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Black holes in 5D?

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center of black holes, beyond the ‘event horizon’, where the gravitational “pull” becomes so strong that there is no escape. Hence, it cannot be observed from the outside. But a naked singularity would be visible from the outside and, theoretically, we would actually be able to witness the laws of physics break down. The ring-shaped black holes can only exist in a space with five or more dimensions. Unfortunately, our current perception and understanding of the Universe limits our space-time within four familiar dimensions. And general relativity lives to fight another day. M.K.


March 5, 2016, DJI, Manhattan, NewYork. DJI is a Chinese technology company who is globally known for their aerial imaging platforms and stabilizers. They allow for both armateurs and professionals to unleash their creativity and take cinematography to the skies. DJI’s newest release, the Phantom 4, takes matters to a new level through the implementation of cutting-edge software and sensors. The quad-copter is capable of actively following a subject, whilst avoiding any obstacles in its path. Dual compass modules and Inertial Measurement Units allow the Phantom 4 to constantly check the data it is receiving, ensuring the smoothest possible flight, regardless of the situation. This allows for anyone to produce breathtaking aerial

March 6, 2016 The 300-foot monstrosity was originally designed for the US Army’s Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle program. However due to budget cutbacks, the Army abandoned the project and the original designers at Hybrid Air Vehicles, bought it back for a fraction of the cost. The Airlander 10, having been altered for other purposes, is now only weeks from its maiden flight. N.R.

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pictures and seamless video footage. With innovation taking out all the guesswork, perhaps artificial intelligence is just around the corner. N.R.

March 6, 2016 Symmetrical blue jets of gas ejected from the core of Hen 2-437, a bipolar nebula. The icy-blue lobes are formed due the material expelled by the dying star. M.K.

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February 18, 2016, University of Cambridge Researchers have successfully simulated the dynamics of ring-shaped black holes in a 5-D space, using supercomputers. Black holes, already fascinating in 4-D space, could proceed to “break” the laws of physics (as we know them) in 5-D space. The simulation shows a ring-shaped black hole splitting into numerous small black holes, leading to a ‘naked singularity’ which would nullify general relativity. A singularity is a point where gravity is so intense that space, time, and the laws of physics, break down. This point exists at the

March 3, 2016, Hubble Space Telescope The Hubble Space Telescope has once again astonished everyone with its capabilities. Recently so by measuring the distance to the most far-out galaxy ever recorded. This galaxy, known as the GN-z11, is around 13.3 billion light-years away. This essentially means that we are looking at light coming from a galaxy that existed 400 million years after the Big-Bang, when the Universe was just about 3% of its current age. Not only is this a significant leap “back-in-time”, it is also a testament to the HST for exceeding its own expectations. M.K.

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March 2, 2016, Kazakhstan 11:27 PM EST (Kazakhstan time), the Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft landed successfully back on Earth. Present on–board the spacecraft was NASA’s astronaut Scott Kelly along with Russian cosmonauts; Mikhail Kornienko & Sergey Volkov. Kelly, along with Kornienko, returned back to the Earth after nearly a year (340 days) in space. This, by far, was the longest stay in space by any astronaut and is seen as a vital opportunity to study the effects of prolonged spaceflight effects on humans… since we are aiming to head to Mars soon enough. M.K.

February 19, 2016, Mojave, CA Richard Branson recently unveiled his highly anticipated SpaceShipTwo at a ceremony in Mojave California. The new vehicle is the first vehicle to be manufactured by The Spaceship Company, Virgin Galactic’s wholly owned manufacturing arm, and is the second vehicle of its design ever constructed. Stephan Hawking named the craft the “VSS Unity” in hope to bring people together in our conquest for space. N.R. LEONARDO TIMES N°2 2016


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Leonardo Times April 2016