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Using Lawn Treatments To Eradicate Armadillo Digging Activity Armadillos are nocturnal feeders that forage for insects and bugs, and often they cause considerable destruction of lawns as they dig up their nightly prey. If you are having a persistent armadillo problem, you might want to consider finding a repellent pesticide treatment for your lawn. The right product can be highly effective in preventing nocturnal digging activity when it's used properly. Repellent treatments will typically contain inactive and active components. Inactive components may be granules or pellets which offer a hard, protective shell for the active ingredients. This makes it possible for active ingredients which could cause irritation or harm to be shielded from your skin. The process of delivery also keeps active ingredients intact inspite of the effects of weather, and makes for a longer shelf life. You need to make certain you find a product that is organically derived. These products can be created from a number of natural, food grade minerals, spices and oils and can be bought at your local organic garden supply store or online. Make sure that you find out all of the ingredients involved in a repellent pesticide, in order to ensure that no harmful substances are introduced into your lawn. In an effective product, there won't be any need for harsh synthetic chemicals and these chemicals could pose many risks to individuals, both during application and after. Buying a safe, organic product will also help to ensure that you are not doing harm to the environment. An effective repellent should simply create a benign, chemical free layer on top of the soil of your lawn that will deter destructive armadillo digging activity. These repellents work well in the right conditions, since they target armadillos' keen sense of smell. The repellant, whether in granules or pellet form, needs to be spread evenly on the lawn. Watering, as the external shell is softened, will allow the treatment to be activated and the active ingredients will be able to extract themselves. These extracted repellents are soaked up into the soil, creating a treated layer in the surface of your lawn's soil. This layer is going to be extremely unpleasant to any wandering armadillo looking for a place to dig. Select a product that has active ingredients that aren't water soluble, so they won't easily wash away within a couple of days. In truth, depending on your lawns conditions, the protective barrier you develop in your topsoil might remain effective for as long as 2 months. Making use of this type of simple pesticide repellent barrier should deter most animals with very keen sense of smell, and they ought to learn quickly that there are better places to go digging for a meal. With 33% of the armadillo's brain being devoted to olfactory data processing, it has been stated that their sense of smell is even more developed than that of dogs. This highly-developed sense of smell might help make sense of how armadillos get by with such poor eyesight. Actually, they've been shown to be capable of finding food buried up to six inches deep with their nose alone. Because of this keen sense of smell, a good, organically-based repellent, carefully placed on your lawn, could go a long way to reducing unwanted digging. Remember that efficiency of a treatment will differ, depending on how frequently and how much the treated area is watered, and the size of the local population of foraging armadillos. You will be able to get the most effective method of treatment from a local or online retailer.

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Using Lawn Treatments To Eradicate Armadillo Digging Activity Yard Gard is a great choice for those considering a pesticide that is natural and completely safe for use. Additional information on Yard Gard are attainable on the business' website,

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Using Lawn Treatments To Eradicate Armadillo Digging Activity