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Muslim MEN and thei R wives!!!

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…Oh Lord, the Creator of All, seen and unseen with Power and Knowledge of the seen , unseen, past, present and future, open all our Hearts to the Truth and Guide Us All to the Straight Path. Amen The series of Booklets that have been produced is to remove misconception on Islam, and see ways and means to nd the similarities in the Great Masters Teachings, through the available Scriptures, and to prevent Mischief. We hope you will enjoy reading them, and also nd useful n Truthful Information that will help us as a Society to live in Peace, whatever our differences in Beliefs, Practices and Understanding.

WOW! How can we give a fair description of “them”? A description of devout Muslim Men will give an insight of “their” wives, and why it is indeed a privilege to be a “Muslim Wife”. As the Final Prophet, it was his Duty show us the Way by being a living Example; The details of which are given below after a few Quran verses Islam is the only Religion that says marry only one! 4:129 You will never be able to treat your wives with equal fairness, however much you may desire to do so, 4:3…. Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly, then only one,…. Once this ayah came down, most of the men had to divorce their wives not marry additional! It came down as a limit, while explaining that it is wise to get married to one. These are Eternal Laws, that have to take into consideration of Society for all time and different cultural backgrounds and situations. From this is very clear get married to Only One.( a provision is given to prevent bad behavior and to resolve issues due to circumstances) 01

Marriage When one of Khadija's (ra) close associates asked Muhammad(pbuh) why he had not yet married, he said he did not have adequate means to support a wife.(this shows men got married very young and he had passed his time. Further as he was from the most noble family in Mecca, the standards may have been high). When he was asked if would not mind marrying a pretty lady with means, he inquired who it could be who will want to marry him? When the name of Khadijia was mentioned, he was shocked, as he said she had rejected many a man, why she should want to marry him? He was told she was impressed with his conduct and character, after which he agreed. (Prior to Prophet hood he was called Al Ameen –The Trustworthy. The wealthy lady Khadijia employed him when she came to know about his conduct..) Khadija al-Kubra She was from the clan of Banu Hashim, a distant cousin of Muhamad(phuh). At the time of her marriage she was 40years, and was widowed twice while he was 25years. Khadija, was a not a idol worshipper like her distant cousin Waraqah ibn Nawfal,


and was called Ameerat-Quraysh, Princess of Quraysh, and al-Tahira, the Pure One, due to her impeccable personality and virtuous character, not to mention her honorable descent. Family Life It was a custom and at times a necessity to have more than one wife. However the prophet(pbuh) within the 25 years of married life, he showed no such inclination. In fact the perfect Husband and Father. Khadjia(ra) died after 25 years of marriage, during which time they shared their love an affection, as a perfect couple. In fact she is the ď€ rst person to become a muslim. She had perfect Trust in her noble Husband. When she died it was devastating blow to the Prophet(pbuh), and was the called the year of sorrow. The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), is the most excellent example as father and husband. He was very kind and tolerant towards them. They could not envisage life, without him.. He was the perfect head of family. The Prophet's beloved wife, Aa'isha,(ra) said of her noble husband: He always helped with the housework and would at times mend his clothes, repair his shoes and sweep the oor. 03

He would milk, protect and feed his animals and do household chores' Not only was he a devoted husband, he also encouraged his companions to follow his example: On his last sermon he mentioned these famous words �The most perfect of the believers in faith are the best of them in morals. And the best among them are those who are best to their wives.� Children Anas ibn Malik(ra), the Messenger's servant for 10 continuous years, says, "I have never seen a man who was more compassionate to his family members than Muhammad(pbuh). Whenever he returned to Madinah, he would carry children on his mount. On such occasions, the Messenger (pbuh) embraced not only his grandchildren but also those in his house and those nearby. He loved his grand daughter Umamah. He often went out with her on his shoulders, and even placed her on his shoulders while praying. Love He love Khadija more than any one else. This was amply demonstrated during her lifetime as well as long after her death. 04

He frequently sent food to Khadija's friends after her death, and spoke lovingly about her that Aiysah(ra) one of latter wives was jealous and said” "I was not, jealous of any other wife of the Prophet as I was jealous of Khadijah, because of his constant mentioning of her and because God had commanded him to give her good tidings of a mansion in Paradise of precious stones. And whenever he sacriced a sheep he would send a fair portion of it to those who had been her intimate friends. Many a time I said to him: "It is as if there had never been any other woman in the world except Khadijah(ra). Once, when Aishah(ra) complained and asked why he spoke so highly of "an old Quraysh woman", the Prophet (pbuh) was hurt and said: "She was the wife who believed in me when others rejected me. When people gave me the lie, she afrmed my truthfulness. When I stood forsaken, she spent her wealth to lighten the burden of my sorrow..” Consultation The Messenger discussed matters with his wives as friends. Certainly he did not need their advice, since he was directed by Revelation. However, he wanted to teach his nation that Muslim men were to give women every consideration. 05

This was quite a radical idea in his time, as it is today in many parts of the world. He began teaching his people through his own relationship with his wives. Then why did he Marry so many? As mentioned earlier, he was a devoted man to one women, despite in the territory the practice was otherwise. We understand, a Prophet is a Messenger of GOD, as such he must obey and fulll his Command. When you read the Quran and Hadith you will note a lot details why he married them, and every one of them was a divine command. Further you will nd that it is obvious from the age, and nature, and circumstances they had nothing to do with Male inclinationsand and above all his CHRACHTER and C O N D U C T . F u t h e r r e a d i n g : Muslim Men marry 4 women? Who said they marry 4women? How many do we know who are married to more than ONE. Well we all know how many men misbehave with women: Only famous men like Presidents, Film stars, Sports Stars, Religious Leaders come to our knowledge, and the man in your OWN ofce, or neighborhood .A wild guess will horrify us of the proportion that is not reported. 06

Have we understood the suffering the women and children have out of situations like this? They start by telling lies. After some time there is no guilt in telling lies. Today we live in a world where mass media is used skillfully by the powerful to meet their ends, which is most of the time has a double standard. Don't we think there must be a more humane way of overcoming the greater passions of those rare individuals while protecting the Modest Women in Society. You will ď€ nd that muslim men are the ones having the least amount of partners. Among those few who have, there must be more harmony among the families. There are situations, when men are forced to marry more than one: When the wife is barren, when she cannot be intimate, or there are more women in society-like in developed countries today. Yes like in other Religions there are those who will take advantage of the provisions in the law, and treat their spouses badly. It will go unabated if Society does not uphold Justice with Wisdom. 07

Consider the Freedom of Expression, where over a billion people were humiliated; People of a land living for thousands of years now without a State! and none Dare help THEM!!!! Today's media can be used skillfully to fool the Public. Be careful when we criticize other Religions or Practices…perhaps it is not suitable for us or our society: can we say others not to practice if all those who practice are not bothered as to those who do not practice! Look at Gay marriages. All Religions prohibit it, yet the law allows, such a unnatural ACT! What is preventing a man from having another wife if there is a requirement!! It's the Law! Other Religions did not prevent men marrying, except that laws were in acted to prevent it. Now in the World there are in most cities in developed Counties more women than men(I mean in the millions!) Their basic right to enjoy life , and live a Full Life with Honour and Dignity has been deprived! I hope in your environment there are sisters and daughters having such problems, so that something is done to help them and Uplift the Dignity of Women. Finally let me show you some of the other rights and Honour Women have in Islam. 08

Wife: She need not work. She is entitled for domestic help. Her personal funds are hers, husband has no rights. No man can marry a women without her consent. She can get a divorce immediately. Daughter/Sister/Mother They must be provided by the family-father, husband, brother, son. Their property is their personal matter, it cannot be questioned. Mother-There is a very famous saying by the Prophet(pbuh) -Paradise lies at the Feet of the Mother! The following U Tube is worth watching, it will completely change your mindset on Islam and its Practices.


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Authors Note: Hope you found this little booklet Truthful and informative. You will wonder why a basic Muslim takes this much of trouble? The answer is very simple. We want to follow the Basic Principles of Islam. This can never be done without understanding the Character and Practices of the Final Prophet. Read his Last Sermon to Understand better( we are asked to inform others even if we know even one thing!). If you think this information in the Booklet will be useful, please download and Print at the corner store and distribute to friends and Family, as it is done in a way to print easily. You may also go to the website for other articles of Social Value. GOD Bless It is not possible to get these details. THANK YOU ALL good Souls who have made their work freely available. VR Ordinary Muslims trying to explain to Ordinary Non Muslims.


Muslim men and their wives