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Vox Populi Trust “Property has its duties as well as its rights� -Thomas Drummond

Todays Meeting Outline


Fraud In The Mortgage System


Ways to Protect Your Home

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How The Mortgage System Really Works

Mortgage Cancelation

Mortgage Cancellation

After our coaching today you will know more than what 95% of the population knows about Mortgage Industry and the various solution to stay in your home (For a Lifetime)

Fraud Running Rampant

Forensic Audit Process  Forensic Audits Purpose: Track and Examine the paperwork from its origination for any errors or fraud.  The Banks have been exposed to not only be negligent of their own paperwork, but legally and criminally fraudulent.  Banks are well aware of their fraud and have begun the fraudulent foreclosure process trying to head off the masses before they wake up.  The Robo Signing Scandal is just one example:

Robo Signing

Securitization  The lender sells the original loan into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) by way of a Pooling and Service Agreement.  Then it is registered with the SEC as a REMIC Trust (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit).  At such time a Note and Deed of Trust is converted into a mortgage backed security (stock certificate) by law the Note is required to be destroyed.  Once it is traded as a stock, it is forever a stock. It is treated as a stock and regulated by the SEC as a stock. The Note and Deed of Trust no longer exist.  Under the Uniform Commercial Code, the promissory note is a one of a kind instrument. All assignments have to be done as a permanent fixture onto the original promissory note. The original promissory note has the only legal binding chain of title. Without the proper chain of title, the instrument is in fault.


 Now, imagine your loan is an orange. It gets tossed into a giant blender with thousands of other oranges (loans) resulting into thousands of bottles of orange juice. This juice is then sold to investors. This is what happens when a loan is securitized. 

Hundreds or thousands of people own a small fraction of each of the loans.

 If no one party can be named “the beneficiary” or “the lender,” then the promissory note is defective.

Examples of Securitization Fraud

Note has no power ď ľ When a loan has been securitized, it has been converted from a debt into a stock. ď ľ The law is very specific here. The promissory note, as well as the Deed of Trust, must be together at all times and there must always be a clear and unambiguous chain of title that is traceable in public records for all parties of interest in real estate. ď ľ They don't have possession of the note because it was sold, fractionalized, and monetized. Facts are, it is gone.

Fractional Reserve Lending  In the banking/lending system, a loan application is taken by the lender and then presented to the Federal Reserve in most instances.  Upon “approval” the lender/bank is advanced the amount of the loan from the FED.  Therefore the lender is not lending their own money, yet they will continue to collect on the loan or sell the loan to a third party.  The “money” provided through a bank/lender loan arrangement is created “out of thin air” and as such the money DOES NOT belong to the lender advancing the loan.  If the loan is kept, it is booked on the bank’s balance sheet as an asset, and in the process they received 10X the loan amount from the Fed as well for lending.  In an audited case it was discovered late in January 2012 in Orange County, CA, a securitization audit revealed that a lender actually resold the same mortgage loan 30 times.

Creation of Money

Your Signature Creates the Money For The Loan

Summary  Banks Fractional Reserve Lending process is less than ethical or at least less than transparent.  The Bank does not lend you its own money for your home purchase. The “money” is created by your signature on the Debt Instrument itself. You are the TRUE Creditor.  Fraud in the Initial Paperwork  Securitization Severs the Note from the Deed/Mortgage, removing all legal standing the Note holder has.

Vox Populi Solution  Vox Populi performs an Administrative Remedy that will LAWFULLY CANCEL your mortgage.  The Bank/Lenders claim in the property will be completely wiped out of County Records.  Once the Bank/Lender realizes what has happened (Could be 10 days, could be 5 years) they will try to illegally foreclose and or take you to court.  You Will then file a Wrongful Foreclosure Suit against the Bank/Lender.  Not only will the Bank have NO LAWFUL CLAIM anymore (due to the CANCELATION OF MORTGAGE Vox Populi performed), but you will have the 3 AUDITS Described prior to prove fraud on the Banks part resulting in potential damages of millions. 

Note: Going after the Bank for Damages is completely up to you the Contractor. Vox Populi will have set you up with the best legal standing possible through Administrative Remedy and 3 Separate and individually powerful Audits.

Mortgage Cancelation Steps Step 1

Provide Vox Populi with standard Mortgage information as well as your original Note and Mortgage/Deed of Trust.

Step 2

Sign 5 documents over the period of 100 DAYS.

Step 3

Accompany your Manager to file the Mortgage Cancelation Documents into the County Records to complete the process.

The Banks claim on your property is then CANCELLED and removed from the records.

Bear No Burdens

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class. The great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages, will bear its burden without complaint� -Lord Rothschild

Mortgage Cancelation Costs

 First Mortgage: 1% of Current Mortgage, no lower than $5,000  Second or Third Mortgage: $5,000 Flat Rate  Cannot Cancel PRIVATE Debt  Forensic, Securitization, and (something) Audit: No Expense with Mortgage Cancelation.


Property has its duties as well as its rights" - Thomas Drummond

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