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2012 Vermont Trail Symposium Presentation Finding the Funding and Resources to Get Your Trail on the Ground Jennifer Waite 2:30pm-4:00pm

Jennifer Waite is the Director of Vermont Projects for the National Park Service Rivers & Trails Program (RTCA). RTCA is the community assistance arm of NPS, providing technical assistance to help communities and organizations create trails, protect rivers and enhance natural areas. RTCA helps communities plan, organize partnerships and achieve on-the-ground success for the projects they initiate. In Vermont, Jennifer has worked with many projects including the Cross Vermont Trail, Woodstock Trails Partnership, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, and the West River Trail. She has been involved in the Vermont Trails and Greenways Council since 1989, most recently serving on the Recreation Trails Grant committee. Jennifer will be leading a workshop about how to gather the myriad of funding and other resources needed to take a trail project from idea to on-the-ground success. She’ll be using the Historic Faulkner Trail Restoration project as an example of creating a strategy for challenging, multi-year trail projects. Workshop participants are encouraged to bring their own success stories to share.

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