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the new JabbaWockeez show Prism. I was a big fan of their previous show at monte carlo, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at Luxor. Beginning May 18. Tickets start at $55,;

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Wet ’n’ Wild. It’s true: I don’t know how to swim. But that shouldn’t stop you. Go for the both of us as the once-popular water park, which departed the Strip in 2004, returns to Las vegas over memorial day Weekend in a new location less than 10 minutes southwest of Las vegas Boulevard.

MELINDA SHECkELLS Editor-in-Chief Follow us on Twitter @vegasrated

The “how To” issue Look for this symbol throughout the magazine for our advice on how to do most anything in Las vegas. “Joe Joe” by tim bavington 6 /

Ryan Reason; styling: nicole chandleR; haiR: MaRshall VanieRland; Makeup: natasha chaMbeRlin; dRess: dolce & gabbana, neiMan MaRcus, Fashion show; “Joe Joe”: peteR chMiel/wynn las Vegas

There are a few things that really get me excited about Memorial Day Weekend … and one that defnitely doesn’t. First, the good: I always look forward to having a day off and celebrating this great country of ours. Memorial Day Weekend also signifes the launch of exciting new places around town, and this year is no exception. Check out our comprehensive Memorial Day Weekend guide to all the action on Page 85. The holiday weekend sees megaclubs Light and Daylight debut at Mandalay Bay, while Michael Jackson One, the new show by Cirque du Soleil, hits the stage as well. At press time, Hakkasan Las Vegas is just fnishing up its opening events for its nightclub at MGM Grand, with the restaurant making its debut May 3. Now for the fip side of MDW (as we call it here in Vegas): It serves as the entry point to summer, which means it’s getting hot, and I am just not into that. So to prepare for the long, sweltering summer, I have been seeking out new spots to stay cool. One such place is Poppy Den in Tivoli Village on the west side of town. On a recent visit I met chef Angelo Sosa and encountered his kimchi pickles, which I fell in love with (see them for yourself on Page 38). Also, if you are in the mood for a drink indoors, cocktail expert Xania Woodman rounds up three bars where you can get bombed with a depth charge. Now I must admit, I had no idea what a depth charge was when she pitched me on this story … but I can assure you that you’ve probably had one—as have I. See Page 80 to fnd out what all the hype is about. When seeking shelter, might I propose a concert? The lineup in May is stellar with LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Ice Cube and De La Soul, Fleetwood Mac and Billy Idol … and the list goes on. And if that seems like a lot, just remember it’s only May, and summer in Vegas lasts through September. So rest up now, before an avalanche of fun is soon upon you.

I was recently invited on an art tour of Wynn and encore Las vegas led by roger Tomas, the resort’s design director. It’s easy to not notice all the amazing works on display around the property as they blend seamlessly into the landscape. Next time you visit, look closer and be pleasantly surprised by what you see. my favorites: With its vertical lines and angular panels, the tim Bavington painting called “Joe Joe” by the encore concierge desk (below), and timothy Horn’s oversize jewels titled “cixi” and “miranda” in the Wynn Baccarat Salon.


“WHERE IS THE WEIRDEST PLACE YOU’VE WOKEN UP IN VEGAS?” AVO YERMAGYAN Yermagyan is a stylist, editor and creative director. He has styled celebrities from Brad Pitt to Betty White, worked with acclaimed photographers and directors (including David LaChapelle and Rob Reiner), as well as contributed to publications such as Prestige, Fault and Cosmopolitan. This month, Yermagyan styles our Memorial Day Weekend guide (Page 85). “In a hallway at the Wynn. My memory of ‘the incident’ is still a bit blurred. Let’s just say that tequila, lack of sleep and the sudden urge to cruise through a hotel’s corridors on a moving scooter is not necessarily the best combination.”

JIRO SCHNEIDER Born in Germany, Schneider grew up in the Southern California high desert, spending his adolescent years immersed in the barren beauty of the landscape. Continually seeking to connect with people through his photography, he has established a varied portfolio that includes noteworthy clients in music, fashion and entertainment. Schneider uses his decade-plus of experience this month to capture a different era of swimwear at the iconic Flamingo pool (“Bathing Beauties,” Page 30). “I’d have to say that waking up in bathroom stalls, an unknown room or even under the waterfall at the Tropicana pool are all par for the course. Some adventures are better left unsaid. We all got our secrets.”

JEN CHASE When Chase moved from Boston last year, she envisioned six-month stints between two furnished condos, renting out whichever one she and her husband weren’t in at the time. Instead, access to 24-7 story material for this 15-year food and lifestyle writer has her so smitten with Sin City, her address remains Dean Martin Drive for yet another year. (So sorry, parents!) Vegas/Rated continues to keep Chase busy, this time seeking guidance for the city’s official summer kickoff: Memorial Day Weekend. “Vegas itself. A lifelong ocean-craving, Cape Cod-loving East Coaster, the ‘v’ in Vegas used to mean ‘vacation.’ Now it stands for ‘very-surreal-place-to-call-home.’”

RICK SEALOCK Born and raised in the wild of Alberta, Canada, Sealock’s frst dog was a wild antelope named Charlie Brown. After graduating from the Lomond Community School with a class of seven, he studied at Alberta College of Art & Design. When not illustrating or teaching at Sheridan College in Ontario, he is working on his frst art book titled Smoking Chickens & Such. Sealock graces Vegas/Rated with his award-winning illustrations (“Fight Club,” Page 96). “Who sleeps when they’re in Vegas? Although one time I do remember finding myself sitting on a bench at the top of the Stratosphere, supposedly in line for the ride to the top of the needle. Luckily, I think I passed out again before taking the ride, and I can’t remember if we ever did try it.”

FRANCISx2 While the photography duo Francisx2 (Francis George and Francis Baytan) have been “furloughed by sequestration,” their alter egos Goude Tyme (left) and Helmut New-Tone (right) of the super-group “DJs of Photography” are assuming their duties. This dynamic pair took a high-concept approach to Vegas on Memorial Day Weekend and the ensuing debauchery (“Wild Things,” Page 85). “New-Tone headed for Trader Joe’s for some munchies after a late-night gig, but it was already closed. Undeterred, he went dumpster-diving for unopened packs of expired madeleines. As he rummaged around, the metal lid slipped closed and knocked him out cold. Lesson learned, he keeps a reserve of the cookies shoved under his head gear.”

8 /

Ryan T. DoheRTy | JusTin WenigeR PuBLisheRs assoCiaTe PuBLisheR eDiToR-in-ChieF aRT DiReCToR

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sean defrank, paul szydelko jessica c. acuña camille cannon, ashley gates, yazmin kelley, amanda pamblanco, trey tagliaferri

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grace bascos, geoff carter, michael shulman

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brittany brussell, jen chase, una lamarche, c. moon reed, elizabeth sewell, andrés sullivan, alisha wexler, xania woodman

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Ryan T. DoheRTy | JusTin WenigeR ViCe PResiDenT, PuBLishing ChieF FinanCiaL oFFiCeR assisTanT ConTRoLLeR eDiToRiaL DiReCToR

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v/Rated exclusives six Things To Do RighT now New and notable this month



waTch 20 Yeehaw! Big cheers for the Last Cowboy Standing Dine Vegas Uncork’d pops

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V/RaTeD 26 Eight places to buy sunglasses

V/RaTeD 40 Everything’s coming up pickles

BaThing BeauTies 30 A sunburst of vintage-inspired swimwear

cuRRenT 44 Charcuterie is savory, elegant and super-fun on the tongue

in stoRe & on tRend

Play 18 An infusion of fun at Palms’ Scarlet mixology bar shoP A local beauty gets creative in her kitchen


the culinaRy scene

TasTing menu 48 Gordon Ramsay gives his seal of approval on the Hell’s Kitchen menu calenDaR 50 Your guide to this month’s culinary happenings

Left: AMERICAN APPAREL bodysuit American Apparel in Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood; AILA BLUE pants; MICHAEL STARS sunglasses Right: AILA BLUE bustier and pants; BALLY purse Bally in Te Forum Shops at Caesars.


volume 2 | issue 9

85 discover



memorial day weekend

V/Rated 54 Want to learn new skills? School’s back in session

V/Rated 66 From punk rock bowling to classic rock, concert season is in full bloom

V/Rated 74 Meet some new friends online

tHe GUide 85 From day to night, the ultimate guide to an unforgettable holiday weekend

Meet 56 Te art of Luma Rouge is one of the city’s best-kept secrets

Meet 68 Ken Jeong fnds himself hungover in Vegas once again

Beyond The sTrip

musT-see enTerTainmenT

on The lisT & on The lips

libations For something diferent, try a depth charge

80 on a Roll 96 With big hats and big gloves, bet on Vegas for a good time

CalendaR 60 Your guide to this month’s cultural happenings

ON the cOVeR: Ken Jeong photographed by Sam Jones / 13 • 702.701.0201 •

HeraeaLasVegas •


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RACHEL PALLY bandeau and dress (worn as a skirt); BOBBY JONES sunglasses; MOONISA bag

32 /

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LULI FAMA swimsuit Everything But Water in Fashion Show 34 /

Header Here MICHAEL KORS swimsuit

shop / 35

Header Here WHERE TO BUY AMERICAN APPAREL Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, 702.369.7394;

AQUARELLE swimsuit; ISHARYA bangles; MICHAEL STARS sunglasses; BALLY sandals The Forum Shops at Caesars / 37


BALLY Te Forum Shops at Caesars, 702.893.7718; EvERYTHINg BUT WATER Fashion Show, 702.734.7946;

expert advice / Get into a pickle: a dill master shows you how


POPPY DEn PiCkLES ARE MADE uSing A tRADitiOnAL kOREAn kiMCHi SOLutiOn witH kochujang, SugAR AnD RiCE winE VinEgAR.

Christian Dolias is the Banksy of the Las Vegas culinary scene: You may have encountered his work in the wild, but you don’t know who he is. He’s a cook at Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, but the mastermind behind CutTroat Culinary (cutthroatculinary. com) makes his mark on the dining scene with pop-up dinners at places like Bread & Butter (10940 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, 702.675.3300; and appearances on trucks such as Smokin’ Bros BBQ ( Lately he’s been experimenting with pickles—and not just cucumbers, but Brussels sprouts, kale, tomatillos, even ramen noodles—which he’s been supplying to the truck and other spots. He seemed like the natural choice to get the dill on what makes pickles pop. “Pickles are underrated,” Dolias says. “A pickle should be something relatively simple in appearance and design, but when you eat it, you should get lost in a journey. Tere are layers [of taste], so when you frst put that pickle in your mouth, it hits your tongue and you get that acid. [Ten] you start getting through it and some of the earthiness starts coming through, some of the infused herbs and stuf. Tat’s how the favors should hit you.”

How to DRINK PICKLE JUICE Order one shot of Jameson + one shot of pickle juice. Shoot Jameson. Chase with pickle juice. Make surprised “that wasn’t that bad” face.

Top Chef contestant angelo sosa has set up shop at tivoli village in summerlin with poppy den, an homage to his pan-asian favorites. / 43


here’s just something so fancy about ordering charcuterie at a restaurant. maybe it’s the hearty sausages, silky pâté and thinly sliced meats that melt on your tongue. maybe it’s the savory, hearty bites that pair so well with good wine and bread. maybe it’s because “charcuterie” is so fun to say. the art of charcuterie was born out of necessity. before the days of refrigeration, every part of the animal was consumed, and the meat had to be preserved. chefs fgured out ways to make it easy for the rest of us. they say there are two things you should never see made: law and sausages. We’ll take the sausages any day.

the sausage King chef eric Klein has been making sausage for just about his whole life. before he began cranking out spago’s lamb chorizo and duck pastrami, he learned the craft from his mother, who was a butcher. “after i was done with my homework,” he recalls, “my mom would say, ‘oK, let’s make some beer sausage, some weisswurst … you have to turn the bacons, you have to cure that, put some more wood in the smoker.’ so since i was a young boy i was helping my family.” Klein has made encased meats his entire career and when he arrived at spago in 2007, it was no different. he specializes in fresh sausages for the restaurant, grinding out the ingredients that go into other dishes, such as the italian sausage and andouille for Wolfgang Puck’s famous pizzas or blood sausage for a choucroute garnie royale special. you’ll see a lot more of those at spago than drycured ones such as prosciutto or salami, but that’s not to say Klein hasn’t tried. “i try to promote [the cured meats], but a lot of times they don’t understand,” Klein admits. “When it comes to sausages, they only think of sausages grilled, barbecued, hot links. … if you tell them it’s an antipasta platter, then they’re looking for a bunch of peppers and olives.” Spago Las Vegas in The Forum Shops at Caesars, 702.369.6300; wolfgangpuck. com

appear on the charcuterie menu.” if there’s one genre of forcemeat that forces cooks to get creative, it’s pâté. generally made with offal, pâté has long been the way for chefs to use of all the nasty bits that may not be as palatable on their own. comme Ça gets all of its animals whole, which the chefs butcher themselves, so they know exactly what’s left over after it’s broken down. and for the most part, guests dig it. the restaurant even sold out on a calves’ brain terrine the frst night it debuted. but, howard acknowledges, sometimes the delicacies don’t always fy off the shelf. “We just brought in a bunch of testicles from the farm from the roosters, and we did a testicle terrine the other day,” he informs me. and? he deadpans, “it didn’t go over that well.” In The Cosmopolitan, 877.893.2003;

the cure

the aging room at b&b ristorante is under lock and key, so when jason neve opens the door, it’s like you’re being allowed into mario batali’s secret stash. no bigger than a walk-in closet (technically, it’s a walk-in cooler), there’s meat hanging from speed racks. all kinds of cured meat. neve, director of culinary operations for the b&b restaurant group in Las Vegas, starts rattling them off nonchalantly like a butcher in Little italy. “there’s coppa, anduja, which is like a soft-ripened salami that’s B&B Ristorante receives kind of spreadable, culatello, pancetta, guanciale one whole pig a week we use for bucatini and stuff like that,” he points from Heritage Foods, to some bigger cuts tied up, hanging out deep in which is made up of a the back. “there are some prosciuttos—those are small group of farmers like two years old right now.” b&b is possibly the who humanely raise their only restaurant that’s legally dry-curing its own animals. “I know what charcuterie in-house, transforming whole muscles farm it came from,” Jason such as the shoulder to create coppa, loins to Neve, director of culinary make lonza and hams for the prosciutto. “those operations, says. “I know are the major muscles we’ll take out and cure as a how pigs are raised; these whole piece. there’s also the belly, which becomes are the best quality pigs pancetta, and the fatback, which becomes lardo,” you can imagine. I order he says. as with other restaurants, nothing goes my pig on a Sunday, it to waste. “other parts, like trim and stuff like that, terrine territory goes to slaughter on end up going into different salamis, whether it’s at comme Ça, the charcuterie program is more Tuesday, gets split on calabrese or sopressata.” some of the recipes have than just a way to use every bit of product—it’s an Tursday and gets to me come down from batali’s father, armandino, who educational tool, and not just for the guests of the by the following Sunday.” runs his own salumeria in seattle, while others french brasserie, but the cooks and staff as well. neve cultivated from his trips to italy. and guests after introducing me to a classic country-style pâté pretty much go for all of it, no matter what version of cured meat and a duck, pistachio and artichoke terrine, chef brian howard it is. so does neve, apparently. “give me a big plate of everything. points out the chicken noodle soup terrine. “i get my chefs to be With good, tasty wine and some bread, you’re good to go.” In The experimental with some things,” he says. “now that we’re getting Venetian, 702.266.9977; into spring, more feathers and things like that, rather than hooves,”

46 /

Clockwise from far left: Scotch egg amuse-bouche, beef Wellington, risotto with scallop, and warm apple cake with salted peanut ice cream and apple gastrique. / 49

Meet He’S Got aN eYe oN Stardom In his relatively short acting career, Jeong has created some memorable movie and tv characters.

68 /

Name: Joanna Hernandez, cocktail waitress at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub TwiTTer: @cocktailjojo why you should follow her: Former reality star on For the Love of Ray J and Bad Girls Club; daily dose of random facts and inspirational quotes. she says: “I love that our whole house sleeps during the day and is awake at night till dawn … Vegas Vampires.” / 75

There’s Beer IN Your shoT! There’s A shoT IN Your Beer! Whether it’s a sake bomb, Irish car bomb or a good old-fashioned boilermaker, “depth charges”—for the uninitiated, that’s any shot dropped into another beverage—are being buoyed by the same rising tide that’s reinvigoratong cocktail culture in America. here are three you should try right now.

t The Vesper BomB

The menu at Vesper bar places classics alongside their modern counterparts. But locals and insiders know: The Vesper Bomb ($5) has no peer. A 2-ounce shot of Fernet Branca sits inverted in 1 ounce of ginger beer … until you remove the shot glass, mixing the two, and away you go. “Fernet Branca is the cocktail connoisseur’s secret handshake,” says property mixologist and Vesper Gm Christopher hopkins. “By ordering it, you alert the bartender that you like avant-garde favors, and are not scared to push the envelope with your drinking choices.” hopkins frst tried Fernet in san Francisco, where it is typically served with a ginger ale back. “seeing as how the ginger profle matches so well to the herbaceous nature of Fernet Branca, the substitution of ginger beer further enhances it by increasing the ginger notes.” You’ll never order a Jägerbomb again. In The Cosmopolitan, 702.698.7000;

The ThAIrIsh CArBomB ‚ “We don’t take ourselves too seriously,” Le Thai co-owner Daniel Coughlin says. he takes a less-is-more approach to a lot of things at his popular hipster enclave, which serves up a small but well-prepared hit list of noodle dishes, soups and stir-fries—Thai street food that echoes Coughlin’s culinary upbringing by his mother and grandmother. Tricky Thai dishes are renamed for approachability, such as the “Awesome Noodles.” And when he does shots with his regulars, the Thai Coughlin ($7) pays homage to his half-Thai, half-Irish heritage: ¾ ounce Jameson Irish Whiskey and ¾ ounce mekhong spirit of Thailand. Wanna go over to the dark side? Dropped into 6 ounces of pBr, the Thai Coughlin becomes a Thairish Carbomb ($10), “a simple classic,” Coughlin says, “meant to get you where you need to go.” 523 Fremont St., 702.778.0888;

 WILLY WoNkA’s hANGoVer





even cocktail girls get the brews. Beer cocktails are increasing in popularity, so when mixologist Juyoung kang was working on the beer and cocktail programs for Downtown’s Commonwealth cocktail bar, it was inevitable that the two intersect in a bomb shot with a little attitude. Invert a shot glass of 1 ounce Absolut and ½ ounce Licor 43 into 3 ounces of Young’s Double Chocolate stout for Willy Wonka’s hangover ($10), an off-menu special. “I’m known as a classic cocktail bartender,” kang explains. “perhaps this shows a fun side of me … I’m just serious about my medicine, as a doctor of spirits should.” 525 Fremont St., 702.445.6400;

How to make it until 4 a.m. Your favorite dJ probably isn’t awake by midnight and won’t even go on till 2:30, so pace yourself. don’t go out before 11 p.m., and pack some red Bulls or espresso shots so you can keep dancing till dawn. / 81

Where to Buy: Te Bungalow 7024 W. Charleston Blvd. 702.477.0107 emilio Pucci Te Shops at Crystals 702.262.9671; terrene Aria Las Vegas 702.590.8730; Beckley Boutique Te Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 702.698.7600; Molly Brown’s Te Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 702.698.7615; mollybrownsswimwear. com CreAtIVe teAM PhotogrAPhy DJs of Photography for Francis x2 StyLISt Avo yermagyan MAkeuP Sung hAIr Meghann Mason tALent Irina / Wilhelmina nancy / next ASSIStAntS Camille Cannon & Amanda Pamblanco

92 /

SURRENDER Encore, 702.770.7300; Two experiences in one, Surrender features an intimate indoor space that opens onto a poolside escape, complete with a gaming pavilion and 26 private cabanas.

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