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Organ Summer Course Groningen 2011 Lydia Vroegindeweij

Organ Summer Course Groningen 2011 This album presents you an impression of a wonderful week with beautiful churches, great organs and very nice people. In the first week of August 2011 we met to attend masterclasses with Theo Jellema and Erwin Wiersinga. We came from different countries like Sweden, Korea, Japan, Denmark, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands. But we all love organs. This week we studied the music on this wonderful heritage: the historical Dutch organs in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Groningen city (Martinikerk, Nieuwe Kerk, Lutherse Kerk) and the villages in the region Veenhuizen, Zuidbroek, Noordbroek. In Leeuwarden we studied in de Grote or Jacobijnerkerk and the Waalse Kerk. The last day we played in Kantens, Middelstum and Leens.

It really was a great opportunity to study on this organs. I think we all fell in love with them. Wish we all keep this days in our minds, our harts and our fingers. With love, Lydia Vroegindeweij

2011 (c) Lydia Vroegindeweij

Organ Summer Course