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Competitions Committee Report Kishore Channabasavaiah, Chairman, Competitions Committee Cultural talent showcase was a highlight at the recently concluded VSNA Convention in Chicago. Competitions were hosted for six different categories including Coloring, Vachana Recital, Classical Dance, Instrumental Music, Essays and Rangoli. The predominant focus of the competitions was to provide an age group based opportunity for all children, youth and adults to participate and enjoy in these activities that the committee had identified to be part of the convention cultural competitions.

Roopa Jayadev and Deepa Patil who were leading the Vachana Recital activity went around the venue identifying judges from the pool of convention attendees. Sujata Desai and Vidya Betkerur invited three convention attendees to be the judges for the Classical Dance activity they were leading. Neelu Kumar and Jayashree Basanth managing the Coloring competitions activity requested few other willing convention attendees to judge the participants. Essay writing was administered by Deepa Patil and Shilpa Hadimani who handed over the essays to three convention attendees whom they had requested earlier to evaluate and score the essays. Instrumental Music competitions were managed by Roopa Jayadev and Veena Hullur who had requested three other attendees to support them as judges for the event. Rangoli competitions were managed by Neelu Kumar and Jayashree Basanth who had setup the room for the event with the supplies they had earlier procured. They had invited three other convention attendees to be the judges for this event. All the sub-committee leads ensured that the selection of the judges, from the pool of the distinguished and esteemed attendees and guests, was based on the criteria they had established earlier. All these members did a wonderful job of managing each of the events and ensured that everything was accomplished as they had planned. Once the events were over, each of the members collected the scoring sheets from the judges to finalize the winners. The committee members then spent the rest of the afternoon tallying the different scores received by all the participants in the different competitions. This was a time consuming activity and most of them had to miss a couple convention activities to get this done in time for the announcement of winners and prize distribution planned as a main stage event in the evening. They cumulated the scores received by each of the participants and finalized the winners of the first, second and third prizes for each of the age based categories for all of the events. The committee chairperson was supporting these different activities all along.

The committee early on came together and identified a set of tasks that were required to make the competitions a success. These included formulating a set of rules for each of the competitions, creating a judging rubric, identifying the criteria for selecting the judges for the competitions and choosing the right set of prizes/trophies and certificates for the winners and the rest of the participants. Separate rules were created for each of the competition activities to enable the judges to ensure consistency in evaluating the performance. A five point scale was developed as part of the creation of the judging rubric to assist the judges to score the participants and identify the winners. The committee decided to select and identify judges for the different competitions on the day of the convention. Selection of the judges was also to be based on a set criteria which included One judge from the pool of invited guests; Two others from the pool of attendees; None of the judges will be from Chicago Chapter (if possible); Judges will have no immediate relatives as participants. In addition the committee members decided to create sub-teams to focus on each of the activities. Trophies for the top three winners in each of the categories along with the ones for all participants were chosen and ordered. Certificate templates for the winners and participants were created by the committee and were printed. The topic of the essay was published and distributed as part of the registration packet. As these activities were progressing, a continuous stream of requests for participation in the different categories was received by the committee.

Announcement of winners and prize distribution was the final task planned for the convention cultural competitions. This was planned to be held on the main stage during the latter part of

The competitions were scheduled to be held on the second day of the convention. On this day, the committee members were all ready to rock and roll.


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Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.


Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.