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Figure 2. ECOmap on the eVMS platform.

it is essential to shift the focus away from economic growth to a mix of parameters. The methods and tools for environmental assessment in the discrete part manufacturing industry can be divided into two categories: those that are used primarily for the assessment of environmental aspects, such as LCA, and those that use environmental assessment as an add-on element. Add-on tools require less effort to adapt to the existing manufacturing modelling tools, but they compromise on comprehensiveness on the environmental assessment part. There are a few tools that include operations beyond the facility. The environmental assessment-oriented tools are more comprehensive but require multidisciplinary expertise to use. Data collection could be a bottleneck to assessment methods that take a life cycle approach. The new method that was developed uses principles from existing


methods and takes a goal-oriented approach, a principle that is known in, e.g., LCA (ISO 14040, 2006). Choosing the right indicators according to the goal and setting the system boundaries are essential steps for the new methodology. VTT’s future work within eco-efficiency focuses on further testing the new methodology ECOmap with industrial case studies, creating case-specific ECOmap indicator repositories as well as linking the simulation and process flow chart. VTT also has a representative taking part in the standardization of ISO 14045 Environmental management – Eco-efficiency assessment of product systems – Principles, requirements and guidelines.

Acknowledgements Tekes, Iittala Group Oy Ab (Fiskars Oyj Abp), Oras Oy, Rautaruukki Oyj and Suunto Oy.

VTT Research Highlights 3  

Production matters. VTT in global trends. Kai Häkkinen (ed.)

VTT Research Highlights 3  

Production matters. VTT in global trends. Kai Häkkinen (ed.)