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Brand Promise


a traditional Japanese hot spring with American sensibilities.

In Japan, a hot spring (onsen) is a place where people can rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. It is typically a tranquil place where hot water will help you unwind and release the stress built up from everyday life. At Kiku, we believe in the healing properties of a proper hot soak and we offer services ranging from therapeutic messages to hot spring baths located within our facilities. We aspire to create a rejuvenating atmosphere for our clients whether they decide to come alone, with friends, or with family. By connecting with oneself and mingling with nature and it’s offerings, Kiku will help you rejuvenate your not only your body but heal your mind as well. Kiku is proud to be LEED Gold Certified and is committed to the environment. The building features photo voltaic cells that generate some of the hotel’s electricity,

and roofs feature green ecoroofing. Daily practices ensure the surrounding beauty of the land is preserved for future generations. Food comes largely come from local growers and if guests travel to the resort in a hybrid vehicle, a special parking spot is reserved for them. Featuring spectacular views, winding footpaths and relaxing spa treatments with natural, organic products guests are encouraged rejuvenate themselves with all that Kiku has to offer.




Logo Mechanics

opacity: 75% 10

cmyK: 0, 0, 0, 85

The Kiku logo is simple and at the same time not. It is a logo that expresses Kiku as a brand that is simple in its gestures but complex in its workings. The connected serifs and overlaying mark convey the belief of connectedness, being one with oneself, and being tune with nature The Kiku logo consists of the type modified logo plus the graphic chrysanthemum mark. The mark’s opacity should always be set at 75% in order to show the overlaying texture between the mark and the type logo. The only exception is when the logo is reversed out or when the mark is being used by itself to alternate branding.



acceptable logo usage

To keep the integrity of the brand, the logo should not deviate from any of these options. • • • • •

set horizontally Grey/ white is the color for “kiku” The mark can be yellow, red, teal or white. The type part of the logo is never without the mark The mark can be used on it’s own.


reVersed out with color = 75%

100% reVersed out


DON’T DO THIS TO THE LOGO! Don’t alter or turn the logo for any reason.

Don’t create random color combinations.

Don’t use colored backgrounds with colored marks.


X 16





Clearspace To keep the integrity and visibility of the brand, the logo must never be placed too closely with other elements such as text, graphics, and photography. There must always be at least X amount of space between the logo and surrounding elements. The only exception is if the logo is placed over a photograph. X = the width of the logo Y = X/3






archer Archer relays a calm, a serenity that emphasizes the KIKU brand and through the subtle enforcement of the type, it continues the idea of KIKU as a place of calm and relaxation. Archer is the main typeface for Kiku and it is used for body copy from brochures to menus to stationery.


acceptable weights light light italic book book italic medium medium italic bold bold italic

abcdefg h ijkl m n o p q r s tu v wxy z abcdefg h ijkl m n o p q r s tu v wxy z 0123456789


Neutra Face Where as Archer conveys peace, welcome and relaxation, Neutra Face infuses a fun and edgy modernism into Kiku’s otherwise traditional Japanese aesthetics. Neutra Face is the accent typeface for Kiku and it is used for headers, technical aspects, and call outs.

acceptable weights light light italic book book italic Demi Demi italic bold bold italic This also includes the “SLAB” versions of each weight

abcdefghijklmn abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz opqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmn abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz opqrstuvwxyz 0 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6789






Colors The primary color for Kiku is yellow as it conveys joy and energy. The secondary muted colors are a russet red and teal blue which when in contrast with the joyful yellow tone down the energy and delicately hints towards a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.


Pantone // 137 CP CMYK // 0, 41, 100, 0

Pantone // 7598 CP CMYK // 0, 85, 100, 0

Pantone // 7473 CP CMYK // 75, 5, 48, 3





Stationery As a whole, the stationery system is meant to convey Kiku’s promises of simple relaxation through Kiku’s thorough attention to detail in every aspect of their services. Kiku is a brand whose influences are traditional Japanese infused with a but of edgy and clean modernism in order to appeal to a western market. Type Sepcifications: Overall Archer 8pt/ 14pt Space between address and phone # 8pt/ 21pt If name is very long, name can flow to the second line Paper Specification: Neenah Crest Cover Avon Brilliant White 120 lb Color Combination: Pantone // 137 CP CMYK // 0, 41, 100, 0

Pantone // 7473 CP CMYK // 75, 5, 48, 3



Tel. 706-234-1235

Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

142 Chesterfield Drive

business cards

Vina Rathakoune Creative Director 142 Chesterfield Drive Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007 Tel. 706-234-1235



Art, Illustration Photography


art & illustration Since Kiku is heavily influenced by traditional Japan, these are the acceptable forms of art and illustration to be used: • •

art similar to Japanese style ink drawings Ukiyoe, traditional or abstract modern

Photography The photography used for Kiku depicts life in the moment. The images should be large enough to not be pixelated when in use for print and they should be scaled down correctly for web use so that the quality of the photography is never lost. Here are some examples of accepted photography for Kiku.


Kiku Identity Manual  

An identity manual for my Japanese Spa Hotel school project.

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