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President’s Message

Dear VSNA Members, Wish you all a happy Ugadi. I would like to take this opportunity wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year. The progress made by our friends in Texas is really admirable. They are putting in lots of effort to bring about a fantastic program. My request to all the members is to attend the convention and help them to make it a grand success. We are also experiencing some financial difficulties. If you are not planning to attend please help us with some financial donations. Anything little will help us go a long way. This is also the time to recognize some of our members who have gone above and beyond to contribute to the betterment of our organization. Also we will be recognizing some of our members who have done us proud by excelling in their chosen field of profession and brought laurels to themselves, to the organization they work and to our community as a whole. Like last year, we will be giving away 4 awards – life time achievement award, professional achievement award, women’s achievement award and youth achievement award. The criteria for the awards and other details are uploaded into our website. If you think any of our members needs to be recognized, please send in the nominations. This is the election year. The term of the current office bearers will be ending end of the year. The announcement for the election process is already made. Anybody interested in taking over any position in VSNA, now is the time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the editors of our newsletter, Bandhavya for one more edition of our newsletter. Please send information about your chapter and we will publish it in the newsletter. Let us all get connected through the web media. I request all the chapters to update their chapter information in our web site. We are yet to find a volunteer chapter to host the next VSNA convention for 2015. Any chapter who has not hosted the convention for a long time or any chapter who has not hosted at all, I humbly request you to come forward. I know it is lot of commitment in terms of time, effort and finance. I promise all help and support from VSNA if you were to come forward. We will be working together to make it happen. Finally, I would like to request all the VSNA members to pay their membership dues for 2014. encourage you to become life members.

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Thank you, Vijay Kumar President - VSNA 4

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Baandhavya March 2014  

Baandhavya March 2014  

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