Virtual Reality is a Growing Trend for Escape Room Game Businesses:

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Virtual reality is a growing trend for escape room game businesses: VR escape room games is where electronic gaming and escape room puzzles meet. Players are immersed in the game experience via VR headsets and controllers. From the perspective of an escape room owner, virtual reality offers the opportunity for virtually unlimited themes with relatively low overhead.

Types of VR Escape Games: Seated VR. As it sounds, players are seated to participate in the game. These games tend to be the most space-efficient for escape room owners. ROTO VR provides special chairs which turn toward whatever the players look at. This type of VR can be good in your lobby as a taster for other VR experiences. Teleport VR. In this VR, players usually stand in a small area (maybe 2x2 meters). They can make small movements within the game world by simply walking any further; they use a “teleport” function. Free-roam VR. It uses wireless VR headsets in larger play areas. Players can move within the virtual environment by simply walking. Must take care to ensure the play areas are free from obstructions that might present a tripping hazard.

Conclusion Virtual reality is a growing trend for escape room game businesses. Using VR allows flexibility in how you use the available space - you can have different games in the same space or even target different audiences without physically changing the room.