano: They talk about it being this "no longer gay" kind of movement, but really it's about annihilating the gayness in the individual and then in the society. This

Transfigurations will soon be available as a graphic novel illustrated by two trans women and the Homo No Mo DVD is available now at Peterson also co-founded an online community for exgay survivors at



FREEWILL ASTROLOGY ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19) I vividly remember seeing singer Diamanda Galas in concert. Though classically trained, she was a whirlwind of elemental sound, veering from animalistic bellows to otherworldly chants to operatic glossolalia. It was all very entertaining, and often enjoyable. The skill with which she shaped the sound as it escaped her body was prodigious. How would you feel about inviting some similar experiences into your life, Aries? The astrological omens suggest this would be an excellent time to seek the rowdy healing that only disciplined wildness can provide. TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20) Here's a haiku-like poem by Cor van den Heuvel: "the little girl / hangs all the ornaments / on the nearest branch." My comment: It's cute that the girl crams all the decorations onto one small section of the tree, and maybe her parents will keep them that way. But I recommend that you take a different approach as you work to beautify and enliven your environment. Spread out your offerings; distribute your blessings equally; make sure that everything in need of invigoration gets what it requires. GEMINI (May 21 – Jun 20) This is a good time to go in search of any secrets you've been hiding from yourself. I suggest you also try to track down the "missing links" that aren't really missing but rather are neglected. My advice is similar for the supposedly "lost treasure" you're wondering about: Clues about its

38 // BACK


whereabouts are lying around in full view for anyone who is innocent enough to see them. PS Being uncomplicated isn't normally your strong suit, but this is one of those rare times when you'll have an aptitude for it. CANCER ( Jun 21 – Jul 22) In the TV comedy series "Arrested Development," Buster Bluth was an adult character who was a bit over-attached to his mother. It seemed to have to do with the fact that he lingered in her womb for 11 months before agreeing to be born. I want to be sure you don't make a comparable misstep in the coming weeks, Cancerian. It really is time for you to come out and play. Ready or not, leave your protective sanctuary and leap into the jangly, enchanting tumult. LEO ( Jul 23 – Aug 22) I have imaginary friends who help me. And yes, they sometimes even give me ideas for your horoscopes. Among the many perks my secret buddies provide, they show me where my cell phone and car keys are when I've misplaced them—a prime sign of their practical value. What's your current status in regards to imaginary friends, Leo? This would be an excellent time to seek them out and put them to work. In fact, I encourage you to do anything that might attract the input of undiscovered allies, behind-the-scenes collaborators and divine assistance. VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22) Might there be a message for you in the mist on the window?

Can you find a clue to the next phase of your destiny by scanning a newspaper that the wind blows against your leg as you're walking? Be alert for the undertones, Virgo. Scan the peripheries for the future as it reveals itself a little early. You never know when the hidden world might be trying to slip you a tip. You should be alert for the deeper storylines weaving themselves just below the level where the supposedly main plot is unfolding. LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22) A musician who records under the name of Shamantis took Justin Bieber's silly pop tune "U Smile," and slowed it down 800 percent. The new work was a 35-minute-long epic masterpiece of ambient electronica that The New York Times praised as "ghostly" and "oceanic." Might there be a comparable transformation in your future, Libra? From an astrological perspective, it's prime time for you to transform a pedestrian exercise into a transcendent excursion, or a trivial diversion into an elegant inspiration, or a meaningless entertainment into a sublime learning opportunity. SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21) More than a few wildlife films use deception to fool the audiences into thinking they're watching animals in the wild. So says Chris Palmer, a producer of many such films. "One classic trick involves hiding jellybeans in carcasses," he told New Scientist. "If you see a bear feeding on a dead elk in a film, you can be pretty sure that the

bear was hired from a game farm and is looking for sweets hidden in the carcass by the film-makers." I suspect you will encounter a metaphorically comparable ruse or switcheroo sometime soon, Scorpio. It'll be your job to be an enforcer of authenticity. Be on the lookout for the jellybeans.

new house of worship may be imbued with the vibes of the previous sanctuary? Now shift your attention to the present day, and apply our little thought experiment to what's going on in your life. Tune in to the influences that may be conditioning the new thing you'd like to create.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21) My favorite news source, The Onion, reported on a proposed law that would prohibit marriage between any two people who don't actually love each other. Couples whose unions are rooted in mutual antipathy or indifference are insisting that they have as much of a right to wed as those who care for each other deeply and treat each other tenderly. Whether or not this proposal becomes a formal part of the legal system, Sagittarius, I urge you to embrace it. In fact, I'll go so far as to ask you not to do anything at all unless you are at least somewhat motivated by love. The coming months will be a time when your success will depend on your ability to rise to new heights of compassion, empathy, and affection.

AQUARIUS ( Jan 20 – Feb 18) I would like to steal your angst, Aquarius. I fantasize about sneaking into your room tonight, plucking your nightmares right out of the heavy air, and spiriting them away. I imagine sidling up to you on a crowded street and pickpocketing your bitterness and frustration. I wouldn't keep any of these ill-gotten goods for myself, of course. Instead, I would donate them to the yawning abyss or offer them up to the stormy ocean. Are you willing to be robbed of things you don't need?

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19) Let's imagine we're fifth-century monks living in the land that today is known as the south of France. And let's say we decide we're going to build a chapel in a place that has long been a pagan shrine dedicated to the moon goddess Selene. Shouldn't we consider the possibility that our

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) In 2011, I bet that memory won't play as big a role in your life as it has up until now. I don't mean to say that you will neglect or forget about the past. Rather, I expect that you will be less hemmed in by the consequences of what happened way back when. You'll be able to work around and maybe even transcend the limitations that the old days and the old ways used to impose on you. Your free will? It will be freer than maybe it has ever been. Your creative powers will override the inertia of how things have always been done.




Musicalmania! needs experienced violinist w/strong acting/communication skills for upcoming musical theatre production. Call 780.460.2937 Call for submissions: artists, digital musicians, and proposals. "TechArt International 2011". Send CV, images, project description to All artists are invited to participate in creating a gallery of ice sculptures: Ice Sculpting Registration–part of Deep Freeze: Sculpting Theme: Midwinter Merriment: A Land Where Time Stood Still; Jan 8, 12-4pm; Jan 9, 12-30pm, Submission deadline: Dec 17 Writers Guild of Alberta: Submissions open for the 2011 Alberta Literary Awards. Deadline: Dec 31. For info/ submission guidelines, W: Hook'em Revue Berlesque is holding auditions. Contact Sally at 780.902.6468 or e-mail Expressionz Café: looking for family friendly performers and presenters for the monthly marketplace at 9938-70 Ave. Info E: Expressionz Café: looking for visual artists and creative business/wellness, green vendors for the Monthly Marketplace. Located south of Whyte Ave, 9938-70 Ave. Info/book vendor space E:

EDUCATIONAL Top acting training Apply today! Pro Photo Lighting Instruction with Fri-Mon Light Kit rental Only $25 Gift cert. avail


HELP WANTED Change your life! Travel, Teach English: We train you to teach. 1000’s of jobs around the world. Next in-class or ONLINE by correspondence. Jobs guaranteed. 7712-104 St. Call for info pack 1.888.270.2941 The Cutting Room is looking for Assistants and Stylists Please drop off your resume at 10536-124 Street

SERVICES Have you been the victim of PSYCHIATRIC ABUSE? If you or someone you know has been abused by psychiatry, contact the Citizen Commission on Human Rights at or call 780.218.5770, all communication will be handled in the strictest confidence


Free art demo Saturdays: Naess Gallery–Paint Spot, 10032-81 Ave, 780.432.0240 Novastarz. Singing / songwriting competition. Cash prizes and more. Pre-register at; 587.989.6243

Musicalmania! needs a strong tenor with musical theatre experience. Paid position, some touring involved. Call 780.460.2937 Call to local artists, musicians, performers for Yuk Yuk's new "Thursday Night Variety Show". Call 780.481.9857 and ask for Chas or email: for info



Call for submissions: artists, digital musicians, and proposals. "TechArt International 2011". Send CV, images, project description to d_art_man@hotmail. com

Vacancy at ArtsHab 1: January 1. 2011 Rent $772.75 + utilities. Deadline to apply: Dec 16 Details at, or call Jeff at 780.439.9532 or 780.690.9687 Expressionz Café is looking for café and special concert events volunteers. T: 780.437.3667. General kitchen help: front of house, food prep, baking, etc. Shifts available Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm, 11am-2pm, 1-4pm, and evening shifts for special concert events (Wed-Sun 6-10pm) Want to be part of Edmonton's New Art community collective? Send info ASAP to for jury in upcoming show

VOLUNTEER CHRISTMAS BUREAU Volunteers are needed to help at donation desks in various malls throughout the City of Edmonton. T: Darlene at 780.414.7682; W: Christmas Bureau of Edmonton: become a private hamper sponsor–contribute to purchasing, packaging and delivering a food hamper to a needy family. Info at, look under the “Hamper” tab Edmonton Meals On Wheels Needs Christmas Elves: There are plenty of ways the community can help, from volunteering in the kitchen to collecting gifts for seniors to assisting in the gift assembly workshop; Info: 780.429.2020 Volunteer Lunch Deliverer/Driver: If you're available Mon-Fri, 11am-2pm, 1-2 days/week, be part of the team. Mileage reimbursed for delivery routes. T: 780.429.2020, E:; W: mealsonwheelsedmonton.rog Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival, Jan 8-9 and experience the arts on 118th Ave. Info on volunteer opportunities E: Volunteer For Northern Light Theatre: In 2011 T: 780.471.1586: E: Depression sufferers needed: Low energy, interest, drive? Trouble sleeping or concentrating? Researchers at U of A need your help/ Call 780.407.3906 Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse seeks two volunteers who want experience in visual arts administration: Artisan Coordinator, and Window Gallery Coordinator; E: Lorraine Shulba at for info/apply

The Sexual Assault Centre: recruiting volunteers for the 24 hours crisis line. If you're empathetic, caring, non-judgmental, want to gain experience, contact Joy T: 780.423.4102, E: for info

Call for entries: 2011 Dreamspeakers; Deadline: Mar 31, 2011; Info E: Send entries to: Attn: Executive Director, Dreamspeakers Festival Society, 8726-112 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T5B 0G6

Musician available: Experienced upright bassist w/ strong music reading skills available. Adept improviser within most genres, esp. folk, roots, country, and bluegrass. Steve 780.718.2269 Morango's Tek Café is looking for bands and musicians for shows on Friday Dr. Oxide at

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Volunteer website for youth 14-24 years old.

Night 32 Productions Inc. seeks a qualified screen writer for a TV pilot titled “Dogs 'n Snakes and Innocent Women”, a comedy set at the Blues on Whyte, Sat afternoon jam. The first draft has been written. Contact us with contact info and sample of work. Kevin Sisk, Associate Producer, Any artist, musician, or performance artist interested in being featured for the Local Art Showcase @The Old Strathcona Antique Mall, please be inspired to contact


amateur adult musicians and singers to learn and perform concert band and choral music under professional music direction. Contact Darlene at 780.432.9333;

Volunteer receipting clerk needed: Info on this and the Christmas Bureau’s other volunteer opportunities contact Darlene at 780.414.7682,

Quality music instruction since 1981. Guitarist. Educator. Graduate of GMCC music program

Need a volunteer? Forming an acting troupe? Want someone to jam with? Place up to 20 words FREE, providing the ad is non-profit. Ads of more than 20 words subject to regular price or cruel editing. Free ads must be submitted in writing, in person or by fax. Free ads will run for four weeks, if you want to renew or cancel please phone Glenys at 780.426.1996/fax 780.426.2889/e-m listings@vueweekly. com or drop it off at 10303-108 St. Deadline is noon the Tuesday before publication. Placement will depend upon available space


Musicalmania! needs strong supporting cast members for upcoming shows. All ages welcome. Call 780-460-2937

Musicalmania! needs experienced violinist w/strong acting/communication skills for upcoming musical theatre production. Call 780.460.2937


Profiles Art Gallery–St Albert are looking for functional and decorative pieces and are interested in hearing from fibre artists and artists working in wood and glass. E: for info

Musicalmania! needs a strong tenor with musical theatre experience. Paid position, some touring involved. Call 780-460-2937

Do you remember someone who believed in you when you were a child? Be that person in a child's life today. All it takes is one hour a week, which may not be much to you but will make all the difference in the life of a child. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister! Be a Mentor! Call Big Brother Big Sister today. 780.424.8181 The Candora Society of Edmonton–Board Recruiting;; promotes positive growth in the lives of women, children/families in Rundle/Abbottsfield communities. Info: Elaine Dunnigan E: Volunteer Meal Deliverer/Driver: "Life is a Highway" why not volunteer to be in the driver's seat? Come make a difference every day. Volunteer with Meals on Wheels as a driver. Call 780.429.2020 The Learning Centre Literacy Association: Seeking volunteer tutors to help adults develop reading, writing, math skills. Require High School reading, writing, and/ or math skills; openness to tutor and learn with adults with various life experiences, including homelessness. Locations: Boyle Street Community Services and Abbottsfield Mall. Contact: Denis Lapierre, DowntownCentre, 780.429.0675, E:; Susan Skaret, Abbottsfield Mall Centre, 780.471.2598, E: Edmonton Immigrant Services Association: looking for volunteers to help with Youth Tutoring & Mentorship, New Neighbours, Language Bank, and Host/ Mentorship programs. Contact Alexandru Caldararu 780.474.8445; W: Carrot Café seeks volunteers: baristas to serve coffee, tea and carrot muffins; full training given on making specialty coffees and teas. Also need volunteer to clean daily from 7:30am, Tue-Fri, or once a week on Sun. For info contact Irene Yauck at, 780.471.1580

Exploring the city on foot, I am often struck with how different the world looks from the sidewalk. As pedestrians, we are offered a vantage point that cannot be experienced as motorists, or even as cyclists. Located on the north side of the TransAlta Arts Barns, this piece of art is hidden from the drivers on Gateway Boulevard. Regardless of whether the artist did this intentionally, it gives pause to those who trod the path less travelled. Car culture limits our experience of the city to the fastest and most direct path from point A to point B. John Urry, a prominent British Sociologist and pro-

fessor, has noted, "Speed turns nature into landscape." Slowing down allows us to appreciate the city in the round, rather than as an object seen from an outsider's perspective. There is more to living in a city than existing—more than just working, eating and sleeping. To belong in a city and feel engaged by it, you have to get to know it intimately. You have to meander along its criss-crossed paths and explore its forgotten corners. Put your GPS behind you and get lost. You may find yourself somewhere you didn't expect, and like it. Let me know what you discover. V

Vocalist wanted – Progressive/Industrial/metal; age 17-21. Contact



Warm socks, mittens, parkas, scarves and toques are redistributed to people in need, and to agencies that serve the inner city community Items should be clean and warm. Wool socks are particularly useful Donations for Share the Warmth will be accepted at the Winter Light office adn festival sites, and at Snow Valley. To donate used clothing before the festival starts, The United Way will take them through their Coats For Kids program. Drop-off your new or used coats at any Page the Cleaner location

STEAMWORKS GAY & BI MENS BATHHOUSE. 24/7 11745 JASPER AVE. 780.451.5554 WWW.STEAMWORKSEDMONTON.COM THE NIGHT EXCHANGE Private Erotic Talk. Enjoy hours of explicit chat with sexy locals. CALL FREE* NOW to connect instantly. 780.229.0655 The Night Exchange. Must be 18+. *Phone company charges may apply

VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010


780.413.7122 1.900.451.2853 (75 min/$2495) Purchase time online now!


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VUEWEEKLY // DEC 16 – DEC 22, 2010

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