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Ski Doo Snowmobiles - High Tech Design And Innovation Skidoos _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jonr Jony -

The wildly popular, Ski Doo snowmobiles are manufactured by the Canadian, Bombardier Company. Since Armand Bombardier, designed his first snowmobile in 1937, this company has led the way in snowmobile design and innovation with its Ski Doo models of snowmobiles. The Ski Doo sleds have become so popular that many people refer to all makes of snowmobiles as Ski Doos, even though there are three other snowmobile manufacturers producing quality sleds. Learn More About Skidoos

Ski Doo sleds have been used in many winter olympics and are a popular prop for action movies. Pierce Broson as James Bond, used the Ski Doo model, MX Z-Rev for his dramatic action scenes in the 2002 movie, "Die Another Day." This high tech sled model, in a bright design of black, red and silver, was

made available on a limited basis for consumers to purchase. This specially designed snowmobile is now displayed at the National Motor Museum in England.

These snowmobiles have captured the imagination of sled enthusiasts, daredevils and the young at heart. Many young snowmobilers, flush with their hard earned savings and a desire to be cool, often purchase a sled as their first snowmobile. These young buyers keep coming back, upgrading to sleds that are more expensive and become devoted, lifetime customers. Ski Doo snowmobiles have also won numerous awards in the industry. Snowgoer magazine recently voted the 2009 model, MX-Z-TNT as the snowmobile of the year. The magazine's panel of voters was impressed with Ski Doo's revolutionary two-stroke, direct injection engine. This Rotax engine offers greater fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. Snowgoer magazine has recognized Ski Doo snowmobiles in previous years as well.

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Ski Doo sleds have been used in many winter olympics and are a popular prop for action movies.

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