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Botox® Ruislip  May 15, 2018

 Dipesh Patel

 Facial Aesthetics

Botox® Ruislip There is a lot of confusion and rumours surrounding Botox® treatment, or Botulinum toxin to give its proper name. Many people are scared of it and there are those who are misinformed and lack understanding of what it is and what it does. At the Victoria Road Dental Clinic, we aim to fully advise people on Botulinum toxin treatment so that they can make an informed decision about whether it is right for them. To speak with one of our team about getting Botox® in Ruislip, contact us on 01895 636121. Botulinum toxin can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, restoring volume and the natural contours of your face, leaving you with a smoother, fresher looking complexion, lasting up to four months.

What is Botox®? Botulinum type A or Botox® is a protein produced by bacteria, that can be used to prevent the body’s release of the chemical acetylcholine at the site of injection, causing temporary paralysis to the muscle. There are eight types of botulinum toxin, however, only types A and B are safe to use in cosmetic and medical treatment. While many people solely associate Botulinum toxin with its ability to reduce wrinkles, the nature of the protein means it can be used in a variety of medical treatments. Botulinum toxin is used to treat, among other conditions, migraines, muscle spasms, excessive sweating and other muscle disorders. Botulinum toxin has been used in cosmetic and medical treatment for more than 30 years.

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How Botox® works

The process of getting Botox® treatment is very straightforward. The practitioner will first prepare the solution which is made by mixing the botulinum toxin, which comes in powder form, with saline solution. The practitioner will then ask you to move the muscles in your face (differently, depending on the area receiving treatment), such as by frowning or raising your eyebrows. The practitioner will then insert the needle into the area to be treated and release a small dose of the toxin. This will be repeated several times, depending on the agreed upon treatment, usually between six and ten injections, over 15 to 30 minutes in total. The solution will take around 20 minutes to settle into the muscles, so you will be advised to stay upright for at least that long and not to undertake any strenuous activities such as exercise. The botulinum toxin, when it has been injected, will prevent the release of acetylcholine, stopping the nerve signals from reaching the muscle and causing the muscle to relax. The relaxed muscle will help reduce the wrinkles, leading to a smoother complexion. The results are not immediate, and it may take a few days to see the improvement, however, the lines will then continue to improve for up to a month following treatment. Areas that can be treated with botulinum toxin include: Frown lines between eyebrows Horizontal forehead lines Crows feet Eyebrows Nose lines Lip lines Corners of mouth

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Neck bands/creases

Chin creases Excessive sweating

Do Botox® injections hurt? As with any injection, you will likely experience some pain when undergoing Botox treatment. The sensation has been described as a small sting. You may also experience some bruising or reddening immediately after treatment and a feeling of tightness or a headache, however, this does not last long and can be treated easily with over the counter painkillers.

Where to get Botox® You know those awful, scream-worthy pictures of Botox® gone wrong? Well, more often than not that can be traced back to an inexperienced or ill-equipped practitioner or a sub-standard product. Cheap botulinum toxin injections are available, but often they are too good to be true and can leave you with disastrous results. When it comes to your face, it is worth investing a little more to make sure it is done right. At the Victoria Road Dental Clinic, our practitioners have extensive training and experience in administering botulinum toxin treatment and use only the highest quality tried and tested products, ensuring our clients leave satisfied, rather than horrified. To find out more about our botulinum toxin treatment and other facial aesthetics at Victoria Road, contact one of our team or book a consultation.

What happens when Botox® wears off? When the botulinum toxin treatment starts to wear off, usually three to four months after your treatment, you will start to feel more movement in your face, and the lines or wrinkles will once again become gradually more noticeable. You can make the treatment last longer by following the advice of your practitioner, avoiding skin

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damaging activities such as smoking, drinking excess alcohol, missing sleep and too much sun exposure and using moisturiser with a high SPF.

How much does Botox® cost? Many people are put off by botulinum toxin treatment, due to the cost. However, thanks to our structured pricing plans, Botox® is more affordable than ever. For affordable, quality and flexible treatment starting from as little as £230, visit our fees and finance page, or speak to one of our team to discuss your options. If you think botulinum toxin treatment might be for you, book a free consultation with one of our experienced practitioners and receive a treatment plan and full costing so you know exactly what’s involved. Book a consultation today, online or by phone on 01895 636121.

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