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the evening. The committee requested Mr Sundaresh Siddaiah, President of VSNA to come on stage to announce the winners and distribute trophies and certificates to the winners and also the participants. Finally when it was time to announce the winners, all the participants were requested to gather backstage. The winners were called on stage first to receive their certificates and trophies. Next it was the turn of the participants to come on stage to receive their trophies. As they walked down the stage, they were also handed their participation certificates. Sujata Desai had earlier ensured that these trophies were available for distribution by picking it from the vendor who had kept it ready in time. That brought the curtain down on the convention cultural competitions which was thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by all participants. The committee members were pleased about a job well done.

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committee members appreciate the contributions of the esteemed judges who willingly came forward to judge the different competitions and thank them for all their support in making the cultural competitions a grand success. The committee is thankful to Mr Sundaresh Siddaiah for agreeing to announce the winners and distribute the trophies. The committee is very appreciative of all the support received form the convention Chairperson, office bearers and other chapter members who directly and indirectly provided support for making this event possible. The committee members deserve all the appreciation for their hard work and team effort in making cultural competitions a grand success.

Committee Members: Jayashree Basanth, Vidya Betkerur, Sujata Desai, Shilpa Hadimani, Veena Hullur, Kusuma Indusekar, Roopa Jayadev, Deepa Patil, Indira Reddy, Deepa Shirol

The committee members are very thankful to the participants for coming forward to take part in this event and the parents of the children and youth participants for all their encouragement. The

Chairperson: Kishore Channabasavaiah Co-Chair: Neelu Kumar

The Competition Winners [From L to R]Mrs.Shaila Vishweshwaraya, Dr. Kiran Kumar, Mallikarjun Viruppanavar, Tejas Aralere, Mrs. Kusuma Indusekar, Meghana Moodabagil, Mohaka Marissa Rajashekara,Teja Neral, Meghana Basavaraju, Shreya Dhananjaya, Neeta D’Souza, Natasha Kumar,Abhinav Reddy,Tejas Hullur, Sachin Shiva, Anuj Kambalyal, Chiranth Kishore, Eshwar Kishore, Pranav Reddy, Naveen Desai, Grishma Anand. [Not in the picture]- Yashasvi Devaru, Indira Reddy, Tanuja Kambalyal, Esha Jayadev, Akash Basavaraj, Suvan Sundaresh, Anushree Bangalore, Esha Patil, Neel Kotrappa. {Please see Winners List on Page 50}

VSNA Annual Scholarship Winners Tejas Aralere ( II ), Meghana Moodabagil ( III ), Chaitra Kishore ( I ), Neel Kotrappa, Satish Suresh


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Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.


Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.