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Important Websites official university website official website of Administration of University Facilities (AUF) web portal of Student Information System (SIS) web access to university email Internet interface for (washing machines, defects, etc.) Instructions how to set your TV properly to receive the TV signal

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Introduction Halls of Residence of the UCT (University of Chemistry and Technology) Prague are located in the southern part of Prague neighbouring with the Chodov and Kunratice metropolitan districts. Currently, the UCT Prague provides ca. 1, 600 beds in the Volha and Sázava Halls of Residence. The Residence Halls are operated by the Administration of University Facilities (AUF) that offers students accommodation in several different categories from shared accommodation units (2 rooms sharing sanitary facilities and a kitchen) to separate but fully equipped one-bed rooms. The rooms in the Residence Halls are assigned on the basis of students´ applications assessed in accordance with the Rules of Student Accommodation that are updated annually. Dining services in the residence hall campus are provided in the Volha canteen via an order-free credit system requiring registration. Recreational facilities for spending leisure time are also available to the UCT students in the Krkonoše and Krušné mountains. Students participate in the management of the UCT Residence Halls through the Residence Hall Council.

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Accommodation  How much does the accommodation cost? The valid price list can be found at

 How to pay for the accommodation? The accommodation fee is to be paid through direct debiting from your bank account (your bank account information is a part of your accommodation contract), the fee is deducted from your account on the 1st-7th working day of every month; therefore, you are required to always have sufficient funds on your account by this date. If the payment cannot be deducted for any reason, a penalty for late payment becomes effective. Provided that you are unable to execute direct debiting for serious reasons, contact the Management Department and submit there a personal application for the payment to be exceptionally realised in cash (or possibly with a payment/credit card).

 Where and when can I change my bed linen? All bed linen may be changed in the linen storeroom or in the office of the respective residence hall managers during their relevant office hours. 4 Info Point

 I have found a defect in my room, who shall I contact? All defects are to be recorded in the Book of Defects through the web interface ( Should any serious defect occur that would require immediate repairing, please, contact directly the manager of the respective residence hall or the service at the reception desk.

How can I move to a different room or Hall of Residence? You can move to a different room or a UCT Residence Hall after prior agreement with the Office of the Management Department situated in the Sázava Residence Hall. Here, you will be provided with all the necessary information what to do if you wish to move to a different Residence Hall.

 How and where can I wash my laundry? The operation of laundry rooms has been running on the self-service basis since 12/2019. You can find detailed information here: Operational system of UCT laundry rooms.

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 May my friends or parents stay overnight in my room? Of course, they are allowed to. You have two possibilities: either they will stay overnight in your own room for a fee of 50 CZK (in this case, you have to report them at the reception desk as your visit) or you may book a free room for them in the hotel section of the Residence Halls (at the Management Department).

 May I keep a dog or any other pet in my room? You may keep a pet in the room. It costs 50 CZK a month but it is only allowed provided that all your roommates from your accommodation unit agree with that. With their valid consent, a relevant application is to be submitted in the Manager´s office of the respective Residence Hall.

 How shall I move out from my Hall of Residence? When terminating your accommodation, you will first need a record (not a receipt) in the Inventory Handover Form confirming that you have paid all the accommodation fees up to the day you are planning to move out. The confirmation record can be acquired at the cash desk for accommodation fees (in the Sázava 6 Info Point

Residence Hal), where the last payment is to be made by a payment/credit card or cash – the last accommodation fee cannot be paid through direct debiting. Then, you need to move out all your belongings and tidy up the accommodation unit you stayed in. Subsequently, the keys from your room shall be handed over to a cleaning worker who will check if the room is all right and will sign your Handover Protocol. After that, you shall take the protocol to the management office of your Residence Hall where you return your bed linen, etc. Please, pay an increased attention not to lose the room key as the UCT Residence Halls use a general key system and its possible loss (and following necessary replacement of all lock cylinders) costs about 1,100 CZK. In case that the planned termination date of your accommodation is either a weekend or a holiday, all the necessary formalities must be dealt with on the last working day prior to the planned day of you moving out.

ďƒź Is there TV available in the Halls of Residence? How to connect to it? If you have a computer and are connected to the Residence Hall network, a digital TV stream is accessible through the VLC media player (see the information about the connection and available programmes here). The Volha Residence Hall has also an STA socket in every room (a shared TV aerial).

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 How to apply for the accommodation in the Halls of Residence for the upcoming year? Applications for accommodation in the residence halls for the upcoming academic year are usually submitted electronically at in April. In the due time, the relevant information will be posted on notice boards and in the News section at

 Which electrical appliances may be used in the Halls of Residence? Free of charge, you are allowed to use here all electrical appliances with the power input up to 1800 W that are certified for the operation in the Czech Republic. For safety reasons, you are, of course, always obliged to operate them in the way that prevents possible occurrence of any fire incident.

 Is smoking allowed in the halls of residence? Smoking is forbidden in all of the UCT premises, including the Halls of Residence.

 I want to move from the Residence Hall before my accommodation contract expires, what shall I do? 8 Info Point

If you want to move out before your accommodation contract expires, you have to conclude an agreement about that with the Office of the Management Department at least a month in advance. Should you fail to do so, you will be required to pay a contractual fine.

 Is it possible to be accommodated with my partner? Accommodation for couples is to be arranged individually in the Office of the Management Department for accommodation services in the Sázava Residence Hall.

 Is the accommodation fee subsidised? No, the accommodation fee is not subsidised. However, the UCT Prague supports its students with an accommodation scholarship. Detailed information concerning the scholarship can be found at or at the Dean´s office of your faculty.

 Where can I keep large possessions or valuables? A charge-free storage room is available in each Residence Hall. Its operation is managed by the 9 Info Point

reception desk where you can also deposit your valuables into a safe.

 Do I need a vacuum cleaner or an iron? These particular electrical appliances are at your disposal at the reception desks of both Residence Halls.

Dining and Catering Services  Where to eat? On the premises of the Residence Halls, a new UCT canteen is located on the ground floor of the Volha Hall of Residence. You can also use university canteens near other university buildings in Dejvická. Moreover, it should, in theory at least, be possible for you to dine in any university canteen in Prague if you register there with your student card.

 What shall I do to be allowed to dine in a canteen? You need to be enrolled as a university student and have a student card. This enables you to register in any university canteen in Prague. The vast majority of payments for meals are realised through a credit system, i.e. you will deposit any sum of money at the cash desk 10 Info Point

of a university canteen and subsequently you draw from it when using your student card at a canteen.

 Is dining in a university canteen subsidised? Yes, dining and catering services in university canteens are subsidized with ca. 17.95 CZK for every meal. There is no limit concerning the amount of meals bought there per month. The subsidy is already included in the final price for students. The average price of meals in Prague university canteens is currently about 75 CZK.  Is it possible to go for a meal anywhere else

on the residence hall premises? Meals are also served in Klub Blanice or El Magico or El Burger Club in the Vltava Residence Hall. You can also go to Buddies restaurant located on the ground floor of Apartman Student. Another option is the Spojovna brewery, which can be found behind Blanice.

Internet, Telephones, etc.  Is there a connection to a computer network available in the Halls of Residence? All the rooms enable a pc connection to the UCT network via the TCP/IP protocol. Here, the UCT 11 Info Point

students do not need any registration for their computers to be able to access the network. The verification of the network access is realised with supplicant 802.1 x and a domain user name together with a password. Students of other public universities joined in the Eduroam program verify their access to the network with their Eduroam login. The network connection is provided free of charge, for detailed information see or your senior colleagues can certainly help you.

ďƒź Can I use a Wi-Fi connection to access the network on the Residence Hall premises? Entrance halls of both residence halls offer such a connection to the networks of UCT and EDUORAM.

ďƒź How to use fixed phone lines to be able to call outside the UCT buildings? In this case you need to submit an application to the Office of Network Administration, detailed information is here (this service is charged). Of course, incoming calls for you do not require any registration, the telephone book listing individual room contacts can be found at the AUF website.

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Leisure time  Does the UCT own any recreational facilities and can I use them? The UCT Prague owns recreational facilities in the Krkonoše, Krušné mountains and summer camp Běstvina. All the facilities are available to the UCT employees as well as students under the same terms and conditions. For more information, go to the Recreation and Training facilities section at

 What are the options to do sports in Residence Halls and their surroundings? A fitness centre is located directly in the Sázava Residence Hall (with a bodybuilding gym, condition zone and table tennis). A multipurpose sports ground is available free of charge on the Residence Hall premises whereas tennis courts, grounds for beach volleyball or five-a-side football may be used here for a fee only. The location of the Residence Hall campus on the outskirts of Prague, near the Kunratice forest, also offers perfect conditions for jogging and cycling.

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 Is there any study room in the Halls of Residence? Sure, a study room can be found in the Sázava Residence Hall, the keys are available at the reception desk.

 What other services are available on the premises of the Residence Halls? There is a hairdresser in the Otava Residence Hall and also two grocery shops. You can also entertain yourself in the famous El Magico student club situated in the basement of the Vltava Residence Hall or in the club in Blanice.

 I feel unwell; can I find a doctor near the Residence Halls? The Puls health centre (with a general practitioner and a gynaecologist) is located directly in the Sázava Hall. Besides that, it is possible to use the services provided by the Jižní město wellness health centre, which can be found in a housing estate in the direction towards Chodov, or the Thomayer hospital in Krč.

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Taking Part in Activities Organized in the Halls of Residence ďƒź How can I actively participate in the student life in the Halls of Residence? There are plenty of opportunities. You may either become a floor representative or a contact person for foreign students or a member of the Residence Hall Council, etc. For more detailed information you can contact members of the Residence Hall Council or the AUF management. Often, just a positive attitude is all you need and you need not be a member of any organisation. Life in the Halls of Residence has all the necessary prerequisites to become one of the most pleasant stages in your life, that type of experience you will like to recall later on. Its quality solely depends on those who participate in it.

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Sports ground of SK Ježura Guarded parking lot Open parking lot University canteen Volha El Magico Hairdresser Anabel Club Blanice Vltava Grocery Spojovna brewery Volha bus stop Bus stop Residence Halls Jižní město

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