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Raising prospects in rural India

Recommend, Retail & Repeat Andrew Barton shares his salon success secrets

London 2012 As the world watched on, VTCT staff, students and tutors were busy behind the scenes, playing a variety of vital roles during the Games

Offender Therapy An innovative approach to counselling

50th Anniversary Edition | 1

WELCOME TO VTCT NEWS Approaching our 50th birthday has been a time to look forward, not back. VTCT has a proud history as a specialist awarding body. There is much to live up to for those of us in the organisation today. However, the environment in which we operate is fast changing, not least due to endless political efforts to “improve” the educational system. We cannot sit and wait for things to settle down; we must create our own future. We will continue to invest in new courses, new people and new ideas – and a new office this Autumn will also help us to rethink the way we do things, ensuring they are to the best effect and allowing us to offer colleges and centres excellent value for money in our courses and service. At a time when the economy is stagnant and employment is difficult, never has there been a greater need for vocational courses; courses that can put people into real jobs. We are redoubling our efforts to ensure our courses are effective, testing, valuable and relevant. Congratulations to all those, past and present, who have worked to develop VTCT into the successful body it is today. Our grateful thanks to all the training providers and colleges that have supported us. We take encouragement from achieving this milestone and will endeavour to go on to greater things in the next 50 years with new energy. Brian Boyce, VTCT Chair of Trustees

Vocational Training Charitable Trust, VTCT, is an awarding organisation with a difference. Our principal mission is to provide world class qualifications, and be the best awarding organisation serving our sectors. Our founder Wallace Sharps is credited with creating the concept of Beauty Therapy and the associated application of expertise in Anatomy and Physiology. While maintaining VTCT’s pre-eminence in Beauty Therapy, Mr Sharps expanded the range of qualifications to embrace Hairdressing & Barbering, Complementary Therapies and Sport & Active Leisure, and more recently, Hospitality & Catering. We are constantly innovating, not only in qualifications, but in our service to centres - with registration and certification happening within three days. We are proud that above all we are about the learners. We offer them the chance to develop their skills and enable them to earn a livelihood and build self-confidence. In return they repay us with a closeness with our industries, enabling us to ensure that our specifications and assessment remain relevant and contemporary. The keys to our success are quality and customer service. We take a leading position among UK awarding organisations in working with organisations in other states and at the European level to support international efforts on the mutual recognition of reputable qualifications. We are among the first UK awarding organisations to launch the Europass Certificate Supplement, which enables holders of our qualifications to demonstrate the international recognition of VTCT qualifications. This is important to us because it offers our successful students mobility and job opportunities, and is leading to a growing interest in our qualifications beyond the UK. And yet, VTCT is, as I have said, an awarding organisation with a difference. The Trustees manage our reserves in a manner which maximises public benefit, making generous donations to a range of important projects. This year they are funding, through SHAIR, another UK charity, a Hairdressing Academy in Rwanda, and are making possible new training facilities in a number of prisons. For us, it is all about the learner and unlocking his/her potential, and the Trustees are determined to develop opportunities for the previously disadvantaged. I am very fortunate to work with talented people devoted to expanding the education and training chances for learners. The Trustees exercise good governance and strategic direction, our senior management team of myself, Director of Operations Su Brakewell and Director of Business Development Nic Robinson, together with all of VTCT’s management and staff, are determined that the rapid growth and rising prestige that we have been experiencing will continue. We are not only determined, we are confident, provided we continue to listen to you, our customers, and maintain our standards and our customer service. Thank you for making the journey with us, here’s to another 50 years! Dr Stephen Vickers, VTCT Chief Executive

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50 Years of VTCT | VTCT News

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Here is another bumper edition of VTCT News in honour of our ‘Golden Year’! It has been a busy few months and all is progressing quickly and in the right direction. Registrations on VTCT qualifications have risen quite dramatically this academic year, driven on by constant improvements in responsiveness and service. You will see from the features on pages 21, 34 and 36 that VTCT is constantly increasing its international presence. Over a 1000 users have been trialling Linx2Record and are grateful to them for all the feedback which is helping with development. There are 80 qualifications on Linx2Record currently covering about 80% of registrations, a further 40 have gone to the developer and a programme is in place to put almost all of our qualifications on by September. If you have not yet had a demo, contact your Regional Centre Adviser or customer services. The Apprenticeship Bundle, featured on page 61, has proved particularly popular, providing excellent value for money. The availability of our e-portfolio as part of the package and inclusive of the price is the ‘icing on the cake’ (I need to get used to hospitality and catering metaphors now!). To support the VTCT Apprenticeship Bundle we have submitted Functional Skills Levels 1 & 2 in English, Maths and ICT, for approval by Ofqual. VTCT will be delivering an assessment window of a week every eight weeks through 2012/13, initially paper-based but later online. There is a published programme of training events in September that is filling up fast. If you have not registered yet contact customer services. You will see from the features that we have been active in supporting skills competitions, network meetings and providing CPD sessions all around the country. This is easiest to organise where we can work with existing local groups e.g. the Merseyside Colleges’ Association and the Pan Wale Hair and Beauty Network. If you would like our support for a network or to host events please contact your Regional Centre Adviser. Lastly, you will see a host of personal success stories within this addition. The tenacity and professionalism of the people who work or study with us makes us tremendously proud. If you have success stories you wish to share or could contribute informative features we would love to hear from you, please contact our PR Officer, Rosie on Nic Robinson, VTCT Director of Business Development.

50th Anniversary Edition | 3

VTCT News | 50 Years of VTCT

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50 years of VTCT | VTCT News


rowds flocked to help VTCT celebrate its 50th anniversary during this year’s annual Beauty UK exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham.

also given the chance to get a Thai massage from Eastleigh College's Dinah Pickering, which proved so popular that the morning was booked up in a flash.

VTCT hosted Gold, a unique event which welcomed people to help commemorate the awarding organisation, which this year reaches its 50th year of awarding vocational qualifications.

Also illustrating their services at the event were some of VTCT’s partner companies including Pulsar, TLT make-up masks and Vicky Ullah wigs.

The morning of VTCT Gold was free to all and saw hundreds of visitors gather to gain a glimpse of all things VTCT as well as getting to see what some of its partner companies have to offer.

In addition, being displayed in the morning were preparations for the afternoon event which saw Jennifer Lenard, MK and Kirsty Meakin take to the stage for a breathtaking goldthemed CPD session. The afternoon was worth its weight in gold as the trio created an awe-inspiring total look on a male and a female model and talked the eager audience through the techniques they used. The spectators were wowed by high-level skills including; media make-up, patterns in hair, nail art, body-casting, airbrush make-up and nail enhancements.

Visitors got the chance to see demonstrations from the Habia Skills Team, who were showcasing techniques such as barbering, hair styling and media make-up. People were

VTCT CEO, Dr Stephen Vickers speaks about VTCT reaching such a milestone: “Over the past 50 years, our emphasis has been upon World Class qualifications, meeting the needs of our customers, and serving the creative and service industries. Over the next 50 years it’ll be the same.  Our thanks to all of you who are travelling with us on this journey.” VTCT Gold was the ideal way to celebrate the last 50 years of VTCT and gave visitors the opportunity to see how the company has grown and progressed over the last half a century, and to get an insight into how they plan to make the next 50 years as successful as the last.

50th Anniversary Edition | 5

VTCT News | 50 years of VTCT

Habia Skills Team member David Morgan demonstrating techniques

Sports & Active Leisure Development Officer Eileen Baron receiving a Thai massage

“ Over the past 50 years, our emphasis has been upon World Class qualifications, meeting the needs of our customers, and serving the creative and service industries. Over the next 50 years it’ll be the same. Our thanks to all of you who are travelling with us on this journey

Dr Stephen Vickers, VTCT CEO Gold Powerpoint.indd 4

Lenard making finishing touches 6Jennifer | VTCT News

10/05/2012 11:39:58

Jennifer Lenard, MK and Kirsty Meakin on stage at VTCT Gold

50 years of VTCT | VTCT News

HOSTED BY VTCT The NEC, Birmingham

Nails by Kirsty Meakin

Habia Skills Team's Erik Lander demonstrating his barbering skills

MK making preparations for the afternoon CPD

50th Anniversary Edition | 7

VTCT News | 50 years of VTCT

50 years of awarding qualifications


In the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) replaced the Society of Health & Beauty Therapists.

A brief glimpse at how the world of VTCT and its vocational subject areas have evolved over the past 50 years 1962

It all began in July , when the Society of Beauticians was established by Wallace Sharps to provide qualifications specifically for students wishing to be beauticians.


Angel Delight was launched in

In January , it was decided to separate all the examining functions of the society from that of its other activities and responsibility was given to a newly established organisation, the International Health and Beauty Council (IHBC).



Also in , VTCT Founder Wallace Sharps began the first UK Beauty Training School, which became known as Du Barry International. At that time there were less than 40 beauty salons in the UK, primarily devoted to selling cosmetics with simple facial treatments.


1978, the Pot

Noodle was launched in the UK




In The Chicken Kiev was introduced in Britain, and was Marks & Spencer's first ready-made meal.

1960's Prawn Cocktail was a popular dinner party choice



In , Wallace Sharps coins the phrase ‘Beauty Therapist’ to distinguish between society members performing remedial beauty treatments and women who apply or sell cosmetics and are generally referred to as beauticians.

In , Wallace Sharps is appointed chair of the Health and Beauty Therapy Training Board to devise NVQ/SVQ standardisation.

As this role changed and the occupation became known as beauty therapy, the society changed its name to the Society of Health and Beauty Therapists in



In , the Institute of Sports Therapy (IIST) was established as a result of the introduction of qualifications in the field of non-medical sports therapies.

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C Sp Bu Be Ha Ho om or sin au sp ird t& pl es ita ty re e sS ssi Ac Th lity m up ng er en tiv & ap po & e ta C Le at Ba y ry rt er isu Th rb in r er er e g ap in g y

50 years of VTCT | VTCT News



A study finds that Reality TV shows such as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ allegedly inspire a £1.4 billion rise in sales in beauty products such as fake tan, vajazzles and false nails and eyelashes

In , the Hairdressing Training Board (HTB) was formed with the objective of working with employers, educators and government to design and implement training and education programmes for the hairdressing industry.

A new beginning - between


, a new Senior Management Team is appointed. Dr Stephen Vickers, CEO, Nic Robinson, Director of Business Development and Susan Brakewell, Director of Operations all join VTCT.



In , Moshi Moshi -the first conveyer belt Sushi restaurant opens in London, though Sushi came in to Vogue during the 80s as the perfect canapé for business gatherings and parties

In , VTCT also became an awarding body for NVQs in Hairdressing in order to complement its work in other fields.




In The Health and Beauty Therapy Industry Training Board (HBTITB) was founded at the time of the establishment of National Council for Vocational Qualifications and the introduction of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).

Organic food became the fad of the decade with sales figures soaring to £1.21 billion in from just over £100 million only a decade before




The fish pedicures emerged as a new fad beauty treatment from Cambodia. The trend saw a dramatic rise in popularity but quickly subsided amid health concerns.


In VTCT branch out once again, launching a range of qualifications in the Hospitality & Catering sector.

BSE outbreaks in the UK results in ban on export of British Beef for 10 years beginning in drastically affecting sales of British beef inside and outside of the UK


In 1986, the International Health and Beauty Council (IHBC) trust becomes the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) as it is known today.


London , The Olympic and Paralympic Games come to the UK. See our Olympic special feature starting on page 23


In , HTB, HTB Scotland, and the Beauty Industry Authority (BIA) formed the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) to include the beauty therapy industry within its remit.

50th Anniversary Edition | 9

VTCT News | 50 years of VTCT

VTCT is delighted to share the following memories and experiences from some of the people who have worked closely with us over the last half a century. The following people have played an important role in the VTCT journey. Gerri Moore Chief Verifier for Beauty Little did I know then (all those years ago) that I would have survived spilling hot wax from a pan on a hob (very obvious Health & Safety violation by today's standards) to be where I am today. Thanks to a vision by Mr Wallace Sharps founder of VTCT (formerly IHBC) I have seen the industry grow from one school (DuBarry International) to approx 600 and still growing. I am proud to have passed on the enthusiasm instilled in me to a number of ex-students who are now salon owners, practitioners and heads of departments. I still feel inspired when I see trainees just starting out in an industry. I am proud to have been a part of the VTCT journey so far and am sure that the next 50 years will be just as successful as the last.

Andrew Darby Deputy Chief Executive, Habia Over the last 50 years, VTCT has gone from strength to strength. As the industry authority and standards setting body, we are proud to be a partner of VTCT, and of the work we have done together over the past few years – from our road shows and Big Conversation events to establishing the Habia Skills Academy, of which VTCT are the founder sponsor. We congratulate VTCT on their 50th anniversary and thank them for reinvesting so much back into education and qualifications in our industry.

10 | VTCT News

Nic Robinson VTCT Director of Business Development When I first joined VTCT, I found a lot of committed people but it seemed to me that our customers put up with a lot. We seemed incapable of delivering qualification developments on time, our services were incredibly slow and involved mountains of paper, our image and products were dull. On reaching our 50th it is good to reflect. We now lead the way in terms of qualification development, our electronic registration and certification processes mean exceptional accuracy and speed, our products are colourful, user friendly and often lead the field and our customer support is second to none. Oh, and we still have a tremendous, committed team of people.

Su Brakewell VTCT Director of Operations Many of you will have been on the ‘journey’ with VTCT longer than I have and will have experienced all the changes. VTCT will continue to improve the support and service surrounding its qualifications and you, the customer, have given us great feedback that has formed the future strategy. Thank you for coming on the journey with us and I hope you will continue to give the feedback as we move forward together, on the next stage of the journey.

John French, Chief Executive Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) The FHT wishes VTCT a very happy 50th anniversary, we are proud to have worked closely with you throughout our history. As an educational charity you continue to provide high quality services to learners and centres across the globe. This is highly valued and respected by the FHT in its role of representing and supporting the professional therapist. We are proud to be celebrating the same 50th anniversary and look forward to many more years of the close and successful cooperation between our two organisations.

Carina Fagan-Brereton Development Officer, Beauty Therapy It all started in 1962, when Wallace Sharps founded a group of businesses in the beauty industry. I am proud to say that Wallace Sharps and his family personally took me under their wing and assisted me in my journey in this industry. I am very proud to have been part of two of the five decades in VTCT’s history and I hope VTCT will celebrate many more milestones in the future. Long live VTCT!

Eve Taylor OBE I am delighted that the VTCT is celebrating its 50th Anniversar y, when I first star ted in the industr y almost 50 years ago the beauty/holistic profession was still in its infancy and seen as difficult professions to join. VTCT have helped many p e o p l e ove r t h e l a s t 50 years to realise their dreams with qualifications that are now recognised across the world – all the best for the next 50 years!

50 years of VTCT | VTCT News

We asked our facebook fans to tell us about their VTCT experiences - here are a selection of their answers.

Taylor’s Training Ltd VTCT have been the most supportive and practical awarding body I have ever had the privilege of being associated with. All the EVs are professional, pro-active and a pleasure to work alongside. Nothing is too much trouble for the customer services team and the regional centre advisers are a joy! I have to say IT support is rather grand as well!! Taylor’s Training Ltd wish you all the most wondrous 50th Anniversary and look forward to continuing to work together in the years to come! Congratulations and best wishes to you all!

Kerrie Tarpey Lee VTCT you have changed my life, I did hairdressing in 1992 when I left school but never completed it. I enrolled in 2009 and I’m now running my own salon, I owe a lot to yourselves for giving me my ability to change my life - thank you.

Julie Smith At the age of 16 desperately wanted to follow a career in hairdressing or beauty therapy. Unfortunately, I followed a different career path. Now several years and three children later, I decided I wanted to follow the dream I had and I enrolled at a college and I am now progressing through my VTCT Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy, I am proof that you are never too old and should never be apprehensive at embarking on a qualification. My experience with learning with VTCT has been such a positive one I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you

Aiden Kelly My VTCT experience began six years ago despite my fears I found the learner-centred, assessment-based system allowed me to achieve my therapy qualification. I have since qualified as a teacher and now, after completing assessor and internal verifier qualifications I have the happy

Sarah Jane As a mature student I was slightly worried about training in an enviroment with all younger people but VTCT made the holistic course I studied very accessible and easy to follow. VTCT continued all this time to support me within my role. Thank you

Caroline Tiler-Ansell The Level 3 holistics course has helped me turn my life around and change my whole outlook on life for the better. Thank you

CS Beauty Academy Wrexham VTCT are a very supportive awarding body, I am looking forward to moving on and building the links I have with them. There staff are very supportive and guiding me to help build my business. Thankyou

experience of working closely with other VTCT staff, I have always found you guys to be helpful, knowledgeable, accessible and pleasant to deal with in every way. Wishing you all the best for your 50th celebrations and looking forward to working together long into the future. Working with you has fundamentally and positively changed my life - I only hope I can have a similar positive impact on the students who attend my classes.

Keith Boseley-Yemm I’ve found VTCT and all their staff to be so helpful and supportive. So from Leeds Academy for Hairdressing and Barbering thank you all and may we both grow together over the coming years.

Beautiful Xtensions @BXtensions

Empyreal Studios @Empyrealstudios

@VTCT_uk Amazing experience watching @Jennifer_ lenard @MKHSA @kirstyevita1 transform 2 models at VTCT

@VTCT_uk congratulations on 50 years of keeping the industry at it's best! Xx

Gold, talent beyond words.!!

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VTCT News | 50 years of VTCT

SPENCER’S ROMAN BALL FUND RAISING EVENT Lorna Walker, VTCT Senior Verifier, was honoured to have the opportunity to attend Spencer’s Roman Ball. The evening of dinner and dance was organised by Liza Schwarz, the ball’s namesake Spencer’s, mother, to raise funds for the Phoenix School in Peterborough, where Spencer is a student.

L-R Serina, Rhiannon and Zoe

FIRST CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE Yeovil College has made history by awarding VTCT’s first ever Certificate of Excellence to three of its students. Rhiannon Bromfield, Serina Brooks and Zoe Wallis were awarded the certificate for their outstanding efforts while studying on the VTCT Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy General (AB30029). The presentation ceremony was coupled with a networking / sharing good practice event which saw ‘Standing Tall’ a self-help organisation who provide Yeovil College students with workshops helping them with personal confidence, poise and presentation skills, share their practice and explain a little more about the organisation and how they work. VTCT Regional Centre Adviser, Cath Kidman and Development Officer for Hairdressing and Barbering, Lynda Whitehorn were on-hand at the event and gave attendees a VTCT update, as well as congratulating the three achievers personally. Dr Stephen Vickers, VTCT, CEO, spoke of the students’ success:

These students have made history by becoming the pioneers in achieving the VTCT Certificate of Excellence. The qualification is designed to recognise students who combine technical expertise with excellent work habits and attitude. We expect less than one in 20 students to possess the necessary qualities and skills to achieve this certificate, success in which should be a springboard for a great career. I warmly congratulate Zoe, Rhiannon and Serina on their success and Yeovil College staff on their hard work.

Lorna tells us about the event and how she was privileged to attend and represent VTCT:

I was asked to attend Spencer’s Roman Ball to represent VTCT – the people I met were all incredibly warm, friendly, and dedicated to such a worthwhile cause." Phoenix School caters for severely and profoundly disabled children aged between 3 and 19 years-old from around Cambridgeshire. Liza’s son Spencer, who is thirteen and attends the Phoenix School, has a condition called Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum – a genetic disorder that affects the development of the brain. Liza used the Hairdressing Journal to contact VTCT who were happy to support Spencer’s Ball, which raised over £6,000 on the night. I feel with the continued support of all the family and friends who attended this event it will continue to grow and become even more of a success.

JST RELAUNCH The Journal of Sports Therapy (JST) was first published in spring 2008. The Journal is a tri-annual review of sports therapy theory and practice. The Journal is launching a new website and welcomes submissions from all regions. They are keen to consider for publication: original papers; systematic and meta-analysis reviews; commentaries; case studies; media reviews; book and multimedia reviews; continual professional development course reviews; and letters to the editor. They aim to provide a conduit for new, enthusiastic authors and researchers, and to support the development of the sports therapy profession as a whole. For more information, contact the managing editors, Keith Ward or Aaron Caseley on

Would you like to advertise in VTCT News? If so, contact for a copy of our 2012/13 Rate Card.

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50 years of VTCT | VTCT News

VTCT IMPRESS AT REGIONAL CELEBRATE GOOD NETWORK MEETINGS PRACTICE VTCT has teamed up with the Habia Skills Team to host nine regional networking meetings across the breath of the country this year. From Edinburgh to Cornwall the team have travelled the length of the UK to bring VTCT-sponsored CPD events to hair and beauty assessors and lecturers. These events have been presented by VTCT development officers and very generously hosted by VTCT centres which provided delegates with the opportunity for networking. Each event has seen the area’s VTCT Regional Centre Adviser provide the delegates with a comprehensive VTCT update, which included information about the current suite of qualifications, support resources and future plans or changes for VTCT and their centres. With the update complete, Erik Lander (Habia Skills Team Educational Manager) stepped to the fore and demonstrated barbering techniques starting from the basics right through to Level 3 and beyond. Fading, pattern work and incredibly technical razor work, were all on show. A Johnny Depp style beard and moustache were added to complete the look. With the male models hair completed and lunch consumed Jennifer Lenard took to the stage with her model. Jennifer, an industry expert, highly respected in the field of theatrical media make-up for theatre, television and film attached a beautiful hand-crafted wig that had been set and dressed into a halo of curls, with a distinct gothic feel. Jennifer also demonstrated airbrushing techniques from the basics through to high definition, film-standard work. She complemented the gothic effect with airbrushing a mask onto the face. To complete the show both models were dressed in a gothic style outfit to create the ‘total look’. Rave reviews have been received for these events with each delegate receiving the all important CPD certificate. VTCT is planning another round of similar events for next year, keep your eye on for more information.

VTCT is seeking examples of good practice in the inclusion of people with disabilities. We are offering two prizes of £100 each for the best examples of: • Good practice in treating clients with disabilities • Good practice in training people with disabilities to work within the hair & beauty sector Please send your descriptive case study (200 words max) with a photograph to: with 'Good Practice' as the email subject.. Winners will be printed in the next edition of VTCT News.

2011 HC ‘STUDENTS OF THE YEAR’ 2011 winners of the VTCT sponsored Hairdressing Council’s ‘Student of the Year’ competition Emma Billington (Level 3) and George Payne (Level 2) have been keeping very busy since winning the accolade. The duo, who have been shadowing the Habia Skills Team at various exhibitions and road shows including Blackpool hair fair and Hair UK at the NEC, Birmingham, plan to finish their exciting year at Salon International this October in London. The experience gained by the pair while working at the top industry events with top industry names will be invaluable to them when moving forward in the hairdressing and barbering sector. Nominations for this year’s competition have now closed and the winners will be announced at Salon International 2012. If you have entered this year’s competition this could be you next year! For further details please visit:

Jennifer Lenard and Erik Lander show off the finished looks on stage

50th Anniversary Edition | 13

VTCT News | 50 years of VTCT

NEW STANDARD UNITS FROM HABIA Habia is to develop and update selected units in the hair and beauty standards. New National Occupational Standards (NOS) - which form the basis of all NVQs, SVQs and apprenticeship programmes – will be developed for beauty therapy in radio frequency electrotherapy, chemical peel and skin needling. The beauty standards will also be updated to take into account the deregulation of IPL and laser treatments. Standards in hairdressing will be updated to include changes to the EU Directive on Cosmetic Products (EU Cosmetics Directive 7/768/EEC) which will affect hair colouring services. Andrew Darby, Habia Deputy CEO, said, “The development and update of the standards will reflect the way in which the industry is changing, both through the increased demand for new treatments and the implementation of legislation from the EU.  Through our work with industry experts, professionals and educators, as well as the feedback from our skills surveys and consultations, the new and updated standards will continue to raise the overall professionalism and reputation of the hair and beauty sector.” The new units will be created by Habia as part of a consortium of sector skills bodies which has been set up to oversee all development of future standards and Apprenticeships frameworks – known as Universal Services. The consortium includes Lantra (land based industries), SkillsActive (active leisure, learning and wellbeing), Improve (food and drink) and People 1st/Go Skills (hospitality, tourism, passenger transport), as well a Habia. Andrew added, “The creation of the consortium allows sector skills bodies from different fields to share expertise and experience in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and represents the new thinking from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills which oversees these things. Given the fantastic reputation of the hair and beauty sector in terms of training and development, Habia will play a key part in the process.” It is expected that a full review of all the hair, beauty, nails and spa standards will be conducted by Habia in 2013. For more information and to take part in the standards development consultations, go to

14 | VTCT News

Business Secretary Vince Cable and Edge chairman Lord Baker with 'VQ Learner of the Year 2012' award winner Dave Hughes

VTCT AT VQ DAY VTCT attended the 5th annual VQ (Vocational Qualification) Day in London’s Piccadilly where an array of vocational skills were being demonstrated and acknowledged. VQ Day is a national celebration of vocational qualifications for students, teachers and employers. It shines a light on and recognises the millions of talented and skilled people throughout the UK who are awarded VQs. VTCT CEO, Dr Stephen Vickers who attended the event spoke of the importance of the day:

Vocational Qualifications are about giving people the opportunity to develop their skills and their ideas, to earn a livelihood and to grow as human beings... ...The skills of its people are the true treasury of any company or firm, and people grow in both confidence and earning power as they develop and expand their skills. VTCT is proud to be an awarding body dedicated to vocational education, and is proud to be associated with VQ Day.” VQ Day is led by independent education foundation, Edge, with support from many of the leading players in the vocational education community. Edge are committed to raising the status of technical, practical and vocational learning across the UK.

50 years of VTCT | VTCT News

HONOURS FOR BILL Yorkshire businessman and hairdresser Bill Shaw has he has enjoyed since completing his been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday term of office as Chairman. Honours list for his outstanding 40 year contribution “I am overjoyed at the news I am to to the hairdressing industry. receive an MBE,” said Bill. Bill is chairman and founder of VTCT Centre Dimensions, “It came as a tremendous surprise the largest independent hairdressing company in and to receive an honour in the Yorkshire. Queen’s Jubilee year makes it even It was in 1973 that Bill opened his first hairdressing salon more special. in Barnsley. Salons in Leeds, Pontefract, Wakefield, “Personally I’m delighted to have Sheffield, Horsforth and Meanwood soon followed. been put forward but I also think As Bill’s reputation grew he expanded into training it’s great recognition for the whole and opened a number of hairdressing and beauty team at Dimensions. academies throughout Yorkshire. Dimensions now runs “We work incredibly hard at 12 academies which have trained thousands of stylists, Dimensions to give young people many of whom have gone on to run their own salons. the chance to realise their ambitions. The company also works extensively in schools with 14 My career in hairdressing has been 16 year-olds and with school leavers. incredibly rewarding. I’ve loved and lived every minute Bill is also the longest serving director of HABIA and and to be able to share that and encourage others is has been Worthy Master of the Guild of Hairdressers what it’s all about. at national level on two occasions and is currently the “We’d also like to take this opportunity to say a very big benefactor of the Guild, which is the oldest hairdressing thank you to all the employers and schools across the organisation, with a history dating back to 1886. Yorkshire region and the local authorities in South and Bill is also a member of the Hairdressing Council, the UK’s West Yorkshire who work with us. Without them, there statutory body for the State Registration of hairdressers. simply wouldn’t be Dimensions training.” Bill is currently Treasurer at the Hairdressing Council, a role

HARTPURY TRIUMPH AT VTCT SPONSORED FINAL The VTCT sponsored ECFA (English Colleges Football Association) national final was played on the 30th of May at Borehamwood Football Club. The final was between Hartpury College and Monkseaton High School. Hartpury came into the game hoping to retain the trophy for a third consecutive year. The first half was close, with both teams having good chances and came to an end with the scores level at 0-0. Hartpury came out fighting in the 2nd half and took control with two early goals, they continued to dominate and eventually ran out as 5-0 winners to become ECFA National Play-Off Champions.

Hartpury's winning team celebrate



VTCT Sport & Active Leisure Chief Verifier, Nikki MacKay, presented the winners with trophies at the end of the game, including man of the match, Hartpury number 4, Matt Liddiard.

VTCT is setting up a Teacher and Assessor Affiliation – this will be free of charge to all teachers or assessors working in the sectors VTCT serves. Members will receive regular VTCT updates; including information about events, development and qualifications. If you’re interested in joining the group email your details to:

50th Anniversary Edition | 15

VTCT CENTRE NEWS ‘EXTRAORDINARY’ CEREMONY FOR LEEDS With the theme of ‘making the ordinary extraordinary’ Leeds City College celebrated and honoured successful students in style at their annual end-ofyear awards ceremony. Many industry professionals attended the event, which was held at Oceana nightclub in Leeds city centre including VTCT Accreditation Officer, Jemma Marshall who was thrilled to present some awards to the winning students on the night. The 350 guests were wowed by catwalks displays showcasing the work of students from various levels which truly lived up to the evening’s unique theme. The prize for ‘overall faculty hair & beauty student of the year’ was awarded to Kirsty Gilmartin and the event raised over £500.00 for the Sophie Lancaster fund and PSP Association.

CELEBRATING SUCCESS AT EAST SURREY East Surrey College recently played host to their annual Hair, Beauty & Spa Awards Evening. The evening celebrated the success of students from Levels 1, 2 and 3 and saw the most determined, conscientious students awarded for their hard work. VTCT Chair of Trustees, Brian Boyce attended and awarded the prizes to the deserved winners, he also gave attendees a brief history of VTCT. Level 3 student, Eleanor Stone was awarded the Student of the Year award as well as the VTCT Certificate of Excellence – the certificate is designed to award outstanding efforts while studying on VTCT qualifications. The following week, East Surrey continued to showcase talent, playing proud hosts to the Regional Beauty Heats for WorldSkills UK, sponsored by VTCT. Students travelled from far and wide to attend and compete in order to make it to the finals, competitors specialised in: Aromatherapy, Beauty Therapy, Nail Art & Enhancements and Reflexology.

Brian Boyce with Eleanor Stone, recipient of the VTCT Certifcate of Excellence

Do you have a story for our next edition? If so, get in touch with VTCT’s Public Relations Officer, Rosie Lewis on 16 | VTCT News

Centre News | VTCT News

LOWESTOFT COMMEND SIX STUDENTS OF EXCELLENCE The Hairdressing, Beauty and Complementary Therapy students at Lowestoft College celebrated their achievements at The Hotel Victoria. Several guests attended the evening including VTCT Regional Centre Adviser, Ursula Conway. Ursula was invited to the special event to present the college’s most hard working students with the coveted VTCT Certificate of Excellence. The certificate was presented to the six most commendable students in each department; these students were awarded for their dedication and hard work and are a fine example of the quality training they have received at Lowestoft College. Mary Pretswell, Curriculum Manager for Creative Studies spoke about the evening:

The event was well attended by our students as well as guests representing our senior management team, governors and sponsors. This year we had six worthy winners of the VTCT Certificate of Excellence. Once the prize giving was completed the evening continued with a disco, enjoyed by all!

GLAMOUR AND GLOW FOR MAKE-UP SHOW Eastleigh College students studying on VTCT hair and beauty qualifications put their talents to the test, hosting a themed MakeUp and Hair Show, and raising over a staggering £600 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust charity. Over 60 first year students took part in the colourful extravaganza competing against each other in categories including Special Occasion, Fantasy and Big Screen. The judges watched as students worked for an hour on their models, before marking them on criteria, which not only included the application of the make-up but also the development of their ideas and how the make-up was matched with styling and accessories. VTCT CEO, Dr. Stephen Vickers, was one of the judges and was delighted with the students' work on display saying:

Eastleigh College always produces very high quality work, they have a wonderful group of teachers who are very unified and well managed. They do wonderful things for charity such as today's event.

Congratulations to Eastleigh College for being recognised as 'outstanding' by Ofsted.

ESG TRIUMPH AT NATIONAL STUDENT BARBER COMPETITION VTCT centre, esg, cleaned up at the British Barbers’ Association National Student Barber Awards 2012. The Apprenticeship provider proved its expertise in finding and developing talented barbers at the prestigious Barber-Surgeons’ Hall where three of their learners won four British Barber Association accolades, with Stacey Oliver claiming 'Student Barber of the Year 2012'. The awards ceremony was well attended, and learners heard inspirational speakers from the male grooming industry including Dale Ted Watkins (City Boy), Mike Taylor (Director of British Barbers’ Association) and Chris Foster (The Foss Academy). Representatives from award sponsors Denman also provided demonstrations. A short history lesson was also thrown in on the colourful background of the venue and why it has the ominous title of Barber-Surgeons’ Hall. Amber Massey, esg Operations Director for Hairdressing and Barbering, said:

We have so many talented students; we put forward 11 budding barbers from around the country, but would like to have entered more. Getting overall winner is a testament to the high quality of training and dedication of our tutors and assessors, and the expertise of the salons we work with. One of our tutors was just pipped to the post for the barbering tutor award, further evidence of our fantastic team at esg.

As well as providing support to learners already working in salons, and guiding them through their accredited qualifications, esg also runs two training academies in the Yorkshire region, which specialise in hairdressing and barbering. esg strives for excellence and regularly invites the best and brightest from the hairdressing and barbering world to the academies to provide expert training to their learners and their staff too, to ensure their in-house tuition and industry knowledge is continually developed. So far, they’ve welcomed Martin Fox, Simon Shaw, Lee Stafford and Anne Veck to their academies to show learners that with hard work they really can become the best. Student Barber of the Year, Stacey Oliver

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Centre News | Beauty Therapy


With a super new student salon and flexible fast-track course choices, Beauty Training Harrow is giving learners a unique, fresh and handson study experience. Yvonne Sullivan, owner of the training centre not only teaches women from all walks of life to become beauty therapists but has now also created a student salon, giving her learners the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in a fullyfunctioning salon environment. Clients are offered half price treatments, meaning the student salon is nearly always fully-booked! The centre also teaches fast-track NVQs to students of all ages - they are able to gain VTCT recognised qualifications with the programme. Having run her own salon for over 20 years Yvonne has some valuable life experiences to offer her learners. During the week they will see the professional salon in use, and at the weekends they take over the new innovation – running the salon for themselves.

This valuable learning experience is giving students a chance to build up the ever-needed confidence, using external clients in a real salon environment. Sometimes feedback They get the Yvonne, who opportunity to get only opened the from family and successful training friends may be very kind but hands-on and experience all centre just over a aspects of running year ago, speaks not truly accurate for fear of offending the student and working of her reasons in a busy salon, behind opening including; carrying out the treatments, the student salon: answering the phones, dealing with “Feedback from students suggested complaints, making bookings and that there were times when they even the dreaded cleaning at the experienced difficulty finding enough end of the day! Students are taught clients of their own. Sometimes to a high standard and give clients feedback from family and friends an experience they would expect may be very kind but not truly from visiting any professional salon. accurate for fear of offending the student and perhaps upsetting Working in the salon allows learners relationships. The Student Salon gives to build their portfolios and advance them a professional environment with their existing skills whilst improving their future employability. real clients to work with.”

18 | VTCT News

PULSAR TREATMENTS THE COLLEGE EXPERTS Speak to Pulsar about setting up your college to run the new VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments (AB40163). Advice given on all aspects of the qualification including room set up, equipment choice, schemes of work, suggested teaching plan, suggested lesson plan, case study format, training manuals for students including activity workbook and ongoing support from our expert team. Full training given on all our equipment. We have excellent finance packages available to suit your budget. For more information call Pulsar Treatments on (0)1554 228 937 or visit


TCT centre ELATTC was given the prestigious opportunity of completing all the hair styles for the Essex Fashion Week models. The spring/summer show took place earlier this year and saw stars such as The Only Way is Essex’s Jessica Wright walk the catwalk with hair styled by ELATTC’s own Michelle Sapiano.

Apart from the fact that we had an absolutely fantastic time the experience our students gained was invaluable and boosted their confidence immensely. They not only had to work under pressure but they also had to ensure that the hair was "on point" with the briefs given and also that each and every model looked fantastic!

The team of 15 students from ELATTC who are studying on the VTCT NVQ Diploma in Hairdressing at Level 2 (AH20147) or Level 3 (AH30150) did such a good job that the show’s organisers Adam and Simon Ryan have asked them to continue to do hair for their projects and attend Essex Fashion Week shows in Marbella and also help out at Kent Fashion Week.

Jessica Wright from The Only Way is Essex appeared at the fashion show

Amy Childs on the catwalk

A student being styled in preparation for the show

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International News | Sport & Active Leisure

Below right: City College Norwich students with the brand new sports therapy truck

Sports therapy students take their skills to the Continent T rainee sports therapists from City College Norwich will now be able to practice their skills even further afield, thanks to the acquisition of a new 7.5 tonne truck which will transport the college’s Extreme Sports Therapy Unit to events as far away as Spain.

The impressive new Renault truck, which is fully liveried in the Extreme Sports Therapy Unit’s colours, will enable the students studying on the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in the Prevention and Management of Sports Injuries (AF30096) to take their equipment to new events at home and abroad.

The Extreme Sports Therapy Unit enables our students to develop their skills as part of a real enterprise

The Extreme Sports Therapy Unit has a well-established presence at mountain biking events in the region, offering pre and post-race sports massage to hundreds of local athletes. The Unit was set up in 2007 to give students the opportunity to develop their skills and gain valuable work experience by attending a variety of sporting events.  Since it was first established, the Unit has developed considerably and has outgrown its original two trailers. 

20 | VTCT News

With the new truck able to transport all of the Unit’s marquees, camping gear and sports therapy equipment, the team will be able to attend high profile sporting events outside England.

Events the students have already attended this year include the Slate Man triathlon in Wales, the Snowdonia Sportive, and the Quebrantuhuesos cycling Sportive in Sabiñánigo, as well as a number of national events for Chain Reaction Cycles and local competitions organised by Thetford MTB Racing. Providing sports massage at these events to a range of athletes, from professionals to amateurs, will help to develop the students’ practical ability, communication skills and confidence, which are all fundamental qualities for working in the sports industry. Brett Stanforth, 18, from Cromer, a student on the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in the Prevention and Management of Sport Injuries, said:

“I went to the Thetford Dusk ‘til Dawn event last October, which was a really enjoyable experience, but it was a bit of a struggle with our old trailer. Having the truck will make things a lot easier for us.  It will also give the Extreme Sports Therapy Unit a really professional image and make us stand out to competitors and other businesses at the events we go to.” Dick Palmer, Principal at City College Norwich, said: “The Extreme Sports Therapy Unit enables our students to develop their skills as part of a real enterprise that attends sporting events yearround.  The arrival of this fantastic new vehicle further extends the opportunities for the students to gain experience within the industry in which they want to work.”       

To find out more about the Extreme Sports Therapy Unit, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Phil Sayers on or visit

Beauty Therapy | International News

VTCT LAUNCH NEW SOUTH AFRICAN CENTRE Below: stunning scenes at the new Amani International Training Academy


TCT has expanded their international cohort once again, this time by opening their first South African centre. The new Amani International Training Academy for Spa and Wellness is located near Gauteng Airport in Johannesburg and will run a variety of VTCT qualifications. Set in the idyllic countryside, perfectly attached to a hotel and spa, the training academy will aim to offer affordable education to previously disadvantaged women. Heading up the project is Mandy Trollip, co-owner of South African health spa company, Soul Khaya who talks about why they chose to work with VTCT for this exciting new venture: “VTCT has given us wonderful support during the set-up phase of the Training Academy, their guidance with regard to centre

requirements and approval has really been a blessing. Being able to draw from the vast experience of their staff members has taken us a long way; in particular Runa, who has shown commitment beyond the call of duty during the process. Thank you VTCT!” The academy has been established by two partner groups; Amani International Group and Soul Khaya and is committed to serving a social responsibility, sustainable development and empowerment by creating jobs and uplifting local communities nationwide. These strong beliefs show the powerful driving force behind the project, and are all principles considered fundamental by VTCT also. The partner groups were impressed with the online resources that VTCT can offer both learners and assessors and said they were yet to find another provider with resources such as Linx2Record our e-portfolio, which allows learners and assessors to view all the qualification evidence in

one place, an online portfolio. These facilities coupled with such affordable course prices made VTCT an easy choice. Amani International is a wellestablished company, running many spas around South Africa. These spas will then provide perfect job opportunities for the academy’s qualified learners, making the new enterprise even more appealing to learners. Amani have been working with previously disadvantaged women in their spas for some time and the success of this has been remarkable, not only have they gained qualified beauticians as employees but they have also given women an opportunity they may never have otherwise received. VTCT hopes that this will be the first of many centres in South Africa. For more information about Amani Spas you can visit their website:

Or for more information about becoming a VTCT centre visit

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VTCT News | Centre News

VTCT Director of Business Development, Nic Robinson, Red Carpet Make-up model, winner Leila Hanford and Shirley Davis-Fox.

MAKE-UP ARTIST VICTORIOUS AT SALON CYMRU A young make- up artist from Newport celebrated victory at Wales’ premier event for creative hairdressing and beauty talent. Leila Hanford from Coleg Gwent won the 'Red Carpet Make-up' competition, sponsored by VTCT, at ISA Training’s Salon Cymru held at The SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff. She was challenged to create an award winning make-up look for a model attending a TV awards ceremony. Organised by Bridgend-based ISA Training, the largest independent hairdressing training provider in Wales, Salon Cymru is open to all hairdressing and beauty learners from schools, colleges and training providers.

Shirley Davis-Fox, ISA Training’s Managing Director, said: “Salon Cymru gets better and better every year. It’s phenomenal that we have managed to attract so many entries from learning providers and colleges across Wales and over the border in Gloucestershire. A highlight of the event was a two-hour master class from Andrew Barton, celebrity stylist to some of the UK’s biggest stars. He and Mrs. Davis-Fox, who both sit on the Hairdressing Council, used the event as a platform for the campaign to encourage the state registration of all qualified hairdressers.



New College Stamford has expanded its successful range of outstanding hair training facilities with the announcement of the opening of a new state-of-the-art commercial Training Academy in Peterborough.

EXTEND has over 30 years of experience in teaching safe exercise to music for older adults. In response to a demand for EXTEND teachers a new training course is planned to commence in the Leeds/Bradford area this October. The 12-14 day course will be spread over 3-5 months, with candidates attending a series of lectures & practical workshops.

The College recently re-opened a newly refurbished Hair & Beauty Salon at its Drift Road campus and the new Peterborough Training Academy is further evidence of its commitment to the training of new talent in the sector. Head of Hairdressing, Emma Hill said; “The new salon will open this September and will train the next generation of new stylists as part of a new Level 2 hairdressing apprenticeship programme.” For further information please contact Darren Heyes or Laura Brant on 01780 484300. 22 | VTCT News


The qualification will give a VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (QCF) - Exercise to Music (AF20094) & two VTCT Level 3 Awards in Adapting Physical Activity for Older Adults & for People with Disabilities (QCF) (AF30058). For further information please visit the EXTEND website:

History was made this summer as London played host to the 2012 Olympics. As the world watched on, VTCT staff, students and tutors were busy behind the scenes, playing a variety of vital roles during the Games...

London 2012 | Paralympics - GB Wheelchair Rugby

GB Wheelchair Rugby soar at 2012 Paralympics W

ith the nickname of ‘Murderball’ the budding craze of Wheelchair Rugby is certainly not for the faint-hearted! The daring GB Wheelchair Rugby prepared for the 2012 Paralympics with the help of VTCT Internal Verifier Steve Smith.

Wheelchair Rugby is a no-holdsbarred contact sport full of speed and physical determination; it is played by both male and female athletes with functional impairments in at least three of their four limbs. After being founded in Canada in the 70s, the sport didn’t take long to catch on, and now with ten regional teams across the country training hard for the 2012 Paralympics, Team GB are sure to make their mark this year. Already three times European Champions and having just missed out on medals at the last two Paralympics - all fingers are crossed that this is the year for Team GB. Currently training to be an External Verifier with VTCT and working as the Sports Massage Internal Quality Auditor/Internal Verifier for Essex, Havering & Kent Adult Community Learning, Lowestoft College and at the Sports Therapy UK and Therapy Learning Centre in Romford, Steve Smith worked with the GBWR (Great British Wheelchair Rugby) team as a sports therapist at this year's Paralympics.

GB team member Aaron Phipps

24 | VTCT News

Steve speaks of his work with the team and how he became involved in such an exciting sport:

Wheelchair Rugby The Rules Steve has a passion for Sports “I got involved back in November Therapy and also works as a therapist 2011 via Bob Bramah (also a VTCT for Harlow Rugby Club - 1st team tutor) who was working with the and the Harlow College Football team and they were seeking some Academy. sports massage therapists for the development squad in Southampton. Here, he talks of how important his As a result of that work I also became roles are: involved with the Paralympics squad training at Stoke Mandeville, resulting “Sports therapy and sports massage is becoming the preferred treatment in me being asked in February option for athletes of all ages and by GBWR Team Manager, Patty abilities. I feel very privileged to be Cornelius to be their back-up sports a part of the GBWR preparations therapist for the Paralympics!” for the Paralympics, being involved Steve works closely with the team, in aiding athletes to maintain their especially one member of the squad, fitness and their rehabilitation from Jonny Coggan whom he performs injury is so rewarding.” weekly sports massage on at his

• Wheelchair Rugby is a fast paced fullcontact mixed team sport.

I feel very privileged to be a part of the GBWR preparations for the Paralympics, being involved in aiding athletes to maintain their fitness and their rehabilitation from injury is so rewarding

• The player with possession of the ball must bounce or pass the ball within ten seconds while in control of the ball.

rugby club clinic. Jonny made his GBWR debut in 2004 and along with the rest of his team, with Steve’s help, had their heart set on winning Gold this year.

To find out more about ‘Murderball’ or Wheelchair Rugby and what it entails see our snapshot of the rules (right) or visit:

• Each team is made up of four players. • All athletes compete in manual wheelchairs which are manufactured specifically for the sport. • The game is played on a basketball court measuring 28m by 15m with boundary lines, a centre line, centre circle, and two key areas. • Two cones at either end of the court mark out a key area and goal line. • Games are played over 4 x 8 minute quarters and managed by two referees and four table officials.

• The team on offence has 12 seconds to advance the ball into their front court, and a total of 40 seconds to score a point. • The object of the game is to score goals by crossing over the opposing team’s goal line. One point is awarded for each goal scored. • In Wheelchair Rugby everybody has a vital role to play on the court. This is ensured using a classification system based on muscle function and strength. Classes range from 0.5 to 3.5, and a team of four players must total 8 points or less during play.

GB Wheelchair Rugby team and staff including steve (back row second from left)

50th Anniversary Edition | 25

| Sport & Active Leisure



TCT sports therapy lecturer Anthony Bosson was part of the London 2012 medical team. After submitting an application back in October 2010, Anthony, 42, fought off strong competition from over 250,000 applicants to be selected to help some of the world’s top athletes at this year’s games.

The experience will also be conveyed to our students at NULC to encourage them to identify their own aspirations and achieve their dreams

Anthony, who teaches the VTCT Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 (AF30029) and Level 4 (AF40022) at Newcastleunder-Lyme College, had to go through a rigorous selection process before being picked to help support this year’s athletes: “I had to attend a series of interviews which assessed my

knowledge, application and practical skills in relation to sports injury and sports massage therapy. Finally, all successful applicants had to attend a test event, for example the British Swimming Championships to demonstrate their ability to perform at major events.” As well as teaching VTCT qualifications, Anthony also puts his lessons into practice, working as a sports therapist for the NULC Academy of Sport providing sports injury rehabilitation for the Academy’s elite athletes who compete at both regional and national level.    Anthony told us about his exciting role during the games: “I’ll be working for the official 2012 Medical Team based in the Athletes Village, which is at the heart of the Olympic Park. I’ll also be seconded to the Aquatics Centre for the swimming and water polo games. My key responsibilities

will be the assessment and treatment of sports injuries including the provision of sports massage therapy to all Olympic athletes.” Commenting on how the experience will help his career Anthony says: “Above all, I will gain immense fulfillment and increased motivation to achieve further success. The experience will also be conveyed to our students at NULC to encourage them to identify their own aspirations and achieve their dreams.” Summing up the achievement of his role in the 2012 Olympics, Anthony says: “Sport is my passion and sports therapy has provided invaluable opportunities for me to work at European and World Championship level, but the Olympic Games is a pinnacle in my career and it doesn’t get any better than getting to work on world class athletes on your home soil.”

IT’S A KNOCKOUT... ...performance from one VTCT Verifier as he headed ringside for London 2012. Stephen Peacock, Curriculum Area Manager for Sport and Internal Verifier for the VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy (AF30029) at Redbridge College was selected to work as a Games Maker at this year’s Olympics. Stephen, who joined the other 70,000 volunteers at London 2012, tells us how he feels to be part of such a memorable occasion for our country:

26 | VTCT News

I have done many incredible things in my life through sport and 23 years in the British Army, but being part of the 2012 Olympics in London comes second to none ... it is a great honour to be part of it.

Stephen worked at the Excel Centre in east London helping the boxing team as a Technical Officer during the Games this summer.

Sport & Active Leisure |



VTCT External Verifier helped to prepare some of the UK’s elite athletes for London 2012. Michael Cole, who also manages, flew to the USA with members of Team GB’s swimming team for the ‘Duel in the Pool’ competition. Michael spent three and a half weeks working as a sports therapist with the athletes; including London 2012 medal contenders Elizabeth Simmonds, a British record holder at 100m backstroke, Gemma Spofforth, who finished fourth at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Francesca Halsall, the European Champion, Commonwealth gold and world silver medallist and Liam Tancock, the current 50m backstroke world record holder. Many of the world’s elite swimmers took part in the event, held in Atlanta, Georgia which pitched an elite group of European swimmers against their counterparts from the

USA. Michael was responsible for soft-tissue therapy maintenance to members of the team as well as assessing, treating and rehabilitating any injuries, in addition to conditioning the swimmers for peak performance. On returning from the event, Michael said:

Michael has been working with Team GB for the past two years, including at the Olympic Aquatics venue for the 2012 British Nationals/ Olympic Qualifiers. Michael also attended two further pre-2012 camps with the Loughborough ITC Olympic-qualified swimmers, in Florida and Tenerife.

“One of the best aspects of being part of Team GB is that I use sports therapy skills, at the highest level of sports performance, and on reflection I can utilize this to improve not only my clinical practice, but also my lecturing, assessing and verifying in on my return to academia; I can feedback to colleagues and learners what it is actually like to be involved in elite, international training camps and events and how a sports therapist fits into the team dynamic. It is also a real pleasure to work with and learn from Ben Titley - one of the world’s top coaches and a genuine, nice guy”.

HISTORY OF BOXING AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES Since the first Olympic Boxing competition in St Louis 1904, many of the sport’s biggest names have come to prominence at the Games: Cassius Clay (later known as Muhammad Ali; 1960), George Foreman (1968) and Oscar de la Hoya (1992) have all won Olympic gold in the past. For the first time ever, this summer’s Games included women’s boxing events alongside the popular men’s matches.

Boxing featured at the original Olympic Games in the 7th century BC, when opponents fought with strips of leather wrapped around their fists. The sport’s regulations were codified in 1867 as the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, named in honour of the nobleman who endorsed them. The essence of these rules is still in place today, governing this exciting and dramatic Olympic sport.

50th Anniversary Edition | 27

| Sport & Active Leisure

GRIMSBY GOES FOR GOLD The healing hands V icky Thomas and Marie Genney are tutors in the Grimsby Institute’s Sport and Public Service Department. Vicky, who is coordinator of the sports therapy department, was based at the Athletes’ Village while Marie, one of the sports therapy tutors, was making waves in the Aquatics Centre in their role as Games Makers.

As part of the London 2012 Olympic medical team they worked in groups of three, alongside a doctor and a physiotherapist. The professional trios worked on a rota of nine-hour shifts during this summer’s Games in London. With the exception of security all of the Games Makers for London 2012 are volunteers, replicating the structure of the Sydney Games in 2000. The ethos is to encourage our nation to become involved with volunteering during and after the Games at all levels of sport.

MARIE’S OLYMPIC DIARY July 2010 We were invited by the Sports Massage Association (SMA) to apply for a position as a Games Maker for the London 2012 medical team. There were particular qualifications that we needed; luckily we both fitted the bill! We have been lucky enough to gain a substantial amount of qualifications over the years due to the support of the Institute’s staff development budget. The Institute has also been very supportive with our work with local and national sports teams. We also helped with the pilot of the new VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy (AF30252) and are members of the SMA.

February 2011 After a lengthy selection process, and security screening we were invited to London's Excel Arena for an interview. After a generic chat with some of the staff we were given a 30 minute interview. This involved us talking about our experience and current employment. We were also given

28 | VTCT News

of two VTCT tutors proved vital at this year’s summer Olympics.

scenarios and had to discuss how we would approach different types of clients and situations.

December 2011 We were invited to work in our roles as massage practitioners at Olympic test events, some of these were also athlete selection events for 2012. These events allowed LOCOG (London Organising Committee Olympic Games) to test their strategies and organisation skills in preparation for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

February 2012 We received confirmation of our acceptance to be Games Maker volunteers!

March 2012 We travelled to London to attend 'Role Specific' training with other members of the medical teams, including doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists, opticians and sports massage practitioners.

May 2012 We collected our security accreditation pass, and Games Maker uniforms from London. June 2012 We travelled to London for venue specific training. Vicky

is working in the Athletes Village (working with a diverse range of athletes from all sporting disciplines) and I will be in the Aquatics Centre (swimming, diving and water polo). Look out for part two of Vicky and Marie’s Olympic journey in the winter edition of VTCT News.

Hairdressing & Barbering |

VTCT SPONSORSHIP FOR DUO AT GAMES Two Leeds City College students impressed as salon juniors at this year’s 2012 London Olympics. After gaining VTCT sponsorship towards their costs, the girls had an exciting role at this summer’s Games.

The students were not competing – but providing valuable on-site services for the residents and visitors of the Olympic village for the duration of the Olympics and Paralympics, spending the summer months as salon juniors within the Athlete Village and the Press Centre on the Olympic Park.

The duo, who both progressed on to their VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing (AH30239) this year, were on-site between July and September working with Wella, alongside award winning stylists who have created looks for Chanel, Mulberry and Vivian Westwood.

Laurie Wing and Danielle Avery, who are both studying hairdressing at the College’s Horsforth Campus, won their places after entering a competition run by Podium, the Further and Higher Education Unit for the 2012 Games, in which they had to describe in 50 words why they wanted to be salon juniors.

Leeds City College Head of Faculty for Hair & Beauty, Maxine Walker said:

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students – to be able to work as part of the world’s greatest sporting event. It’s fantastic that they were able to gain sponsorship from Danielle, 18, said she VTCT, which provided invaluable was honoured to financial support during their stay be selected to be a in London. We’re confident the part of British history. experience will enhance their skills as they progress on to the next “My first year in level of their course and beyond. hairdressing has been fantastic and As a faculty and a college, we the experience couldn’t really get are extremely proud of their any better than working at such a major global event,” added Laurie, 21. achievements.”

It’s fantastic that they were able to gain sponsorship from VTCT, which provided invaluable financial support during their stay in London. „

The Olympic Park • The Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Athlete’s Village and smaller stadia, including; the Hockey Centre and the Velopark for cycling events were all located within the Olympic Park

• The Olympic Village has residential apartments for around 17,000 athletes and officials during the Games, along with shops, restaurants, medical, media and leisure facilities and large areas of open space

• The Olympic Park, located in Stratford, East London, covered an impressive 500 acres

• The Village also included a ‘Village Plaza’ for athletes to meet with friends and family

• The Olympic stadium had a capacity for a massive 80,000 people

• The Olympic Village will become a lasting legacy of essential new housing for London

50th Anniversary Edition | 29

THE ANDREW BARTON ETHOS At Andrew Barton Salons, we recognise that clients are not only looking for a good hairstyle but they are also searching for advice to help them make the best of their hair. This is why we implement the three Rs Recommend, Retail and Repeat.

30 | VTCT News

The Andrew Barton Ethos | Feature We have developed the salon over the last three years with this approach, believing it’s what clients are looking for when they visit us. By recommending the best service for the individual, retailing the right aftercare and giving them the opportunity to make a repeat booking, we have created organic growth for all our stylists, who have high percentages of color service, retail and repeat bookings! I’ve always believed that my team should not have to work excessively hard - but instead, work cleverly. It is true that some clients may not want to make a repeat booking, but if they don’t, that should send alarm bells – that their expectations or needs may have not been met. op tips as to how this theory can be adapted to small salons or When I was an college salon life: apprentice, I was taught that if a client It takes consistency. says it’s ‘OK’, it means • Decide what is special about you as it’s not - she’s not a team, what makes you great? Build coming back! That on those foundations. ethos runs through my team, we want to • Grow from there, adapt and make change to the past practices and as go beyond what the things evolve, businesses large or client is expecting, small should evolve. both in styling skill and experience. We want • Communicate with every team to wow her so much member so they are part of it. that she wants to come • Communication is often best bottom back, time and time up! Listen to the team they are the again. ones on the ground, give them the As a team we have opportunity to share and evolve the developed a system of business. procedures from how we shampoo and the music we play to how we cut, color and style - this creates a brand consistency that has enabled us to grow and break-even in just our second year of trading.


WHAT IS THE SCHEME AND HOW HAS IT BEEN IMPLEMENTED? Much of what we do is implemented by the Salon Manager and reviewed through formal and nonformal appraisals. Communication is vital; you can’t expect any team member to deliver the highest standards or the philosophy of the brand (large or small) unless they understand what that is. Investing in induction training even for a few hours for new recruits and taking time each day to meet as a team (even for just 15 minutes) really works. We do this each morning before the start of the day- reviewing the day that was, the day ahead and how we can all maintain best practice ensures everyone is close to the objective, which for us, is all about going beyond client expectation.

WHY IS IT SO SUCCESSFUL IN THE PRESENT ECONOMIC CLIMATE? There is much said about the decline in business in the current climate but one industry that continues to see growth is the hair industry. Many clients are sacrificing other spending such as; restaurants, movies, holidays and new season fashion and we are finding that clients still value the salon experience and the feel good factor that hairstyling brings. Of course, it’s during times like this that we as a salon businesses have to look at all we do to make sure clients feel they are receiving value for money. Part of the philosophy at Andrew Barton Salons is to give superlative service; it’s why we have extended appointment times to ensure we are fully servicing the clients’ needs and expectations.

These procedures are outlined in a manual we call the ‘Little Grey Book’. It’s called this because we want to make sure there are no ‘grey areas’ for the team in terms of procedure and that they are fully on board with what we do, and why we do it.

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abia Chief Executive Officer Alan Goldsbro Alan Goldsbro spoke before his retirement, “I have mixed feelings about retiring. I’m confident has retired after more than 23 years of that with the strong management team at Habia leading the organisation. the transition will be seamless. I remember first Alan has reduced his hours to focus on a number of starting here when we had a small office in projects and developments with Habia international Doncaster and two staff, so to be where we are partners over the next few months. now is incredible. I have met and worked with some Appointed in 1989 as Training and Development amazing and inspirational people and organisations Director to the then Hairdressing Training Board, Alan over the last 23 years, and I will miss them all. I became CEO in 1991 and led the company through feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have been a part various transitions, culminating in the formation of Habia of this wonderful industry and to have played my own in 1998. small part in helping develop the training systems that have helped its success.” In that time, the organisation achieved a number of significant milestones, including the first ever National Bill Shaw, Habia’s longest serving director and Treasurer, Occupational Standards for hair, beauty, nails and spa, said, “Alan has not just been my colleague but my the launch of NVQs and SVQs for the sector, and the friend over the past 23 years, so it is with great development of frameworks for what were originally sadness we say farewell. The industry today is in called Modern Apprenticeships, now Apprenticeships. a far better position than it was when he started because of the work that Alan has led with the Habia likewise played a significant role under Alan’s Hairdressing Training Board, establishing the Beauty leadership in putting the industry on the agenda Industry Authority and then Habia. Alan started with of the ministers and government departments of just a secretary and part-time book keeper, and grew five Prime Ministers – from Margaret Thatcher through the team to 40 staff and nine partners around the to David Cameron - significantly raising the profile world. And as an industry we are now admired and and reputation of the industry in terms of training and looked-up to for the work we do in the training sector, professionalism. particularly by other professions and by government and its agencies. Alan got the hair and beauty industry I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have to stand up for itself and ask to be taken seriously, and in turn, people listened and noticed.” been a part of this wonderful industry and to

have played my own small part in helping develop the training systems that have helped its success.

The move comes as Habia further develops its partnership with SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for the active sport, leisure and wellbeing industries. Habia will continue its work in the hair and beauty sector, including the recently launched Habia Skills Academy (HSA) with founder sponsor VTCT; its partnership with one of the world’s leading education publishers, Cengage, and the continued development of occupational standards. Habia’s Senior Management Team continue to manage the company, with extra input from Habia Chairman and SkillsActive Board Trustee Suki Kalirai, and Bill Shaw, Habia Treasurer, until a different leadership structure is agreed to take advantage of Habia’s relationship with SkillsActive. 32 | VTCT News

Suki Kalirai said, “I’d like to thank Alan for the tremendous work he has done over the last 23 years. Alan has created an incredibly strong team at Habia who will carry on his work, and the organisation has more projects in the pipeline and is continuing to take on more ambitious projects that will contribute further to the success of the hair and beauty sector. The partnership between Habia and SkillsActive promises to be a fruitful one, and I look forward to Habia bringing some of its expertise to the sport and leisure sector whilst maintaining the hair and beauty industry at its heart.” We too at VTCT have really appreciated Alan's leadership within Habia and his committed support of VTCT through the Habia - VTCT partnership to promote skills and training within the sector. Thanks Alan.

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ver 50 finalists put files to fingertips and went head to head at The London College of Beauty Therapy earlier this year in a bid to win one of 18 prestigious Scratch Stars awards. Launched by Scratch magazine, the Scratch Stars awards aim to recognise UK nail industry excellence in both technical skill and business ethic. Leading industry figures were specially selected to judge the finalists over two days; on the first day, individuals took to their nail stations to compete in categories including Gel Tech of the Year and Nail Artist of the Year while the second day saw editorial experts and awarding bodies amass to judge categories including Salon of the Year, Session Stylist of the Year and Best Customer Care provider. Over 1,200 techs and companies from all corners of the UK submitted entries for the Scratch Stars awards between October 2011 and January 2012. This number was then narrowed

down based on photo entries, portfolios and testimonials. With 18 awards up for grabs, competition was fierce and after a stint of mystery phone calls and visits, the winners were revealed at the awards party at the stunning Café de Paris near London’s Leicester Square. The winner of Nail Artist of the Year sponsored by ASP, Kirsty Meakin, showcased her breathtaking skills on stage at VTCT Gold earlier this year at NEC, Birmingham with fantastic results.

I am my own worst critic and it's the support I get that keeps me striving to be a better nail tech day in day out.

Nails created by Kirsty at VTCT Gold

The Café de Paris was the perfect setting for the glamorous ceremony which saw top industry names gather to celebrate the nail industry and its top performers.

Nails created by Kirsty at VTCT Gold

Kirsty Meakin received her award at Café de Paris

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As well as offering qualifications in hundreds of training centres across the UK and Ireland, VTCT host a variety of training events across the UK each year as well as appearing at many exhibitions and trade events.

In 2009 VTCT sponsorship was given to assist the UK Beauty finalists prepare for the World Skills finals in Calgary, Canada.

Eight training centres in Malta are currently offering VTCT qualifications.

Over the last 50 years VTCT has grown in qualifications, sectors and centres alike. Now with over 600 college and private training centres across the globe and its international cohort expanding year-on-year VTCT really is a world-wide operation. With approximately 100,000 registrations a year, VTCT prides itself on its value for money, excellent customer service and responsiveness to the needs of its customers and innovation. VTCT, the charity, gives back through working with partner charities both in the UK and internationally.

VTCT attended Professional Beauty South Africa 2012 exhibition in September.

Amani Training Academy launched in South Africa in 2012 see page 21 for details.

TCT around the world 34 | VTCT News

VTCT around the world | International News

VTCT is attending the InterBeauty 2012 event in Prague.

With the help of funding from UKIERI the CIVT centre in Punjab, India, opened in 2012. See page 36 for details.

VTCT have 55 centres in Italy run through Habia Italy.

VTCT is Facing the World’s key partner in the Facing the World/VTCT programme in Vietnam.

Support for SHAIR, a UK-based charity operating hairdressing training schools for underprivileged young people in Kenya (Nairobi) and Rwanda (Kigali).

VTCT has had interest from various other training centres across the world and we look forward to expanding the international cohort even further. 50th Anniversary Edition | 35


This year saw the opening of VTCT’s first Indian centre in collaboration with Lord Dilgit Singh Rana, MBE. Lord Rana left the Punjab in 1963 for England, he was awarded an MBE in 1996 for his contribution to the peace process during the troubled times in Northern Ireland. He set up The Lord Rana Foundation Trust, a charitable trust using £4million of his own money, to develop a school and colleges within the Sanghol Education Complex. The aim was to provide excellent education facilities and training to people in his rural homeland, to help them to better their career and employment opportunities. The first colleges in Sanghol specialised in higher education programmes. The newly established CIVT – the Cordia Institute of Vocational Training colleges however, focus on vocational education. The first vocational college was opened earlier this year - CIVT - Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing and was developed in collaboration with VTCT. Here are the stories from the people who made this happen: 36 | VTCT News

I Will Touch the Sky | International News


r Stephen Vickers Chief Executive, VTCT

In early 2011 I was contacted by my old friend Raj Lakha, an educationalist and writer, to invite me to meet the President of the International Association of Persons of Indian Origin, Lord Rana. Lord Rana had asked Raj if he knew anyone who could help him in his goal of taking internationally recognised qualifications to the environs of his childhood village of Sangol, in the Punjab. Lord Rana had made very significant contributions to Northern Ireland society, both by developing housing and hotels across the province and, during the early 1990s, by providing a forum for discussions between leaders of the paramilitary factions then troubling the province with their violent activities. His patience was in large part responsible for the brokerage of the Good Friday agreement. Lord Rana established the Lord Rana Foundation, which began to improve educational facilities in Sri Lanka and the Punjab. His college

in the Punjab needed to expand the range of qualifications, and as we talked I realised that VTCT could make a valuable contribution to the new college. After our first meeting and having promised Lord Rana that we would be delighted to be involved, I passed the task over to Nic Robinson, our Director of Business Development, who was already involved in India. Throughout the development of this project, Nic and Runa have worked tirelessly and effectively to assist the college to meet Lord Rana’s vision.

Dr. Stephen Vickers speaking at the CIVT opening

In April I had the honour of attending the opening of the new hair and beauty facilities at Sangol, which impressed me greatly. I was also bowled over by the quality of the college staff, I was particularly honoured to meet Dr Sharma, whose extensive writings on management I had used in Singapore some years before. I have no doubt that the college will be an overwhelming success.

The VTCT and Cordia partnership made headlines in India Below: VTCT is discussed in the House of Lords - 17/05/2012

50th Anniversary Edition | 37


ic Robinson Director of Business Development, VTCT

My first contact with Cordia was receiving the contact details of Lord Diljit Rana from Stephen Vickers. I started an email exchange with Lord Rana, who was keen that I should visit Sanghol. I went to Sanghol with Runa in July 2011. I could see the potential of the centre straight away and Lord Rana’s commitment to the project was clear. The complex comprises of a public school, college and higher education institution. The higher education institute specialises in business, IT and hotel management, providing places for 900 students. The institute is subject to the University of the Punjab and numbers of students in each subject are capped. The school has approx 1800 students of all ages. Sanghol is very rural and mainly agricultural area, there are few opportunities for training. The institute seeks to allow young people to gain education, and access a variety of careers throughout India. The institute provides buses to bring students to the complex and a limited number of boarding places. In order to recruit high quality teaching staff, the institute provides a number of flats on site for staff. The complex is run by a charity established by Lord Rana. The charitable funds have provided the capital expenditure to establish and develop the

complex. When I visited, a new block was being constructed to include a specialist hair and beauty training suite. We were able to identify two practical rooms that would provide a hairdressing salon and a beauty therapy salon. Runa was able to advise Lord Rana on the requirements for the centre. While doing my homework for the visit I came across the Sanghol is very much a rural and UK India Education mainly agricultural area. The Research Initiative institute seeks to allow young people to gain UKIERI. There was a education, and access careers in India ” very short deadline but Runa and I had a few days travelling in India, in which we wrote a bid. We were successful, gaining UKIERI support to fund institutional capacity building at Cordia, specifically the training of staff to deliver UK qualifications in hairdressing and beauty therapy.

This project has proved a great success. As a result of the success in the project and the strong relationship being developed between the two organisations Cordia have established the Cordia Institute of Vocational Training, CIVT and wish to extend the project to include hospitality and catering.


arvinder Singh, Hairdressing Tutor, CIVT

I, HARVINDER SINGH, was a hairdresser for the last five years, but my life changed when I became involved with CORDIA College and then VTCT. It’s a dream come true for me, I want to become a teacher in hairdressing. I am trained by Bhavna Champaneri; she boosts my confidence with all her experience. She is a great trainer for me. She is the Internal Verifier of our centre and after one month, our External Verifier madam Donna joined us. She was here to give us assessor qualification training. It was a wonderful experience to work with her, she also assessed my hairdressing skills. Madam Runa also gave me important knowledge about all paperwork; she has a very supportive nature. I have had a remarkable experience working with all the VTCT team; all of them were very encouraging. L-R: Runa McNamara, Simrat Kaur, Donna Waugh, Bahvna Champaneri and Harvinder Singh

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I would like to express gratefulness and I hope while working with VTCT, I will touch the sky.


I Will Touch the Sky | International News una McNamara Regional Centre Adviser, VTCT (RCA)

My link with Cordia began in March 2011 when Lord Rana contacted Dr Stephen Vickers, as he was interested in exploring the possibility of delivering VTCT vocational qualifications at Cordia, his Sanghol Education Complex in India. Stephen sent me a brief email saying "they wish to prepare to do beauty and hairdressing, but will need advice on staffing�. Little did I know that this would be the start of much activity, travel, adventure and forging of a strong partnership between VTCT and Cordia. Meetings, emails and telephone discussions led to my first visit to Sanghol with Nic Robinson in July 2011. A couple of days before the trip,

Nic found out about a UKIERI bid for funding to support Institutional Capacity Building. The deadline for the bid application was before our return to the UK. So there was only one thing for it - between meetings, visits, lengthy (and I mean lengthy) car and train travel we put together the application for the bid for funding to support Cordia to develop a hairdressing and beauty therapy college. Yale College, Wrexham agreed to be the UK education partner and to host a training support visit for the Assessors from India. The building designated for Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy was a four-story brick block at this stage and ideas were discussed on how the development should proceed. In autumn we learned that our UKIERI bid application had been successful.

Facilities at CIVT

Over the months that followed, I provided support to Lord Rana and the Principal of Cordia Dr Raj Kumar Sharma on the architects’ plans, staff recruitment, course information, marketing, curriculum planning and visits to see established UK centres. SERC - South Eastern Regional College very kindly offered to show Lord Rana around their campuses/ salons so that he could see a



imrat Kaur Beauty Therapy Tutor, CIVT

From 2008, I was working as a beauty therapist in Chandigarh. I came in contact with the CORDIA GROUP, this was when I met Bhavna who interviewed me to become a beauty lecturer. I started my work with the help of Bhavna; she has worked very hard day and night for the past two months for our success and for CIVT. Then Donna came from VTCT to give us assessor qualification training, which was a wonderful experience for me. She assessed my beauty skills and encouraged me to go for my Level 3. Runa, our Regional Centre Adviser also supports us in our paper work. Today with the whole support of the VTCT team, I became a beauty lecturer. I want to thank all the VTCT team.

training/commercial salon first hand. In early 2012, Bhavna Champaneri agreed to go to Sanghol for three months to support the development. With Bhavna's hard work and support, ideas became a reality. Lord Rana set the date for the grand opening of the college, I liaised with Donna Waugh and we planned our visit to Sanghol ahead of the opening. The aim was to carry out the centre recognition approval and provide support to the tutors in readiness for delivering VTCT qualifications. However, the visit realised much more and culminated in the Hairdressing Tutor - Harvinder Singh and the Beauty Therapy Tutor - Simrat Kaur completing assessments and putting together their own portfolios of evidence to upgrade their Indian qualifications to VTCT VRQ Diplomas. Finishing touches were then made to the hair and beauty salons. We were all exhausted from our intensive efforts! CIVT was officially opened by Mr Andrew Jackson of the British High Commission, with Dr Stephen Vickers as Guest of Honour on 28th April 2012. It was a grand occasion with speeches, dancing, interviews and a press conference.

ahvna Champaneri Assessor and Internal Verifier (IV), VTCT

When I got out to Sanghol I had my own vision of setting up CIVT, but when I arrived the plans were not quite what I had in mind. So, not only did I set the standard for Harvinder and Simrat who may I say were brilliant and took everything on board and I'm very proud of them and know they will make CIVT a success, I also had to re-design the salon and ensure it was fit for purpose, which was a great challenge. Overall with the help of Runa and Donna we all put a great deal of hard work in to make CIVT a success in Sanghol Punjab. I want to thank all staff and Sanghol, Dr Stephen Vickers, Nic Robinson, Runa McNamara, Donna Waugh, Sameer Seth and Gurpreet Sekhon and most of all the big boss - Lord Rana for his kindness and for giving me this opportunity. What an experience!

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International News | I Will Touch the Sky


onna Waugh

Senior External Verifier (EV), VTCT

India is a country with a rich heritage and warm hearted people so when I was asked to complete the approval for CIVT and to support the teaching staff there I was delighted to be able to help. My remit as a Senior EV for VTCT was to complete the approval process and skill-test the staff as well as to begin the assessors’ process. I was warmly greeted in India by the centre staff and met with the teachers, Harvinder the hair tutor and Simrat the beauty therapy tutor who gave me a tour of the complex, which is vast and covers many different faculties and various qualifications. I realised that if I were skill testing the tutors that I could actually up skill their original qualifications and experience to match the qualification that they would be delivering when the centre opened. It can be very demoralising for tutors with a great deal of industry experience to deliver qualifications that result in their learners achieving a qualification that feels of a higher standard than their own. Both tutors worked extremely hard over the week to build their portfolios, completing written assignments and at least one assessment for each unit. We started the assessor training with both candidates answering all written knowledge criteria and completing one assessment each, which was finished when they visited the UK later in the year.

The tutor’s hard work paid off and the process is now complete with Harvinder being qualified in VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Hairdressing (AH20147) and Simrat in VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques (AB20182). This has increased their confidence as well as giving them real experience in completing the whole process that they will be taking their learners through.

The facilities of the salons are excellent with Bhavna’s design mirroring the

highest standards of UK centres. The training materials, systems and procedures are in place and the CIVT is now a fully functioning international centre offering quality qualifications in a part of India where vocational courses are hard to find. The opportunity that this offers to the local community that would otherwise have to attend training centres in Delhi is a testament to the vision of Lord Rana to make good quality education available to all. Personally, the experience has affected me by seeing affordable education available to people that would otherwise not have the opportunity to train for careers in such an exciting and dynamic industry. The hard work of the tutors, the dedication of all the support team plus the team work of Bhavna, Runa and myself has helped to create a reality out of a beautiful vision from Lord Rana to give back to the country and region that he came from.

L-R Dr Raj Kumar Sharma - CiVT Principal. Runa McNamara, Nic Robinson, Stephen Vickers (behind) Lord Diljit Rana and Urmil Verma - CiVT Director of Quality

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Provides and shares simple and accurate information on all aspects of the hair and beauty sector. Incorporates three elements: Online Academy

A central source of information and guidance

Centres of Expertise

A recognised national network of training providers delivering high level standards

Intensive Educator Training

Outstanding technical delivery leading to a recognised qualiďŹ cation.

Developed by Habia with support of founder sponsor VTCT. 50th Anniversary Edition | 41 Š subbotina / 123RF

OUR NUMBER 1 COMPETITION FOR HAIRDRESSING STUDENTS Challenged with creating a commercial cut and colour, XPOSURE aims to showcase the quality of students’ work and gives them the opportunity to take their first steps on the competition ladder. Wella professionals is dedicated to supporting the future of our craft and delighted to see XPOSURE grow year on year as it is the students of today who are the great hairdressers of tomorrow. The nationwide search for XPOSURE 2012 winner began in 2011 as college students took part in an inter-college competition. The five best works from each college were entered into the Photographic Heat, where only eighty were selected by Wella Professionals to go through to one of four Regional Heats. On Thursday 7 June, our twenty regional winners competed in the Final at the Wella Professionals World Studio London. After a 1 hour competition which included styling the hair and creating the finished look, Michelle Thompson, our XPOSURE Ambassador, and Claire Chell from Francesco Group presented their latest collection on stage to inspire the students with their work. The judging line up for the final included: Matthew Batham, News and Business Editor of Hairdressers Journal; Jake Unger, International TrendVision Award Winner 2011, from HOB Salons; and Adam Harris from MG Hairdressing.



Interested in taking part in


Call the XPOSURE Hotline on

08456 018128

Georgina Sipson Grimsby Institute


ith n Sm g LaurFelack Trainin

s Lewi


oss Jadi Haeir G Academy P-Ka

Competition work has always been my passion so competitions such as Wella XPOSURE are a brilliant way to encourage and motivate young hairdressers at the start of their career. Wella XPOSURE provides them with a platform to evolve their passion and be recognised for their skills.

Francesco Group Creative Director MICHELLE THOMPSON For latest XPOSURE news become a

42 | VTCT fan ofNews “Wella UK” on Facebook

At VTCT we are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive portfolio of qualifications for our sectors. We have listened to your feedback, and in response have developed a suite of new bolt-on qualifications. These qualifications are perfect for summer school programmes, inductions, enrichment, CPD or to run alongside and complement your existing programme of study. AG10443 VTCT Level 1 Award in Internet Safety (QCF) Qualification number: 600/5227/2 Guided learning hours: 20 Social networking has evolved greatly over recent years and is now a daily feature of many peoples’ lives. There are many risks associated with the internet and in particular social networking, we have therefore developed this short qualification which is ideal for college induction programmes, particularly library training. Rather than deliver an in-house programme, why not provide your learners with the opportunity to achieve a regulated qualification in internet safety? Learners will explore the key features of the internet, its use and the associated risks. Learners will also learn about internet safety, security and sources of information as well as the steps to take in cases of internet abuse.

AG10438 VTCT Level 1 Award in Substance Misuse Awareness (QCF) Qualification number: 600/5201/6 Guided learning hours: 13 Substance misuse is a common problem in today’s society and this qualification is ideal for preparing learners with a basic awareness. This qualification would be ideally suited to a summer school, induction or enrichment programme. The aim of this qualification is to provide learners with a knowledge of why substances are commonly misused, and the possible signs of substance misuse. Learners will also learn about the personal and social effects of, and responses to, substance abuse.

AG10439 VTCT Level 1 Award in Equality and Diversity (QCF) AG20440 VTCT Level 2 Award in Equality and Diversity (QCF) Qualification numbers: 600/5225/9 &  600/5213/2

Guided learning hours: 8 & 6

Equality, diversity and inclusion are key strategic priorities of many organisations across the UK. It is essential that staff understand these concepts so they can take steps to positively support equality and diversity. These short qualifications are perfect for staff CPD or to complement existing programmes of study. Throughout these qualifications learners will develop an understanding of diversity, stereotyping and equal opportunities. The different approaches to supporting equality and diversity will also be explored.

AG10441 VTCT Level 1 Award in Environmental Sustainability (QCF) If you would like further information on any of these qualifications, please visit our website: uk or contact our customer service team on Tel: +44 (0) 2380 684 500 or email

AG20442 VTCT Level 2 Award in Environmental Sustainability (QCF) Qualification numbers: 600/5223/5 & 600/5226/0

Guided learning hours: 20 & 10

Educating the youth of today to live and work in an eco-friendly and sustainable way is key to protecting and maintaining our environment. We have therefore developed two qualifications that can be applied to any context which are ideal for enrichment and induction programmes and to complement existing programmes of study. Throughout these qualifications learners will explore the concepts of sustainability and natural resources. They will develop an understanding of the impacts of agriculture and industry and how they might be reduced; the benefits of sustainable communities will also be covered.

50th Anniversary Edition | 43

Centre News | Hairdressing & Barbering


aving only started her Level 2 in Hairdressing last September, former legal secretary Deborah Keogh proved her ability by not only qualifying for the Blackpool Winter Gardens’ Hair Festival, a national competition, but by being awarded a first place. Deborah, 36, who is studying on the VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Women's Hairdressing Deborah Keogh celebrates her win (AH20167) at the College of North West London, decided last year it was time to follow her dreams and train to be a hairdresser. After giving up her career in the legal industry, Deborah put a great deal of focus into her new vocation and not only qualified to take part in the national competition, but also triumphed over 35 other qualifiers to be given the gold in the ‘Ladies Evening Style’ category. Deborah had been planning her hair-up style since last September and was inspired by her love for classic and vintage clothes and hair. The style showcased her creativity, skill and determination and was clearly a winner with the six judges and two adjudicators. With only 45 minutes to complete the style on competition day, Deborah tells us how important the preparation stages were:

“I had to produce an overall look, which meant I had to ensure the clothes and make-up would best compliment my model and hairstyle...I invested a lot of time into the preparation of my model, prior to competing...I practiced over and over, in order to perfect the style. In both the regional and national competition I had my model up at 4am, even though my competition began at 11am.  Her hair had to be preset, her makeup needed to be applied and her clothes put on, ready for the event”. When Deborah found out she had been awarded first place she said it was ‘unbelievable’ and that she was ‘absolutely thrilled to win’. She added how “it gave me a huge confidence boost and helped me to aim for higher achievements.  Without this opportunity, I think I would have kept my options for the future a lot more limited”. When asked if Deborah would like to take part in future industry competitions, she said: “Yes! I have definitely caught the bug. I’m already looking for hairstyle ideas ready for the next one”.

Swapping law books for scissors to win first in national competition 44 | VTCT News

National make-up competition | Centre News

Madoka Embury's entry 'Rock Around the Clock'. and Ina Prusakova's Lady Gaga inspired entry.



wo students from Solihull College studying on the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects and Hair and Media Make-Up (AM30175) took part in the competition at London Excel, and helped Solihull accomplish the accolade of ‘overall college winner’. Ina Prusakova & Madoka Embury competed alongside 40 other student entries from various colleges across the UK in two categories ‘1950’s Glamour’ make-up & ‘Pop Icon’ fantasy make-up. Madoka, 34, secured 2nd place with her 'rock around the clock' theme in the 1950s glamour make-up category. Madoka was inspired by her love of music especially rock and roll. Ina & Madoka scored highly in both categories so Solihull College gained the highest aggregate points total awarding them with the 'Overall College Winner' certificate & Trophy. Ina, whose Lady GaGa theme for the ‘Pop Icon’ category helped the college secure the win, spoke of what it meant to her to do so well:

“ felt absolutely incredible and amazing to do so well. I did not expect that and felt very grateful for all the support I got...I am very proud as it was my first competition ever. It has given me big encouragement to go on and do more competitions.” Course Tutor Gemma Richmond added: “I am very proud of both students they were competing against strong student entries from other colleges across the UK but they rose to the challenge & produced stunning make-up creations & costumes, it was an ideal opportunity for them to showcase their skills they have gained whilst studying theatrical & media makeup at Solihull College also their dedication & self drive secured them an excellent result”. 50th Anniversary Edition | 45

Featured | Offender Therapy


ane Giddings, owner and principal of the School of Excellence in South Gloucestershire has taken an innovative approach to counselling. Working with young offenders at Ashfield Young Offenders Institution, Jane has introduced the use of complementary therapies as an aid to her therapy sessions and has seen a vast improvement in the troubled teens she has set out to help.

Using complementary therapies to help young offenders

Jane incorporates traditional therapy and counselling techniques with complementary therapies such as Indian head massage, Reiki and reflexology with aims to not only relax the young people she works with, but also to reduce aggression and tension and to create harmony within the session. Jane tells us how she finds working with and helping young offenders: “Initially, I found my role very challenging, with considerable responsibility. However, as I noticed the great changes in the young people’s attitudes and behaviours, the work became extremely rewarding. I feel very proud and privileged to be given this opportunity at Ashfield, to help improve the young people’s futures and the capacity for young people to initiate self-change, giving them a toolbox of skills for life.” Jane has been working with young people for over 15 years in youth clubs, schools and secure units and with children of all ages who have a wide variation of behavioural issues for over a decade. Four years ago she also worked with the ‘Lads and Dads’ scheme funded by children’s charity Barnardo’s, showing young offenders, who are fathers, how to calm their babies by using baby massage. Jane also taught ‘Cycles of Change’ in classrooms – a programme related to knife and gang related crime. During the last two years Jane has covered intervention and one-to-one sessions and says the success of the combination of all the different methods shows how they enable the young people to relax, open up and develop self-awareness and emotional literacy.

46 | VTCT News

Offender Therapy | Feature One main therapy technique used by Jane is Indian head massage - the results of this approach show a decline in aggressive behaviour and report that the young people feel calmer and more able to cope with daily stresses, also a reduction in adjudications, fights and bad comments were noted. Indian head massage is very successful in helping the young people to physically relax and feel less inclined to fight and be aggressive; it also helps to reduce anxiety, insomnia and feelings of depression. Another approach commonly used by Jane is the use of Reiki combined with massage; this helps to restore the balance, which aids Jane in creating harmony and a truly relaxing therapy experience. She uses these techniques for five minutes at the end of each session, meaning that the young people leave the session in a positive, calm state of mind. Jane also takes the opportunity to teach the young people how to treat themselves using hand reflexology. This gives them the skills to remedy minor ailments, such as headaches or toothache. The young people reported that they used this technique often and it gave them something positive to focus on

while spending long periods of time alone - as some of the them were in solitary confinement, and although they commented that this approach helped pass the time away and comfort them, it also helped them stay positive, alert and engaged in learning. Alongside these complementary therapies Jane uses approaches such as; therapy through art, song, poetry and rap, hypnosis, acupressure, meditation, visualisation, self esteem building, forgiveness and moral guidance. It is the combination of these styles along with the complementary therapy techniques coupled with a traditional take on counselling that has proven so successful with the young offenders.

sometimes a painful experience but it really did help them see what went wrong and how they can change and put their lives right.” Jane’s colleagues at Ashfield are so impressed with her work for the institution that they have nominated her for a prestigious Butler Trust Award. The annual awards ceremony promotes excellence in prisons, probation and youth justice and is supported by the trust’s Royal Patron, HRH The Princess Royal.

I encouraged the young people to discuss their feelings and their lives. They were very open and talked in detail about their families, friendships and gang culture. This enabled them to reflect on their situation and see their errors clearly.

“During the sessions, I encouraged the young people through a variety of means to discuss their feelings and their lives. They were very open and talked in detail about their families, friendships and gang culture. This enabled them to reflect on their situation and see their errors clearly. This was

This unique style of therapy has proven incredibly successful and has allowed the young people with whom Jane works to be able to gain the support that had often lacked as they were growing up, and has enabled them to develop the self-confidence required to take up the opportunities to expand their emotional, personal and educational skills that will assist them in the long-term.

VTCT offer a range of qualifications in complementary therapies including the following: VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Indian Head Massage (QCF) AM30137 VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology (QCF) AC30405 VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Infant and Child Massage (QCF) AC30267 VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Reiki (QCF) AM30247 For the full list of qualifications offered by VTCT visit our website

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48 | VTCT News

Hairdressing & Barbering | Centre News



aving a disability may discourage some people from pursuing their dream, but not Asnath Losala, a student at Solihull College who is making an impression with her hairdressing skills. South African-born Asnath, who is deaf, is currently studying the VTCT Level 1 Diploma in Hairdressing (AH10238) at the College’s Blossomfield Campus. As part of her course, Asnath recently carried out a work placement at Mr Benn hairdressing salon in Dorridge. Salon Manager Sue Mason comments: “It was a pleasure to have Asnath working in the salon and allowing her to develop her skills. Her shampooing and blow drying abilities were all excellent and way above the level we were expecting. She was great with the customers and didn’t let her disability get in the way of communicating with them and the rest of the team. She is a real inspiration to others and a great role model for the College.” Solihull College has a dedicated team on campus to offer additional support and Asnath has a signer with her in all classes to interpret what is being taught. Asnath’s tutor, Liz Williams, comments: “Asnath is a very focused and determined young person and a pleasure to teach. She has built up a great relationship with her signer which makes it easier for us to teach her the various techniques and theories of hairdressing. To receive this feedback from a work experience employer is extremely pleasing and we are proud that Asnath made such a good impression with both the salon and its clients.” 17-year-old Asnath comments: “I am really enjoying the hairdressing course at Solihull College and Lucy, my signer, has been great at interpreting the different methods to me. We have even created some of our own signs because some of the techniques don’t have any! Growing up in South Africa, I have always been interested in hairdressing as I used to practise the different braiding styles and this is what I want to do in the future when I qualify.”

Asnath works on a client’s hair in the Mr Benn salon.

Solihull College offers the VTCT Level 1, 2 and 3 Diploma in Hairdressing from state-of-the-art salons at its Hair and Beauty Academy, based at the Blossomfield and Woodlands campuses.

VTCT employee Rob Rass recently cycled a gruelling 800 miles beginning at Lands End in Cornwall in aid of a charity close to his heart. The ride was in aid of the Kaloko Trust, a UK-based charity which works to relieve poverty and raise livelihoods in rural communities in Zambia, southern Africa. All funds raised from the ride will go towards enterprise development work in the rural Luansobe region in

Zambia where Rob headed to volunteer for three months straight after his ride. The cycling challenge also aimed to raise awareness about Re-Cycle, who partner with Kaloko in sending around 500 donated bikes each year to Zambia. These bicycles are amazing tools that improve the opportunities and abilities of entrepreneurs and individuals to run their enterprises better. For more information about the ride or to donate to Kaloko visit Rob’s dedicated website:

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Feature | Sport & Active Leisure

Sequence of prevention model application to Patella Tendinopathy [ series 1 ] Sport is one of the most common causes of injuries in modern western society and the consequences to the athlete can be serious. Treating sports injuries is often difficult, expensive and time consuming, thus, preventative strategies and activities such as prehabilitation are justified on medical as well as economic grounds.


ver the past years many terms have been used to describe various conditions related to patella tendinopathy. Terms used relate to tendinitis conditions and tendinosis conditions. Fig 1 highlights tendinitis and tendinotis conditions The histological findings differ between the two, for tendinosis histological findings present separation of collagen bundles, increased hydrophilic ground substance, neovascularisation, and absent inflammatory cells. For tendinitis this has rarely been proven to occur, this may be due to tissue samples not being taken in the acute phase of injury, at the time of pain and inflammation present. The specific terms of tendinitis and tendinosis should only be used after histopathological examination. Patella tendinopathy is the reported term to be used in a clinical situation and encompasses all conditions from tendinitis, tendinosis and jumpers knee. In a clinical situation the term provides a general descriptor of clinical conditions in and around the tendons arising from overuse.

Patella Tendinopathy Figure 1: Tendinitus and Tendinosis conditions



Patellar Tendinitis

Patellar Tendinosis

Patella Apicitis

Partial Tendon Rupture

Jumpers Knee

Patella Tendon Disorder

Patellar Enthesitis

50 | VTCT News

By Nikki Mackay MSc., BSc. (hon.), Cert.Ed. VTCT Chief Verifier for Sport & Active Leisure

Figure 2 : Sequence of prevention model




Extent of problem

(Van-Mechelen 1992)

Sequence of prevention model Reduction measures



Factors and Mechanisms

Implementation of the sequence of prevention Identification of the extent of patella tendinopathy Epidemiology reported covers a broad spectrum of sports and non sporting activities. Activities involving jumping, change of direction, deceleration and those which include a great amount of repetitive movement, such as running and squat are most prevalent. Patella tendinopathy predominantly affects athletes who engage in explosive lower limb movements. Athletes participating in sports such as basketball and volleyball evidence a high incidence, due to the combination of repetition and explosive jumping.

Identification of factors and mechanisms Research strongly indicates the mechanism of injury is the eccentric contraction of the quadriceps during landing, resulting in microscopic tears to the patella tendon and/or quadricep tendon, as the strength of the patella tendon is exceeded. It is the poor healing of these microscopic tears which is reported to be the origin of this overuse syndrome. The exact aetiology is unknown; however a multifactorial approach to injury prevention measures should be used to account for all the aetiological factors involved, including internal and external risk factors. Internal risk factors can be classified into three categories; anatomical, mechanical and biomechanical.

Most prevalent factors identified include poor flexibility and range of movement, incorrect activation of lower limb muscles and muscle imbalances. There is strong evidence to suggest that alteration to the alignment of the extensor mechanism, resulting in increase in stress, load and force transmitted through the extensor mechanism may increase susceptibility.

Introduction of measure likely to reduce future risk and/or severity Measures to be introduced should aim to improve inefficient lower limb biomechanics and musculoskeletal function, improving the absorption of ground reaction forces sustained on landing. It is proposed measures should address improving flexibility, muscle tendon function, pelvic and lower limb kinetic chain, as well as developing power and sports specific function.

Effect of measure The effect of measures identified in stage 3 to reduce future risk and/or severity of injury is out of the scope of this study. Long term studies are required to conclude effectiveness and significance of the measures. Further suggested research is required into the role of prehabilitation and patella tendinopathy, with explicit reference to stage 3. Long term studies focusing on the effectiveness and significance of the preventative measures are required.

Methodology A systematic review will be undertaken to synthesis literature about the specific clinical question that of the application of the sequence of prevention model to patella tendinopathy. Explicit methods are to be used to perform a comprehensive literature search, identify and select eligible studies, and judiciously summarise and analyse the results considering how they vary with study characteristics. Before initiating a measure or programme for preventing sport injuries, identification of the aetiology, risk factors and exact mechanisms of the injury are required. A measure known as the ‘sequence of prevention’ can be implemented to prevent sports injuries. The measure consists of four stages to systematically analyse relevant information (fig. 2). Methodology to be used to search for literature includes Athens and Metalib search engines. Athens contains Springer Link and British Medical Journal collections comprising 22 leading medical titles on specialist clinical areas, public health and evidence based medicine. Science direct allows access to over 1500 scientific, technical and medical peer reviewed journals from publishers including Elsevier Science, which has over 40 million scientific articles and abstracts, and provides links to over 80 other publishers. Terms used in the search will include patella tendinopathy, injury prevention, tendon structure, tendon healing and mechanisms of injury.

References Almekinders, L. and Temple, J. D. (1998). Etiology, diagnosis, and the treatment of tendinosis: an analysis of the literature. Medical Science Sports Exercise. Vol. 30, p.p. 1183 - 1190. Bahr, R. and Krosshaug, T. (2005) Understanding injury mechanisms: a key component of preventing injuries in sport. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Vol. 39, p.p. 324 - 329. Brukner, P. and Khan, K. (2007) Clinical Sports Medicine, 3rd Edition. McGraw and Hill. Sydney, Australia. Dale, B. (2007), Functional rehabilitation for jumpers knee. Athletic Therapy Today vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 7-10 DePalma, M. and Perkins, R. (2004) ‘Patellar Tendinosis: Acute patellar tendon rupture and jumper’s knee’. The Physician and Sportsmedicine. Vol. 32, no. 5. Koutouris, A. and Cook, J. (2007) Rehabilitation of Achilles and patellae tendinopathies. Best Practice and Research Clinical Rheumatology. Vol. 21, no. 2, p.p. 295 – 316. Maganaris, C., Marco, N., Almekinders, L. and Maffulli, N. (2004) Biomechanics and pathophysiology of overuse tendon injuries: ideas on insertional tendinopathy. Sports Medicine. Vol. 34, no. 14, p.p. 1005 – 1017. Parkkari, J., Kujala, U. and Kannus, P. (2001) Is it possible to prevent sports injuries? Review of controlled clinical trials and recommendations for future work. Sports Medicine. Vol. 31, no. 14, p.p. 985 – 995. Pearce, P.Z. (2006), Prehabilitation: Preparing young athletes for sports. Current Sports Medicine Reports vol. 5, pp. 155-160 Peers, K. and Lysens, R. (2005) ‘Patellar tendinopathy in athletes: Current diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations’. Journal of Sports Medicine. Vol. 35, no. 1, p.p. 71 – 87. Renstrom, P. and Johnson, R. (1985) Overuse injuries in sports: A review. Sports Medicine. Vol. 2, p.p. 316 – 333. Safran, M.R., Seaber, A.V. and Garrett, W.E. (1989) Warm up and muscular injury prevention. American Journal Sports Medicine. Vol. 16, p.p. 123 – 129. Sharma, P. and Maffulli, N. (2005) ‘Tendon injury and tendinopathy: healing and repair: current concepts review’. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Vol. 87A, no. 1, p.p. 187 – 196. Van-Mechelen, W., Hlobil, H. and Kemper, H. (1992) Incidence, severity, aetiology and prevention of sports injuries. A review of concepts. Journal of Sports Medicine. Vol. 14, no. 2, p.p. 82 - 99.

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Centre News | Beauty Therapy

Spa at the Grand Jersey Hotel


group of students from Telford College were offered a unique opportunity to work at a five-star hotel on the island of Jersey for the summer. The four students - Tatum Rhodes, Tamlyn Donovan, Brogan Watson and Chantelle Cord – all completed their VTCT Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy (AB30029) in April this year before jetting off to the island to take up posts in the award winning Spa at the Grand Jersey Hotel. Following an internal application process the Grand Jersey HR Manager, Andy Dentten, visited Telford College to conduct interviews with the four applicants. Andy was so impressed with the calibre of the candidates that he offered all four the opportunity to go forward to the next stage of the process. After the interviews he had this say;

52 | VTCT News

“The four students that I had the pleasure of meeting were a credit to the college. Their passion for the subject was fantastic and I sincerely hope that they pass the upcoming trade tests with flying colours. If they are as good in practice as their enthusiasm suggests then they will have a very bright future indeed” The girls were then invited for two days to the Grand Jersey Hotel where a number of interviews and trade tests were carried out. At the end of our visit it was announced that all four young ladies had been successful in gaining employment at the spa. For Tatum Rhodes from Dawley speaks of how much the opportunity means to her. “Since I was six I have been really interested in make-up and beauty and the course at Telford College has been brilliant”. Tatum Rhodes, Brogan Watson, Chantelle Cord & Tamlyn Donovan get ready to board their flight to Jersey.

London Marathon | Centre News


alesowen College students will be doing their bit for charity during the London Marathon by carrying out massages for the runners raising money for Children with Cancer UK.

M arathon assage M

Students studying the VTCT Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 (AF30029) and Level 4 (AF40022) travelled to London to ease the aches and pains of the many runners raising money for the national charity. The idea came from Charmaine Fagan, a lecturer at Halesowen College, who also ran the marathon for the charity. Naomi Boswell, at Halesowen College, said: “This is a great opportunity for our students to put their skills to the test while supporting such a good cause. “The London Marathon is a fantastic fundraising event and it was great to be a part of it.”


his year, over 120 students from Sports Therapy UK headed to the capital to help ease the limbs of the runners in the 2012 London Marathon.

The students studying on the VTCT Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 (AF30029) and Level 4 (AF40022) massaged over 900 runners on the day. Sue Tyler from Sports Therapy UK said: “All in all it was a great day and we would be happy to do it all again next year”. For Sports Therapy UK, this was their 18th year supporting the runners for more than 10 different charities giving their students invaluable hands-on experience.



TCT would like to offer its congratulations to Matthew Loddy, who ran an amazing 100 marathons in 100 days in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust and the Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted a charity supported by CDS - VTCT's print management company. The 46-year-old businessman from Berkhamsted began his journey in Lagos, Portugal, having never run a full marathon before. Since starting

the challenge, Matthew has run from the Algarve in Portugal, through Spain, France and even across the channel thanks to a treadmill set up on the ferry. His final stint was the London Marathon, which he, surprisingly, ran faster than the 99 before! Visit Matthew’s daily blog and history page for more information behind his epic challenge:

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Feature | Hospitality & Catering

With the hospitality & catering industry booming, VTCT has decided to jump on the bandwagon with the launch of their brand new suite of qualifications. VTCT’s Hospitality & Catering Development Officer Tracay Mead tells us why this is the perfect time to train for a career in the industry... Do you work in one of the UK’s best workplaces? Well, Accor, the global hotel chain, and Summer Isles Hotel in Achiltibuie, North West Scotland, are great places to work according to the Great Place to Work Institute. This is a far cry from the image many of us have of the working environment within the hospitality and catering industry. I am sure that when some of us talk to parents/guardians about careers in hospitality and catering, we are made to feel as if we are suggesting that their precious child is sent up a coal fire chimney to clean it with nothing but a dirty cloth.

how the industry is creatively responding to these very tough times and, on a more positive note, the Olympics are nearly upon us. At the time of writing, I did a bit of research on current job opportunities: there are openings for a head chef and pastry chef in Mallorca, Spain; an executive housekeeper is needed for a 5* cruise liner, with four months on and two months off; a sommelier wanted for a rooftop restaurant in central London; and a food and beverage manager wanted at a top hotel in Bahrain. What opportunities! What an industry!

Those of us ‘in the know’ are aware of the fantastic opportunities available for trained and qualified employees within the industry. Even in these very difficult financial times there are still 150 Michelinstarred restaurants and pubs in Scotland, England and Wales. 36 are in London and all of the four 3* restaurants are in the London/ Maidenhead area, but I live within 40 minutes drive of at least four Michelin-starred restaurants. As we all know, necessity is the mother of invention and we can all see

There is a lot of very positive action taking place to raise the profile of working within the industry, and a number of organisations are working together more effectively to make the best use of the resources available. VTCT is exploring how it can best support this effort, much as they do with the hair and beauty industry, but I am primarily concerned with providing useful resources and expert support. I am sure we all agree that teaching/ assessing remains as fulfilling and challenging as ever so, to support

54 | VTCT News

both learners and delivery staff, VTCT’s Record of Assessment books are designed to provide clear tracking and a detailed unit syllabus/content so everyone knows what is expected and how best to achieve. As you will know, the learning outcomes for qualifications are controlled by sector skills councils and have to be followed by all awarding organisations. What sets us apart is the quality of the unit syllabus/content, the support material produced, the guidance and advice available, and the CPD opportunities. VTCT’s dedicated and experienced hospitality and catering unit writers have been working very hard to write informative and instructive unit syllabi/content. They are all current lecturers/ teachers/assessors or have recently taught/assessed hospitality and catering, and their experience is vital for creating useful and suitable unit content. Our website is constantly being updated with newly completed Record of Assessment books, which we know from our other

There is a lot of very positive action taking place to raise the profile of working within the industry ... VTCT is exploring how it can best support this effort ... but I am primarily concerned with providing useful resources and expert support.

'Don’t count the calories' Banana and Mars bar

pudding. Cooking time: 20 minutes approx, times may vary depending on the heat of the grill.

sectors are really well received by both learners and delivery teams. Please take a look as I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the detail of the syllabus/content for all our VRQs. I am sure that most lecturers/teachers would like to be more creative when it comes to creating tasks and assessment scenarios. To help with this, over the next 18 months I am going to be working on providing additional support materials and off-the-shelf assessment scenarios. The customer service team at VTCT are knowledgeable, happy to help and provide excellent first line support, and I am contactable by telephone or email. We are also recruiting External Verifiers, and encourage applications from those who currently internally verify hospitality and catering qualifications. I appreciate that we are in a recession and that we are all looking to save money as we face a cut in our budgets, be it personal or work related. VTCT’s qualification costs are extremely competitive and offer real value for money. Hospitality and catering will be offered as an

e-portfolio from August this year, the cost of which is part of the published fees for the qualifications. The usual £16 lifelong registration fee for learners is also being offered as part of the registration fee for all hospitality and catering learners during 2012/13. I am sure you will agree this offers a real saving. On a final note, as we head towards the summer, remember the learner you didn’t think was going to make it past the first term but has now finished and passed and has more self-confidence? You helped make that happen, so pat yourself on the back and hold onto the fact that one day, in their future, they will be thankful for all your help and support!

If you are interested in finding out more about VTCT’s new Hospitality & Catering qualifications visit uk or contact Tracay Mead on:

A very simple pud for the barbecue or bonfire. All you need is a banana, a mars bar and some foil. • Take a banana still in its skin, cut open the banana lengthways along the inside curve (not in half) creating a pocket. • Slice the Mars bar (or similar) lengthways into three, then push carefully into the pocket. You should be able to stuff one to two bananas with one Mars bar depending on the banana size and how much you love chocolate. • Wrap the stuffed banana in foil by taking an oblong piece of foil, placing the banana in the centre on its back, gathering the foil over the banana, and sealing by rolling the foil towards the centre of the banana. Place on the BBQ. If you are careful, you should be able to stand the banana on its back. • Carefully remove from the BBQ, open the foil to make sure the chocolate has melted and is soft and gooey, and then eat with a spoon out of the skin.

Download your Hospitality & Catering brochure now at 50th Anniversary Edition | 55

I'm a masseuse,

GET ME OUT OF HERE! It was going back to the bare necessities that inspired the creation of one successful VTCT centre. 20 years on, Gill Tree, Managing Director at Essentials for Health, tells us all about her jungle journey.

Essentials for Health, the VTCT Massage and Sports Massage School in central London is run by Gill, who has an interesting tale to tell about why she decided to create the school, which this year reaches its 20th in the industry.

When I got back home from Kenya, clichéd as it may sound, I really felt that I’d been brought back for a higher purpose

The direction of Gill’s life changed after a trip to Kenya. She was a central London Social Worker at the time and a rookie climber, but decided with a friend to embark on a climbing escapade – one that would change her life forever. After climbing Mount Kenya

to almost 17,000 feet and disorientated by altitude sickness, she became lost for several days. Gill was finally rescued by a team of local villagers on Christmas Eve. On her return to the UK, after much soul searching, Gill decided that she wanted to change the world through the healing power of touch and so created Essentials for Health. In the past two decades the school has trained thousands of people to be therapists in massage, sports massage, infant massage and aromatherapy. “I never imagined that going on holiday would change my life forever. I had done a massage course and had fallen in love with it. I call it following the whispers; something was pushing me in the direction of becoming a massage teacher. When I got back home from Kenya, clichéd as it may sound, I really felt that I’d been brought back for a higher purpose."

In May, TLT Academy London celebrated its 12th birthday. The Academy started its life as an innovation from CEO Laraine Morris who wanted to address market demand for high quality beauty therapy, hairdressing and complementary therapy training. The past dozen years have seen the company develop with four new premises to operate the business. The team has grown to over 22 members of staff and the learner numbers increase year on year. TLT Enterprises is another of Laraine’s companies which design, develop and manufacture a variety of innovative training aids for the beauty industry. The training aids give centres the opportunity to maximise learner classroom participation and develop confidence and skills within a number of beauty treatments creating a revolutionary resource for the modern classroom. The full range will be available through the VTCT e-shop very soon. During their birthday week TLT exhibited at the VTCT Gold event to showcase the training aids.

The TLT & VTCT teams at Gold

If the excitement of the show was not enough later that week was the TLT Academy fashion show, an annual fundraising event where all the learners from TLT Academy got to showcase their Hair and Beauty work. The judges came from a variety of backgrounds including VTCT Regional Centre Adviser, Cath Kidman and Senior EV Donna Waugh. The birthday week as you can see was a very successful snapshot of the year ahead as well as a celebration of the hard work and dedication of all the TLT staff.


50th Anniversary Edition | 57

Feature | Beauty Therapy


The explosion of techniques used in facials has created an opening for VTCT Beauty Therapy qualifications to give trainees the opportunity to see how rewarding a career in this high-growth industry can be, says beauty educator Yvonne Sullivan.

Yvonne Sullivan is the founder of Beauty Training Harrow, a teaching academy in north west London which offers flexible hours for new therapists and those looking for ’Fast-Track’ VTCT NVQ courses in beauty.

Our skin is the outfit we wear every day so it’s not surprising that the facial is reportedly the second most popular treatment in UK salons today.

will have to develop a greater level of understanding of developments in the industry to match the need for increased specialisation.

For thousands of years, women have been keen to harness the power of the facial to look younger. Even Ancient Egyptians such as Queen Cleopatra were obsessed with anti-ageing – she is believed to have coated herself in mud from the Dead Sea every day in an effort to keep her skin looking young and fresh.

The current VTCT qualifications provide an important grounding in both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to succeed in the industry.

While much has changed since Cleopatra’s time, the basic principles of the facial remains the same. These include the application of creams and lotions to rejuvenate the face, cleanse pores and aid the removal of dead skin. Above all, facials still seek to leave the skin looking fresher, brighter and revitalised. However, while the aims of the treatment have not changed, recent years and technological developments have seen an explosion of new methods and tools to achieve these results. Together with a growing number of antiageing products rolling into the beauty industry, this decade has witnessed the first wave of therapists who are concentrating solely on the facial. The UK beauty industry is taking heed of this trend and it seems clear that we will continue to see growth in the number of beauty therapists specialising in this area. Advances in skin science, innovative tools and new techniques are extending the value of the beauty industry, which is already worth over £5 billion. This growth is a fantastic opportunity. But for this potential to be realised VTCT students

58 | VTCT News

New techniques and their use of Medi-facials, OXYjet facials, and skin needling are just a few of the new techniques that are being added to the arsenal of beauty therapists worldwide. This collection of innovations ranges from super-modern facials, such as the OXYjet facial – this uses high-tech equipment to apply concentrated oxygen to the skin – to the revival of classic facial formulas such as the medi-facial. This uses the peelings of citric fruits to provide a gentler, natural alternative to the chemical lotions normally applied. Another popular development has been that of skin-needling. In this treatment skin-needling rollers are used to naturally stimulate the collagen and elastin in the skin. This technique“micro-perforates” the topmost layer of the skin with tiny needles – also called dermal rollers. The aim of this is to help remove scars, improve stretch marks, reduce cellulite and even lessen the effects of wrinkles. These are just a handful of examples of innovations within a vibrant industry. Newly-qualified therapists could gain immeasurably from awareness that such a variety of treatments exist, and the knowledge that work in beauty therapy provides constant opportunities to learn, to innovate and to develop specialisation.


ty Pocket Gu e f a S & h lt a He



Call the Habia sales team on 0845 6 123555 to place your order or shop on line at ide.indd 1

ety Pocket Gu

Health & Saf

50th Anniversary Edition | 59

60 | VTCT News

Apprenticeships | VTCT News

Apprenticeships The latest figures released show that a staggering 954,000 young people in England were not in employment, education or training (NEET) during the first quarter of 2012.

MP Catherine McKinnell has been campaigning on apprenticeships since becoming an MP in 2010, after presenting her own Bill in Parliament that would make providing apprenticeships a compulsory part of bidding for public sector contracts. Catherine tells VTCT News why apprenticeships are so important:

That is a rise of 29,000 compared with the same time last year and compared with 2008, it is 143,000 higher. This news, coupled with the hike in university tuition fees means that young people need more options and are tending to choose a vocational path rather than an academic route into employment.

The government says it is working to bring down these shocking figures by improving schools, overhauling vocational education and boosting the apprenticeship programme. VTCT has reacted to this information by improving on its apprenticeship offer, creating a stronger, more desirable and competent package of apprenticeships. The package aims to give real people, the opportunity to gain real education and skills which will give them a chance of actual employment.

Apprenticeships play a vital role in helping young people into the workplace and giving them the skills and confidence they need to forge a career. In turn, apprenticesare usually dedicated and committed workers who become a vital part of their employers’ businesses.  The wider benefits that they bring to the local economy and society cannot be underestimated.”  Robert Halfon MP, Co-Chair of AllParty Group for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning tells us why he thinks Apprenticeships are so vital for our country’s young people:

Apprenticeships are not just about economic efficiency; they are about social justice as well. If we give young people real opportunities for skills and training, we get them off the street, give them stability and a real chance of a job for the future. That is why I took on the first ever MP’s apprentice and set up the Parliamentary Academy, a genuine apprentice school in the House of Commons.” VTCT currently offers apprenticeship packages in the following sectors; Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing & Barbering, Sport & Active Leisure, Hospitality & Catering, Retail and Customer Service. VTCT prides itself on its all-inclusive and exceptional value for money apprenticeship packages. VTCT apprenticeship packages include all framework components as outlined in the Specifications of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE).

A VTCT Apprenticeship package includes: • Lifetime registration fee • Competence qualification (e.g. NVQ) • Knowledge qualification (sometimes referred to as a technical certificate) (where applicable) • Transferable skills e.g. Functional Skills • Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) (where applicable) • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) (optional) • Learner e-portfolio • Online assessments • Professional and learner-friendly record of assessment books to support all units and qualifications

50th Anniversary Edition | 61

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GREAT BRITISH APPRENTICES The following household names are living proof that bagging that apprenticeship can lead to success. They all started their impressive careers as apprentices in their field and used the experience as a launching board to build their futures.

Jamie Oliver may be one of the country’s most famous chefs but did you know that he started his career as an apprentice? Growing up in his Dad’s pub he knew that he wanted to work in food and after going to catering college, started his apprenticeship, learning hard in the kitchens. He trained under some great chefs and soon went on to write cookbooks, have his own TV shows and open many restaurants. Jamie is now a firm believer in vocational hands-on training for young people, offering numerous catering apprenticeships through his restaurant Fifteen.

Jamie Oliver

Vidal Sassoon

John Frieda John Frieda started out as an apprentice in a hair salon, carrying out menial jobs like sweeping up hair cuttings. John’s father was also a hairdresser and when John left school he started training in the salon. Fast forward a few years and he’s a celebrity hairstylist, tending to the tresses of the rich and famous, and flogging his hair products on the TV.

Vidal Sassoon’s hairdressing career began when he was just 14 and working an apprenticeship as a “shampoo boy” during the Second World War. He opened his first salon in London in 1954, which eventually became a worldwide chain with shops across the United Kingdom and United States. Vidal Sassoon will go down in history as one of Britain’s most successful hairdressing talents.

Gordon Ramsay A successful chef and TV personality, Gordon Ramsay started his career as a catering apprentice. Ramsay has been awarded a total of 13 Michelin stars, with numerous thriving restaurants and television programmes across the world. Gordon has become one of the globes most well-known chefs – all stemming from his somewhat unintentional enrolment at catering college, which he has since described as ‘an accident, a complete accident’.

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Jenna receiving her award for ‘most valuable contribution to vocational skills'.

Sir Anthony Bamford Sir Anthony Bamford, whose career began with a two-year apprenticeship at Massey Ferguson before he took over the construction equipment company, topped the list of Britain’s wealthiest people who have taken apprenticeships or other vocational qualifications. He is now the Managing Director of JCB and is worth an estimated £2 billion.


orldSkills judge and vocational training supporter, Jenna Bailey has been awarded an MBE for her contribution to the sector. Jenna spoke to VTCT News about the honour.

Tell us about your work that lead to your MBE... I competed in WorldSkills in Canada 1999, came second and achieved a Certificate of Excellence. From then on I have been the Associate Trainer for WorldSkills and I have judged regional and national competitions for VTCT. I also train competitors in my own work place, achieving over 15 medals and placements and promote vocational skills for BTEC and the Houses of Parliament. At WorldSkills London 2011 I worked as workshop supervisor (competition organiser). Another highlight was winning the ‘most valuable contribution to vocational skills’ award. I will also be involved in the Skills Show in November at the NEC Birmingham. How long have you been working with VTCT as a WorldSkills judge and what exactly does your role involve?

Linda Bennett Linda Bennett, founder of retail giant LK Bennett is now worth a staggering £70million after beginning her career in the fashion world as an apprentice in Paris studying shoe design. In 1990, Linda Bennett opened the first LK Bennett shop in Wimbledon with her own savings.

Stella McCartney Now a world famous name in fashion and exclusive designer of the 2012 Team GB Olympic kit, Stella’s career began in her teens. Working as an apprentice for Christian Lacroix and Betty Jackson soon bore fruit when, aged just 25, Stella beat 41 other hopefuls to land the top job at the Paris-based fashion house, Chloe, previously held by Karl Lagerfeld.

I have worked as a VTCT WorldSkills judge since 2007 which involves travelling to where the heats / nationals are located, judging against a marking scheme and giving feedback to the competitors. More than anything, making the competitors feel at ease so that they perform at their best. Do you enjoy your work as a WorldSkills judge? It is addictive - not only because of my competitive nature and my passion for promoting vocational skills but also seeing standards improve year on year. The competitors that we meet are amazing, they have such bravery for even doing the competition in the first place and I always have my eye out for potential WorldSkills international competitors. How important do you feel WorldSkills is? Extremely important. Vocational skills are essential for the economy and WorldSkills promotes how important they are and raises their profile. When were you awarded the MBE? It was announced in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list on Saturday 16th June. How did it feel? When I found I was very shocked that someone could be kind enough to do all the hard work that it takes to complete this kind of nomination and was really chuffed to see that my work over the past 13 years for WorldSkills has been recognised. Is there anything you would like to add? I would like to thank VTCT not only for giving me the opportunities to judge their competitions but also for providing such a high standard of competition which makes myself and Sue Simpson’s (WorldSkills Training Manager) job much easier when they get to us at WorldSkills.

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