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Veerashaivism Related TidBits Dr. R. Srikantiah, Davangere 1.AKSHAYA TRITIYA; Means one that never diminishes. It was on this day Basavanna was born and Basava Jayanthi is celebrated on this day every year. It is one of the four most sacred days of an year. It is also considered as the birth day of hindu sage Parasuram (6th Avatar of God Vishnu). On this day it is believed that Tretha Yuga began. On this day the most sacred and holy river of India, Ganga descended to the earth from heaven. The remaining three most sacred or auspicious days in an year are: UGADI, VIJAYADASHMI, BALIPADYAMI

on the front of the chest above the heart. Some people wear it at the level of the waist. . Veerashaivism related places all over India Basavana Bagewadi : Place of birth of Basavanna Basava Kalyana : Basava served as Chief Minister in the court of King Bijjala. Started Veerashaivism movement. Established Anubhava Mantapa along with Akka mahadevi and Allama Prabhu. Kudala sangama : Basava attains heavenly abode by taking nirvana (lingaikya) in 1196 Ulavi : Abode of Channabasaveshwar Terdal : Holy shrine of Allama Prabhu Dharwad : Holy abode of Sharanas ( TapovanMahatapasvi Shri Kumara Swamiji’s Dhyana Mandir Gulbarga : Holy shrine of Sharana Basaveshwar Sholapur (Maharashtra) : Holy abode of Siddarameshwar Srishaila (Andhra Pradesh) : Holy shrine of Mallikarjuna

2. ATTRACTIONS AT KUDALA SANGAMA Samadhi of Basavanna Sangamanatha temple It is in Chalukya style Aikyalinga of Basaveshwar Basava Dharma Peetha Poojavana Basavagopura - It is 200 feet high slated to house Basava International centre Collosal Sabha Bhavana- It is a spacious auditorium with a seating capacity of 6000. The exquisite doorways on four sides are named after Gangambike, Neelambike, Channabasavanna, Akkanagamma

Shiva temples based on Panchaboothas (five elements) Panchaboothas are water, sky, air, fire and earth. Water : Thiruvannikaval Sky : Chidambaram Air : Vayulinga Kalahasti, near Turupathi, Andhra Pradesh Fire : Tiruvannamalai Earth : Kanchipuram

3. ACHARA: Means conduct, behaviour or attitude of manner of action towards others. 4. ANUBHAVA MANTAPA: Spiritual parliament to openly discuss Lingayatism. 5. VACHANAS : Vachanas are simple and easy to understand poetic writings which contained essential teachings. 6. Ishtalinga (Personal Linga): It is oval in shape, flat based and consists of a small linga on a peetha in light grey slate stone and covered with a fine, hard and durable paste made of various ingredients, blueblack in color and takes good polish and shiny . It is covered with a cloth and placed in a silver or wooden container called Karadige (reliquary) and hung around the neck with a thread called shivadara

Festivals Mahashivarathri Basava Jayanti Customs and Practices Ishtalinga (personal linga): Veerashaivas get it on the day they are born and the symbol is tied to the cradle. On death they are buried with it. Ishtalinga is to be worn by men and women, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, poor, or rich. Lingadharane








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Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.


Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.