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Credits Adapted from the book by L. Frank Baum Director Songs except Destroy the Girl Co-director Music Director Choreographer Chorus Choreographer Production Managers Backstage Manager Photography and Playbill Art Production Playbill and Sound Lights Set Signs Props Set Construction

Hair and Makeup Coordinator Videographer

Don Wright Don Wright Mark Ransom, Don Wright Ashley O'Brien, Don Wright Denise Viscomi Ashley O'Brien Trish Denton Kelly Becker Jessica Story-Huston, Shireen Hart Ed Scott Michael Stein Chip Hart Teagan Hart Christel Devita Holly Jeffers, Donna Purl Therese Rainville, Ross LaBelle, Sheila Boland-Chira, John Bucci, Kirstin Decelles, Jen L'Ecuyer, Kelly Barlow, Chris Huston, Jessica Story-Huston, Kate Stein, Ella Decelles, Hannah Hersberg, Maggie Barlow, Maggie Huston, Ben Huston, Stefan Kostolitz, Hallie Berkson-Gold, Sabin Hart, Nathan Callas, Paul Decelles, Karen LaBelle, Shireen Hart, Jason L'Ecuyer Karen LaBelle, Jen L'Ecuyer Tammy Daly, Kate Stein, Molly Bucci, Janira Cartagena Shelia Boland-Chira, Jennifer Reay, Therese Rainville, Tanya Carter Ashley O'Brien (Band Leader, Keyboard), Sophie WeismanRowell, Gigi, and Sarah Weisman (Violin), Tim Singer (Guitar), Michael Case (Bass) Shireen Hart, Amy Stuart, Kate Stein Jessica Story-Huston Jacob Bucci

Smith Theater's Best Friend

Thom Fleury

Costume Design Rehearsal Assistants and Front of House Seamstresses Musicians




Tip Manufactures a Pumpkinhead What Happened Before

Jack Lives! Run Away! Raiders

The Flight of the Fugitives

This Witch Is Going Down! Land Of Green

The Wicked Witch Makes Plans


Tip Makes an Experiment in Magic


The Army Drills Sunflowers and a Bug

Song of the Sunflowers The Importance of Education Welcome To The Emerald City

Intermission His Majesty The Revolt

General Jinjur's Mar ch

Scarecrow Escapes, Jinjur Rules The Jackdaws Nest Reporting In

Reprise: Raiders Destroy Her

They Build a Juggarnaut Attack! Mombi’s Story

Reprise: Land of Green

Eleanor Giselle Rainville Weisman-Rowell

Janizer Diaz

Kira P arker Demetrick

Savun Souvanhna

Hannah Kuckovic

Army Logan McMillan

Isabella Farkas

Muna Arbow

Shannon LaBelle

Isabel Scott

Awa Drame

Kelsey Spencer

Opal Key

Travelers Lilly Decelles

Sabrina Redzic

Amber Wetmore

Abdi Madey

Aletha Weber

Hannah Leclair

Liliana Venner

Wickeds Catherine Nicolay

Anabel Guthrie

Ozians Sullivan Weston

Maggie Huston

Najima Musa

Grace Mazza

Isabella Bucci

Seamus Stein



Logan Steele

Emmanuel Musauyimana

Sabin Hart

McKenna Weston

Jordan Jerome

Medine Nifasha

Emily L'Ecuyer

Maggie Barlow

Hannah Hershber g

Sunflowers Rita Icimpaye

Emma Larivee

Tyler Webb

Ami Krivov


Bety Mayani

Fatuma Abdulrahman

Braelyn Howland

Tristan Erno

Prajal Gurung

Jonathan Ishimwe


Ruby Bratcher

Madison Messier

Tyler Lavoie

Carly Treat

Nickie Purl

Anni Jeffers

Meghan Lavoie

Third Grade Chorus Front row: Noah Blood, Selmir Miscic, Arnel Miscic, Mikayla Johnson, Jenny Bean, Nation Tyler Back row: Liam Chira, Ella Decelles, Amaya Bradford, Abdi Musa, Christian Bukeyeneza, Jack Treat, Abbie Hutchins, Diana Fikiria Missing from photo: Victor Montanari, William Clarke, Sharma Arbow, Dominic Brigham

Acknowledgments We owe a debt of gratitude to: Burlington Students Foundation and the Vermont Arts Council for generously supporting enrichment programs for children. Don Wright for encouraging every child to find a place on the stage where they shine. Our children will take this experience with them wherever their juggernauts lead them. Denise Viscomi, whose positivity and creativity has benefited this production in so many ways. C.P. Smith PTO and Family School Partnership Team for their generous support. Stephanie Bergeron, Susie Baxter, and Janet Breen, our patron saints. Principal Thom Fleury for his unwavering and unflappable positive attitude and support of this production. Without Principal Fleury, this never would have happened. Marcie Lewis and the staff of Hunt Middle School for welcoming these future Hunt students to the Hunt stage. Mary Hart for on-site assistance. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Teachers of C.P. Smith: Carol McHugh, Sally Hayes, Kelly Mancuso, Nicole Bahrenburg, Lee Orlando, and Dale Pecor, for going with the flow and lending us their students. Artwork throughout this playbill was chosen at random from dozens of amazing drawings created by C.P. Smith students under the guidance of Christel Devita. Artists include Wyatt Rollins, Sabrina Redzic, Giselle Rainville, Tanner King, Janizer Diaz, Emily L'Ecuyer, Caige Held-Faling, Seamus Stein, Opal Key, Awa Drame, Carly Treat, Sharma Arbow, Eleanor Rowell, and Sabin Hart. Burlington Students Foundation, Vermont Arts Counsel, and an anonymous CP Smith Family for their generous financial support. Karen LaBelle and Jennifer L'Ecuyer, who made scores of trips to Michael's and the Goodwill, made dozens of phone calls and sent loads of emails, and designed the beautiful costumes worn proudly by our cast. Ann Arcovitch, for her dedication to opening up this experience to all who wanted to participate. Tina Desautels, who is organized beyond belief and always smiling. The production team would like to thank all those parents and family members who contributed their time and talent to making this show happen. So many people pitched in to help that if we missed your name, please forgive us!

Special Messages

Congratulations to the cast and crew. Job well Done! - CP Smith PTO Kira, we love you!

To our Maggie, whose command of language has always been amazing-- much better than Jella Jamb's. We are so proud!! ~Mom, Dad, and Bubu Isabel, we love you! Our drama queen, Abbie. Nudgy, Chookie, Rascal, Drinker of Fresca – Keep up the great work. Love, Madge, Tuba, El Niùo, Chief Wiggums Ozsome job, Isabella B. and congratulations to the cast & crew! Congratulations, Kelsey the Sawhorse. To Tip & Tiger, enjoy Oz! Awesome job Emily. We love you, Mom, Dad and Lennon.

General Jinjur, lead the way! Love, Dad, Amy & Sophie. Te amamos Janizer, disfruta!

Special Messages Jenny, we love you and are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Good luck to the Tin Man and The Mayor or Munchkin Land (McKenna and Sullivan Weston)!!! We love you!! Mom and Dad Great job! Lots of hard work and I am so very proud of you. Way to go Hannah! Love, Mom Hooray for OZ! Well Done Cast and Crew! We are so proud of you, Lilly! Maddy and Charlie Jess, you make an excellent partner in crime. Thank you for doing the impossible for the second year in a row – Your always-late car pool driver and crazy neighbor

Our production made possible by a generous grant from:

Congratulations to all cast and crew members for your great work. . .you are all stars in my book! Thank you to our wonderful parent and community volunteers for your fine contributions to the fine arts at CP Smith School.

Mr. Thomas Fleury, Principal

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Eleanor, Break a leg! I'm there with you in the Marvelous Land of Oz. Love, Nana Donna

"I believe that dreams — day dreams, you know, with your eyes wide open and your brain machinery whizzing — are likely to lead to the betterment of the world. The imaginative child will become the imaginative man or woman most apt to create, to invent, and therefore to foster civilization."

- L. Frank Baum, The Lost Princess of Oz.

Primmer congratulates Very Merry Theatre and CP Smith School in fostering the imaginations of the talented cast and crew of the Marvelous Land of Oz and its audiences.

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Congratulations Cast & Crew Of The Marvelous Land of Oz We are proud of you, Shannon LaBelle! Dedicated to Improving Lives

Marvelous Land of Oz - Program Book  

CP Smith Elementary School - 2012 School Musical