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Book of Memories By Vanessa Tharman

Table of Contents 1. Who Am I? 2. Friendly Letter 3. Autobiographical Incident 4. School Days 5. The Daily Herald

Who Am I? My name is Vanessa Tharman. I am 13 years old and in 8th grade. I have a family of 8, 4 sisters and 1 brother. I am the youngest in my family. I enjoy reading books a lot and talking with friends. I also like to take walks, bike, and listen and sing along to music. My family has 1 goldfish, 5 birds, and 7 rabbits. I am about 5 foot 4 and have blue eyes.

I live in West Bend, WI. Our backyard has a lot of trees and leads to a conservancy. We live within the city limits but if I went a mile from my house, I could be in the country. I can enjoy the country and the city within a few miles. It makes me a more universal person because I am able to experience the country life and the city life.

When I get older I want to maybe be a history teacher or a teacher for 1st or 2nd grade. I also want to be other things as well. A short term goal that I have right now is to do well in school. A long term goal that I have is to get a good career and have a family. I expect to reach these goals through hard work. Also by trying my best in school and then I will have a good career.

Friendly Letter Arnold + Barbra Zuehls W2284 Hwy 23 Green Lake, WI 54941 December 3, 2013 Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Hi! I am writing this letter because it is for a school assignment. I have been doing a lot of homework lately. School is going well though I have to catch up with the homework. I can't wait to see you again. I am enjoying the last week of summer a lot. I got a haircut a few weeks ago and it looks really nice. We have a lot of stuff in the garden that is almost ready. We have this big pumpkin and it is going to go in the front yard sometime soon. I wanted that also thank you for being the best grandparents ever. You have done a lot for me. You have told me to always stay in the path of the Lord and that has greatly influenced me. You have also been so generous always with gifts. I could never repay you for all the love you have always shown me whether in discipline or in happiness. Like when I do something wrong, you teach me what to do correctly. Thanks for the letter that you sent me recently. I really enjoyed hearing from you and knowing that all is going well. Besides the big pumpkin, we have many other vegetables like beets, carrots, squash, gourds, broccoli, and Indian corn that is very pretty. The flowers in the front yard are doing very well they are pretty and smell great. Sincerely,

Vanessa Tharman

Autobiographical Incident An event that has happened in my life and that has greatly impacted me is when my godmother died. This event is very important to me because she was a great godmother and I really miss her. She was such a nice person, she was strong in her faith and very giving. The following is going to be my story of how I found out about what had happened and how I felt when this happened. My godmother had to go and see a lot of doctors all the time because she had cancer. She wasn't doing that well. I got to see her a month before she passed away because my dad had a work trip and thought that maybe I would be able to see her. My mom came with me and we got to see her though she didn't look well. I wish that the last time that I saw her she looked better because that memory stays in my head of how she last looked and I wish I saw a different picture. She was very skinny and kind of pale. This event has greatly impacted my life because it taught me that life is short and you should make that the most of it. Do good things in your life so that you are remembered greatly and others peoples lives are impacted by yours. When I was told that she had died I just thought “No�. My sisters and my mom were home then. I went downstairs and saw them and we just sat quietly. I was shocked because I wasn't expecting anything like this to happen. I realized that nothing can be changed. I was sad because she was a great person. I know that she would want me to be happy though because she is in heaven now, a much better place and I will see her again someday. This incident has taught me to make the most of your life She made the most of her life when she always was giving, and also tried to help many people out during her life. Don't do foolish things, do things that help people out and try to do good things.

School Days I am now at an online school and have been the past few years. When my minds starts to wonder I think about the past. My first school which seems so long ago. A place where I met my first friends. I learned to read and cunt and so much more. Then I think about the in between from where I started my schooling and where I am now. The years in between are when I began to do sports. I ran in cross country. Dribbled the ball in basketball. Also I tried to spike the ball in volleyball. Then cheering the boys on as they played their best when I was a cheerleader. Now I don't get the thrill of the game no more with online schooling, but the past still makes me smile. The cheers and the screams of memories of the past as we won a game. Everyone was cheering hoping that their team would win. But here I am instead typing these words on a computer instead of being out with my friends, or playing a game with people.

The Daily Herald December 10, 2025 Vanessa Tharman After years of practice and singing, Vanessa has made it to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her songs have touched so many lives. He lyrics are an inspiration to all that hear them. When she was in grade school she sang in the children choir and her love of music grew. Everywhere she went she would get ideas for songs. Just from a walk in the woods she could see the beauty that God created. So next time you are in the woods maybe you can be inspired as well. Events in her life made the works come out on paper. She said, “If you look into what is all going on in the world you can pinpoint what people are going through, and can know what to write to help them. Sometime one doesn't know what to say when one is going through a troubled time, but with a song the words can touch one's heart more than just words could say alone. Music is an inspiration to us and I was blessed to fill that gap of loneliness, grieve, and so much more.� Her live music debut will be this upcoming weekend. Tickets to the show are already sold out and because of that she has decided on staying for the rest of the week, so that many others may enjoy her music.

Singing inspires everyone.

Here is your 7 day forecast.

Book of Memories Final  
Book of Memories Final