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Religious Workshops Report Indira Reddy, Chairperson, Religious Committee

The Religious committee organized and coordinated the Religious workshops at the 2009 VSNA Convention. These events included the Anubhava Goshti, Vichara Goshti, Key Note Address, and Vichara Manthana. The goal of the religious workshops was to instill an in depth understanding of the convention theme, “Acharave Swarga.” What does it mean to us? How is this concept still relevant in today’s society? How does this age-old concept still apply to our current life in the new millennium? How can we improve ourselves by following this philosophy? Do these concepts or Sharana philosophies still uphold universal human values? Do they have any relevance in our day-to-day life?

presenter and microphone/Q&A from the audience for each workshop.

The Anubhava Goshti was a religious discussion for one and all to discuss the convention theme. It was graced by the presence of His Holiness Shri. Shivamurthi Shivacharya Swamiji Taralabalu Jagdguru Brihanmath, Sirigere, His Holiness Shri. Siddeshwar Swamiji Jnanayogashrama, Bijapur, Dr. Guru S. Bale, Prof. Ningamma Patangi, Prof. Basavaraj Puranik, Smt. Leeladevi Prasad, Prof. Shantadevi Sannyallappanav, Shri C. Mahesh, Shri Ramajan Darga (Video message).

In preparation of these workshops the committee had several meetings to determine the specific goals for each of the workshops, to decide on the guest speakers to invite, select topics and speakers for each workshop and also plan for conducting the successful workshops. The committee went over the guest speakers’ list and based on the knowledge they can bring to the workshops, their availability, and the cost of bringing them, narrowed the list down to the following final potential guest speakers. A formal invitation was sent to all the potential guest speakers. Each committee member took the responsibility of contacting their designated guest speakers, collecting the profiles to be made available on the convention web page and informing them about the topic to be covered in each workshop. The committee planned for getting the video message to display during the workshops and/or an article to be published in the convention souvenir for the invited speakers who were unable to attend the convention for any reason. The Anubhava Goshti and Vichara Goshti write-ups were prepared and published on the convention web page along with the invited guest speakers’ profiles. Emails were sent out to all the registered youth members to sign-up to take part in the Vichara Goshti as a panelist. The committee also prepared the ground rules for conducting each workshop in timely and efficient manner, selected the moderators, time keeper, web

It was a 2 hour 15 minute discussion that was split into two parts. It began with the famous vachana by Basavanna “Devaloka marthyalokavembuda bErilla kAniranna,” melodiously sang by Smt. Shyamala Bhave. For the first half of the discussion their Holiness Swamijis and honored guest speakers gave speeches about various topics from the Importance of Veerashaiva Philosophy in today’s Society to the convention theme of “Acharave Swarga.” During the second half of the program, participants in the audience asked the guest speakers questions that they had about one of the speeches or just general questions about Veerashaiva ideas and principles that they wanted insight on.


Profile for Ravi Babu


Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.


Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.