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Odessa by Vsevolod Vlasenko

Introduction This is a story about silent ruins of magnificent houses, calm and timeless old yards, where you don’t feel the pressure of modern life, where time stops. Unfortunately those places are like snow in spring, melting from the heat of progress. Odessa was a pearl in Russian Empire before revolution, a city, where cultures and religions collided in a mixture most peculiar. The World War II and communist regime both did not destroy it’s unique soul. But after the crash of Soviet Union many beautiful old villas were abandoned. Now empty, they stand silent, picturing both human ability to create beautiful things, and the sheer helplessness in the face of time and changes. The photographs merely humbly depict these shards of former splendour. With my lens i try to secure these sacred places, which are doomed to become dust quite soon.

Edition number 1, / june 2013 Fonts by Letterhead studio. | Photo by Vsevolod Vlasenko |

st. Kniajeskaia, 2011

st. Marazli, 2006

Old garden, French boulevard, 2009

Sanatorium Arcadia on French boulevard, 2013

Abandoned Freemasons house, 2009

Abandoned old villa, French boulevard, 2009

Ruins of the old hotel, 2011

old villa and soviet sculpture, 2013

Old villa of count Marazli, 2007

Old Botanical garden, 2013

Broken soviet lamp on the villas balcony, 2010

Inside abandoned villa, French boulevard, 2010

Old Synagogue, 2012

Winter in the old yard, 2011

Wooden gates, 2011

House on st. Kniajeskaia, 2011

Strange stairs, 2011

“Novi bazaar� old market in the evening, 2011

Big soviet painting “Novi bazaar”, 2011

Stairway to the bridge, 2011

Old fountain near villa on French boulevard, 2010

People still live in this house, 2012

Under the bridge, 2012

Evening, 2012

Doors and cat, 2012

Old gates on st.Kyzneshnaia, 2011

Old backyard, 2011

Stranger, 2011

flea market “Starokonni market”, 2012

Bulevar in fog, 2010

Beautiful old yard on st. Polska, 2007

Old house, 2007

Backyard, 2010

Typical backyard in Odessa, 2012

Door, 2011

inside the Synagogue, 2012

Typical backyard, 2012

Famous old sauna 1861, 2013

Like hundred years ago, 2012

Young odessit, 2011

Window, 2007

In the house on st. Marazli, 2010

Light window, 2011

In the tower of the old villa, 2010

Abandoned villa in winter, 2010

Old yard with linen drying, 2007

Linen drying, 2012

Backyard, 2011

Flea market “Starokonni market”, 2012

Summer time in the old yard, 2013

Stairs in the back yard, 2013

Linen drying, 2013

Old gates, 2013

Entrance, 2011

Boy, 2011

Window, 2007

House on st. Spiridonovskaia, 2011

Old brothel in Moldovanka, 2007

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