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IRV INE Winter Quarter 2017

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President’S Message Dear Students, Faculty, Alumni, and Sponsors, I am honored to present the Winter Quarter 2017 Edition of our Anteater newsletter prepared by ASCE UCI students. This quarter was filled with many events that developed the chapter professionally, academically, and improved their leadership skills. One of our goals this academic school year was to increase membership by 30% from the previous year’s membership. We are proud to announce that our goal has been met and we will continue to strive to encourage more members to join. I am amazed at what our team has accomplished this quarter and cannot wait to see what we will accomplish this upcoming winter quarter. To increase membership, we were active in recruiting through various methods from presenting during lectures, having our CEE Department send out emails, handing out flyers for upcoming events, constant use of social media, increasing the amount of events hosted for students, and ensuring to reach out personally. Additionally, we attended the Anteater Involvement Fair and the Art of Engineering event to further recruit new members. These events target freshmen students to come out and learn about the various organizations offered on campus a great opportunity for ASCE to recruit. This quarter was also the kick off of our unique Mentorship Program which has been very successful for the past three years and continues to improve yearly. Our program has a total of 60 members which has contributed to our increase in membership and keeps our chapter strong. Furthermore, I hope everyone is ready for the annual Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC) 2017 that will be hosted with great pleasure at UCI. Join us April 6-8, 2017 for a friendly competition between various schools and for a great networking opportunity amongst civil engineering students and professionals. If you would like more information please do not hesitate on contacting us. I would like to take the time to thank our outstanding conference committee who has been working hard day after day to prepare everything for this amazing event gathering over 1300 people. Our concrete canoe and steel bridge teams have been working hard in preparation for the conference. All projects will be busy Winter Quarter preparing to perform their best at PSWC. This year our conference committee is excited to introduce a new event to the schedule called the “Kick Off Mixer.” The kick off mixer is another opportunity for students to network amongst each other and establish an amiable atmosphere for the rest of the conference. For the upcoming winter quarter, we look forward to another busy but great few months. The quarter will begin with our annual Winter Retreat in which students have an opportunity to bond with other members and alumni. This event is filled with fun activities which will motivate our members to stay active the upcoming quarter. This year the retreat will take place in Twin Peaks, CA where we look forward to the wonderful scenery and snow but most importantly the bonding amongst our ASCE members. We would like to give a special thanks to all of our supporters for your continued support and making these events possible. Thank you to our alumni, advisors, the Civil and Environmental Department, students, and sponsors for your help as we could not have done it without you. If you have any suggestions for our chapter and how we may improve, please do not hesitate on contacting us. We will strive to continue on making all of our supporters proud and ensuring to provide opportunities for the professional development of our students. Sincerely, Karen Cervantes | President ASCE at UCI | 2016-2017


Study Sessions

Darlyn Hernandez

This Fall Quarter, UCI’s Engineering Student Organizations were given a brand new study room free to book when available. Included in the study room were dry erase boards, markers, ample tables, chairs and a monitor in the front of the room. ASCE UCI took this opportunity to create study sessions once a week on Wednesdays for 3+ hours. Our members would come together once a week and help each other solve problems and exchange different study strategies with each other. As the weather got colder when the weeks progressed we also began to provide donuts and coffee for our members to stay warm! We feel this was another way for our members to connect in an academic way and found it to be a success. For the following quarters we plan to continue having study sessions and hope our members will benefit from this.

The Art of Engineering Clarissa Teng

Hosted by Engineering Student Council, the Art of Engineering Showcase was held at UCI’s Crystal Cove Auditorium on September 22, 2016. Several engineering clubs, including ASCE’s, participated in this event to help promote their organization and connect with other students. Members from ASCE boothed outside the auditorium to converse with fellow peers, teachers, and freshmen students about the club and what it essentially has to offer. For those who were interested in joining, sign-up sheets were available to add them in into the emailing list. Not only did ASCE provide an informational booth, but members from Cabinet and E-board also took part in the talent show that was held afterwards. An introductory video, which featured key highlights about our club, was shown before ASCE’s performance. This video in particular displayed pictures and clips of career fairs, networking events, general meetings, mentorship events, fundraisers, socials, Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, and significant moments from Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC) from previous past years. Once the video ended, ASCE finally danced to “Panda” by Desiigner, and the crowd applauded with much cheer. With that, the Art of Engineering Showcase was a wonderful opportunity to further make ASCE known to the public while also supporting other engineering clubs who were likewise involved as well.


Kimley-Horn Information Session Raul Rodriguez

Fall quarter, ASCE had the pleasure of collaborating with Kimley-Horn to provide an info session at one of the club’s general meetings. Presenter, Shawn Christian works within the Human Resources and Recruiting team at Kimley-Horn. He has been with KimleyHorn for 5 years and started in the Phoenix, AZ office. After about 1.5 years, he relocated to Orange, CA and now focuses on recruiting across the California region. Kimley-Horn had the honor of being named as one of the best workplaces in consulting and professional services in June 2016 in addition to being

number seven on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in March 2016. Kimley-Horn emphasizes serving not only the client, but the employees as well. The leadership team at Kimley-Horn focuses on providing a comfortable and fair workplace environment for their employees to achieve their full potential and thus better serve the client. Our ASCE members greatly benefitted from the info session and were left with a better understanding of the bright potential Kimley-Horn has to offer them in the near future.


ASCE National Conference Karen Cervantes


The ASCE 2016 Convention is an annual event that took place in Portland, Oregon,   America’s Greenest City, from September 28th to October 1st. This event is the premier event of ASCE to gather the entire society, ranging from students to professionals to other attendees. There are many reasons to attend this amazing event, such as keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and an interdisciplinary educational experience. Portland is known for having the best street food in the world with over 700 food carts and for the mass transit that is ranked among the top. From the ASCE UCI chapter, Guillermo Medina the Internal Vice President and Karen Cervantes the Chapter President both attended the convention for an eye opening and extraordinary experience. Students will bring back what they have learned and gained from this event back to UCI to help further develop the chapter as a whole. Some of the workshops held were Making Cities Resilient With Green Infrastructure, Behind the Scenes: Design and Construction of the World’s Longest Floating Bridge, and Sewer Rehabilitation Program and Aging Wastewater Infrastructure. It was nice to see that the workshops covered all disciplines making students and professionals well aware of all aspects that encompass civil engineering. It is important for students to stay informed about current projects and aspects of civil engineering not taught in school. Overall, this is an event that we encourage students to attend to further develop them as professionals, leaders, and well-rounded individuals ready to tackle new challenges. 5

ASCE & XE & EERI Bonfire John King

After the largely successful joint bonfire social held last fall with Chi Epsilon, ASCE at UCI agreed to revive the event and invite another engineering organization into the mix: Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). The clubs coordinated rides and the first cars full of eager members began arriving at Corona del Mar State Beach. As the sun had began to set glow sticks were passed out, small group activities broke the ice, and the party of thirty people began to mingle, friends and strangers alike. Once fully acquainted, the congregation came together around the fire pit to roast hot dogs and, of course, make s’mores. Old friends caught up and laughs were shared by all in the glow of the fire. Even a few of ASCE’s alumni showed face and they brought us all up to speed on how the post-graduate life is treating them. But just as quickly as it had started, the time had come to put out the fire and leave the beach due to orders from the beach patrol. The party reluctantly packed up its supplies and vacated the premises with high hopes to attend next year’s beach bonfire.


Fundraisers Priscilla Kwan

During Fall 2016, ASCE has organized two fundraisers. The first fundraiser was held at CHA for tea. At this membership social, new and existing members got to chat and exchange greetings over a beverage. Even though it was during midterm week, 28 students were willing to come out and socialize while helping the club raise $28. The second fundraiser was selling boba on ring road. Although the club has not sold boba for over a year, we decided to experiment to see if it is profitable. Therefore, we selected the 50 boba option to test the sales. To our good fortune, we sold out in less than half an hour. However, we only made a profit of $25 after giving back $75 to Lollicup, while selling for $2 a drink. Our goal was to have three fundraisers per quarter. However, due to the restaurant unwilling to respond to our request after multiple tries, we failed to hold our third fundraiser as finals week was fast approaching. Overall, the club has fundraised a total of $53 for Fall 2016. As the year has just begun, we now have a better view on which items that sell more easily and quickly, and a better sense of time required to set up fundraisers.

Volunteering with

the AIDS Services Foundation Ani Sarkissian

This past fall quarter, ASCE had the chance to volunteer at the AIDS Services Foundation Orange County. It was a chance for us to give back to the community by helping others in need. When we got there, the volunteers running the food pantry showed us the process for creating bags of food for the different clients of the pantry. Basically, we were handed checklists with a variety of food choices, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, snacks, drinks, and etc. We collected the food according to each order, and put them in bags, and labeled them with the client’s name and the type of order. We then stocked them on shelves to be picked up, and repeated this process. After we were done with making the individual bags, we helped restock and organize the food back on the shelves. We also assisted with walk-in orders, in which people came directly to the food pantry to order and immediately pick up. Everyone was very friendly and helpful at the food pantry, and it was overall an enjoyable and rewarding experience. ASCE members had the chance to bond with each other while helping out our local community, and we look forward to volunteering again! 7

Steel Bridge

Guillermo Medina, Justin Wu

Steel Bridge’s Fall Quarter was steady in our design phase for the project. Along with ensuring we have a competitive bridge for PSWC, we also dedicate a big p o r t i o n o f Fa l l Q u a r t e r o n o u r recruitment of interested students. We’ve spent time early on in the quarter on meetings aimed to teach potential members what Steel Bridge is about. We’ve held Civil 3D and SAP2000 workshops in the computer lab so we can show what it is we do before our fabrication phase. We want new members to know each step of the project so that they can confidently come back the following school years and be an effective

member for the bridge team. The next step for new members is showing the fun fabrication phase where everyone gets to be fully hands on with the steel. With a solid thirty students fully engaged in the project we are excited for our progress that is to come. As of early January we are finalizing the design decisions for the main bridge model after we selected it from the top three designs we were working on. After modeling for several load scenarios that the bridge may be subject to at PSWC, we are confident in the steel parameters and dimensions that are a part of the 2016 – 2017 Bridge.

Concrete Canoe Mareeya Tongkul, Austin Wang

The University of California, Irvine has just concluded our Fall quarter of 2016. As we celebrate the holidays and welcome the New Year our Concrete Canoe team are working hard replicating those of the 300 Spartans at war which leads us to the representation of our current canoe theme and our updated Aesthetics Captain report . This year we would like to represent ourselves as the underdogs. In respective to the Battle of Thermopylae where there were 300 brave Spartan men fighting against a m a s s i ve Pe r s i a n a r my, t h a t wa s incomparable in size, the men will fight back in the most intelligent and strategic way possible. They will not flee or

surrender even if it costs them their lives. However, we will not be risking any lives in this competition, but we will be fighting back against all our odds and any challenges coming our way. Hence we decided to name our canoe, Atromitos which in Greek translates to “Fearless”. The stands for the canoe presentation are being constructed through the paper mache process. Our colors are red, black, and gold. Among our structural team and the research that we acquired, the design process and calculations for the hull and its cross sections are finished as well as the reinforcement calculations. This year 8

  we are integrating a carbon fiber rebar.

exercise in so they are able to maintain in shape for the race as well as testing out new potential rowing techniques and familiarizing themselves with various techniques of steering while still maintaining speed. The goal is to reduce braking as much as possible and to trust in our partners help to guide us especially those in the reer.

From our mix captain, through the countless mix alterations and samples, we used the concrete cube testing to confirm the strengthening require for the canoe through the adjustments of increasing materials such as silica fume, fiber and admixtures like Darex II in each sample.

There is still a lot of work to accomplish and we will not stop here, stay tuned.

The rowing team has been meeting up weekly, every Saturday morning. As usual everyone is getting their 9

Pacific Southwest Conference 2017

Cristen Alvarez


The Pacific Southwest Conference will be held April 6-8, 2017. Our team has been working hard with this date in mind, ensuring that all aspects of planning have been addressed. This quarter, we welcomed two new internal conference chairs to the team, Darren Marasigan and Loay Bahadur, to help distribute the workload and lead our own team to success during PSWC. We made significant progress with planning this quarter. Some major accomplishments include uploading all of the event rules to our website prior to the end of November and completing venue reservations for all of the events. Furthermore, we sent out our first mailer and received registration for 19 schools. We will also see the addition of UC Davis as our very own guest school for the upcoming conference where they will participate in various events alongside the other schools. We are expecting about 1350 participants based on the responses to Mailer 1 and are excited about the ever increasing size of the conference. We are striving to make PSWC 2017 unique and memorable to reflect these numbers and all the talent, hard work, and variety of the students attending.


Mentorship Program Guillermo Medina Our mentorship program is off to a strong start for the 2016 - 2017 academic year. We kicked off Fall Quarter with a fundraiser early in the quarter to give our interested participants the chance to meet others and potentially their mentors or mentees. Afterwards we hosted an Ice Cream Social where we all had the chance to meet and hang out. Traditionally the program consists of pairs and trios but this year's turnout in interested participants has transformed the program to now consist of tiny families of 4 individuals where, for the most part, we have a participant from each class standing from our CEE academic program. We have 60 students, graduate and undergraduate combined, for a total of 16 groups participating this

year. Having groups of 4 will allow the future of the mentorship program to better retain participants since the pairings will always keep people within even as the senior standing students graduate. Although the main aspect of the program is to mentor and guide our younger students, the completion aspect h a s a l s o ke p t u s a l l e n ga g e d i n participating since in the end there will be three selected teams with the most points and be recognized as the winning mentorship groups. Fall Quarter was the beginning for our groups to accumulate points and Winter Quarter will be an exciting time where we will continue to compete while mentoring each other.




Simpson STrongTie Tour Justin Wu 14

Following a lunch break, we were also 
 given look at the design process from their structural engineer. With almost perfect emulation of our CEE 150, 151A, and 155 classes, we were walked through the mechanics, design, and testing of a steel moment frame. Simpson Strong Tie had their proprietary “Strong Frame” set up in a testing rig and we watched the frame sway dramatically from side to side until finally it reached failure. The frame followed the strong-column, weak-beam designs that we learned but with an innovative twist at the connection. Instead of reduced beam section (RBS), the Strong Frame implemented a beamcolumn connection with a reduced cross section! We were told that after a seismic failure the beam would not have to be replaced, merely the connection would need replacement. Some very clever design is happening at Simpson Strong Tie and I recommend all engineers to pay a visit if they have ever got the time!

It was a hot and sunny morning in October, when a carful of UC Irvine engineers headed an hour away to a secluded area of Riverside, CA. We knew we were headed to tour the Simpson Strong Tie facility, yet we still wondered what would be in store for us. When we arrived, we were told about the humble beginnings of the metal-fastener giant and how Barclay Simpson’s wire screen company came to become the presentday leader in structural product solutions all owning to the creation of a metal fastener for wood 2 by 4’s. Simpson Strong Tie generously took the time to give us a tour of the facilities. It was amazing to see multitudes of different fastener connections being fabricated. The workers kindly showed us the complex process of cutting, bending, welding, painting, and distributing the myriad of metal products produced by Simpson Strong Tie.


History & Heritage Night Juan Alonzo


Our student chapter had the privilege of attending this past year to the OC Branch History and Heritage night. It was hosted this year at the Lyon air museum in Santa Ana, CA. Our chapter had over 20 students attending the event. The event consisted of a career fair, a dinner, followed by a presentation. Many firms from around Orange County attended the career fair, and were eager to meet the new faces in Civil Engineering. Another thing to note this year was that our ASCE national president, Jean Mattei, was present at the event. She helped with the naming of the new branch officers. In addition to that, she gave a presentation on the progress our society has made, where it stands currently, and where it wants to go in the upcoming years. The

student chapters from UCI, CSULB, and CSUF also gave presentations on the progress at their respective campuses, and the goals they have set for this academic year. UC Irvine also gave a glimpse of what is in store for this year’s Pacific Southwest Conference. This event was very exciting and beneficial for our students who attended. They were exposed to many professionals from different fields in Civil Engineering, allowing them to see firsthand where they will be in a couple of years. This event has been a yearly tradition for the Orange County Branch, and we sincerely hope that ASCE UCI can make a stronger presence at next year’s event.


Jog-A-Thon Adrian Hernandez

Keeping the tradition going, ASCE-OC-Younger Member Forum(YMF) held its third annual Jog-A-Thon! A day of exercising and fundraising, 9 UCI students came out for this joint event with CSUF and CSULB. Not only were healthy snacks and water provided but some students brought frisbees to mix up the fun. There were friendly competitions and long time friends catching up. The event raised a net total of $253, with UCI contributing $56! Great Job Anteaters! But looking beyond fundraising, it was about bringing the community together and helped find more opportunities for students. Towards the end of the event, we gather as a group and everyone enjoyed their time. We highly encourage anyone, especially students, to join the fun and long lasting friendships. This come to show that even after graduation, ASCE keeps the fun and the networking between collegiate.


Intramural Soccer Amber Ganapathy

This quarter ASCE participated in Intramural Arena Soccer. Although we didn’t do as well in standings as we had originally hoped, we had a lot of fun and bonded with each other while getting some exercise! Soccer on Wednesday nights became something to look forward to in the middle of the week, letting us momentarily forget about the stresses of class, work and that daily life brings in general. Keeping with last quarter’s tradition, this winter quarter we will once again be participating in intramural sports and this time we will be playing volleyball! Please join us on Tuesday nights this quarter to play volleyball and bond with fellow ASCE members! 19

OC Hike Mareeya Tongkul


Sunny skies are not always accompanied by books and classrooms for civil engineers. This year on October 29th the student chapter of ASCE from Fullerton, Northridge, Long Beach, and UCI partake in the annual hike at the Hermit Falls Trail located in Angeles National Forest. In order to build better connections within our fellow community as engineers, we gather our colleagues to enjoy a social outing where we can simply get to know each other better while also utilizing the time to also become healthier. A better mind starts with a better body and at least by performing some form of self

care, we are exercising! The University of California, Irvine ASCE student chapter would like to thank those that made an effort to come out and participate in our collaborative event. It was a pleasure to share our ambitions together and destress from all our responsibilities, at least for a Saturday. From hiking to making that extra drive to grab bubble tea and tacos afterwards, your enthusiasm has warmed the hearts of many and we hope to see you around more! Until next time fellow engineers, stay determined and dream high.


Gerald Desmond Bridge Tour Isai Flores

On November 18, ASCE members attended a tour of the Gerald Desmond Bridge 
 Replacement Project. The project is a joint effort of Caltrans and the Port of Long Beach to replace the old Gerald Desmond Bridge. Members visited the construction facility to gain a first-hand look at the construction facility, and to obtain insight on how engineering concepts are applied to real world applications. They were taken to three different sites spanning different parts of the bridge, and many students asked inquisitive questions about various features of the new infrastructure. While on the tour of the construction facility, members learned of the importance of the Gerald Desmond Bridge and why it needed to be replaced. The bridge’s insufficient vertical clearance of large container ships was a factor in a drop the Port of Long Beach’s share of United States contained imports. Members observed that pieces of concrete were falling from the bridge’s underside, and that nylon nets were installed to catch the debris. Since the old bridge roadway lacks emergency/breakdown lanes, multiple lanes would be shut down in case of an accident. When completed, the new bridge at the Port of Long Beach will be one of the tallest bridges of its kind in the United States. 22


Alumni Halloween Bowling John King

Our student chapter values its continuing relationships with its fo r m e r l y g ra d u a te d members. This fall we held our annual alumni bowling event with the hopes to maintain existing relationships and foster new ones between our current members and our alumni. Though t h e re wa s a n i n i t i a l hiccup in regards to the party’s reservation, the chapter was able to quickly find a venue to accommodate all of the party. After it was all said and done, the party began bowling at Bowlmor located in The District in Irvine. But beyond the bowling: graduating seniors were able to discuss what life is like after college, students were able to strengthen or create new

professional connections, alumni were able to r e fl e c t a n d i m p a r t knowledge upon the s t u d e n ts , a n d , m o s t importantly, old friends were able to catch up. Laughs were shared at the abundance of gutter balls, and after the event, the decision to hold another event to bring the party together again was unanimous. Stay tuned to hear about the chapter’s future alumni events.



PSWC Clarissa Teng 

John King

5th year Specialization: Structures Event: Volleyball

What should we know about you? I just got a 2 month old puppy named CC! She's a pit mixed with mini poodle and she looks like a mini panda.

2nd year Specialization: Undecided Event: Timber Towers

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Growing over 5’ (I’m 5’1”) What are your hobbies? Dancing, binge-watching, and going to Roasting Water

Wesley Chen 4th year Specialization: Transportation Event: Transportation What other on-campus activities are you involved in? I am president of the UC Irvine Institute of Transportation Engineers student chapter; the club itself is structured as weekly laboratory sessions in which students interest in transportation engineering participate in an annual project designed to provide practical experience in design and analysis.

Lorenzo Sevidal 4th year Specialization: Transportation Event: Spirit Squad

Aaron Esparza-Almaraz

What other on-campus activities are you involved in? I used to be in Pep Band, so you'll be learning some official (and unofficial) UCI cheers!

1st year Specialization: Undecided Event: Kan Jam What do you consider your greatest achievement? Becoming captain of Kan Jam



Adrian Hernandez

3rd year Specialization: Water Event: Mystery Event

Darlyn Hernandez

3rd year Specialization: Undecided Event: Concrete Frisbee What are your hobbies? If I ever have free time I love going out to eat with friends, and if i'm exhausted and have free time, I sleep.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? After 3 years at Santa Ana community college, to finally transfer to UCI and have many more opportunities.

Marina Young-Meyers

4th year Specialization: Water Resources Event: Surveying What should people know about you? I'm originally from Australia and I grew up on an farm in a semi-rural area north of Brisbane. I can speak both languages. I was also born in 1996 and I just turned 20, some people find that pretty interesting too, considering I'm a 4th year. And.. I decided to do water resources because my home country is one of the leader in drought management and water conservation! Plus my name is Marina, so I'm a body of water anyway.

Tess Hoang Amber Ganapathy 2nd year Specialization: Undecided Event: Geowall What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is becoming friends with all of you wonderful people in ASCE :) 27

5th year Specialization: Environmental Engineering Event: Environmental What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is getting the opportunity to further my education at UC Irvine and being able to apply to graduate school.

Upcoming Events January 11

First General Meeting


ASCE Dream Big Screening


Michael Baker Information Session

February 8

YMF Resume Workshop

March 8

E-board Elections

For more events, visit


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