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Who’s  doing  what  for  young  people  and  what  can  we  do?     By  Carl  Robinson  

This e-­‐magazine  is  a  resource   for  supporting  young  people  with   mental  health  issues.  It  is  not  intended   to  be  authoritative,  rather  exploratory.     Please  click  below  for  a  brief  welcome.     CLICK  ME.  


“Mental illness  is   nothing  to  be  ashamed   of  but  stigma  and  bias   shame  us  all”.  –  Bill   Clinton  

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Young people’s  mental  health  –  paper  by  Headspace   Personal  testimonies  from  young  people    

Within your  immediate  friendship  circle,  what  is  the   general  understanding  of  mental  health  issues  and  how   it’s  supported?  Does  a  stigma  exist  or  are  there  ways   that  your  friends  go  about  supporting  one  another?    

Issues facing  young  people’s  mental   health  are  vast  and  complex,     but  who  cares?   Why  is  there  a  need  to  know  them?   Won’t  a  diagnosis  do?     CLICK  ME  

Young people  and  mental  health  research  paper    

Caring for  our  community   is  everyone’s  business.   What  does  our  government  consider   vital  when  preparing  to  tackle   Australia’s  mental  health  barriers?     CLICK  ME   Mental  Health  and  Young  People  in  the  UK  article   Youth  mental  health  in  Western  Australia  article   2007  Australian  Youth  Mental  Health  Statistics     Youth  Beyond  Blue  National  Website   Centre  for  Excellence  in  Youth  Mental  Health        

On the  previous  page  there  are  list  of  resources,  some  of   which  include  service  providers.  Pick  one  and  briefly   describe  why  you  believe  this  organisation’s  response  to   national  /  state  mental  illness  issues  is  valuable.    

What if  I’m  faced  with  a  young   person  with  mental  health  challenges?   Is  there  a  procedure  I  can  follow   that  will  help  guide  me?     CLICK  ME    

Lifeline self-­‐help  kits   Youth  Mental  Health  First  Aid   CAMHS  Referral  information  

Watch the  following  clip  and  attempt  a  ten  minute   exercise  in  mindfulness.  Afterwards,  post  in  the  forum  a   short  reflection  on  your  perception  of  the  value  of  this   activity. andy_puddicombe_all_it_takes_is_10_mindful_minutes #      

Images were  taken  from  the  following  websites     The  following  texts  and  websites  were  the  primary   source  of  inspiration  and  information   —  Bland,  R.,  Renouf,  N.,  &  Tullgren,  A.  2009.  Social  Work  

Practice in  Mental  Health.  An  Introduction.  Crows  Nest,   NSW.  Allen  &  Unwin.   —­‐of-­‐mental-­‐health-­‐ first-­‐aid/    

Mental Health  
Mental Health