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VSNA – NC Chapter Shivappa Palled President, VSNA – NC Chapter

VSNA-NC chapter members met at 4 P. M. on Saturday, March 1, 2014 in Apex Community Center, Apex, NC to celebrate Maha Shivarathri festival. The celebration began with the group Linga Pooja followed by three prayers. Every member participated in the Linga Pooja and the prayer. The Linga Pooja was lead by Dr. Jayraj Kalmat. This was followed by Vachana recitation. Dr. Jayraj Kalmat recited two Vachanas and then he explained the meaning of the Vachanas and their relevance to our daily life. Dr. Kalmat talked about the significance of Maha Shivarathri and also he explained how it is celebrated in many different parts of the world. Four children read the Maha Shivarathri story. The families did the Abhishek and Aarati to the Linga. The devotional songs were sung by Nihaanth and Thejaswini Nandeesh, and Ayush Sunil. The Akka Mahadevi story was narrated through costume and actions by the Korategere family (Ashwini, Pooja, and Divya). The Thabala performance was given by Praneel Hawaldar. Few other members provided the entertainment. Members enjoyed the delicious dinner prepared by the ladies. Nandeesh Kaggere, Culture Secretary of the Chapter, introduced the new members. This was followed by the open forum. The members discussed the following topics: VSNA Affiliated Centers, the central VSNA membership due, and VSNA-NC 25th Anniversary Celebration. The discussion was very interesting. Many new ideas were proposed by the members. The members unanimously supported the proposal by Shekar Guddimath and Raj Galagali to reduce the central VSNA membership due from $35 to $10. The discussion about the 25th Anniversary celebration was quite out of the ordinary and members decided to celebrate it in a distinctive way. Shivappa Palled thanked ladies for cooking the delicious food for the function. He also thanked Veeranna Chinnappa and Ambuja Umapathi for renting the Community Center for the event and also for their contribution to the event. Finally, he thanked the NC board members and others for their help and support. The event was completed at 9 P. M.


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Baandhavya March 2014  

Baandhavya March 2014  

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