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The duel continues


We certainly could not forget to mention two racing structures that won continental titles in Genk too. The green team from Prevalle took a second important KZ continental title with Ardigò, while the AllBlack from Desenzano were happy to take home the first title of the new-born OK class with Spanish driver Hiltbrand. Then they both can celebrate for the one took in KZ2 with Federer (Crg/Modena Engines), assisted by Mark Siebeck’s SRP team. While the European OKJ title went to Kenneally (FA/Vortex) managed by Ricky Flynn. So we take the opportunity pf updating the results of titles won since 1964. Crg goes up to 75, Tony Kart 63. As for the European titles won in the past ten years, the Green team from Prevalle count 10 three of which in the gear class and 7 in the direct drive. While 9 from Crg are the sum of 6 titles taken in KZ1/KZ2 and 3 in the direct drive. Out of the engine manufacturers we have Vortex that goes up to 27 always counting from 2007, Iame 11, while Modena Engines write its name on the Cik Fia international scoreboard for the first time, thanks to Federer’s win in KZ2. Now we are waiting for the world championship to see who the winners of the 4 remaining titles for the 2016 season will be. Bets are accepted.


Vroom Kart International #183 - September 2016  
Vroom Kart International #183 - September 2016  

In this issue: FANTASTIC 4 Marco Ardigò (Tony Kart/Vortex – KZ), Fabian Federer (CRG/Modena Engines – KZ2), Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG/Parilla –...