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Ventura Social Services Task Force Dedicated to Ending Homelessness Final Minutes of the Regular Meeting 01/09/2008 I. Attendance (39) Neal Andrews; Barbara Asbell; Leonard Bega; Blake Biederman; Jack Broms; Peter Brown; Doddy Cameron; Cindy Cantle; Harold Cartlidge; Sherry Cash; Jan Christian; Kevin Clerici; David Deutsch; Rob Edwards; Margot Everett; Dorothy Fasthorse; Les Goldberg; Debbie Halstead; Lee Hodges; Jeffery Howard; John Jones; Karl Keller; Eunice Koch; Shelli Locklear; Jill Martinez; Donna Mason; Gerry McGuire; Mike Merewether; Kate Mills; Kathleen Morris; Ed Moses; Rick Pearson; Jewel Pedi; Michael Perry; Clyde Reynolds; George Roberts; Debora Schreiber; Karol Schulkin; Mark Stadler; Jan Standing-Roberts; Emily Warmann. II. Old Business A. Status of the anti-panhandling program (Peter Brown) (15 min) 1. Report The poster was out 3 weeks ago in the downtown area, and will be expanded as resources allow. There are PSAs on Coast and Clear Channel radio stations. The poster refers to for donations. The idea is for panhandlers to move toward self-sufficiency. 2. Discussion A sweep has alienated some we're trying to help. We didn't reach consensus before this program started. We had an existing structure to take care of aggressive panhandlers. Look at Ten Year Plan objectives: trust, collaboration, innovation; working together. VPD are enforcing aggressive and prohibited (on private property, to ATM and other waiting lines, on a roadway center divider) panhandling. Only 13 citations have been issued since 12/11. Relevant codes are: Sec. 10.100.020, Panhandling in Prohibited Places; Sec. 10.100.040, re Aggressive Panhandling. 12/11 was the arbitrary date of the start of more aggressive enforcement. One person reported her citation was for Unlawful Solicitation. 3. Actions Consensus that panhandling is not a Task Force issue.
 B. Progress on the city staff social worker (Peter Brown) (10 min)
 1. Report Ken Belden started last Monday, supporting Ten Year Plan Recommendation #8. Ken will work with the chronic homeless in the Downtown area, assisting the homeless with accessing services -- a case management program for those not already in systems. Ken has an MA in Social Work, and this work counts toward his license. Ken will assist in obtaining resources, especially in light of reductions in 2034 funds. Ken Belden's cell is 320-2558. 
 2. Discussion Ken will be working with about 30 non profits. 
 3. Actions None.

C. Report from the VSSTF Housing Options Subcommittee (Jill Martinez, Loretta McCarty) (10 min) 1. Report Proposals: $15K total to hire a part-time person to move 4 people out of River Haven by 6/30; including $3K to create a revolving loan fund for rent deposits. Also $4K for two "Bridges Out of Poverty" seminars, and $2K for one "Applying Bridges Concepts" seminar. Initiate a "Circles Campaign" using these concepts funded with an additional $20K. Jodie Fahr is one of the key presenters, and developing the campaign. Use these programs to secure community participation. Donna O'Neil's office has meeting place that could be used by others in the evening. 2. Discussion None. 3. Actions The next (2nd Wednesday) Housing Options Subcommittee meeting will be 6:30-8:30 PM Wednesday January 9, at the Topping Room, immediately left of E.P. Foster library, 651 East Main Street, Ventura. D. Report from the VSSTF Homeless Prevention Subcommittee (Cindy Cantle) (10 min) 1. Report Their 12/18 meeting resulted in agreement on the proposed two events (as reported last month: a Spring invitation-only briefing for community leaders; and a Fall wholecommunity meeting such as Homeless Connect; both using the services of an event planning consultant). The total balance is currently $12,700 in the Homeless Prevention fund. One family was helped in December, due to medical expenses. The Salvation Army is handling January disbursements. About 13 families have been helped so far. 2. Discussion We're about $20,000 on the way to $60K goal. 3. Actions The next (4th Wednesday) Homeless Prevention Subcommittee meeting will be 4:305:30 PM Wednesday January 23 at Supervisor Bennett's offices, Government Center, Ventura. E. Report from the VSSTF Community Education Subcommittee (Karl Keller) (10 min) 1. Report The short meeting handled Speakers Bureau items. Karl Keller presented a $6,000 web site proposal, that might house publicly our calendar of meetings, a "Parking Lot" of ideas, links to information, stories, pictures (perhaps a mini newspaper). We agreed on the need for a web presence. 2. Discussion A blog would be good to have for ideas. For anyone in the community. Could this be a school or college project? Be careful of the reliability of volunteers. 3. Actions The next (2nd Tuesday) Community Education Subcommittee meeting will be 3:00-5:00 PM Tuesday January 8, at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 5654 Ralston, Ventura.

F. Progress on proposals for VSSTF and committee projects to be funded by the City. (Karl Keller, Cindy Cantle, Jill Martinez, Loretta McCarty) (20 min) 1. Report 2. Discussion 3. Actions The VSSTF and Committee Chairs must meet soon to prepare a total proposal. G. Update on Winter Shelter operations (Karol Schulkin) (5 min) 1. Report About 100 people per night. 2. Discussion Can use rain slicks and ponchos. Call Karol, 987-6892, to donate. 3. Actions none III. New Business A. Task Force elections (15 min): The following were elected with no opposing votes: 1. Chair - Karl Keller 2. Vice-Chair - John Jones 3. Recording Secretary - Sherry Cash, Debora Schreiber. Clyde Reynolds moved that the Steering Committee consist, for 2008, of four people as above. Harold Cartlidge seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. IV. Networking - your events, fundraisers, position openings, etc. (10 min) A. Update on "One Stop Shop" (Kate Mills) It starts 22 Jan at VCPublic Health. Posters are available. It provides a full spectrum of services weekly. Coffee, goodies, sack lunches, as well. It will be organized to minimize long registration lines. For info, call Kate at 652-6111. V. Next (1st Wednesday) Meeting Our next regular meeting is 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Wednesday February 6 at Family to Family, 303 N Ventura Ave # B, Ventura CA 93001. Respectfully Submitted, Karl B. Keller, Steering Committee Chair Phone: 805.212.4856 (Subject "VSSTF")


Final Minutes of the Regular Meeting 01/09/2008 II. Old Business I. Attendance (39)