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Meghan Weber

My name is Meghan Weber and I paint for the love of it. Painting for me is an incredibly delicious and enjoyable task. I don't have a plan when I set out to work on a piece; it seems to form itself with many layers upon layers. My work is very abstract and emotion-based. It produces a meditative state, a sense of bliss. There are, however, recurring images and shapes I tend to use and have no real explanation for: circles and squares, circles within squares, compartments of sorts. I love mixing colours and using them to work with and against each other. I also love shading with paint, and building textures to produce different effects in the piece when it is viewed at different angles. I like taking risks with my paintings, often going at it with a pallet knife when I've spent days meticulously shading and painting, morphing it into a completely new direction.  I hope that the viewer of my work will be inspired and be able to absorb some of the joy that was produced in its creation.

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VR Volume 1 | Issue 22 | Page 5

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