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By Mabel Gago


ince 2013, the partnership between Renfe and SNCF has connected Spain and France to create the very best services for travellers. The level of customer excellence goes beyond the railways due to the fact that experiences are the bestsellers as demanded by tourists. These experiences are made posible with strong collaborations between the right partners, and this case, it’s a common goal between the government of Toulouse, its tourist office and Renfe SNCF. In the last travel issue, we discovered how easy it is to travel from Barcelona to France. In this current issue, we are going to discover Toulouse, France, also known as La Ville Rose, which is only three hours and 15 minutes aboard Renfe SNCF from Barcelona. Take bucolic walks along the Canal du Midi and discover beautiful landscapes that provide amazing pictures for Instagram. But there is so much more to experience in Touluse from history, art, science and gastronomy. Visitors are invited to delight in many different activities so plan on at least two or three days to soak it all in. continued on page 114


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