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Ms. Burton’s Scholars Present “We Come From..”

Our poems are modeled after the “Where I'm From” poem by George Ella Lyon

I AM BRIAN I AM FROM I come from those glossy ballads, I heard in the house. From the no pets allowed, but there lived a mouse. From the many cultures, that had no culture. Then came I, a boy’s smile faltered. I come from the promises of fun, from the promises not done, From the “get my coat” to the let’s take a smoke. I come from them laying in the bed bumping Jodeci, to “I can’t stand him, you have no daddy” I come from the red beans and rice, from the bottles of wine, and from the seafood, that I could never have as mine. I come from if it’s free, it’s for me, to the NO GIVE ME!

I come from being that guy whose waived in insecurity, to that guy is a rainbow, he’s just like me. I come from that guy who’s a wanna be, to the guy they’ll envy. To the someday, you’re gonna be wishin for me. From the bleak and lazy, to the wild horse that’s blazing. From the Languishing fire, to that butterfly-beat spirit. From the knock! Knock! Knock! To the YES! I hear it

! I come from “SAVE ME! SAVE ME!” “To the stay away from me”, lately. To the “let me be,” ”set me free,” to the there’ll be struggles I’ll go through sadly, but believe I’ll prevail sanely!


I come from Anthony and Lan, who never fight. I come from white rice with fish, and soup every night.

I come from big, fun holidays. Celebration such as Vietnamese New Year. I come from “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and a favorite song that is unclear. I come from “You can do better than that!” and “No, B only A.” I come from different dishes that are sometimes weird. I come from believing in God, nobody else. I come from the Army that saves us and protects us. I come from spending time with each other every day, and every night. I come from the image of a happy family. I come from the sound of sssssslurrrrping noodles, we eat on Sunday. I come from the smell of white rice cooking in the kitchen.

PARRY Comes from

I Come From, Happy Faces & Loving Arms I Come From, Country Outdoors & Fields I Come From, My Mom & Dad I Come From, A Crazy Family I Come From, Spanish Foods & Mixture Of New Orleans Foods I Come From, An Environment With High Education & Peaceful Community I Come From, Photo Albums Down To Diaries & Boxes I Come From, Happy Faces & Loving Arms

I am from by Joshua I am from cornbread, from Pillsbury and ibprofen, I am from sanctuary and protection. To tomatoes and watermelons with the sweetness to blow your mind.

I’m from tailgating parties and discussing politics from grandma and uncle. I’m from the eating at the couch for Christmas, the opening the presents From “for every action there’s a consequence” and “you’re skating on thin ice”

I am from the full concept of Christianity I am from Americans of past and future From fried chicken and Ooey Gooey

From the splashing of the old lady with moms car as she screams at her in the rain. The sweet kind lecturing of grandma as she tells us of the old sandwich shop back in Mississippi from 1980.

Eugenee Where I come from

I am from Spic and Span, from Fabuloso and Pine Sol. I am from the Sap tree roots that grew into the ground. I am from the Magnolia Tree I am from a Cypress tree, whose roots grow out of the ground I’m from family gatherings and light skinned people From Eliska and Eugene I’m from the fights and fusses From “When are you getting a job” and “Go to sleep!” I’m from Sunday clothes that were put out the night before I’m from Eugene and Cassandra From red beans and rice and cabbage I’m from New Orleans and PROUD OF IT!


I am from all the flowers in my grandma’s garden, from roses and orchids. I am from the Saturday’s night when every kid in my neighborhood used to dream about being a grown up and doing whatever we want. I am from people who like to dance and sing every weekend until death, with all the lights on the street and the moon bright just joining us. I am from a house where you could see the years that we lived there, cold but at the same time colorful‌sometimes. I am from of the almond tree, the lemon tree. I am from birthdays, from Darling and Martin I am from one who loves to read, to sing, to dance, to act and to write. From those talks with my dad, he wants me to do the right thing, always. From those talks with my mom, warnings and warnings, almost every night I am from Jehovah Witnesses I am from Agripilto From meat and vegetables From the person who spent the entire life trying to the best for the sake of her children The person who loves people.

Where I come from By: Austin

Where I come from, Football and Games are played Where I come from, newspapers are on the lawn and clean cut grass is present Where I come from, Lil Chad, Me, Michael Play Basketball Where I come from, ‘’If you don’t work hard, you don’t shine” Where I come from, there are Christmas family parties and lasagna Where I come from, my president is black Where I come from, we have family albums and Disney World Memories I come New Orleans and Eureka and Ron and now I’m here in West Jeff

TRUNG I am from the little thin toys, from a lot of memories and good feeling about playing with them. I am from the blue sky and birds where the neighbors play marble. I am from eggrolls and noodles, from the white rice with red meat. I am from the corner where I usually study and play games, from the small table where we usually eat dinner. I am from my dad’s garden, the best and beautiful flowers with many busy insects. I am from Buddhism, one religion that respects a lot of Gods. I am from a family that was affected by the Cold War, from the sad inside my family. I am from a computer, from a lot of violent games. I am from Math, from the best I can do while I’m in school. I am from warnings and reminders, from the ones who care for me. I am from communism; from the place people can’t have their rights. I am from papa and mama and what they said while I was young.

Carl I am From

I am from space, from NASA and Mars I am from the foreign country. A fun place where you sleep, party. I am from the rose, the most beautiful place, the life bring

I am from a family of presidency I’m from a short and fun family From the bottom to the top

I am from the Christian side I am from a good family From a poor and stupid family.

MS. BURTON I come from...

I am from silly smiles and grudging good mornings messages To sugary sweet hugs at night From the woods of camping with boy scouts in a black hole To ballet shoes and leotards with ballerinas who make bars sing. From barks and meows, To slobbery pants and purrs. I am from the click, clicks, clicks of my laptop computer To the tap, tap, tapping as I text on my phone. From hanging with friends and staying at home. Where I from, I exchanged wet splashes with my friends And spent time lying on a summer beach under the stars discussing trends From school dances and cheering at basketball games To making midnight confessions to old flames. Where I am from I heard “stop whining”, “do your best” And “Are you sure that you want to wear that?” Where I am from there are people who care And people who I know will always be there

Where I'm From  

This document is a compilation of the food, events, peopple and places that helped to mold and shape us.

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