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Volume 2

Registration Chair: Nandish Dhananjaya Co-Chair: Vidu Betkerur Satish Bangalore Keerthi Kumar Neelu Kumar Veena Hullur Tanuja Kambalyal Meenakshi Virupannanavar Shrishail Virupannanavar

Nandish and Vidu – Thanks for taking care of the registrations of 400 + guests. Completely understand how crazy the area can get when several people come at the same time especially for on-site registration. However, with limited access, things went smoothly. Thanks to Nandish, Vidu, Neelu, Keerthi and Veena, who were taking care of things practically at all times. Satish, thanks for helping with the bag inserts and Meenakshi, Eshwar, and Basavaraj for getting the badges ready. Though Basanth and Jayashree were not on the committee, they served to be a huge help to the committee during the process and at the peak time on both days. Thanks to all of you for making this process manageable! Thanks to Raj Betkerur for his continued support to the committee.

Souvenir Managing Editor: H.S.Jayaswamy Editor-in-Chief: A. Shivakumar Editors: B. Indusekar Akshay Indusekar (Y) Chaitra Kishore (Y) Vanitha Satish Ravi Topgi Manisha Virupannanavar (Y)

We aimed to do something different and did it successfully on time. The committee released a 120-page souvenir ‘Arivu’ on convention day – a huge accomplishment! Due to time crunch, some accuracies and omissions on sponsorships and ads may have been overlooked but we can get that all rectified and reissued in the supplemental issue of Arivu! Thanks to the very dedicated team led by Shivakumar in pulling off this in such a short time! Great collection of articles! Thanks for your continued hard work and dedication. Look forward to the supplemental issue!

Stage and A/V Chair: K Suresh Co-Chair: Nataraj Hoskote Raj Betkerur Manju Moodabagil Basavaraj Nanjundappa Sachin Suresh

Thanks to Manju and Suresh for working with the AV company and ironing out the details. Stage looked great and thanks to both of you for keeping all the required graphics, music, and other essentials running smoothly as required by the participants. It is a nonstop job for two days and really appreciate taking care of it without any major issues. Thanks to many more who helped with coordinating programs with A/V crew seamlessly. Thanks to Satish Bangalore for help in DJ search and in the end, the packed dance floor full of people really enjoyed the celebratory dance party until the wee hours.

Yoga & Shiva Pooja Chair: Srishail Hadimani Co-Chair: Murugesh Patil H.S. Jayaswamy Channu Kambalyal K Suresh

Thanks to Srishail and Murugesh for running the Yoga and Shiva pooja sessions. As they say, “picture speaks a thousand words” - pictures for both Yoga and Pooja sessions showed two very successful events. Thanks to Mrs. Leela Devi Prasad for leading the Linga pooja for kids. Realize it takes many efforts and planning with focus on details to bring together these successful events and truly appreciate it. Yoga instructor, Prof. Sannellappanavar, was a huge draw on both days.

Young Adults Meet Chair: Shruthi Chandramouli Co-Chair: Vidu Betkerur Raj Betkerur Sunil Desai Sujata Desai

From the completed forms looks like there is huge need for this to expand in future conventions. Great start and thanks to Sujata and Vidu for running this for both parents and the singles. Toronto chapter would definitely like to hear new ideas to attract this special crowd!

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Profile for Ravi Babu


Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.


Supplement to ARIVU Souvenir of 2009 VSNA Chicago Convention.