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How To Be A Good Veerashaiva Pranav Reddy good Veerashaiva. This vachana by Basavanna explains how you should donate to the needy:

Do you ever wonder about how you could be a good Veerashaiva? If you do, read this famous vachana by Basavanna.

If one helps someone without whole-heartedness, If one gives donation to show-off, Then it is not true helping to giving. If you give with your willingness, Without expecting anything in return, That is true giving. Lord Kudala Sangama will bless such actions.

Do not steal, do not kill, Do not lie; Do not lose your temper Do not hate other people, Do not praise yourself, Do not blame others. This is purity inner and outer, This is the way to please Lord Kudala Sangama.

Respecting others is another quality of Veerashaivism. If you respect others you will get respect in return. Respecting others can keep a community in peace. Then there will be less trouble to worry about. Do not waste time. Don’t sleep all day or spend the whole day thinking of all those good things you could have done. Along with that spend your time well, not wasting it on useless things. You could study during your spare time to get ahead in school. You could also work to earn some money if you wanted to. Just remember not to waste that time.

Other ways to be a good Veerashaiva are treating everybody equal, helping the poor, respecting everyone, not wasting time, and doing honest work for a living. If you treat everybody equal, people will be happy. Also, we all are humans so we should treat everyone equal whether they are rich, poor, young, old, a man, or a woman. And what do you gain by not treating everyone equal? Nothing. Everyone is important in the society because everybody has a job that is needed. For example, a president is needed to lead the country, and a farmer is needed to grow food for everyone. This is why it is right to treat everybody equal.

You should also do honest work to earn money. Do not let other people do your work and then take the money. By doing honest work you are not cheating anyone. Honest work not only helps you to earn money you need for living but can also help the society. If you follow these things you will be a good Veerashaiva. Remember to follow the 7 steps from Basavanna’s vachana, treat everybody equal, help the poor, respect others, do not waste time, and do honest work.

Another way of being a good Veerashaiva is to help the needy in any way you can, like giving them food or clothes. If you’re a kid you can help by teaching what you have learned to the poor children who cannot go to school. You can donate things you don't use to the needy people. But you should not donate if you just want popularity, you should donate to help the needy people. This is another way to be a

Sources: The Book of Vachanas – Volume 1 Sulochana and Guruswamy Ayya

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Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.


Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.