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2009 Freshman Transition Coordinator Essay Questions UAR/FDO| 1st Floor, Sweet Hall | Stanford, CA 94305-3094

Applicant’s Name :

Pleaserespond to the following questions, limiting each response to two to three paragraphs in length. Once completed, pleasesubmit to UAR/FDOvia mail, fax, or email before the February 15 deadline .

1) What do you remember most about making the transition to Stanford? What three things were you most worried about and what two to three pieces of advice would you want to give every incoming new student?

2) Choosing one of the positions on your resume, briefly discussyour reasons for getting involved in that activity/organization, what you contributed to it, and what you have gained from that experience (If possible, focus on a position in which you had a leadership role and/or developed a major event or project).

3) Describe a situation in which you worked closely with others as part of a team, but they had different opinions or experiences from your own. How would you describe your role on that team? In general terms, what do you think makes a successful team?

4) Recalling a situation with a substantial workload and tight deadlines, describe how you handled the stress of that environment and what you have learned about your strategies for coping with stress.

5) Describe a relationship with a faculty, staff, or student mentor that has had a significant influence on your Stanford experience and why.

6) Pleaseelaborate on any additional relevant experiences that might further highlight your qualifications to be a 2009 Freshman Transition Coordinator.

7) What commitments, if any, do you have for the summer (such as classes,research, or living arrangements)?

Please return this form by Sunday, February 15 by 11:59pm to:

UAR/FDO(On-campus Mail Code: 3094) 590 Escondido Mall; 1st Floor, Sweet Hall Stanford, CA94305-3094 Fax: (650) 724-5400 Or E-mail to

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