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ONE OF A KIND Discovering and improving the BAC Mono Tom Schouten, Student Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft In October 2015 I started my six month internship at Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) in Liverpool. BAC was founded in 2009 by the brothers Neil and Ian Briggs and is the manufacturer of the BAC Mono, a single seater road legal sports car, inspired to bring the Formula 1 experience to the road. Pablo is a Spanish TU Delft master student in the Spaceflight track and we were working at BAC simultaneously. The small company and limited number of people in engineering meant the focus was mostly on incremental upgrades of the Mono instead of research



he Mono is lightweight, under 600kg, due to the tubular space frame chassis and carbon composite body panels. The sequential Hewland gearbox, directly derived from Formula 3, is a structural component, bearing all rear suspension loads. The 2,5L four cylinder Mountune engine delivers over 300bhp, making the Mono both quick (0-60mph in 2,8s) and fast (top speed of 170mph). This all combined with the central seating location and low center of gravity makes for a unique experience. This experience is further brought to the customers by delivering fully bespoke liveries and a seat and steering wheel molded to the driver’s posture, ensuring each Mono is ‘one of a kind’.

and development: evolution versus revolution. Being part of a small engineering team meant my responsibilities went beyond the technical aspect of things. I was expected to design prototypes, contact suppliers and test my proposed solutions. Personally I enjoyed this side of my work as much as the technical design for Mono. It was very satisfying to be involved in and responsible for a project from conceptual design to implementation.

ENGINEERING INTERN My role at BAC was as a junior design engineer. The description stated in my contract was very open: to be involved in future model year options meaning my work at BAC was varied. This was one of the main reasons to choose BAC as an internship location. The size of the company was another reason from the start of my internship I was treated as an integral member of the team of 25 people. Of these 25, only four were working fulltime in engineering, including Pablo and myself. 34


Mono assembly in progress at BAC headquarters, Liverpool.

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Leonardo Times April 2016  

Leonardo Times April 2016