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EDITORS LETTER S ince our premier issue in October, the VPR team has been hard at work! Along with the launch of VPR Hawaii, we have been busy sourcing all the latest and greatest mods, accessories and juice lines for our holiday “buyer’s guide”.

We are truly humbled by the amazing response and overwhelming success that our premier edition received. We want to thank each and every one of the readers, shops, forums; and the communities you have created.









This edition of VPR magazine is sure to point all levels of vape enthusiast in the right direction to pick a perfect set up for their vaping needs! With sneak peeks at new product, great feature stories on people who have made the switch to e-cigs. This edition is sure to be your go to resource for anyone on your gift list that is already using these amazing products or who is ready to jump in and find out what they are all about.

Sincerely, Cheryl Figueroa Editor-In-Chief




VPR magazine is published bi-monthly. Submissions of photographs, illustrations, drawings, and manuscripts are considered unsolicited materials and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the said items. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written consent of the publisher is strictly prohibited. For advertising inquiries contact: 125 Amerige Fullerton, California 92832 :: holiday buyers guide



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bigbuddhavapors here it’s all about custom words: STAFF photos: OMAR NAZIF

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So where might one find or purchase one of these one of a kind gold plated, hand engraved mods? You can view or purchase one on our online store or check our list of shops that carry them. To stay informed of our newest and latest mods and accessories we carry, please be sure to follow us on Instagram @bigbuddhavapors and like us on Facebook under Big Buddha Vapors.

Who is Big Buddha and how did you get started? Big Buddha Vapors (BBV) is Billy Le (AKA Big Buddha) and Sam Ngo. BBV was a concept and idea created by us in 2013. The idea was pitched to me by Sam’s brother, who at that time was looking to quit Where do you see your company is at this point? Where do you smoking and wanted to find a friendly and informative shop that they see yourselves in the future? could go to. That’s when Sam and I got the idea to create BBV. At this point in time, BBV has grown into a global distribution company. We wholesale products from all around the world. We With vape shops popping up everywhere now a days, what have been very blessed to work with well-known manufactures and would you say sets you apart from the rest? What makes you designers and can only pray it doesn’t end there. In the future, we see different? ourselves as the pioneers and innovators of this fast growing industry. Our background is customization. We have customized everything from cars, to motorcycles, to even tattoos. We have been in that And where is that you see the industry going? industry for over 20 years now. So when we opened up BBV, we Right now, I can speak for myself and Sam and say we see the figured we should continue that in the vape industry. To set us apart industry not even at its peak yet. Its open ended where it’s going to from everyone else, we would customize or personalize Mods for the be mainstream now that cigarettes are on its way out and the future consumer. And with that in mind, that’s how we started the idea of will be completely electronic. I only see big things happening in this hand engraving our mods and gold plating them. industry. The skies the limit. :: holiday buyers guide


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David Sweanor is an Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law for the University of Ottawa, Canada.


Q&A WITH A “PUBLIC HEATH HERO” WHOS BEHIND E-CIGS VPR: Why are you such a huge supporter of the Ecig? Sweanor: My interest is in reducing the truly appalling rate of illness and death caused by cigarette smoking. As part of that we know that smokers ‘smoke for the nicotine but die from the smoke’. In effect, in trying to understand the health issues concerning smoking we can borrow from a line from the first Clinton presidential campaign, ‘It’s the smoke, stupid’. We can virtually eliminate the cancers, heart disease and lung disease of cigarette smoking by giving people the nicotine they need or want without all the toxins of cigarette smoke. It is something I have written about for decades. E-cigs are of such interest to me in that they appear to be an acceptable and massively less hazardous alternative for a great many smokers. In addition the products are improving rapidly, and thus appear capable of replacing cigarettes for far more people in the years ahead. VPR: Why choose nicotine and tobacco as a focus for your career? S: There are many areas of policy that interest me, and I actually do work on other topics related to public health and some policy areas beyond that. But I was initially attracted to issues of tobacco and nicotine because there was clearly so much that could be accomplished, and there was general awareness of what needed to be done, just few people willing to try. The World Health Organization predicts a billion deaths this century as a direct result of cigarette smoking. When we know what to do to save those lives it is incomprehensible to me that our society does not do more. This should qualify as a ‘public health emergency’. A career spent doing interesting things that can add many more years of healthy life to untold millions of others is something truly aspirational, and as frustrating as the work can sometimes be I have never regretted my career decision. In fact a seminal moment for me was when I was still involved in my legal studies at the University of Toronto and my wife was doing her medical studies there. She was coming home from hospitals and telling me of just how many of the patients were there due to smoking. When I said maybe doctors ought to do more about smoking she quite rightly said, “Determining why people are getting sick is a

medical/scientific task. Doing something about it is a social/legal/political task. You lawyers are the ones who need to deal with it.” VPR: What was the last study you read on the safety of ecigs, did it relate to the hardware or the Ejuice? What did it say? Who published it? S: It is actually hard to remember which study I last looked at. I think it was a pre-publication paper that looked at issues of the vapor of different e-cigarettes. Generally it concluded that the vapor of the brands tested had very few risks, on par with smoking cessation products, and were certainly massively less risky than cigarettes. But it also raised questions of whether some e-cigs are delivering too little nicotine to appeal to many smokers. VPR: In your opinion, what should Governments position be on the flood of ecig products and the demand for Ejuice (nicotine liquid)? Should it be regulated? How? S: This has to be ends-oriented. Many people make the mistake of saying ‘there ought to be a law’ without clearly thinking through what the goal should be for that law and what we can do to ensure the law ultimately meets the goal in question. The real goal should be fit-for-purpose regulation, and the purpose should be the maximum possible reduction in disease. This means focusing on getting as many smokers as possible as far dawn the ‘spectrum of risk’ as possible. It is really a matter of the combination of the reduction in risk of any particular option and the number of people who will choose that option. There is the risk that in an effort to make e-cigarettes marginally ‘safer’ we greatly reduce the number of smokers who would have otherwise used them, thus adding to overall population harm. We need to ensure that we do not impede the very rapid rate of innovation we currently see in the e-cigarette market and we must look at ways to give smokers truthful and non-misleading information on relative risks. VPR: Have you seen any measurable data relating to the decline in traditional tobacco sales with the ecig on the market as an alternative to smoking? Sweanor: US sales data is already showing a measurable decline in cigarette sales attributable to electronic cigarettes. Analysts are attributing about a 1% incremental decline in cigarette sales in the first half of this year to

the switch to e-cigs. With the sales of e-cigs doubling or tripling annually this has enormous potential for a public health breakthrough of historic significance. In fact Wells Fargo’s Bonnie Herzog, one of the world’s leading analysts of tobacco stocks, believes that e-cigs will outsell traditional cigarettes within a decade. VPR: Do you believe the ecig could save the lives of smokers who quit tobacco and start vaping? S: This is not rocket science. Not only do we know that smoking will kill roughly half of long-term smokers, we know why. As previously mentioned, ‘it’s the smoke, stupid’. Nicotine at the dosage level smokers seek is not particularly hazardous; something roughly comparable to caffeine. What kills people is not the drug but the delivery system. Simply put, repeated inhalation of the products of combustion is a very bad idea. By way of a thought experiment, imagine that we found a land where people got their caffeine by smoking tea leaves. Imagine that land has good scientists and they were able to determine over 50 years previously that tea leaf smoking, due to the inhalation of smoke, was a major cause of lung cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Imagine that they had placed high taxes and large health warnings on the tea leaf packs, banned smoking of tea leaves in public places and demonized the tea companies and their consumers. But there were still a lot of tea leaf smokers because many people either could not do without caffeine or just did not want to do without it. If they expressed their dismay at the huge continuing health toll caused by this tea leaf smoking and asked if we had any ideas on how we could prevent additional premature deaths, what might we suggest? Would anyone seriously think that measures like yet-larger health warnings were more important than the provision of caffeine in ways that did not require inhalation of smoke? The public health goal is to reduce death, injury and disease. Smoking kills because of the smoke, not the nicotine. E-cigs get rid of the smoke. My hope is that e-cigs and other very low risk alternatives to cigarettes will continue to rapidly improve and will fundamentally transform both the marketplace and the history of public health.



Special Lecturer, Division of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, and a leading expert on nicotine and tobacco Health Polices on a global platform. :: holiday buyers guide


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KAYFUN 3.1 break down

1. 2mm Silica wick with .7x1mm Flat ribbon equilvant to 30 awg Kanthal wrap a 3-4 wrap roughly 1.0 ohms – 1.3 this is because of the insulators on the Kayfun are bound to melt if you go to low 2. Make sure you tight down the positive post with a flat head screwdriver hold the positive post and tighten with flathead 3. This is the positive post that needs to be tighten if this is loose this will short you device and cause problems. 4. Go head and mount the wick you created one leg should be pointed to the north and one leg should be pointed to the south it makes it easier to mount. 5. Once screws are tighten grab the loose ends and pull together so it will fit the

Evaporation chamber 6. Should look like this when tighten 7. Once you get the loops tight where the loop touches the grooves on the base cut the single ends off so just the 2 small loops are left after you do this you want to move the coil up from the air hole this will effect the air flow it could be tight. 8. Bend the 2 loops down and screw the evaporation chamber on 9. Then screw the collector-tank on and insert the screw (+) pin and o-ring in to the bottom collector-tank 10. Like so 11. At this time you could test fire it on your choice of device 12. At this point you could moist the wick with your favorite eJuice and then put the Chimney in the evaporation chamber

13. Screw on the body (Tank) to the base 14. you want to fill till the 2 thread from the bottom 15. Now screw the top cap on till you could see the rubber o-ring 16. Like so once you see only the o-ring at this point there is many ways of filling you could use the traditional way using the plastic filler if you still have it or your finger or what I use a banker rubber band to cover the air hole because you are trying to crate a vapor lock 17. This method works for me using a banker rubber band I always have some because it is my tool of the trade I use it to get other peoples flush mount atomizers off there device 18. Once upside down with o-ring from top cap is showing and rubber band covering the air hole start to tighten the top cap to snug turn it upside down and take a vape.















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MADINDUSTRIES The Men Behind Mad Industries words: STAFF photos: TYLER CLINTON

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MAD INDUSTRIES After years of smoking cigarettes and living the wild outlaw, bike building, and classic hotrod lifestyle, Doug Mc Goon, decided to try vaping to get his fix. Vaping was first introduced to Doug about a year ago. After he started vaping, he was consumed with it and wanted to start living a more healthy lifestyle and quickly became a pro advocate for the vaping community. One of the first people he gave a unit to was his partner , Mike Curtis. Now, on a weekly basis, he purchases starter kits to give away to family, friends and fans to promote this healthier lifestyle.

Doug McGoon & Mike Curtis Q&A

Doug, how long have you been in the motorcycle industry? We’ve been in the industry for 3 years making one-off motorcycle parts. I got into doing motorcycle wheels 8 or 9 years ago, and have been fortunate to work with some of the great builders from the Discovery Channel and Biker Buildoff: Eddie Trotta, Matt Hotch, Donnie Smith. My partner, Mike Curtis has been designing automotive parts for years, and gained a reputation by working with the greats such as Chip Foose and Boyd Coddingon. He’s been making his own automotive and hot rod parts for a number of years.

26 :: holiday buyers guide How did you guys get into the vaping industry? It just seemed like a natural fit… I’d been a pack-a-day smoker for 18 years, and didn’t really have any intention of quitting. I enjoyed smoking, and didn’t really ever consider it. A friend introduced me to vaping, and I ended up liking it more. The fact that it was a safer alternative was just an added bonus. You’ve gotten a lot of attention lately with your engraved Chi-You, may I ask what it is worth? How can you put a price on something that has added years to my life? I hear you’re now branching out into the vape industry as well? How did that happen? It was just a natural progression for us, since it’s such a part of our lives. We walk around the shop with these stainless or brass mods, and we deal with raw metal every day. Over time, metal dulls or tarnishes. With Mike’s background in the automotive and hot-rod industry, he’s come to know metal from the inside-out. He knows how it’s going to react, and how it is going to perform. Over the years he’s had to develop ways to not only polish but to protect the pieces that we produce. Our polish line was formulated out of pure necessity. We’ve been using a variation of this formula on the parts we produce for years, and we stand behind it. It’s formulated specifically for the vape community and designed for the daily use of stainless steel and brass. We’ve also heard that you have a clothing line as well. Can you tell us a bit about that? Yeah, we’ve got an apparel line that is themed with some of the builds we’ve been involved with over the years. We’ve been really fortunate to work with some of the great builders out there that are building the most incredible bikes that are amazing pieces of machinery. These

relationships have allowed us to have such great content for our line. My every-day work shirt is a print of one of our typical builds, and everywhere I go people ask me to buy it. It’s humbling, because we’re just normal guys doing what we love. The apparel is just an extension of who we are and how we live. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate, how can the community find these products? You can keep track of us at www.Madwheelsinc. com, on Instagram @mcgoblin, or on Facebook: madwheelsinc. Any message you would like to give to the vape shops out there? All I have to say is … just to never forget the big picture of helping the consumer quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle. By providing patience and information, we can continue to educate and become a stronger community. Thanks to all the shops out there who are and continue to promote this healthier alternative.

Fave Ejuices:

Bonnie & Clyde by Villain Vapors, Polar Berry by Black Label E-Liquid.& Gangnam Syrup by Cold Turkey Juice Canada. We sat down with Amberlee Meyer, lead Pilates instructor at Method Authentic Pilates studio in Costa Mesa, California to find out how she went from a pack a day smoker to a dedicated Ecig user. “As a Pilates teacher, you are viewed as the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle. Being a smoker was a complete contradiction on how clients perceive you. It was definitely not a habit I wanted my clients to be privy to.”, Meyer said. “It’s embarrassing to admit, I would literally schedule my clients with 15-minute smoke breaks built in to my teaching schedule. I had a whole ritual...I would tie my hair back, wear a jacket to keep the smell off my clothes; smoke my cigarette and then do mouthwash and hairspray. All this effort just so that I would not smell like smoke when my next client walked in the studio!” she joked. “All kidding aside, I was a serious slave to cigarettes! I was a smoker for 20 years and had quit several times but always went back to it. For me, it wasn’t just the nicotine I was addicted to, it was also the physical act of smoking; I loved it. The ecig satisfies both of these for me. I am going to go :: holiday buyers guide


Q&A WITH HEALTH PROFESIONAL AMBERLEE MEYER out on a limb here and say that the two points I just touched on are part of the reason why the electronic cigarette market is exploding. This really is the first viable competitor to traditional cigarettes because you get the nicotine AND the action of smoking.” When asked what made her decide to switch from smoking to vaping, her answer was not what we expected. “My husband came home with an ego kit in April of this year and said to me “I met you as a smoker, I married you as a smoker, but I love you and I don’t want to see you die as a smoker”. That was my wake up call. I didn’t think it would work, but I agreed to try it. It took about a month to get off traditional cigarettes but one day I just stopped buying them. I am so proud to be able to say that I don’t smoke anymore...I vape, it works for me.” Along with the personal success of quitting traditional cigarettes, Meyer, her husband Robert and her Canadian based counter-part Xari Moffitt have started the first distribution company for high end vape gear in her home country of Canada, ApothecarE. She had this to say about her new venture:

Quality. Consistency. Perfection.

“I was visiting my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario in the summer and everyone kept asking me what and where I got ‘that thing’ I was using. It was an ego-C twist with an iclear! I was blown away that no one knew what it was, since these are so common where I live in California. When I came home from my vacation in Canada, my husband and I and were playing around with the idea of opening a store there. After doing a ton of research we realized that high end vape gear was basically non existent in Canada, it was not available outside of the group buy forums. We saw an opportunity, found a Canadian based partner and went for it! ApothecarE is growing so quickly, that it just confirms that the electronic cigarette option; be it egos or mechanical mods is here to stay. I can confidently say that with all the amazing flavors available, anyone who wants to quit smoking and start vaping will find an E-juice they love. It is going to help thousands of people just like me kick smoking!” With cigarettes out of her life, Amberlee’s favorite vape set up these days is the J2P Pisces mini mod, topped with a Vicious Ant cyclone AFC set (gold edition), and Vicious Ant stinger tip.


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16. 17.


2. 12. Now screw on the 510 connector 13. Should look like this when finished 14. Drop on your device and fire it to see if there any hot spots AQUA DISASSEMBLE 15. Do your adjustment 16. Check again to see if all Tip Air Chamber Aqua Base 510 connector the hot spots are gone (+) pin Tank body top Cap. 17. Put the air chamber on and make sure the silica wick 1. Start off with (4) (2) 6. This is what it should are still in the slots when you 2 Inch silica wick so you look like when finished screw on the air chamber would have total (4) Silica 7. Clip the top Silica 18. Next screw on the tank wicks that are 2mm thick wick on both as close as / adjustable air all the way wrap the Kanthal (28) (30) possible to the coil on both down to its flushed with the (32) your desire on what sides and you should have base wire gauge. the other wicks on the 19. Fill to the 1st thread on 2. After you have 2 (4) bottom cut those to length the tank with your favorite silica wicks you are going of the grooves to the eJuice to mount the first coil on bottom of the base. 20. Should look like this the base 8. Once you have cut the 21. Put the tank top cap 3. I usually like to go from silica wick to length drop on and make sure the air the inner or outer of the 2 your favorite eJuice to chamber is on snug before posts for the first then next the wicks so it easier for you put this top cap on. coil you do the opposite the wick to set in the 4 22. Should look like this 4. Once you mount the first channels of the Aqua base when finished one go ahead and get the 9. Insert the wick in to the 23. Turn the device upside second coil and start the slots like so down and unscrew the opposite way you did the 10. Once you finish this is tank and make sure the air first one how it should look chamber is not unscrewing 5. Once you finish then go 11. This is if you are going you looking at the air holes head and tighten down the to use it with a device of while you do this there are thumb nuts and clip the your choice 2 holes on the side that you ends off the kanthal wire. want your air flow liking Aqua made by Footon Kim adjustable air flow and adjustable Juice control











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COVER STORY There really isn’t anything bad you can say about the Chi You, The Hammer, or the Origin, just to name a few, but one things for sure, they were all made absolutely beautiful! We have the privilege of introducing some of the people that are willing to go beyond the extra mile to add value and exuberance to a tool that has brought so much pleasure to so many. With the hundreds of man-hours, and bling invested to make each of them special and one- of-a-kind; one can only imagine just by the sheer look, that it must come with a Rolex. We are honored to showcase such beauty, combining art lovers and vape enthusiasts, to generate such extraordinary products.


UNICORNSdo exist words: STAFF photos: JAKE KOCHISS :: holiday buyers guide


Nathan Chang is one of the lucky ones blessed to own one of the most sought out Mods in the world. It is a custom engraved Chi You Mod by Mojo from Korea, with engraved artwork by Otto Carter. Otto Carter is a world class highly sought after and highly respected engraver. His precise and intricate engravings can be recognized by enthusiast on guns, knives, motorcycle parts, jewelry and many more all over the world. The Otto Carter series can be purchased exclusively at Vape Revolution. Follow Nathan Chang on instagram: enlightenedVape.


Over 400 hours of hand engraving, and 135 VS1 diamonds decorates this Chi You by Mojo from Korea. With its flawless lines, and preciseness, there is only one word to describe this Mod, and its perfection. Doug McGoon owns this custom engraved Chi You, and is also the owner of Mad Industries. His background is in designing, but he has also been involved with the motorcycle and automotive industry for over 10 years. He is an avid vaper and believes that there are many benefits from vaping. Because of that, he is currently using his professional skills to design apparel, and also creating new innovative products for the vaping industry. For any inquiries for a one-off custom Mod, contact Follow Doug McGoon on instagram: mcgoblin

BBV SERIES J2P, one of Philippines top Mod makers, collaborated with Big Buddha Vapors to design and make a one-of-a-kind custom designed, gold plated, and hand engraved Mod. With a Polynesian, and classic filigree theme; the BBV Series would make any vaper look classy and hip, or just jealous that they don‘t own one for their own collection! With their 10 plus years of experience in customizing cars and tattoos, BBV continues to work on new and exciting products, as well as collaborations with other builders and designers. For inquiries in regards custom mods and designs, you can reach BBV at, instagram: BigBuddhaVapors, and


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On Deck Mods It was 4:00 am, and the go-go dancers were showing no signs of tiring. The floor of the casino was all but vacant, yet the energy was high; emanating from a lone craps table in the corner. Surrounding the table were a motley crew of gamblers eager to wager on the dice being thrown by a tall character effortlessly puffing clouds of vapor. It was at this smoky no-frills casino, at the heart of Freemont Street in Las Vegas, where I first met Ryan Fuller, and it was clear he was rolling a hot streak. From his gold grill to his Versace slippers, it’s obvious that Ryan is not your typical CEO; yet he runs one of the most successful vape distribution companies in Los Angeles. Since early 2013, On Deck Mods has focused on sourcing highend mods directly from designers in the Philippines, Europe, and Asia. When asked about his overseas operations, Ryan is confident, “Having feet on the ground in both the Philippines and US allows us to leverage those local relationships for a stronger global presence. We work directly with the designers and manufacturers to bring the best products from all corners of the world.” “We’re always on the lookout for the next hottest mod or atty. One of the best things about being in Southern California, is the unlimited access to great products, but other states aren’t as fortunate. When we first started, most of our business was in California, but the trend is expanding outward. The vape movement is gaining momentum, and we are seeing demand for quality high-end devices grow throughout the nation.”

For more information, or to contact on deck mods directly, you may find them at:

MADININDUSTRIESINC.COM :: holiday buyers guide




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Q& A :: holiday buyers guide

Who introduced you to the scene? Vape Supreme What made you start vaping? I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I like the flavors and the fact that it helps motherf**kers stop smokin’. What was your first unit? What are you using now? I don’t remember what I first vaped with but now I use The Hammer. What shops do you frequent? Vape Supreme What’s your favorite flavor juice at the moment? Supreme de la Crème – Madzilla by Vape Supreme What do you prefer… Drip or tank? And Why? I don’t smoke as often, so I just use a regular tank. What or how have you contributed to the movement? I’ve been involved with modeling and marketing for the vape movement since it started. What’s your favorite thing about vaping? That you can vape just about anywhere and there is so many flavors Do you think smoking is a turn off? Cigarettes… Yes.

MADZILLA :: holiday buyers guide



photographerJoshua Escueta :: holiday buyers guide


So good... you could drink it straight.




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Give something that counts for the holidays. Vaping is one of the biggest and most important sensations of 2013. Not to mention, many have taken the leap of faith and have smashed their last cigarette and are already leaning towards vaping. As a beneficial bonus, they have decided to open their palette to oodles of flavors, while getting their nicotine fix as an alternative. No longer do you or your love ones have to suffer the smell and the 3000 plus carcinogens that have stained your clothes and theirs, as well as their teeth. Rather, now everybody has the luxury of enjoying the fragrant smell of vapes and the holidays. This year, instead of buying Christmas sweaters and socks, support for better health for you and your family by buying products to support your vaping pleasures and theirs. :: holiday buyers guide


The Hammer, by Kato from Korea, is a Mod must have in your vape collection! It comes in a stainless steel body with brass connections and will definitely standout amongst all the other mods you are used to seeing. The Hammer has brought back the cool factor in the Pipe design. The only real drawback is that it was designed to fit only the 18350 battery. Luckily, since it’s made by Kato, the Astro Mod can be applied so it can accommodate an 18490 battery. The Hammer is the perfect name for this Mod for obvious reasons. When fully assembled with the atomizer and tip, it looks like a hammer, hence the name. It has beautiful engravings on each side of the mod. The story behind the intricate tribal design is believed to been inspired by a Hammer Head Shark. Kato has set the standards for future Pipe-style Mods. From the feel, the design, and beauty; future mod designers are going to have their hands full trying to outdo this piece of art. Not only are we excited that the Hammer exist, we look forward to what Kato will come up with next! Pre orders available on $240




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CUSTOM WOOD HOLDER Some of more great creations of the Mad Carpenter, this time we’re showcasing some of his Mod holders for your table or the car. The cup holder is a must have for any serious Vaper. $25-35

VAPE INDUSTRY CUP HOLDER MOD STAND Designed from 100% silicone, the cup holder holds 2 Mods one for you and your friend. The major advantage of this amazing holder is that its design prevents 2 Mods from ever touching or rattle, and since its silicone, there is no chance it would leave any scratches. $20-30


30AMP BATTERY This 18650 has a high drain 30 AMP discharge. Flat cylindrical lithium battery means that you always have a good connection. Every serious Vaper knows that if you don’t have a good battery, your not going to have a good hit. $20


One of the coolest things is this acrylic cap that fits any Nimbus Atomizer and Igo-W Atomizer. The benefits are it keeps your drip tip cool, its see thru, and you can definitely tell if you have too much e-juice! Designed by Vape Chamber Vapor Shop, located on 514 S. Brea Blvd, Brea, Ca 92821 (714)362-9800 Instagram: vapechamber :: holiday buyers guide




22mm Outside Diameter, stainless steel build, quartz reservoir tank, protective top cap, dual/ single coil capabilities with air flow controls. It is a Genesis style rebuild able atomizer that looks great on any mod. It has an engraving of the kraken, and created in the Philippines. $165-185

VP1 CHARGER 3 Charging Modes, Revives overly discharged batteries, intelligent charging, built-in reverse polarity protection (so your battery won’t explode!) are some of the great thing about this charger. The reason why this charger is so amazing is that you can charge your batteries while driving! How awesome is that! $45-50



A 22mm diameter and made of 316 Stainless Steel brushed or polished, this Mod is another fine product from Korea. One of the best benefits of this mod is that it had the Kayfun 3.1in mind. Besides the 18350, and 18500 tubes, it also comes with a Kayfun adapter. $180



With a constant 3.7V, this battery put out an impressive 3100 MAH. Flat cylindrical Lithium battery, so you are going to always have a good connection. A great battery for any mod, and it comes with a great price. $15


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Kayfun makes amazing products! Any serious Vaper must own one! The Kayfun is a bottom feeder that also offers adjustable airflow. The design enhances juice flavor by concentrating the flavor through the funnel. It uses vacuum seal to keep the juice from spilling out. Designed in Russia and made in Germany. $175

One of the highly anticipated Atomizers, Eden Modz made with the connoisseurs in mind. 22mm in diameter, single or dual coil, air flow control ring, as well as a JUICE FLOW CONTROL!!! It comes with a stainless steel stand so you can rest your inverted Rose so you don’t have spill or pour out your precious e-juice. It has so many features; you are going have to pick one up to find out! In the US, you can get it at and in Europe.

SUPER JAYMZE VINYL WRAPS There are a lot of people that makes wraps for Mods, but there’s Super Jaymze. If you want to protect your Mod or just decorate it, you have to get it from Super Jaymze! With so many styles and designs to choose from, your going to end up leaving with a handful of vinyl’s from your local vapor store. Tired of polishing your Brass Turtle Ship, put on a clear wrap and polish no more! $15-20



Made and designed in the USA. It measures 22mm, with a lot of room for the wick and the airflow. Made of 303 Stainless steel with a unique dynamic quad ring seal to keep the juices inside the tank. It has 3 posts, very easy build especially for dual coils. $75-90 :: holiday buyers guide


TASTE Footoon’s Aqua is one of the most anticipated atomizers. Made from 316 Stainless Steel, 21mm in diameter, with capability of 4-channel dual coil compatibility. It is a bottom fed silica tank atomizer with brass contacts. It also comes with a Hybrid connector for the Origin Mod, spare O-rings and 2 unique drip tips. $175


For those who like a tighter draw, this tip is perfect for you. Made of brass and 304 Stainless Steel, this knurled drip tip would make any atomizer for flashy. $20-25


TURTLESHIP (GEOBUKSEON) V2 With the success of the first Turtle Ship, it’s only natural for RJ to make a version 2. This mod comes in a brush stainless steel or brass. The advantages of the V2 vs. the V1 are that it comes with bigger battery vents and new engravings on the main tube and button. Great product from Korea! $180



What is better than a Pro Tank 2? A Pro Tank 3! If you have a beginner kit, your most likely going to end up with a Kanger. If you’re tired of winding coils on your genesis tank, you are most likely going to buy a Kanger! Version 3 has all the advantages of version 2, which means you can replace everything, but now you get dual coil, which means more flavors and clouds. $25-30


AQUA :: holiday buyers guide

“The Neme “ is 22mm in diameter stainless steel mod with silver plated contacts. It is an 18350 Mod, but it comes with extension tubes for the 18500,



18650 as well as the Kick. This is one mod with little or no complaint. $175-200

The Mod is ready for battle. It has 24K gold over silver plated brass for its contacts, as well as aluminum bronze for its tubing. It can stand up right without being locked, drunk safe! The default tube is 18350, but will be available in 18500 and 18650. Lux Edition $180, and GP Paps SS $140






If your into Hybrid Mods, Luxe Mods looks elegant and one of a kind. It’s set up is for an 18350 battery, and made of 316 Stainless Steel. Made in the United Kingdom, and it retails for about $225-250.



This sleek Mod is manufactured and made exclusively in Southern California. It is 22mm in diameter and made of 303 Grade Stainless Steel. The telescoping firing pins are made of 145 Grade Copper Contacts, with a very low voltage drop. Reverse threaded locking rings and a spring loaded bottom firing pin. The serial number is located in the inner part of the switch. $190 :: holiday buyers guide


iTASTE It comes in a variable voltage/wattage. Fits 18650 only reads ohms, LED battery display, 10 second vape shut off, maximum current output 5.0 amperage. This unique looking box mod will catch the eye of everyone that sees it. The sturdy metal it is made from will ensure that the device will last after any falls or drops. $100-120


Innovape drip tips are made from 303 stainless steel and dual o rings for a snug fit. There are 3 different types of styles to choose from. They have heat sink technology the retail price is $20


ZODIAC DRIP TIPS Rj mods came out with the new zodiac drip tips that will have all twelve animals for your birth years. The tips are made in Korea $25


This unique styled drip tip is made from Pyrex, glass with stainless steel or brass accents. The reason why these tips are so popular, is because of the look and how it doesn’t heat up when you vape. $20-25


VTR :: holiday buyers guide



Putting A lot of Seoul into the Vape Industry words: STAFF; photos: ROY MANANQUIL :: holiday buyers guide

The Koreans definitely made their presence in the vaping community. Their products, especially the Mods, have been a Vape store owner’s dream to be able to carry their products. For a while, the Europeans have put stronghold on the Vape game on producing the highest quality and most precise products that many makers have a rough time matching. Korean designers such as Mojo, Kato, Footoon, and RJ have proved to the vape community that the Koreans have more to offer than just something to prove. Out of all the Mod builders in Korea, Mojo , the maker of the Chi You, is usually the name that you will hear about first. To date, the Chi You is one of the most recognized Mods worldwide. Ask any vaper and they will tell you, when a “Chi” is released, there is a guaranteed line that will wrap around the building. The Chi You is still a highly respected Mod, even though it’s been around for a while, and vapers continue to rock it with a lot of pride.


Mojo definitely set the standard for other builders in Korea. Mojo said in an interview with Vape Revolution, “I don’t like the idea of duplicating, or selling something similar to an existing mod, to anyone.” Kato, the maker of the Hammer and also a builder from Korea, made a Mod so different and exotic that any Vaper would die to have it in their collection. It is a pipe style Mod, where a few months ago, the only existing pipe style Mod was esthetically frowned upon. But today, it is one of the most sought after Mods worldwide. Footoon, the maker of the Origin and Aqua, and RJ Mod, the maker of the Turtleship , both from Korea, have not only shown that they have the skill and mind set to make something different and original, but they continue to keep the trend going from what Mojo has created. KKorean Mod Builders definitely are not to be reckoned with or underestimated. They continue to make vaping exciting, with their ingenious designs and products and their capability of bringing back to life some old ideas. Their engineering and machining showed quality and persistence in producing very high-end products, which makes it so intriguing to see what they are going to come up with next.


54 :: holiday buyers guide




13. 14.

THE ROSE adjustable air ring(AFC) breakdown by Eden Mod 1. I used in this build ecowool which is 2mm and I used about a inch 2 pieces and used 30 awg Kanthal put 2 together and did a 4-5 wrap 2. Next I cut the 30 awg down to size 3. Then I inserted into the ceramic cup which sits in the base of the rose 4. Once on the ceramic hold with gentle preasure so the wick and coil does not fall out 5. Adjust the wick use the ecowool ends to there proper channels 6. Once adjusted it should look like this or better keep a finger on the wick and coil so it


does not come loose from ceramic cup when inserting to the base 7. Insert the ceramic cup into the base of the rose 8. Once in the base tighten the neg. and (+) set screws on the side 9. Once tighten down trim the wick to the metal body of the ceramic cup 10. hould look like this 11. Go ahead and screw the body together either the window middle or using the metal middle in this build we are going to be using the window middle. 12. Next step put the bottom tank connector


on like so 13. Now you are ready to test fire with your device of choice to adjust your coils once this is tweaked go ahead and dab a few drops of your favorite eJuice on the wicks 14. Insert the mouth piece / air chamber into the body(Tank) till snugged 15. Like so 16. Fill your favorite eJuice 17. And you are going to screw the bottom piece on from the top once the body is tighten 18. After the body is tight tighten the mouth piece to the base of the Rose










18. 18.

11. :: holiday buyers guide


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W O N :: holiday buyers guide

Who and what is Cloud Kicker Society? Cloud Kicker Society started off with our love and passion for vaping. We have both been smokers for over 15 years and have been off analogs since 2012. And like a lot of other smokers who were seeking a healthier alternative, we found our way to our first e-cigarette. From there, the rest is history. CK|S is a premium lifestyle brand for the vapers, by the vapers. We support and produce all things related to vape to influence the progression of the vaping movement. Our intention and primary objective for starting CK|S is to provide education to the public as well as influencing current smokers in the healthier alternative which vaping has provided us. So, you aren’t just an apparel brand? Because we’ve been seeing a lot of your t-shirts being worn by vapers everywhere! Yes, that’s right. We actually started off doing tees because of our background stemming from the street wear/fashion industry for over a decade. However, we have a lot of ideas and plans already in motion to release a variety of products and accessories that relate to vaping. Can you elaborate on these products and accessories you speak of? Sure, but if we told you, we’d have to kill you! No, but what we can tell you is that we have aligned ourselves with some pretty influential players in the game right now. Let’s just say we’re excited for what’s to come and are confident that you will be too! We’ll leave it at that.

Haha, ok fair enough. You mentioned providing some sort of education. What do you plan on educating the public with and how? There are many outlets and platforms that we use to educate others. The most accessible is through our personal testimonials given to the many people we encounter on a daily basis. We also plan and are currently spreading the good word through effective marketing campaigns and influencing vapers to be safe and respectable to all people- Smokers, non-smokers and vapers alike. When you consider all the recent activity amongst cities that are trying to ban the usage of e-cigarettes, proper vaping etiquette, and educating the masses about vaping is currently at its most important time for the culture to stay alive. What would you like to see in the future for vaping? What we’ve seen and encountered so far in the vaping community has been inspiring and motivational. To watch vapers from all walks of life gather together under one proverbial roof and share stories is nothing short of amazing. We feel that being part of such a tight-knit community, it is our unsaid duty to continue to unite vapers with one another and revolutionize vaping worldwide. To some, there is a certain stigma that is tied to vaping perceived by society. We hope that our efforts will break down any negative barriers as well as advancing vaping, along with its community, towards a more constructive and positive direction. What’s next for CKS? Aside from Cloud Kicker Society pasties for the ladies, we are developing the first e-juice fueled hybrid car. Oh, and, of course, world domination. 143.


58 :: holiday buyers guide

ECC2013 :: holiday buyers guide \words: STAFF; photos: ROY MANANQUIL


The first annual Electronic Cigarette Convention, also known as ECC, was held at the Anaheim Convention Center Sept 20-21, 2013. West Coast Vapers Club put together an amazing event bringing Vape shops, enthusiasts, and world class Mod Builders from all over the world. Since it was held in the biggest convention on the West Coast, you had more than enough elbow space to talk to professionals, try out different flavors, and check out the new and up and coming products. On top of that, Vapers had the opportunity to win tips, juices, high end Mods and a lot more great stuff!!

59 :: holiday buyers guide




At the Flamingo Hotel of Las Vegas, Vapefest held their vape convention on September 20-21, 2013. Because of their max capacity of vape vendors, vape enthusiast had the privilege of checking out extensive products and vape juices from across the nation. Besides winning wonderful prizes, Vapefest has put together a group of amazing workshops, which includes: battery safety, rebuilding coil, legal and political education and so much more. Not to mention, on a very positive note, a lot of money raised from this convention is being used and donated for the research and study on the safety and use of E-cigarettes. :: holiday buyers guide


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words: STAFF; photos: JAKE KOCHISS

When you hear the word Cancer, most people would automatically think of how horrible this disease is. Unfortunately in America, in one way or another, Cancer has affected someone or somebody that we know and love. VPR was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in something that started off negative, and put it towards something positive. The Pint House, a bar and restaurant located in Downtown Fullerton, CA, experienced a loss in their family. Adam Hodgeson lost his father last year to Cancer, and decided to give something back to the same foundations that helped his father fight this horrible disease. These two foundations are the American Cancer Society and St. Jude Cancer Center. For their love for Adam, Dan Ventura, owner of the Pint House, girlfriend Danielle Ventura, and close friend Renee Hill put together a fundraiser to give back to the same foundations that helped Adam’s father; and hopefully will help others going through their battle with Cancer. As a whole, VPR Magazine, Big Buddha Tattoos, Sullen Clothing, The Pint House, multiple singers as well as face painters, photo booths and so much more donated their time, money, and hearts to this wonderful event. From the food, to the drinks, to the artwork, and tattoos, all of the proceeds raised that day went to American Cancer Society and St. Jude Cancer Center. Even though the money raised wasn’t as large as we would all like it to be, we were happy to make a little dent on the fight to find the cure. :: holiday buyers guide



King of Clouds



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COMING SOON :: holiday buyers guide


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Vapers In Paradise O’ahu is known as the Gathering Place; that’s why Alan Watanabe and Jordan YonedaBanis created HI CLASS Vapor’s First Annual Vapers in Paradise event. With so many new shops opening across the state, a focal point was needed to assemble Hawaii’s vaping community; a gathering place where business owners and their followers could come together cooperatively. An array of independent vendors, from vape shops and juice makers to clothing companies and hobby stores, converged on Ward Center’s Vice Nightclub, setting up booths and product for over 300 guests. Proceeds from the event were donated to the Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization providing medical service and support programs for children in Hawaii affected by cancer.

to myself, ‘Wow, the place is getting kinda cloudy.’ Then I started to realize how packed it really was. People just kept coming in, even when the event was almost over. By the end of the night, we ended up just letting people in, just so long they were of age.” Although there are no plans yet for future vaping events, the organizers are considering a rally to oppose legislation restricting the use and distribution of electronic cigarettes. Alan Watanabe owns Sumo Bento and Catering, serving Vice Nightclub, private parties, weddings, and other local events. Jordan Yoneda-Banis produces Dr. Jay’s Juice, sold at vaping shops statewide. Article & Photos: DUSTIN TREY

With a prize giveaways, an outrageous emcee, a full bar and local beer on draft, VIP was a huge success. The night culminated in an epic, 36 mg, jalapeño-flavored cloud competition, with a new, Surefire King Mod raffle donated by 808 Smokes and a new Poldiac raffle donated by The Vaping Section Hawaii. HICLASS partner Alan Watanabe said, “At one point I looked around the room and said

1 :: premiere issue :: holiday buyers guide


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3 :: premiere issue :: holiday buyers guide

4 :: premiere issue

71 :: holiday buyers guide

group,” Aaron said, “but most of our clients are into the mechanicals because it’s just the natural progression. We try our hardest to find what a lot of people would consider unicorns; those hard to get products. When a client walks in and sees that we’ve got something he’s been looking for, it feels pretty good.”



People who surround themselves with a strong family survive. The Vaping Section Hawaii is a family of passionate enthusiasts, from smokers looking for a healthier alternative to hobbyists in step with the latest designs. A creative catalyst, a network hub, a laboratory and a gathering place; The Vaping Section Hawaii is a forum which supports the innovative people and products that advance the industry. VPR sat down with partner and shop manager Aaron Vranesevic to talk about the state of the industry and his vision for the shop. “The Vaping Section is Hawaii’s premiere


vaper boutique,” Aaron said. “We try to give our customers what we’d give ourselves, from how we treat them to the products we look into, from the research that’s done.” Their showcases feature premium mechanical mods, atomizers and accessories, featuring an accompanying 15 feet custom concrete juice bar that allows guests to try the fun flavor menu. The Vaping Section Hawaii offers products and services to a broad array of vapers, from beginners looking to quit smoking to hobbyists who collect the rarest mechanical mods. “We don’t necessarily tag ourselves into one product :: premiere issue

The Vaping Section Hawaii’s family ties connect all corners of the Islands, from the bustling city center to sleepy rural towns. These roots consolidate Hawaii’s unique culture, style and values, reflecting the character of its people and their connection to each other. “My partner and I were born and raised here,” Aaron said. “We’ve both lived abroad, but our mentalities and lifestyles are a little different than the mainland. Up there it’s go every day. Here, we’re just trying to help people, and give the vape shop that local flair. We view our clients in general as family because, at the end of the day, they are the ones putting food on our tables. They are the ones that are keeping us going. My partner as really close :: holiday buyers guide

with his family; his mom’s always coming to the shop dropping off food. Same with me, I’m close to my parents, close to my brother. It’s just how it is out here.” The family ties are even closer within the shop. Much of the staff has been with the company from the beginning, when the idea of opening a vaping store was just a dream. “We put a lot in to the shop,” said key holding consultant Chevys Ishikawa. “I remember hauling that concrete juice bar up the stairs.” Aaron seems to agree. “I view everyone that works here as family. We’re all family over here. A lot of people say don’t hire your


friends, but it’s worked out for us.” Cultivating these strong ties amongst employees and clients is part of Hawaii’s business culture, and reflects the values of each partner and the company. The Vaping Section Hawaii’s familybased philosophy unifies staff from all walks of life, from all corners of the Island. Although The Vaping Section Hawaii brings local values and style to the vaping scene, the California connection remains strong. “We are all The Vaping Section” Aaron said “I hit them up Thursday, set a meeting for Saturday. My partner and I walked away from it a little skeptical. It was a little fast, almost too good to be true, but we decided to give it a shot and by Tuesday we were in. :: premiere issue

73 :: holiday buyers guide



7 :: premiere issue :: holiday buyers guide

That all went down during the first week of July, and we officially opened our doors August 1st. It’s been quick.” Despite being in business for a mere ninety days, The Vaping Section Hawaii has quickly amassed a following, with the majority of clients regularly visiting the shop. “It feels like it’s been a lot longer, but at the same time it feels like it’s going by super-fast,” Aaron said. His time is not just occupied by clients, builds and consultations, but on the back-end keeping up with new product releases, establishing business partnerships with manufacturers and distributors, and researching the market to insure only quality products end up in their showcases.

get winded when I’m running around.” Aaron agrees. “People think we’re in it just to make a quick dollar and dip out, but this is an industry we actually we care about. The products have come so far; something that says ‘peach’ now actually tastes like peach, not just chemicals. And people are more open to the idea of carrying around a vape, because before it was just new. It’s actually helping people now. I mean, I don’t smoke at all.” In a few short months, a simple idea have grown into one of

The attention to detail and commitment to quality is fueled by a passion that runs deeper than a mere paycheck. “We’re helping people live healthier lives,” Chevys said. “At [other places] you’re just putting in effort for your boss; here we’re trying to keep the whole scene going. Since I’ve started vaping, I’ve noticed a change. I can breathe better; I don’t

8 :: premiere issue

Hawaii’s premiere vape shops. The Vaping Section Hawaii is an intersection of inspired minds,never forgetting their humble beginnings, or the family that sustained them along the way. To become a part of The Vaping Section Hawaii family, visit the shop at 1522 Makaloa Street, Suite 219, and follow their Instagram for upcoming products and new releases. Article & Photos: DUSTIN TREY




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T h e Va p i n g Section Hawaii Grand Opening After nearly three months in business, The Vaping Section Hawaii celebrated its grand opening with an event featuring live music, raffle giveaways, and the entire The Vaping Section Hawaii crew on deck. Hundreds of guests packed the showroom, checking out the latest juices and mods. Industry superstars Vapelyfe and the original Vaping Section Diamond Bar partners flew in from California to support the new shop. “It was crazy,” said

shop manager and The Vaping Section Hawaii partner Aaron Vranesevic. “Chaotic, crazy, hot and sweaty. I ended up in my shower, fetal position with a fever. I didn’t do anything the next day. The day after that. But despite the aftermath, Aaron and the rest of the The Vaping Section Hawaii crew put on a stellar performance at both the grand opening, and the subsequent after-party. After dark, the crew turned in their customary black-T’s and :: premiere issue

jeans for collared shirts and trousers, as the party rolled on to Trump Tower’s Waiolu Lounge, where they could relax and mingle with family, friends and business partners. Article & Photos: DUSTIN TREY :: holiday buyers guide


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VPR Magazine: Issue 2: Holiday Buyers Guide  


VPR Magazine: Issue 2: Holiday Buyers Guide