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Dear Friends, Looking back over the past year, there is much to be proud of and grateful for. This, our first annual report, will detail VSPCA’s major activities and accomplishments, and I urge you as members, donors, sponsors and partners to take the time to learn more about the animal welfare organisation you support. I’ll use Sparky as an example of why we’re all in this together. His owner loved this dog, as a father loves his son, wanting nothing but the best for him and a chance for a better life. He had reached out to me because he knew I could help. Not on my own, but as a member of VSPCA. On our own we are limited, but as a team and a movement we are limitless. So, on a hot, cloudless April day in the Mespo countryside, we climbed up slippery hillsides only frequented by worn-out flip-flops and bare feet calloused from poverty. I listened as he explained how he loved this dog more than anything. He had to keep him chained because he was injured, but insisted that on Sundays he was allowed to play and run around. But, the more he moved, the hungrier he became. After 10 minutes of climbing, we were greeted with smiles from small children, a woman pulling down clothes from the line, and a dog with just a spark of life left in him to wag his tail as his friend returned. Sparky, it was clear, loved this man too. But the scarcity and inconsistency in feeding were breaking him down. It didn’t matter that his head was weighted by a heavy, metal-hooped, clanking chain – he did not have the energy to move. Sparky was on his way out of this life. Protruding ribs were exaggerated with each inhale and exhale, and deep-set, rich brown eyes spoke without words. A month-old leg wound that would have healed in a week’s time had it been adequately tended to, lingered with evident pain and infection. After a few emotional moments of the family saying their good-byes, I promised that anytime they wanted to visit Sparky at his new home they could, and I would do my best to keep them updated with improvements in his condition. We got Sparky into the volunteer-manned vehicle, and that night he ate like a canine king.

OUR VOLUNTEERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kiersten Anderson All programmes Mary Barnard Fostering, transportation Leslie Gonsalves Rescue, rehabilitation, fostering, fundraising, community clinics, transportation Margaret Hughes-Ferrari Legal OFFICERS Pam Ratti Secretary, public relations Lisa Walker Accounting, fundraising, public relations, community clinics, transportation PRIOR ACTIVE VOLUNTEERS Samantha Beaupre Fundraising Chris Dotterill Fundraising Nicholas Jeffrey Social media, fundraising Sheena Johnston Fundraising Sandra Kydd Rescue, transportation, fundraising

ACTIVE VOLUNTEERS Traudl Arthur Rescue, fundraising, community clinics, transportation Winston Ferguson Fundraising Brian Glasgow Accounting Sophie Goddard Transportation Loren Gun-Munro Rescue Carolyn Lee Fostering Sophie Punnett Transportation Tipi Punnett Rescue, transportation Max Williams Transportation

To all of those listed here, and for those who have helped in lesser, but very significant ways, a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU! Together we can make a difference!

Sparky continues to get better as time goes by – unchained, able to explore his fenced-in yard with a canine playmate, healing from ticks and infections, with no worries about his next meal arriving. But we all know the Sparkys who are not so fortunate. And that is why VSPCA’s journey is just getting started. Most of you share our concern, passion and vision: the concern for Vincentian animals’ welfare, and how maltreatment and neglect transfer to all areas of life; the passion for helping those who cannot speak for themselves; and the vision for a kinder, more compassionate and respectful world for all of God’s creations. Please consider volunteering with VSPCA, a few hours, a few days a month. So much more could be accomplished if we could double or quadruple the help in all programmes. I want to thank all who have supported VSPCA, near and far, in various capacities since our inception. From financial donations to volunteering vehicles and time to transfer animals in need, from encouraging words to adopting and fostering, the list goes on. And a special thank you to our partnering veterinarians, without whom we would not be where we are today! Our actions create our reality and determine our future. Let us not allow the failure to act and speak on behalf of the Sparkys of SVG impede progress towards a more humane nation, today and tomorrow. Thank you, Kiersten Anderson Founder

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AR Pages 2 and 7 with timeline Final Proof with Chris and Sam  
AR Pages 2 and 7 with timeline Final Proof with Chris and Sam