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Winter 2011

Henry W. Bloch School of Management Magazine

The Big Reveal

A look inside the dawning of a new era‌

KANSAS CITY We couldn’t have done it without you! A new era is about to begin. An extraordinary gift from Henry W. Bloch will forever change the way UMKC educates and trains future generations of entrepreneurial and innovative leaders. And that’s just the beginning. Thanks to the collective investments by many of Kansas City’s business leaders, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IEI) at the Henry W. Bloch School of Management has once again been recognized as one of the nation’s best. Your gifts of time, money, service and direct engagement with faculty and students made this possible.

Only through your continued support and commitment will we sustain this momentum.

Credits Produced by: UMKC Creative Services Executive Editor/Writer: Victoria Prater Photography: Bob Greenspan, Mark McDonald, Kristen Hellstrom, Steve Puppe

IEI at the UMKC Bloch School is ranked in the nation’s top 25 entrepreneurial programs by the Princeton Review.

With the largest gift in the university’s history, Henry W. Bloch will bring a oneof-a-kind, state-of-the-art facility to UMKC’s school of management, an industrychanging building to propel us into the future.

11 The UMKC Bloch School is one of only 11 schools in the nation with both undergraduate and graduate programs ranked in the top 25 by the Princeton Review.

BLOCH & UMKC Building the Best

Henry W. Bloch is an entrepreneur, a business leader and a community visionary. To UMKC faculty, staff and students, he is a friend and a mentor. Henry has given selflessly to UMKC for many years through financial support and through

The University of Missouri-Kansas City Henry W. Bloch School of Management Winter 2011

Bloch Magazine is published annually by the UMKC Henry W. Bloch School of Management Office of Communications to encourage interest and support among our alumni, friends and constituents.




his generous gifts of time and teaching. Henry’s most recent gift to UMKC further demonstrates his belief in our institution and in our students, who are creating innovative ventures to benefit our community and our world. | UMKC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

ADMINISTRATION Dean: Teng-Kee Tan Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Lanny Solomon Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Research: David Donnelly Assistant Dean for Strategy and Planning: Sheri Gormley Assistant Dean for Student Services: Kami Thomas Department of Accountancy, Chair: Georgia Smedley Department of Finance, Chair: Fred Hays Department of Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Chair: Michael Song Department of Management, Chair: Marilyn Taylor Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Chair: Raj Arora Department of Public Affairs, Chair: David Renz Director of Communications: Victoria Prater Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations: Dionne Lewis Director of Development: Karlyn Wilkins Our Mission The Henry W. Bloch School of Management develops purposeful entrepreneurial and innovative leaders to meet changing global demands, and advances knowledge and practice through excellent teaching, scholarship, outreach and service. Our Vision The Henry W. Bloch School of Management aspires to be Kansas City’s nationally preeminent school of management focusing on entrepreneurial and innovative thinking as the foundation for transforming talent and achieving sustainable growth in for-profit, public and nonprofit enterprises.



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Strategy and SUCCESS

Public Affairs

3 | Cover Story: Henry Bloch Gives the Gift of Growth 4 | Explosive Growth 6 | Bloch’s New Strategy

32 | Midwest Center Hosts Fullbright Scholar 33 | Nonprofit News 34 | Midwest Center Celebrates 20 Years

Global Connection 8 | Bloch Breaks New Ground with China 10 | Study Abroad 11 | News from Around the Bloch FEATURES

12 | Into Africa: One Student’s Brave Venture 14 | No Shortcuts: The Entrepreneurial Life of Henry Bloch

Building Corporate Leadership 16 | Cerner Certificate in Healthcare Leadership 18 | United in Education: PDP Program Trains Chinese Academicians 20 | Future of Executive Education Executive M.B.A. 22 | Delivers Career Impact 24 | Spotlight on Success: Mark Prenni and Kerri Medlicott (E.M.B.A. ’10)


Real Estate 37 | News from the Lewis White Real Estate Center

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Letter from the


It is my sincere hope that many of you have already heard about the growth and accomplishments the Bloch School has enjoyed in the past two years, particularly 2011. This growth is happening because the Bloch School’s leadership is driven by a very bold vision – a vision that is tied deeply into the aspirations and the heritage of our city and our community. As Kansas City moves toward becoming one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the nation, we at the Bloch School are aligned with the community’s goals. Here are just a few of our recent changes and success stories:

 a new strategic plan and new school name

 elite ranking of our graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurship programs among the top 25 in the nation by Princeton Review and national top 25 ranking for our accounting information systems research

 partnership agreements with top universities in China

 Executive Education models to train high-level executives in navigating change

 11 new faculty and five new or

redesigned graduate programs

 the largest one-time gift in the history

You will read in depth about our strategic initiatives and many other exciting success stories in this issue of the Bloch magazine. Although we are gathering momentum, the need for the Bloch School to continue to excel is critical. Through achieving our mission, realizing our vision and successfully implementing our strategic initiatives, we strive to help ensure the future of not only our students, but that of the school, UMKC and the Kansas City region as well. We want the community to use the Bloch School to propel Kansas City toward its goal of being the most entrepreneurial city in the nation. Your commitment, support and involvement are critical to our success and sustainability. We encourage you to join us on our journey to excellence! Sincerely,

of UMKC from Henry Bloch for a new, state-of-the art building to house our graduate and executive programs

 research in innovation management

by Bloch entrepreneurship faculty has propelled UMKC to No.1 in the world


Teng-Kee Tan, Ph.D. Dean and Harzfeld Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Transforming Talent for Kansas City and Beyond 2

BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

In the largest one-time gift the University of Missouri-Kansas City has ever seen, Bloch School benefactor Henry W. Bloch gave $32 million for the Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a new state-of-the-art facility that will be adjacent to the current Bloch School building and will house graduate, executive and entrepreneurship programs. The gift was announced at a celebratory event on Sept. 15. “I chose to make this significant gift because I felt now was the right time,” Bloch said. “I stand behind Dean Tan’s purposeful vision for the Bloch School and have already seen him execute successful strategic initiatives that will propel the school toward national and international renown. The new mission and vision of the school both respect and directly tie into the legacy of Kansas City and align with what this community wants and needs from its business school.” BNIM Architects and JE Dunn Construction were selected to design and build the project. Dean Teng-Kee Tan and the architectural team traveled around the country for inspiration from some of the most innovative workspaces, including Google, Ideo and Stanford University. From their research, they have designed a new model with features unlike any business school in the world. Building features will include a design-led innovation laboratory that allows students to conduct entrepreneurial and innovation studies with brain-storming, simulation, concept-making, prototyping, a proof-of-concept design studio and flexible classrooms for participative and collaborative team learning.

Henry Bloch

Gives the Gift of Growth New building will propel Bloch and UMKC into the future

Clockwise from upper left: Kansas City Mayor Sly James and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse enjoy the show at the Sept. 15 announcement of the gift; UMKC Chancellor Leo Morton, Henry W. Bloch and UMKC Foundation President Allen Atterbury; Henry Bloch stands at the center of student representatives from across campus disciplines including Pharmacy, Law, Conservatory, Engineering and Business, representing the broad scope of entrepreneurship at the event.

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


  6

 Strategy and Success

The six key tenets identified in the Bloch School’s strategic plan

➊ Student Growth

Bloch will focus on doubling student growth to 3,000 in the next five to seven years.

➋ Expand Outstanding Faculty

Bloch has recruited 11 new faculty members from top-tier Ph.D. programs across all disciplines with a goal of growing from 46 to a faculty of 70 members in the next five to seven years.

➌ Student Success

Bloch offers degree and non-degree programs that are highly valued by students and employers in the global marketplace.

➍ Entrepreneurial and Innovative Mindset

The Bloch School leverages the nationally ranked Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation throughout all core disciplines and across the university to infuse an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset in all students.

➎ Global Presence

Bloch cultivates global exposure for its students and faculty through increased study abroad opportunities, faculty exchange programs and global partnerships around the world.

➏ Community Engagement and Partnership

Bloch faculty and staff actively engage with alumni, Bloch board members, business partners and community leaders to support the delivery of key programs and to create internship and career opportunities for our students.

Explosive Growth

While others cut, Bloch pursues major growth

New name for a new era

Strategic plan mandates growth and innovation

One of the first projects the Bloch School tackled under the leadership of Dean Teng-Kee Tan is the creation of an aggressive new strategic plan. The plan is designed to achieve the School’s vision of becoming Kansas City’s nationally and globally preeminent school of management, providing a roadmap focusing on entrepreneurial and innovative thinking as the foundation for transforming talent and achieving sustainable growth in for-profit, public and not-for-profit enterprises. “Many schools are scaling down because of the economy, relying on internal rationalization of expenses just to survive,” Tan said. “The reason that the Bloch School is contrary is because the Bloch School’s leadership is driven by a very bold vision: a vision that is tied deeply into the aspirations and the heritage of our city and our community.”

Immediately following the release of the strategic plan, the Bloch School, formerly the Henry W. Bloch School of Business and Public Administration, changed its name to the Henry W. Bloch School of Management. “The name change,” Dean Tan said, “reflects the school’s commitment to transforming talent for profit, public and nonprofit enterprises, while infusing students of any study area or discipline with an innovative and global mindset." In alignment with the Kansas City community’s aspiration to become the most entrepreneurial city in the nation, the Bloch School has chosen entrepreneurship and innovation as an area of excellence and focus, and is integrating the principles of innovation throughout curriculum.

To view the strategic plan, visit

Reorganizing for the future

Changes didn’t stop with the name. With the help of faculty leadership, Tan proceeded to reorganize the Bloch School departments to more closely align with the mission and vision of the School. The new organization now includes departments of Accounting; Finance; Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation (the first dedicated department of its kind); Management, Marketing and Supply Chain Management; and Public Affairs. Five new or redesigned graduate degree programs were approved in June, including the Master of Science in Finance (M.S.F.), Master of Entrepreneurial Real Estate (M.E.R.E.), Executive Master of Public Affairs (E.M.P.A.), Ph.D. in Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the redesigned Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). Tan also addressed the need to fill the Bloch School pipleline with top-quality junior faculty and hired 11 new faculty in 2010-11 to support the anticipated growth and create a sustainable model. With the introduction of new degree programs, new faculty, global partnerships and demonstrated excellence in entrepreneurship and innovation education (find out more about these stories within), there is no doubt the Bloch School’s momentum toward becoming one of the best business schools in the world is off to an excellent start.

The Bloch School began renovating classrooms with Room 12. Named for the James B. Nutter family, Room 12 is the first named classroom in the school’s history. In addition, Room 101 (above) has been completely redesigned to increase participative learning and facilitate a case-methods teaching model. 4

BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Strategy and Success

New Strategy

Part of the Bloch School’s strategic overhaul included the reorganization of departments and the addition of new degree programs.

leads to new program and department reorganization




Graduate and Executive Master Programs

The Bloch School offers a rich new menu of degree and non-degree educational options.



Master of Business Administration

Executive Master of Business Administration

M.E.I. Master of Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation (coming 2013)

 Department of Accountancy Chair: Georgia Smedley, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University Associate Professor of Accounting

 Department Master of Public Administration

Executive Master of Public Administration

 Department of Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Chair: Michael Song, Ph.D., University of Virginia Charles N. Kimball, MRI/Missouri Endowed Chair in Management of Technology and Innovation

M.E.R.E. 

M.S.A. Master of Science in Accounting

Master of Entrepreneurial Real Estate

 Department of Management


Undergraduate Degree Programs

Master of Science in Finance



B.S.A. Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Doctoral Degree Programs 

Bachelor of Business Administration

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Bloch Degrees

Executive Education Center High-level, non-degree programs for local and global organizations or individuals


Chair: Fred H. Hays, Ph.D., Louisiana State University Henry W. Bloch/Missouri Endowed Chair in Financial Services



of Finance

I.Ph.D. Public Affairs and Administration

Chair: Marilyn Taylor, D.B.A., Harvard University Arvin Gottlieb/Missouri Chair of Strategic Management


 Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management Chair: Raj Arora, Ph.D., Claremont University Victor E. and Caroline E. Schutte Professor of Marketing

 Department of Public Affairs Chair: David O. Renz, Ph.D., University of Minnesota Beth K. Smith/Missouri Chair in Nonprofit Leadership Director, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership

The recent department reorganization includes a dedicated Department for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation, one of the first of its kind among business schools.



 New or redesigned programs Renz 6

BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Global Connection

Bloch breaks new ground with China Memorandum of understanding opens doors for educational exchange


UMKC Chancellor Leo Morton and H&R Block co-founder Henry W. Bloch oversee as Lin Yue, deputy director of the JPDE Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and Bloch School Dean Teng-Kee Tan sign the agreement for the PDP program.


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

n Fall 2010, the Bloch School and UMKC administration welcomed Dr. Shen Jian, director general of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE), and a select delegation of personnel from the JPDE to the UMKC Volker campus. The visit focused on the signing of a memorandum of understanding between JPDE and UMKC. The Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange (JESIE) – a nonprofit organization under the direct leadership of the JPDE, which facilitates educational exchanges – has chosen Kansas City as the site for its first U.S. satellite office. JESIE currently has satellite offices in Canada, the UK and Australia. In China, education reform is a priority. Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged the Chinese people to build a more prosperous society through education, particularly honing students’ sense of responsibility and innovative spirit. The initial signing of the memorandum has opened the door for a continuous strategic initiative between UMKC, the Bloch School and select universities in China. The Bloch School now has several offices in China help to recruit graduate and undergraduate students. In addition, Bloch has helped train Chinese academic leadership through programs like Presidents and Deputy Presidents (PDP), which brought a delegation of university presidents and deputy presidents to the Bloch School to study the liberal arts model. The program will continue with a focus on deans and vice deans. “We are one of the first universities to work with China while they are on the ground floor of change,” Bloch School Dean Teng-Kee Tan said. “Our global initiatives support one of the major tenets of our strategic plan: to expand the Bloch School’s global presence.” “Global perspective is critical because employers now want to hire graduates who have that perspective, who can function in multicultural and diverse teams,” Tan said. “China is the first of a larger global initiative that will include collaboration with institutions across the world.”

Top Photo: UMKC officials and JPDE guests visit the Edgar Snow Reading Room, which archives memorabilia from American journalist Edgar Snow’s life and commemorates the Edgar Snow Symposium, a UMKC tradition. This photo: Cancellor Leo E. Morton presents a customary UMKC gift to JPDE Director General Dr. Shen Jian.

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management



 Global Connection


Study Abroad

Students enrich their studies at Bloch with trips abroad.

Preparing students for global careers

In Spring 2011, Bloch students had the option to participate in one of four Study Abroad programs, including London, Paris, Beijing and Cape Town, South Africa, all of which are among the top U.S. trading partners. In its first year, the Cape Town program was led by assistant professor of health administration Arif Ahmed and focused on global health care policy and management. The Study Abroad program, which is open to students across campus and students from other schools in the Kansas City area, continues to expand in light of the globalization of business. According to Fred Hays, former Study Abroad director and chair of the Department of Finance, “The program allows our students to learn about how businesses – including companies right here in Kansas City they may end up working for — operate overseas." Students visiting London are exposed to the operations of companies like Cerner, Lockton Insurance and Lloyds of London. They also learn about the culture and history of the city or country. This will mark the fourth year the program visited China, a trip that helped students understand the importance of China as a developing partner. They visited various industries from the financial (CitiBank and the Shanghai Stock Exchange) to the pharmaceutical, including manufacturing facilities that make everything from cosmetics to AIDS drugs that go to Africa. Left and middle: Study Abroad students in For more information on the Study Abroad program, visit Bloch China sample the cuisine and culture. Right: students stop for a photo op in London. Study Abroad on Facebook at

Bloch Research Puts UMKC at No. 1…in the World Appointed to Mayor’s Commission Bloch assistant professor of nonprofit leadership Brent Never was elected to Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Sly James’ Citizens’ Commission on Municipal Revenue. The 16-member commission, comprised of civic and community leaders, will be charged with examining the city’s current funding mechanisms and providing analysis and recommendations to James and his staff. Never was chosen based on his research, knowledge of city finances and community leadership and involvement.

On December 5, UMKC and the Bloch School announced another headline-making ranking. Driven by research productivity in the Bloch School’s Department for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation, UMKC was ranked No. 1 in the world for innovation management research. UMKC found itself in excellent company, beating out M.I.T. (ranked No. 2), Harvard, Stanford, Michigan State and Texas A&M, to name a few. The ranking is part of an article approved for publication in a March issue of the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Three Bloch School entrepreneurship faculty, Michael Song, Mark Parry and Lisa Zhou (whose research drove the ranking), were also ranked among the top 50 innovation management scholars in the world by the Journal, with Song and Parry at No. 1 and No. 4, respectively. While the Journal has ranked innovation scholars in the past, this is the first time they have ranked universities.

Bloch Financial Management Association Earns Prestigious Award Congratulations to the UMKC Bloch School’s FMA (Financial Management Association) and its student president, Xiaoxiao (Rebecca) Tang, on earning the Superior Chapter Award from FMA International. Fewer than five percent of FMA chapters globally are presented with this designation. Bloch keeps good company with others in the Superior category, including Arizona State, Auburn, Georgetown, SUNY Oswego and Zhongnam University of Economics and Law in Wuhan, China.

Dr. Pam Dobies Kicks Bloch Career Services into High Gear Africa Trip Addresses Global Health Global dignitaries visited the Bloch School at the inaugural session of the South Africa Study Abroad course on global health. Pictured from left are Dr. Nomonde Xundu, Health Attache, Republic of South Africa; Michael Wood, senior fellow, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership; Arif Ahmed, Bloch associate professor of health administration; and Lebert Shultz, Honorary Consul, Republic of South Africa.


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011


Thanks to efforts led by Bloch School assistant professor Pam Dobies, who also serves as director of the Bloch Career Network Initiative, Bloch students can take advantage of specialized career and placement guidance. “From the time they begin their relationship with the Bloch School, the Career Network guides each student and alumnus through the design and pursuit of a holistic career plan,” Dobies said. Whether it’s one of many available internships or full-time position placement, the Bloch Career Network leverages the university’s Roo Career Network (RCN) to connect the right person to the right position with the right organization.

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The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Global Connection


Africa Into

When life dealt this Bloch student a rough hand, he made miracles for others


esley G. Barnes is finishing his undergraduate business administration degree at the Bloch School. He is also a social entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of The Abandoned Children’s Foundation. The foundation currently provides shelter, food and education to Kenyan children who have been abandoned or orphaned. Far from leading a typical American life, Barnes grew up in the small town of Pine Bluff, Ark., where he himself was abandoned at an early age. As Barnes got older, circumstances often pushed him toward unproductive vices, and at times, onto the wrong side of the law. Wanting desperately to escape his life in Arkansas, Barnes found his way to Kansas. He was homeless more times than not, sleeping in libraries or sitting in on college classes just to keep out of the cold. During this time, Barnes met a man from West Africa who offered him a place to stay. This man taught Barnes about the conditions in Africa. “I couldn’t help but feel strongly that I wanted to somehow help people, especially the abandoned children who lose their parents to AIDS, alcohol and drugs, and so forth – because I knew what that was like,” Barnes said. Barnes paid for his first ticket to Kenya in 2008 by working multiple jobs and sleeping in his car to avoid paying rent. He attended classes at Johnson County Community College. “People helped me when I was ‘un-helpable,’” Barnes recalled. “I always knew I would do the same thing someday.” When Barnes saw the conditions in the Kenyan slums, he was fueled with a passion to do something. “There would be kids just sleeping in piles on the street. As bad as Americans might think they have it, you’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. “The people here are so appreciative of even the smallest thing you do to help them. Even if all you can give them is some hand-me-down clothes from America, they will cherish it forever.” Barnes said he returned to the U.S. on a mission. He found a law firm willing to help him establish a nonprofit 501C3. In the meantime, he found an orphanage in Kenya that was closing, so he worked to keep it open. It now houses 25 abandoned children. Kenyan women run the day-to-day operations, while Barnes is in the states (currently living in Overland Park, Kan.), finishing his undergraduate degree and hoping to take graduate education in grant writing through the Bloch School’s Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership. “UMKC and the Bloch School have been great for me. The faculty and staff have really helped me succeed and gotten me connected me with the right resources here to help me achieve my dream,” Barnes added. “I could not have done this without the support I got here.” In the early stages of operation, Barnes sent his own wages from part-time retail jobs to Africa to keep the operation afloat.

Recently, Barnes was able to raise funds through NASCAR concession sales and was also awarded a Google advertising grant, resulting in a $10,000 advertising budget with Google Adwords. But most importantly, this past spring, Barnes was able to purchase and break ground on two acres of land outside of Kitale, Kenya, for a new orphanage. “It will be more of a self-sufficient orphanage where the children won’t have to sleep two to a bed,” noted Barnes. He also said he hopes to drill a borehole for drinking water and obtain electricity through solar panels, but knows these ammenities will require additional funding. Barnes’ journey to make a difference is just beginning, and his organization is in need of additional help through philanthropy and volunteerism. To learn more about The Abandoned Children’s Foundation, visit Wesley Barnes can be contacted at Clockwise from top: An African orphan enjoys a holiday; Kenyan children staying at one of the Abandoned Childrens’ Foundation orphanages; Barnes (right) hands out school supplies to orphans now able to study at the orphanage.

Barnes receives unusual scholarship In addition to his hard work and early successes with The Abandoned Children’s Foundation, Wesley Barnes received some extra help with his academic expenses. Barnes became the second recipient of the $12,000 Jim Benson Scholarship. Jim Benson was an alumnus of the UMKC College of Arts and Sciences. A creative entrepreneur who didn’t have a penchant for good grades, Benson eventually found his fortune as the founder of SpaceDev, Inc., one of the premier companies for

designing small high-performance satellites for the Pentagon and NASA. Benson passed away in 2008, but left a legacy in the Jim Benson Scholarship, which he specifically requested his wife give to the Bloch School due to the school’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. The terms of the scholarship stipulate it should go to students who display independence of mind and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, regardless of grades in the classroom.

Barnes with Susan Beason, wife of the late Jim Beason.


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Global Connection

No Shortcuts:

The Entrepreneurial Life of Henry Bloch Immortalizing the legacy and lessons of one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs

You need to work hard. You need to work overtime. You need to take care of your customers and avoid shortcuts.

In the summer of 2009, the Bloch School embarked on a mission to create a nationalcaliber, broadcast-quality documentary about the aspirations, philosophies and entrepreneurial success of the school’s namesake, Henry W. Bloch. “No Shortcuts: The Entrepreneurial Life of Henry Bloch,” as its subtitle promises, is the examination of the life, legacy and lessons of the co-founder (with his brother Richard) of the world’s foremost tax preparation firm, H&R Block. Bloch School Dean Teng-Kee Tan spearheaded the idea to make the documentary. “This is as much a visual case study as it is a traditional documentary, and will be used to educate and inspire future students as well as entrepreneurs around the world,” Tan said. The documentary was developed, written and produced by Outpost Worldwide. Based in Lenexa, Kan., Outpost is a national production company. The documentary has already appeared on KCPT public television in Kansas City and is slated for national distribution. “This documentary and celebration of the life of Henry is really a celebration of Kansas City as well,” said Michael Wunsch, director, and executive director and CEO of Outpost. “You cannot separate the man from the city. We really wanted to paint an image of the Midwestern roots that grounded Henry in his daily life.”

In the spirit of collaboration, the documentary featured a score written by a student of the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, as well as footage of Conservatory students playing the score throughout. “Dean Tan was right on track with his vision to share the entrepreneurial story of Henry Bloch,” Wunsch said. “Real-life lessons and case studies provide priceless resources for today’s generation. It is also important that citizens of Kansas City realize the effort and the accomplishments Henry Bloch has put forth for this community. It was a joy and honor to make this documentary with Henry and share his legacy.” As “No Shortcuts” reveals, the best gift any entrepreneur can give is a good example. Special thanks to the underwriters of the documentary: H&R Block, Inc. Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Richard and Laura Cray Fund Commerce Bank Foundation Dunn Family Foundation Arvin Gottlieb Foundation Lathrop & Gage James B. Nutter Sr. Peter and Lynne Brown Andrew and Margaret Anne Schmitt

Part 2

Henry W. Bloch

Tom Bloch’s Many Happy Returns Tells More of Henry’s Story Tom Bloch, son of Henry Bloch and former CEO of H&R Block, tells the compelling story of the rise of the H&R Block tax preparation empire and its self-effacing, down-to-earth co-founder. Through his own experiences working alongside his father for 20 years, Tom Bloch captures the essence of Henry's passion and commitment in his most recent biography, available at the UMKC Bookstore. 14

BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011


2 1

Starting out. In the early days, Henry Bloch worked hard to keep his bookkeeping business afloat.


Measuring success. Henry Bloch and associates review the ticker tape at the New York Stock Exchange during the early years of H&R Block.


Lights, Camera. Outpost prepares to interview Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, as he talks about the value of entrepreneurship in the No Shortcuts documentary.

3 No Shortcuts and Many Happy Returns are available for purchase at the UMKC Bookstore,

Photos courtesy of H&R Bloch and Outpost

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Building Corporate Leadership

Cerner Certificate in Health Care Leadership Bloch Executive Education Partners on Model Leadership Program

Dick Flanigan, senior vice president of research services at Cerner, explained the significance of having a university partnership, particularly with UMKC. “For Cerner, the importance of partnering with UMKC is to have the expertise of the Bloch School and university at large to help validate the way we think about educating and training our associates. Great cities have great universities – the partnership between Cerner and UMKC is about strengthening both organizations,” Flanigan said. “We hope to help make UMKC even stronger through our work together and set the stage as a corporate partner, serving as an example to other corporations. At the same time, UMKC will help us become stronger and build our leaders here locally. The opportunity to take our high-performance, high- potential associates and train them in partnership with UMKC is truely unique.” Curriculum in the program includes speaker series, simulations, in-depth education on the U.S. health care system, globalization and health, conversation competency, clinical research and ethical issues, and marketing of health care services. According to Arif Ahmed, assistant professor of health administration and the academic director/lead instructor for the Cerner program, “The healthcare industry is seeing increasing focus on outcomes, provider accountability,

With policy and the economy causing a drastically changing landscape, many industries have to reevaluate, reinvent and restructure what they do to survive. The healthcare industry is among those seeing the most rapid and complex changes. Through its Executive Education Center, the Bloch School is developing educational models to help organizations train key leaders to cope with change and better serve clients. The model for this type of education is the newly established Cerner Certificate in Health Care Leadership program in which the Executive Education Center partnered with Cerner on a nine-month intensive training program designed to enhance health care leadership capability for participants who are currently employed in Cerner’s health care technology sector. More than 60 participants from Cerner were hand-selected for the program to expand their knowledge of health care 16

BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

drivers, trends, policies and changes that impact the industry. “This is the single largest strategic executive training and development program Cerner has ever invested in,” said Cerner Senior Vice President Jeff Townsend. The program is supported by the Cerner Health Care Leadership Advisory Board, which consists of top leaders from regional health care organizations. “This program is designed to build a broader understanding of the health care industry for associates like those of Cerner, who may have knowledge pertaining to a certain aspect of the industry, such as IT,” said Kimberly Young, executive director of the Bloch Executive Education Center. “Now, Cerner is transitioning from a health care IT company to a health care company.” Based on the curriculum, Cerner’s executive team also gained a broader understanding of client needs and client relationships.

evidence-based practice, comparative effectiveness and connectivity between and among providers and stakeholders. Consequently, Cerner sits in a unique position with the opportunity to redefine the relationships in the health care market. Participation of senior Cerner executives in this program will prepare them to play that role effectively. “The Healthcare Leadership Certificate program is pioneering on several fronts,” Ahmed said. “The level of participant engagement and rigor of the program are unlike the typical executive education or corporate leadership training programs; there is substantial emphasis on understanding the industry environment and strategic thinking. The focus of the program is beyond the core business sector of Cerner. There is active participation by members of the broader health care community in designing and delivering the program. It is likely that the program will be open for participation by members of other local health care organizations in the future, and the frameworks of collaboration developed in Kansas City can also then become models for other industries and regions.” The program incorporates expertise from across the nation as well as the campus. Although the Bloch School of Management is leading the charge, collaboration with UMKC’s Hospital Hill (Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dental) will allow the program to provide expert faculty from those units, as well as develop future programs in partnership with them. Speakers and presenters from Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, UCLA and other institutions were also part of the program curriculum. Opposite: Sealing the deal: Bloch School Dean Teng-Kee Tan, Academic Director Arif Ahmed, Cerner Chief Learning Officer Rob Campbell and Children’s Mercy COO Karen Cox. Above: Cerner Chief Learning Officer Rob Campbell, program participant Laurie Gehrt, Program Director Kimberly Young, and Cerner Executive Vice President Jeff Townsend.

Bloch alumna Laurie Gehrt, R.N., B.S.N. (E.M.B.A. ’08) Bloch alumna Laurie Gehrt is senior director co-leading Cerner’s U.S. Consulting Group and a graduate of the Cerner Healthcare Leadership Program. “Because change is going on around us at such a fast pace, we need to bring adaptive solutions to the problems our clients face in order to impact the communities at large. This program provides a foundational focus to the participants who are growing into the leaders of the ‘next big thing’ at Cerner. It’s a great investment from the Cerner leadership and recognition that this development effort is necessary to continue our growth.

The program prepared me to better understand the healthcare leadership environment so I can more thoroughly understand our client needs. It is my hope this will allow me to create, propose and facilitate solutions to the client that also add to Cerner’s bottom line. Working with the Bloch School, you know you’re working with a vetted entity in delivery of executive education, particularly in the areas of management and innovation. There’s a sense of trust and credibility knowing that the concepts are evidenced through solid academic research," Gehrt said.

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Building Corporate Leadership

United in education Leadership from Chinese higher education institutions got an immersion in liberal arts education at the Bloch School during the inaugural PDP program, so named because the delegates represented presidents and deputy presidents of Jiangsu Province colleges and universities. The Presidents and Deputy Presidents (PDP) program came on the heels of the signing of a memorandum of understanding between UMKC, Jiangsu Province Department of Education (JPDE) and the Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchanges (JESIE), which facilitates international educational exchanges for China. During the program, Bloch hosted 22 Chinese delegates who took an intensive two-week executive educational program during which they learned about how American universities execute a liberal arts model in the interest of eventually taking Chinese colleges and universities from rote learning to a more liberal arts focus in education as mandated by recent educational reform in China.


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Winter 2011

The program kicked off the first of many educational partnerships that will define the Bloch School’s strategic educational initiative with China. The next iteration of the program will cater to deans and associate deans from Chinese universities. “The delegates from China in this program took coursework at the Bloch School and UMKC and then traveled to universities on the east coast, including Pennsylvania University, Rutgers University, NYU and Columbia University, to learn more about the American liberal arts model,” Bloch School Dean Teng-Kee Tan said, “They focused on how to migrate to a more innovative, entrepreneurial and transformational learning model.”

Some of the courses the group took at UMKC included Anatomy of a Liberal Arts College; Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Classroom; Effectively Facilitating Case Study Discussion; The Role of Accreditation in Improving Teaching; Role of Teaching in Liberal Arts Education (with UMKC deans Betty Drees, Kevin Z. Truman and Peter Witte of the School of Medicine, Law and Conservatory, respectively); and Using Project Competition to Enhance Real World Learning Skills. The group studied with both Bloch and UMKC faculty, as well as guest faculty including Lee Baker, Ph.D., associate vice provost and dean of academic affairs at Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke University, Stanley Ikenberry, Ph.D., president emeritus of the University of Illinois, Michael Crow, Ph.D., president, Arizona State University, and James Duderstadt, president emeritus and professor of science and engineering at the University of Michigan. In addition to being on campus, sessions were conducted at the Kauffman Foundation as well as with Bloch School Executive Education partner JE Dunn Construction at the new JE Dunn headquarters downtown.

Above: PDP participants celebrate their graduation day. Right: Terry Dunn (right), president and CEO of JE Dunn Construction, talks with PDP guests during a set of classes held at JE Dunn’s new headquarters in downtown Kansas City.

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Building Corporate Leadership

Expanding Partnerships: New and Established

A Message from the Director

The Future of Executive Education I am amazed daily by the reach the Bloch School of Management has gained through our Executive Education Center. When we began three short years ago, Kansas City did not have a universitybased executive education provider. Many of the top companies sent their employees out of the state for executive development or brought other universities into their companies to deliver more customized solutions. Upon the introduction of Bloch Executive Education, we began meeting the challenge to provide meaningful leadership development for Kansas City’s leaders. We have met that challenge. Today, we are a thriving part of the UMKC community – building corporate relationships and delivering on our educational brand promise to transform talent for Kansas City and beyond. Our clients and partners now include such landmark Kansas City corporations as Cerner, H&R Block, Burns & McDonnell, Commerce Bank, UMB, Black & Veatch and many more. We’ve reached beyond the city limits with our programs by working with companies like QuikTrip Corporation and McDonald’s Corporation, and beyond the private sector by partnering with our Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership to help the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art develop a five-year strategic plan. We have built the capabilities to truly understand the industries and organizations we serve. If we just understand what we do, we can be helpful in imparting knowledge; if we understand what our clients do, we can apply our expertise to their business model; but if we understand the market, strategies and values that drive our clients, we can become true partners in their future success. That is the transformative power of executive education and what distinguishes us from training. We will continue to up the ante on the strategic fit of our programs with our client needs as well as the speed with which we develop and deliver, all while maintaining quality and increasing our global reach. Great cities need great universities, and great universities need a relevant way to connect with industry. The Bloch Executive Education Center will continue to deliver just-in-time learning for our partners and clients as well as custom solutions that include the latest learning methodologies. I am committed to a high standard of excellence and a bright future for the Bloch Executive Education Center and the organizations that support our great city.

Kimberly Young Director, Bloch Executive Education Center


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Winter 2011

QuikTrip: Gaining the Financial Edge Bloch Executive Education has partnered with QuikTrip Corporation to deliver a customized financial acumen course for nonfinancial managers. Key regional directors of QuikTrip engaged Bloch Executive Education to develop a program that would help them build financial analysis capabilities. This group routinely handles financial decisions, but wanted to improve on how they analyze and present information for expansion in their respective territories. “I thought the class was very well structured, and Dr. Dave Donnelly did a great job with touching on all the subjects and with presenting the information to non-financial managers,” QuikTrip Division Manager Tim Heuback said. “It was a great experience and well worth our investment. I hope to send another group next year.”

Master of Science in Finance

H&R Block: Developing Leadership Capacity In addition to sharing the same benefactor, H&R Block and the Bloch Executive Education Center share a history of working together to develop H&R Block’s leadership. H&R Block recognized the need to support greater interaction between leaders in departments across the organization as well as support their corporate initiatives to sharpen marketing and increase service levels and retention through an improved client experience. The Block Leadership Development Program, now in its fourth year, is a custom program designed by the Executive Education Center to create the organizational capability necessary to focus more on the consumer. This year’s program will include modules on the consultative process and brand excellence in addition to the leadership modules.

More Well-Trained Finance Graduates Needed! The Master of Science in Finance at the Bloch School of Management provides specialized training in finance, preparing students for recognized professional certifications like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), as well as providing high-level education to those working in financial careers within organizations. GET MORE

The M.S.F. program integrates other Bloch School of Management programs through designated electives in subjects like entrepreneurship, venture capital, real estate, decision-support systems and other related areas.

GO GLOBAL Beyond Private Sector: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art The Bloch Executive Education Center and the Bloch School’s Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership have joined forces to help the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art develop their next five-year strategic plan. This is an important partnership that brings together the powerful synergy of both private and public sector education that only the Bloch School can offer in this region.

The M.S.F. focuses on an entrepreneurial and global mindset that integrates students from around the world. Options for study abroad are available and include visits to financial markets and institutions in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Innovative experiential learning opportunities include simulations, “live” cases and discussions supported by real-time data. The program is both interdisciplinary and interactive, integrating finance experts in Kansas City and beyond with students and faculty from around the world.

Basic course content includes: ■ Financial Management ■ Valuation/Mergers and Acquisitions ■ Financial Statement Analysis ■ Financial Modeling ■ Portfolio Management ■ Financial Services Management ■ International Finance ■ Investments ■ Alternative Investments ■ Global Financial Markets and Institutions ■ Derivative Securities ■ Fixed income

CALL NOW for more information and to apply. 816-235-2215. Relay Missouri: 1-800-735-2966 (TTY) UMKC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Executive M.B.A.

Executive M.B.A. Delivers Career Impact

The Bloch Executive M.B.A. is a degree for executives who are already in responsible positions and looking to strengthen their skills and develop their leadership characteristics. The Bloch program exceeds the national average of Executive M.B.A. graduates who have received job promotions or increased responsibility and pay within their companies or have moved to a different company with increased title, responsibility and pay. Following are the graduates who have accelerated their careers with the Bloch Executive M.B.A. program over the past four years.

Brian Luce ’12 has been promoted to director of development and integrationaccess at Ericsson. He is now responsible for access operations, migrations and network delivery. Clara Maingi ’12 has received a promotion to vice president at Swiss Re Group.

The E.M.B.A. Class of 2011 visits Alcan Alloy Products Co. Ltd in Tianjin, China.

Members from the E.M.B.A. Class of 2012 studied military spending at the Pentagon during their Washington, D.C., visit.

The E.M.B.A. Class of 2011 kicks off its international residency in China with a tour of the 400-year-old Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai.

E.M.B.A. Class of 2011

Allen Abbott ’11 has been promoted to executive vice president of operations at the McFarlane Group. Mark Allen ’11 is now owner of Case Advances, LLC.

Emily Akin ’11 has been promoted to project manager at United Biosource Corporation. Tracy Crockett ’11 was promoted to manager of business improvement at Bluescope Steel. Ryan Felton ’11 has been named director of technology for BLiNQ Media. Gary Fenton ’11 was named CFO/ Controller of Laminate Works. Gina Gauna ’11 was promoted to account executive at Aerotek Scientific, LLC.

/ Fast Facts /  The Bloch Executive M.B.A. has an ethics

component woven into 75 percent of the curriculum, as well as three residencies that partner with Clancy Martin, College of Arts and Sciences professor of business ethics, and William Self, the Bloch School’s new assistant professor in human resources and organizational behavior.


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

 From 2009-11, seven Executive M.B.A.

student teams won launch packages for their ventures at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s annual Regnier Family Foundations/Bank of Blue Valley Venture Creation Challenge.

 The Bloch Executive M.B.A. had a record 70 students in the 2011 and 2012 classes.

Heather Humphrey ’11 has been promoted at Kansas City Power & Light and now serves as the company’s general counsel and vice president of human resources. Scott Lakin ’11 started a new job as director of the Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) Regional Health Care Initiative (RHCI).

Ken LaOrden ’11 was hired as vice president of field sales/ clinical development by 2tor. He supports the Master of Science in Nursing program delivered online by Georgetown University’s renowned School of Nursing & Health Studies. Doug McClain ’11 was promoted to director of marketing at the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association. Rachel Stroer ’11 was named marketing and communications senior manager for Corridor Energy, LLC. S. Michael Woods ’11 has taken a position with Power Group Companies as director of risk management services. Sarah Arnett ’10 has taken a position as director of strategic projects and analytics at Green Dot Corporation in Los Angeles. Ryan Bresette ’10 was promoted to assistant controller at KCP&L. This was his second promotion since he entered the Executive M.B.A. program. Abhijeet Chitale ’10 is now the data integration lead on the Data & Systems Integration COE at GE Corporate. Kerrie Medlicott ’10, former VP of marketing at Caravan Ingredients, was named director of global health and wellness, a newly created position in the European offices of Caravan’s parent company, CSM Bakery Supplies N.A.

Mark Prenni ’10 has been named president of Overland Construction Inc., Black & Veatch’s non-union construction company based in Conyers, Ga. Mark Amick ’09 relocated to the Pacific Northwest to serve as senior manager of training for the Worldwide Retail Marketing Services at Microsoft.

Ravi Peru ’09 has advanced to the position of director of enterprise services at H&R Block. Becky Sandring ’09 is now a principal with Corridor Energy, LLC. Alissa Walters ’09 is now a director and client results executive at Cerner.

“The Bloch Executive M.B.A. profoundly

confronts the challenges leaders face in today’s corporate environment and provides a wide range of tools to apply to specific problems.” Dave Ebbrecht ’08

Kourtney Govro ’09 has become CEO at Sphere3 while retaining her role as vice president at All Systems Designed Solutions, Inc. Laurel Harbour ’09 is president of EAgeStar, Inc., which helps companies buy and sell capital equipment, parts and supplies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food, transportation, printing, utility and energy industries in China and the United States.

Dave Ebbrecht ’08 was promoted from senior vice president of operations to executive vice president of operations for Kansas City Southern and its U.S. subsidiaries. Laurie Gehrt ’08 is now director and clinical consulting professional at Cerner. Darrel Hensley ’08 has assumed the position of plant manager at KCP&L.

Tim James ’09 moved from a COO position to become president and COO of PPM Information Solutions, Inc.

Keisha Jones ’08 has been promoted to clinical strategist at Cerner.

Rebecca LaNasa ’09 is now director of operations in the PowerWorks Physician Practice at Cerner.

Rebecca LaNasa ’08 is now director of operations in the PowerWorks Physician Practice at Cerner.

Girish Pednekar ’09 has been promoted to technical program/ project manager at Sprint.

Russ Walker ’08 was promoted to manager of editorial services in corporate communications at John Deere.

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Executive M.B.A.

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Spotlight on Success


WINNING programs The Bloch School’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is being noticed around the world for excellence in programming and innovative education. Princeton Review named the Institute among the top 25 graduate entrepreneurship graduate programs in the country, and more recognition keeps coming.

Forget ‘Steps’

Mark Prenni Makes A Career Leap When Mark Prenni (E.M.B.A. '10) entered the Executive M.B.A. program, he felt he had reached the “top of the peak” in his specific area of expertise. At the time, Prenni was director and vice president of environmental safety, health and security for Black & Veatch. Although he was at an executive level, with 20 years of experience in the field of safety management, Prenni wanted the tools to take his career to a new level that would allow him to accelerate further. “I saw the Executive M.B.A. program as an opportunity to broaden my knowledge in all areas, not just one specific industry area,” Prenni said. “The broader the brush I have to paint with, the more I can do.” Prenni said the education in finance, change management and particularly live case studies helped him do just that. In addition, he noted that the in-depth residencies in both Washington, D.C., (public policy) and China (global) directly affected his skills. “After the D.C. residency, I started watching a lot of national labor relations board

rulings,” Prenni said. “Being in safety, obviously I was not a stranger to public policy, but I did not fully understand the scope of the connection between policy-making in D.C. and how it directly affects the business I’m in. I pay a lot more attention to that now.” In addition, Prenni was asked to coach a Black & Veatch leadership development team that is developing a business plan to expand operations in China. “My experience with the Executive M.B.A. international residency in China was the reason I was offered this role,” Prenni said. Prenni got what he wanted from the Executive M.B.A.. Since the program, Prenni was promoted to a new position, now holding the title of managing director for Overland Contracting, Inc., a subsidiary company of Black & Veatch. In that role, he is responsible for all aspects of the construction company, including business development, HR, finance, strategic planning, safety and health, professional development and project execution.

Up the Food Chain

Kerrie Medlicott Goes Global with Caravan Kerrie Medlicott (E.M.B.A. '10) went from marketing director of Caravan, part of the world’s largest bakery ingredients supplier, to vice president of marketing and business development, then on to global director of health and wellness of the company’s corporate headquarters in the Netherlands. She did it all within a year of completing her Executive M.B.A. Medlicott said most of her work with Caravan was U.S.focused until just before she graduated from the E.M.B.A. program and began working on a global strategic project for the company. “My first promotion was conditional on me having my M.B.A.,” Medlicott said. “After starting the program, I was quickly able to demonstrate the impact of my studies, and the promotion came sooner than I expected.” Medlicott says being in the program reminded her how much she enjoyed learning. “Being able to get the perspectives of other real-world executives further enhanced the learning opportunity,” she said.

“The biggest ‘a-ha’ moment in the program was recognizing that I could achieve more as part of a well-functioning team than I could alone. My teammates will testify that I can be a bit of a geek,” Medlicott quipped. “I’ve actually tried most of the theories we discussed in my daily work. The ones that have had the most impact on others came from the strategy and innovation classes, while the leadership and change management classes have been the most impactful for me personally.” In her new global role, Medlicott said turning strategy into action is a key component. “Thanks to the Executive M.B.A. program, I can think strategically and lead others without depending on hierarchical power. The extras the program offered, like the 360 appraisal and understanding work environments in which I thrive, have been powerful tools,” Medlicott said. “Understanding who I am has helped me to help others.”

UMKC Ranked Top in The World

Three Bloch School entrepreneurship faculty, Michael Song, Ph.D.; Mark Parry, Ph.D.; and Lisa Zhao, Ph.D., were ranked among the top 50 innovation management scholars in the world in a research article to be published in a March issue of the Journal of Product Innovation Management. It was their research productivity that drove UMKC to earn the No. 1 position in the world for innovation management research. The ranking was based on research over the past 20 years, with Michael Song ranking as the world’s No. 1 innovation management scholar yet again.


Michael Song 24

BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

Institute Receives Global Accolades

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UMKC’s Bloch School recently earned two awards from the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC). A panel of peer center directors selected winners in five categories. Winners in these categories are considered to be among the top centers in the world for entrepreneurship. The Institute was selected for Exceptional Activities in Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines and Outstanding Contributions to Enterprise Creation. The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers is the premier leadership organization addressing the emerging topics of importance to the nation’s university-based centers for entrepreneurship. It has become the industry vehicle by which the top, established entrepreneurship centers come together to share information.

Mark Parry

America’s Top Model

The Institute is also keeping company with the best programs of its kind in the nation for undergraduate entrepreneurship education. The Institute’s undergraduate entrepreneurship program has been included among the top 26 “Undergraduate Model Programs in the Nation” by Entrepreneur Education. According to the judging criteria, the model undergrad program features entrepreneurship colleges and universities that are nationally renowned for their entrepreneurship programs. The undergrad model programs showcase the nation’s best, brightest and most unique entrepreneurial programs available to undergrads.

Lisa Zhao The Henry W. Bloch School of Management



Student Venture Teams

Venture Creation Challenge Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation boasts largest competition to date

The air in the new UMKC Student Union was thick with energy and excitement during the 7th Annual Regnier Family Foundations/ Bank of Blue Valley Venture Creation Challenge on April 29. This year’s competition was the largest in its history, with approximately 68 student venture teams showcasing business plans and about 140 investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs serving as judges. The Venture Creation Challenge encourages student venture creation through a forum in which students can present business plans and new venture concepts to local investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs. According to Bob Regnier, president and CEO, Bank of Blue Valley, who has, through the Regnier Family Foundations, sponsored the event for the past five years, “This is a very important program not only for the country, but for Kansas City. It will create strong Kansas City-based companies that will help make Kansas City one of the most entrepreneurial cities.” Out of the 68 participating teams (nearly double that of last year), 15 teams were given final awards.

An Entrepreneur is Born Highest Awards


Team Members: Andrew Kallenbach  Web service for businesses to create, share and complete required forms

Real Life 101

Team Members: Sara Allison and Jonathan Knapp  Interactive website to help college students find answers to their personal, professional, academic and financial questions


Team Members: Scott Halvorson  Startup focused on increasing medication adherence, helping pharmacy benefit managers reduce clients’ healthcare costs by improving adherence through patient-facing pharmacy and medication-related technology

ACEL (America and China Educational Link)

Team Members: Huan Ding  Connects inland Chinese private high school graduates with mid-tier U.S. universities

7th Annual Regnier Family Foundations/Bank of Blue Valley Venture Creation Challenge


Team Members: Kristin Kenney, Nolan Lawrence  Productivity and collaboration tool that aids users in effective organization of research material and automating citation, decreasing time spent on legal research and writing Most Promising Awards

Wi-Fido Wireless Dog Monitoring

Team Members: Heather Humphrey, Amy Hunkeler, Chris Lehan, Rob McCaslin, Catherine Moussa, Anne Spenner and Tom Tasset

 Implantable wireless monitoring service for dog owners and their vets providing 24/7 access to vital pet health information by computer or smartphone

Integrated Roadways

Team Members: Tim Sylvester  Patentable designs for modular, removable, utilityaccessible pavement slabs for use by municipalities


Team Members: Kevin Curtin  Maximizes the net operating income of commercial buildings by providing new lighting systems with flexible payment plans



Team Members: Ashley Gomez, Courtney Hitzhusen and Taylor Stronach  A keychain that creates a disturbing noise to draw attention and scare away an attacker when activated, with a tracking device that notifies campus security of the victim’s location

Green REIT

Team Members: Shane Spencer, Jason CarterSolomon, Daniel Porazzo and Scot Banes  Real estate investment trust with assets based in renewable energy and green technology


140 Spotlight on Success


Team Members: Charles Cannon, Brandi Cannon, Trudi Shouse, Adam Pullen  A new website and mobile device application license protection tool for the nursing community Finalist Awards


Team Members: Carlanda McKinney  Custom fit and design bra business


Team Members: E. Elliott Mura and Michael Downs  Retail store and workshop to give homebrewers of any skill level the resources they need to create great beer

Dooli Noted

Team Members: John Bailey, Chris Crawford, Ben Vetter  Corporate social recognition software that provides a channel for employees to instantly recognize coworkers’ achievements

Shoot-A-Brew One of the winners from the Venture Creation Challenge 2010 was the popular Shoot-A-Brew cooler, invented by Bloch MBA student Derek Hoy. The product went to market this summer. Visit for more information about this product.

Clockwise from left: Team Wi-Fido gets a ribbon for their faithful mascot; team EA Bride poses with Dean Teng-Kee Tan and event sponsors Cathy and Bob Regnier; Team ACEL explains how they make it easier for Chinese students to learn in the U.S.


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management



THANK YOU Kansas City, for helping make possible another successful Entrepreneur of the Year Awards celebration. The Council for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Bloch School honored some of the sharpest minds in entrepreneurship on Oct. 19 at the Kansas City Convention Center. Supporting the event were dinner chairs Bob and Ann Regnier (Bank of Blue Valley, Regnier Family Foundations) and JoAnn Nunnink (Integra Realty Resources). All proceeds support our students—the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Create my venture Study with renowned faculty

Guided by world-class research

Learn from successful entrepreneurs

Meet the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. A global leader in entrepreneurial research and education, the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) inspires and nurtures successful entrepreneurs who will lead a changing world. Meg Whitman

Bonnie Kelly, Jerry Kelly, Teresa Walsh

Julia Irene Kauffman

Dazzling, Innovative, Inspirational International Entrepreneur of the Year Meg Whitman, former president and CEO of eBay. During her 10-year tenure, eBay grew from 30 employees and roughly $4 million in revenue to more than 15,000 employees and $7.7 billion in revenue.

Regional Entrepreneurs of the Year Bonnie Kelly, Jerry Kelly and Teresa Walsh, co-founders, Silpada Designs Jewelry. Once upon a time, best friends Bonnie Kelly and Theresa Walsh took $25 from their grocery fund to pursue their passion for sterling silver jewelry. Today, Silpada has thousands of independent representatives in a multibillion-dollar industry.

Marion and John Kreamer Award for Entrepreneurship in Volunteer Community Service Julia Irene Kauffman, Chairman and CEO, Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation; Chairman, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. As chairman of the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation, Julia has turned her mother’s dream into one of the most technically and architecturally perfect performing arts centers in the world.

Based in a city with a rich legacy of entrepreneurship, UMKC is home to the Henry W. Bloch School of Management, named for and endowed by one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Within the Bloch School, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IEI) provides a unique approach to teaching, research, mentorship and experiential learning that places the program among the top in the nation. IEI develops talent through a world-class, cross-disciplinary curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Classes are team-taught by renowned faculty and entrepreneurs in an experiential learning environment. Graduates of the program are equipped with the toolkit, roadmap, skills, experience and mindset to begin their entrepreneurial journeys.

Join the next generation. 816-235-6200

UMKC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

 Faculty: The UMKC Bloch School is among the first to create an academic Department for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a fully dedicated, world-class entrepreneurship faculty, including the world’s No. 1 innovation management scholar.  Mentorship: The Institute provides a complete ecosystem for learning, including 39 mentor programs and more than 100 mentors to work one-on-one with students across all Bloch entrepreneurship programs.  Venture Creation: Our one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurship Scholars Program is a campus-wide program designed to accelerate the formation of world-class, globally scalable student ventures.  Global Recognition: The Institute has been awarded the Outstanding Contributions to Enterprise Creation and Exceptional Activities in Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines awards by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers.

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


Jonathan Knapp and Sara Allison.

 IEI Jonathan Knapp and his wife, Sara Allison, founded the company Real Life 101, an interactive website for universities to help students find answers to their personal, professional, academic and financial questions, quickly and efficiently. Universities purchase customized website licenses to extend their existing student services offering, filling the gap between what students learn in school and what they need to know for life.  Knapp received a bachelor’s degree in music from the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, then went on to earn an M.B.A. in finance and pursue a Certificate in Financial Planning. According to Knapp, one of the greatest benefits of the E-Scholars

Michael Song accepts a check from Entrepreneur-inResidence Benny Lee.

Entrepreneurship Scholars Program Accelerates Formation and Launch of Globally Scalable Ventures

program was the entrepreneurial training and how it opened many more employment opportunities to him. “My time at the Conservatory was wonderful, but after pursuing some professional opportunities in music, I, like many others, had to get a job in the real world,” Knapp said. “I believe my experience is not unique just to musicians, but college students everywhere who sometimes struggle to connect what they love to what their major should be, and ultimately, how that affects their professional lives outside of school. This experience was one of the key factors that led my wife and I to start Real Life 101 and help young adults make a successful transition from school to life on their own." 

“Companies today expect their employees to act as leaders. They want people who can identify problems and create innovative solutions. That is the entrepreneurship process.”  Jonathan Knapp E-Scholar graduate

Mark Parry, Ph.D., faculty director for the E-Scholars program, reviews ideas with students in the inaugural class.

Ready, Set…

LAUNCH! This spring, the Bloch School’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation did something that has never been done before. The Institute conferred certificates of graduation upon 32 students: the first class of students to complete the Institute’s new Entrepreneurship Scholars (E-Scholars) program. The E-Scholars Program is a campus-wide program designed to prepare promising student entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to launch world-class scalable ventures upon graduation from the program.  In Fall 2011, the program was opened to the general public. Anyone with an idea for a business or product may apply for the program. If accepted, they will participate in an intensive program in which they learn how to write their business plan, work closely with successful entrepreneurs and business people from the Kansas City community, and take classes with entrepreneurship faculty at the Bloch School, including two of the top innovation management scholars in the world.  “The goal of the program,” said Institute Executive Director Michael Song, “is to accelerate the formation of globally scalable ventures, creating significant impact with ventures that will have higher success rates—businesses that will, in the first year, make over $50,000 in revenue and more than $1 million in revenue in five years."


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Winter 2011

Mentorship More than 100 professional business people and entrepreneurs serve as mentors in the program, working closely and one-on-one with the students to help them get their venture launched. According to Evan Stewart (M.B.A. ’77), retired CIO of B/E Aerospace and program mentor, “Upon learning about the E-Scholars program, I decided it was a great opportunity to give some time and expertise to students with a passion for entrepreneurship.” Stewart says the most rewarding thing for him was “seeing all of the scholars come out of the program with so much energy and hope. For anyone living through our tough economic times, spending a few hours with these students will change you and increase your velocity of hope.” More than half of the students in the inaugural E-Scholars class have been approached by investors, and the 2012 class of E-Scholars is already underway. For more, visit

Bethany Derrough, who served as a judge at the Venture Creation Challenge as well as a mentor for the E-Scholars program, is no stranger to the Bloch School. She has been very involved with the school and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, having served as past chair (and current member) of the Council for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Derrough is also no stranger to mentorship. “My success in business was predicated on mentor involvement. I would not have succeeded without it. It’s a natural process I think is absolutely critical to the success of entrepreneurs,” Derrough said. “My involvement as a mentor stems from my commitment to assure that Kansas City has a world-

class business school. Mentoring is just one of the programs which must be successful to assure the Bloch School’s success. It’s also a great grounding for me to hear what the next generation of entrepreneurs is thinking about. It’s invigorating, simulating and a great way to give back to our community.”

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Senior Mobility Project Gains Momentum

Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership Welcomes Fulbright Scholar from India

In 2009, Bloch Magazine brought audiences the unsettling projections about transportation challenges faced by the elderly. In partnership with a number of community groups, including the Mr. Goodcents Foundation and Jewish Heritage Foundation, The Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Bloch developed a framework called the Kansas City Framework for Senior Mobility Project with a focus on producing a researchbased, integrative regional

Dr. Memcha Loitongbam brings valuable global research exchange in nonprofit management


Visiting Fulbright Scholar Memcha Loitongbam, Ph.D., has come to appreciate all of Kansas City, but it was one particular entity that drew her to the city of fountains. Loitongbam wanted to conduct her research with one of the top centers in the country for nonprofit leadership, the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the Henry W. Bloch School of Management. Loitongbam comes to the U.S. from Manipur, India. Her current research, which broadly addresses how the U.S. provides resources and education to develop successful nonprofit leadership, led her to search out university-based centers that specialize in nurturing nonprofit leaders. “In my search, I came up with Harvard and the Midwest Center at UMKC,” Loitongbam said. “They were the two universities at the top in the type of research I was looking for, but the Midwest Center’s research made access easy, and when I contacted them, they were very responsive. I knew it was the right place for me.” Ultimately, Loitongbam hopes to take what she learns in the U.S. back to India, where nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are plentiful, but there is little knowledge of how to manage them successfully. In her research, Loitongbam notes that the United States’ nonprofit sector is contributing immensely to the economic growth of the country. NPOs today exercise enormous spending power and offer more jobs than ever. According to her research, India is estimated to have between one and two million NPOs as well (, 2007). “The NPOs in Manipur face the complexities and challenges of resource


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

In my search, I came up with Harvard and the Midwest Center at UMKC. They were the two universities at the top in the type of research I was looking for, but the Midwest Center’s research made access easy...I knew it was the right place for me.” Memcha Loitongbam

development, institutional and technical demands, meeting the objectives and achieving sustainability like any other NPOs in rest of the world," she said. "They are undergoing transformations, especially those engaged in microfinance (pursuit of financial sustainability).” By studying successful nonprofit organizations in the U.S., Loitongbam hopes to take knowledge of the strategic management process and how it affects performance back to India. “In addition to successful nonprofits, there are universities in the U.S. with research centers, such as the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC, institutes and business schools highly specialized in the area of nonprofit management, which created an academic atmosphere highly conducive to research that is not available in a region like Manipur,” Loitongbam said.

But India won’t be the only beneficiary of Loitongbam’s research. One of her research vehicles will be a survey of approximately 80 nonprofit organizations in the Kansas City area. The data Loitongbam gathers from this research will also benefit those organizations as she looks closely at how aspects like financial literacy and strategic planning help or affect performance in nonprofit organizations. “I am highly indebted to David Renz, Ph.D., director of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership and the staff for all their support and guidance. I look forward to my continued association with Kansas City and the people at UMKC. I intend to imbibe their work ethics and culture, and share with my country what I’ve learned.”

Grant Strengthens Nonprofits’ Ability to Serve In 2010, the Institute for Human Development and the Bloch School’s Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership collaborated to receive a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The grant was given so the two centers could assess and increase the capacity of 75 of Greater Kansas City’s faith-based and community organizations. Emphasis for what became The Greater Kansas City Compassion Capital Fund Collaborative was specifically on smaller nonprofits that serve those most in need within the distressed areas of Jackson and Wyandotte counties. Each organization was assessed at the start of the project through a sophisticated set of organizational life-stage and capacity-assessment tools and was then invited to apply for a capacity-building grant to further improve their organizations’ capabilities. The 12 organizations selected as grant recipients have used funding to enhance profitability, effectiveness and visibility in the community—some by renaming themselves to improve visibility and clarify their focus and others to enhance advertising, Web presence and awareness.

framework that would engage a wide variety of community agencies and service providers in a coordinated approach to work together to address the long-term mobility needs of seniors throughout the Kansas City metro region. Today, that goal is being met. The framework developed at the Bloch School has been adopted by the Mid-America Regional Council and will become part of their 2040 transportation plan for the greater Kansas City Region.

Getting the Right People on Board The Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership has created a program called the Nonprofit Board Bank. This secure, searchable Web-based resource that matches Kansas City nonprofits seeking new board members with local leaders eager to serve their community through board service. According to Erin Nemenoff (M.P.A. ’06), doctoral research fellow with the Midwest Center, “The system allows nonprofit organizations to recruit board candidates outside their typical networks in order to find board members who have a specific set of skills and interests to complement those already shared among current members of the board.” “Board candidates also benefit from the Board Bank,” Nemenoff said, “as they are given an opportunity to increase their marketable knowledge and skills as well as networking through board service.”

Department Welcomes Helm Midwest Center Senior Fellow Scott Helm, Ph.D. has taken on directorship of the Department of Public Affairs’ new Executive M.P.A. program. This executive format of the Master of Public Affairs (M.P.A.) degree is an accelerated degree program designed to enable senior public service and nonprofit professionals to move their careers forward as innovative leaders and executives.

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Executive Master of Public Administration

Midwest Center Celebrates 20 Years

Regional resource for nonprofit leadership enhances performance and effectiveness Congratulations to the Bloch School’s Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership (MCNL) on 20 years. The center was founded in 1991 to serve the regional nonprofit community in Kansas City, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. MCNL applies the resources and talents of the university to the problems and issues facing the nonprofit sector so its members are better prepared to serve their communities, working with more than 300 public service organizations and community initiatives in a typical year. More than 4,000 public service leaders participate in MCNL programs throughout the year. The center has served more than 45,000 nonprofit and public service leaders through its programs and services. “MCNL creates opportunities for community leaders to come together as colleagues to learn, network and support each other, and to encourage personal, professional and organizational renewal and effectiveness,” said David O. Renz, Ph.D., director of the center since 1993. Some of the center’s most successful programs, projects and workshops include:

 The Kansas City Framework for Senior Mobility Project,

a community partnership in which MCNL provides the policy and planning to address the transportation needs for elderly people who can no longer drive.

 The Latino Leadership Institute, a board development

program of MCNL in partnership with the Greater Kansas City Hispanic Collaborative, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City and the REACH Foundation.

 The Greater Kansas City Compassion Capital Capacity

Building Initiative, a federally funded program by which the center and the Institute for Human Development have provided board and management development services and small development grants to nearly 200 small nonprofit agencies in Kansas City.

 The Midwest Center National Governance Conference, a three-day program that brings executives, consultants and researchers together in Kansas City once every two years to examine the state of research in the field and plan ways to build the capacity of agency boards across the nonprofit sector.  The Forum for Early Childhood Organization and Leadership Development, a multiyear program that helped build the leadership, management, knowledge and skills of those who lead organizations serving the educational needs of young children. “Our programs complement the degree education and development opportunities offered by the school, which include a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) degree with a concentration in nonprofit management, an Executive Master of Public Administration (E.M.P.A.) and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program,” Renz said. “The MCNL staff has proven to be helpful, knowledgeable and more than willing to engage in a variety of projects with many different community members and institutions,” said John Fierro, president and CEO of the Mattie Rhodes Center, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to providing arts, mental health and social services to a primarily Latino, Spanish-speaking population. “They have provided training for our staff and helped them develop as effective leaders within the community. We have worked with the MCNL staff on a variety of initiatives and nearly all suggestions and recommendations made by MCNL staff have been implemented and proven useful in streamlining our administrative and development processes, developing leadership traits For more information and skills within staff members, on MCNL programs and engaging other community and a detailed history organizations and institutions of the Center’s journey, as partners,” Fierro added. visit

Above, standing from left: Jessica Mattingly, Scott Helm, Mark Culver, Memcha Loitongbam (visiting Fulbright Scholar), Gary Baker, Fredrik Andersson. Seated from left: Brent Never, David Renz, Cindy Laufer, Emma Spong.


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Winter 2011


Become an Innovative Leader in the Public Sector The Executive M.P.A. is designed to meet the needs of the

Special Program Features

advanced mid-career professional. With a focus on executive leadership in the public, nonprofit and health care sectors, the E.M.P.A. provides specialized executive education for individuals with proven professional experience.

Executive Coaching Students will work both individually and in teams with nationally recognized executive coaches.

The inaugural E.M.P.A. class will begin in August 2012.

Residency Immersions As part of their program of study, E.M.P.A. students will participate in four week-long immersion courses.

Curriculum Sampling: ■ Executive Leadership one-week immersion ■ Research Methods for Public Service and Administration ■ Elective in Nonprofit Management, Urban Administration ■ Health Care Policy ■ Politics of Administration ■ Financial Accountability and Policy Development ■ Washington, D.C., Residency (Washington Campus) ■ Economics for Administration ■ Ethical Public Management Immersion ■ Public Policy Evaluation and Analysis

Cohort Unlike our traditional M.P.A., the E.M.P.A. will employ a cohort model that allows students to engage in peer-to-peer learning. Out-of-Town Study The E.M.P.A. expands the classroom beyond UMKC’s campus to Washington, D.C., other domestic cities and foreign countries. Concierge Service From ordering your texts to registering for your courses, the E.M.P.A. staff will provide unparalleled support for every aspect of your learning experience.

■ Innovative and Social Entrepreneurial Management ■ Immersion through Study Abroad in South Africa ■ Domestic Residency outside of Kansas City

CALL NOW for more information and to apply. Program Director Scott Helm, Ph.D., 816-235-6055, Program Coordinator Barbara Domke, 816-235-2894,

Relay Missouri: 1-800-735-2966 (TTY) UMKC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

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Lewis White Real Estate Center


Master of

Entrepreneurial Real Estate

Speaker Series

National and International Connections

Top Real Estate Leadership

Collaboration at Presidents’ Club Forum The Lewis White Real Estate Center’s Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Real Estate is the only master’s degree in real estate offered by an AACSB-accredited institution in the region. Offered in traditional and executive formats Executive and traditional two-year programs

Executive format includes:

Courses taught will include: Urban Planning

For those with a minimum of five years of experience in commercial real estate:

Legal Contexts of Real Estate Decisions

• 14-month program

Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies

• Instruction by nine Ph.D.s (several from outside the area), five attorneys, three CCIM Instructors and local experts in specialized areas

Advance Negotiations for Commercial Real Estate with Software Construction Means and Methods Taxation Issue for Commercial Real Estate Corporate Real Estate Property Management Valuation Techniques and Practices

• One week of international travel with introductions to real estate professionals in other countries in order to build international networks while learning about global real estate issues

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management’s Lewis White Real Estate Center held its second-annual Presidents’ Club meeting at the home of Charles and Patty Garney in Kansas City, Mo., this past spring. The Lewis White Real Estate Center founded the President’s Club in 2010. The innovative, informal gathering represents more than 3,000 commercial real estate service providers in the Kansas City metro area and is the only venue where 15-plus chapter presidents of national associations gather socially to discuss issues of common interest within the area of commercial real estate.

We developed this forum because we can do more for the greater good of our community by working together on critical issues than by operating in our respective silos.

Walt Clements Director Lewis White Real Estate Center

Ethics and Values for Real Estate Decisions Global Real Estate (includes one week of international travel) Advanced Real Estate Finance and Excel Modeling Real Estate Capital Markets

Distinguish yourself as a real estate professional. Visit or call 816-235-5188 today.




Relay Missouri: 1-800-735-2966 (TTY) UMKC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

The Lewis White Real Estate Center Presidents’ Club, front row from left: Brian Votava, Young Real Estate Professionals of Kansas City; Shirley Harpool, Certified Commercial Investment; second row: Jim Noe, Built Environment Partnership; Bill Early, Corporate Real Estate Network; Bob Mayer, Commercial Brokers Association; third row: Jackie Older-Hefner, Building Owners and Managers Association; Anne Lemon, Institute of Real Estate Management; Linda Laurence, Kansas City-Commercial Real Estate Women; fourth row: Paul Neal, Society of Industrial and Office Realtors; Dan Musser, Urban Land Institute; Lane Vance, NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association.


Now in its fourth year, The Lewis White Real Estate Center’s Guest Speaker Series is dedicated to providing timely information that relates to today’s real estate industry, providing educational opportunities for students while maintaining a connection with the professional real estate community. Speakers have included Joel Kotkin, author; Ronald Altoon, author and former president of the American Institute of Architects; John Shulman, attorney, negotiator and entrepreneur; William Poorvu, author, adjunct professor in entrepreneurship emeritus at Harvard Business School; Bart Harvey, former chairman and CEO, Enterprise; Gus Faucher, director of macroeconomics at Moody’s Economy; Ron Pressman, president and CEO, GE Real Estate; and Tony Goldman, chairman and CEO, the Goldman Properties Company.

new scholarship




Walter S. Clements Scholarship Supports Graduate Real Estate Education The Lewis White Real Estate Center and the family of benefactor Lewis White announced the formation of the Walter S. Clements Endowed Scholarship to support graduate real estate education at the Center, specifically the new Master of Entrepreneurial Real Estate. The family of Lewis White has made a gift of $50,000 for a Clements scholarship named after Walter S. Clements, CCIM, CRE®, FRICS and director of the Lewis White Real Estate Center, the only provider of graduate real estate education in the region.

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 Staff

Bloch Welcomes New Assistant Dean for Strategy and Planning Sheri Gormley brings research and business development expertise The Bloch School recently welcomed new assistant dean for strategy and planning Sheri Gormley to the dean’s office team. Gormley comes to Bloch from the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC), where she was a business development research director for seven years. She has an MBA from Baker University and a master of urban planning degree from the University of Kansas. Gormley was also a policy analyst and researcher for the MidAmerica Regional Council. Gormley’s primary focus will be ongoing, in-depth analysis of the school’s strategic plan and ensuring the implementation of the strategic initiatives. “I have been a recognized asset in the region’s research, business, economic and community development

The Backbone of Bloch

communities and have built a network of private and public relationships that I believe will be valuable in building collaborative strategies for the Bloch School,” Gormley said. In addition, Gormley brings a strong understanding of higher education to the table. “When KCADC is recruiting a company to the Kansas City region, higher education is a key factor in the decision-making process, so I am aware of the impact universities and colleges have on the greater community.” Gormley led the KCADC’s Higher Education Task Force to provide a venue for stakeholder collaboration and provide higher educational institution expertise and guidance. “I look forward to contributing my skills to a school that is on the path to


greatness,” Gormley said. “This school is pioneering in areas that have not been explored in the same way before, and it’s going to be an exciting place to be over the next few years.”

Without the hard work and day-to-day dedication of the Bloch School staff, the school would not be able to move forward so quickly with its mission and vision  First row, from left: Yen Nguyen*, program coordinator, Executive Education Center; Beth Follmer, director of special events; Doris Planas*, executive staff assistant; Carol Still, administrative assistant; Tusha Kimber, student services coordinator, Executive M.B.A.; Dionne Lewis*, director of alumni relations; Lanny Solomon, associate dean Second row, from left: Erica Hoffman, academic advisor, Student Services; Asia Williams, academic advisor, Student Services; Jean Ann Kouns, office administrator, Student Services; David Burford*, program manager, Executive Education Center; Kimberly Young, director, Executive Education Center; Cassie Cozby, assistant director, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation;

Sandra Bretz, executive assistant to the dean; Victoria Prater, director of communications; Karlyn Wilkins, director of development Third row, from left: Stacie Babilon, assistant director, Lewis White Real Estate Center; Mark Culver, senior program coordinator, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership; Susan Mott, office administrator, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management; Scott Ezzell*, academic advisor, Student Services; Jim Hitchcock, administrative assistant; Kami Thomas, assistant dean for Student Services; Gene Pegler, manager of student recruitment; Beverly Stewart, project director, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Kingsley Kakie, support systems administrator

Not pictured: Barbara Domke, Public Affairs Department Coordinator; Phillip Gonsher, Lecturer, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Sheri Gormley*, assistant dean for strategy and planning; Jerry Hamilton, Student Services; Bruce Kay, administrative assistant; Lisa Kliethermes, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation program coordinator; Megan Krstic, admissions and recruiting coordinator, Executive M.B.A.; Sandra Kruse-Smith*, executive coach and alumni liaison, Executive M.B.A.; Mary Morgan, business and fiscal operations manager; Arden Phillips, office administrator, Department of Accountancy; Nancy Wilkinson, director, Student Services

Bloch School Vision Aligns with Kansas City’s “Big 5” This fall, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce announced its goal for Kansas City to represent the pinnacle of entrepreneurship in the United States. This goal is part of the chamber’s “Big 5” ideas for Kansas City over the next five years. The chamber unveiled the initiatives, which, in addition to entrepreneurship, include: the World’s Symposium on Animal Health; the Kansas City Regional Translational Research Institute; the New UMKC Downtown Conservatory; and the Urban Core Neighborhood Initiative. “The ‘Big 5’ build on strengths we already have regionally,” said Jim Heeter, chamber president CEO. Kansas City’s legacy of entrepreneurship includes success stories like Hallmark, Garmin, H&R Block and Kansas City Southern as well as the Kauffman Foundation and UMKC’s Bloch School. “It’s critical that the Bloch School’s vision align with that of this community,” said Bloch Dean Teng-Kee Tan. “With the announcement of the ‘Big 5’, we see that our commitment to and focus on entrepreneurship and innovation falls directly in line with the city’s aspirations.”

* Indicates new staff members in 2010-11. 38

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Winter 2011

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Faculty

new appointments Welcome!


Jered B. Carr Associate Professor; Victor & Caroline Schutte/Missouri Endowed Professorship in Urban Affairs Ph.D., Florida State University M.A., Florida Atlantic University B.A., Florida Atlantic University Jered Carr joins the Bloch School Department of Public Affairs faculty. He previously taught public administration and urban politics/policy and served as M.P.A. director at Wayne State University in Michigan.

 Atul Kulkarni

Assistant Professor of Marketing Ph.D., M.B.A., M.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign B.S., Pune University, India Atul Kulkarni joins the Bloch School Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. His research and teaching interests include pricing, promotions, retail management, and consumer judgment and decision making.


Nathan Mauck Assistant Professor of Finance Ph.D., Florida State University B.S., Kansas State University Nathan Mauck joins the Bloch School’s Department of Finance. His research interests include corporate finance, international finance, mergers and acquisitions, and sovereign wealth funds.

New Faces Over the past two years, Bloch has continued to recruit and hire outstanding junior faculty to strengthen Bloch’s teaching and research capability


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

William T. Self Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley A.B., Harvard University William Self joins the Bloch Department of Management. His research interests include organizational culture, leadership and the management of diverse teams.

2010 

Richard J. Arend Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Henry W. Bloch Endowed Research Fellow Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada; M.B.A., York University, Canada; BASc, University of Toronto Richard Arend teaches entrepreneurship and innovation. His general interest is in the area of unusual ways firms create and destroy value through innovation, entrepreneurship, alliance activity and change.

Hyun Seung “H.S.” Jin Associate Professor of Marketing Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A. and B.A., Sogang University, Seoul, Korea. H.S. Jin teaches marketing courses including marketing strategy, buyer behavior, and sales and promotional strategies. His research interests are integrated marketing communications, advertising and promotion, and consumer behavior.

Rong Ma Assistant Professor of Strategic Management Ph.D., University of Memphis M.B.A., Ohio University Rong Ma teaches strategic management and principals of management. Her research interests include corporate governance, management across cultures and social networks.

Xiajun Amy Pan Assistant Professor of Operations Management Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin M.S., National University of Singapore B.S., Xi’an Jiaotong University, China Amy Pan teaches operations management and business statistics. Her research interests include operations and supply chain management, assortment planning, retail operations management and operations-marketing interface.

H. Dennis Park Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.; M.B.A., Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.; B.A., University of Wisconsin at Madison Dennis Park teaches entrepreneurship and innovation. His areas of interest are venture capital and corporate venture capital, resource acquisition strategy of technology-based ventures, governance of new ventures and individual differences in making investment decisions.

Leigh Salzsieder, CPA, ABV Assistant Professor of Accountancy Ph.D., University of South Carolina M.B.A., University of Kansas B.A., Drury University Leigh Salzsieder teaches accounting and auditing. His areas of interest include behavioral aspects and implications of preparing and using fair value measurements, and compensation and earnings management.


Sunny Li Sun Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas M. Phil (master of philosophy), Chinese University of Hong Kong B.A., Renmin University of China. Sunny Li Sun teaches entrepreneurship and innovation. His research interests include new venture creation and financing, business models, entrepreneurial firm growth, internationalization, M&A and corporate governance.

John Norton, Ph.D. Associate Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship John Norton joined the Institute this fall. In addition to his assistant directorship, Norton's teaching and research areas include business-to-business marketing, communications strategy and sales management. He has a B.S. in psychology from the University of North Texas and M.S. and Ph.D. in management science from the University of Texas at Dallas. Norton joins Bloch from the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. Stuart E. Weiner, Ph.D. Lecturer, Department of Finance The Bloch School welcomed Stu Weiner, former vice president and director of payments system research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, to the Bloch team this fall. Weiner has a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University. Outside the classroom, he serves as a payments consultant, focusing on regulatory and public policy issues. His teaching and research areas include payment systems, monetary policy and financial markets.

Promoted! Doranne Hudson Doranne Hudson has been named an associate professor of teaching in leadership. She also continues to serve in her role as executive-in-residence. Pamela Roffol Dobies, Ph.D. Pam Dobies has been named an assistant professor of teaching in organizational behavior, leadership and human resources. She is also the director of the Bloch School’s Career Services Network. Walt Clements, CCIM, CRE®, FRICS Walt Clements has been named an assistant professor of teaching in real estate. He continues in his role as director of the Lewis White Real Estate Center.

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Spotlight on faculty

Dobies receives award for innovative teaching Pamela Roffol Dobies, Ph.D., earned the Elmer Pierson Outstanding Teaching Award, which is awarded to instructors in the Bloch School and UMKC schools of dentistry, law and medicine for materials and techniques that enhance the quality of instruction, as well as for having an excellent reputation as a teacher among faculty peers and students. Dobies is an assistant professor of teaching in organizational behavior, leadership and human resources.

Granted Tenure Roger Pick Takes on M.B.A. Program Dr. Roger Alan Pick, professor of management information systems, has been appointed director of the Bloch M.B.A. program. The newly redesigned M.B.A. curriculum started Fall 2011. Pick, who will also continue to teach management information systems, brings extensive academic expertise to the role. He has been with the Bloch School for 17 years and has also taught at Purdue University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Cincinnati and Louisiana Tech University, totaling more than 30 years of teaching in higher education. “A committee of faculty at the Bloch School has put a lot of effort into redesigning the M.B.A. to be relevant to today’s employers,” Pick said. “I was happy to take the directorship of the program, because I am passionate about having a strong M.B.A.” Pick says one of the differences in the new program is that all students will take the same set of core classes, going through the program together in a cohort model. “Employers and HR people hiring our future executives want graduates with a consistent skillset,” Pick said. “In addition, one of the reasons students enroll in an M.B.A. program is networking. Now they will have a group of fellow students they can get to know and form deep connections with.” With the Bloch School focusing on teaching entrepreneurial and innovative thinking in all disciplines, one of the required courses is the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, a seven-week program that gives all M.B.A. candidates an introduction to entrepreneurship, venture creation and business plan writing. In addition, all students will take one public affairs course called Management in Context, which will educate them on how the political and regulatory environment shapes and affects companies and organizations. “It’s not enough to just understand how the for-profit side works,” Pick said. “In today’s climate, understanding how government and policy directly impacts organizations, and vice versa, is imperative.” Two of the courses within the M.B.A. will also integrate business ethics.


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

Dave Donnelly Appointed Associate Dean David P. Donnelly, former chair of the Bloch School’s Department of Accountancy, was named associate dean for academic programs and research. He will also continue as a professor of accounting. Donnelly has been with the Bloch School for seven years, having formerly served in academic leadership roles at Kansas State University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Donnelly has a Ph.D. with a focus on international taxation and accounting from the University of Illinois as well as a master of business administration and a bachelor of science in business administration from Kansas State University. In his new role, Donnelly will be responsible for the performance of the Bloch School’s strategic plan on matters relating to academic programs and research output and excellence. He will oversee academic programs, centers of excellence and faculty development. He will also continue teaching in the accounting department as well as with Bloch School Executive M.B.A. and Executive Education programs. “Last year the Bloch School finalized an aggressive strategic plan based on the vision of being Kansas City’s nationally and global preeminent school of management,” Donnelly said. “The plan provides a roadmap focusing on entrepreneurial and innovative thinking as the foundation for transforming talent and achieving sustainable growth in for-profit, public and not-for-profit enterprises. I look forward to the challenges of this position because I want to contribute to the achievement of this vision. “This is an exciting time for the Bloch School, UMKC and the Kansas City community. We all recognize the importance and value associated with the school achieving this vision and are working together to see that it happens.”

CONGRATULATIONS Georgia Smedley, Arif Ahmed

The Bloch Department of Accountancy and Department of Public Affairs are pleased to announce that Georgia Smedley, Ph.D., assistant professor of accounting and Arif Ahmed, B.D.S, Ph.D., M.S.P.H., assistant professor of health administration, were each promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure, effective this fall.

Students name Hudson favorite faculty member Bloch Executive-in-Residence Doranne Hudson earned the Favorite Faculty Award. Each year, the Bloch School polls graduating students about which faculty member they feel had the most positive impact on them throughout their Bloch career, and this year, Hudson earned the honor. Hudson is an associate professor

and executive-in-residence, teaching undergraduate, M.B.A. and Executive M.B.A. courses in leadership. She also teaches non-degree executive education courses and workshops to a wide variety of businesses and organizations, including Sprint, H&R Block, FleishmanHillard and Hallmark.


Accountancy Research Recognized The Bloch School of Management’s Experimental Accounting Information Systems research was ranked No. 21 in the country by Brigham Young University for the amount of scholarly publications featured in 11 top peer-reviewed industry journals over the past 20 years. The University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Vermont, Colorado State University and Georgia State University share this ranking.


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Tom Bloch


Earns Honorary Doctorate

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Faculty Research The following represents a sampling of research from Bloch faculty. This list does not represent all faculty research at Bloch. Rita M. Cain, Embedded advertising on television: Classic legal environment and business law content. Journal of Legal Studies Education 2010; 27 (2): 209–246. Subhra Chakrabarty, Gene Brown, Robert E. Widing, The effects of perceived customer dependence on salesperson influence strategies. Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management 2010; 30 (4): 389-390. Raj Arora, Bundling or unbundling frequently purchased products: A mixed method approach. Journal of Consumer Marketing 2010; 28 (4): 67-75. Dowlatshahi, Shad and Rezaei, Jafar. A rule-based multi-criteria approach to inventory classification. International Journal of Production Research 2010; 48: 7107-7133. Nancy Day and Greene, P. A case for sexual orientation diversity management in small and large organizations. Human Resource Management Journal 2008; 47 (3): 637-654. Jae Jung, Beamish, P.W. & Goerzen, A. FDI ownership strategy: A Japanese-US MNE comparison. Management International Review 2008 48(5): 491-524. Sidne Ward, Consumer behavior in online auctions: An examination of partitioned prices on eBay. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 2008; 16 (1): 57-66. Michael Song, Subin Im, Hans van der Bij, and Lisa Z. Song. Does strategic planning enhance or impede innovation and firm performance? Journal of Product Innovation Management, forthcoming. Mark E. Parry and Michael Song Market information acquisition, utilization, and new venture performance. Journal of Product Innovation Management 2010; 27 (7), 1112. Michael Song, Tang Wang, and Mark E. Parry Do market information processes improve new venture performance? Journal of Business Venturing 2010; 25 (6), 556–568. Richard J. Arend and Levesque, M. Testing the resource-based view: Simulation results for violating VRIO. Organization Science 2010; 2, 913-930. Lisa Z. Song, Michael Song, Mark E. Parry, Perspective: Economic conditions, entrepreneurship, first-product development, and new venture success. Journal of Product Innovation Management; 27: 130. Libaers, D. and Meyer, M. Highly innovative small technology firms, industrial clusters, and firm internationalization. Research Policy 2011; forthcoming. H. Dennis Park and Steensma, H. K. When does corporate venture capital add value for new ventures? Strategic Management Journal, in press. Mark J. Roselli and Joe Singer; Resolving Ethical Dilemmas In Cross-Cultural Commerce. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship.


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

Books by Bloch Faculty Lee Bolman, professor and Marion Bloch/ Missouri Chair in Leadership, and Joan Gallos, professor of leadership and director of the Bloch School’s Executive M.B.A. program, have published their first joint book. Reframing Academic Leadership is designed as a tool for those facing leadership roles, specifically in colleges and universities. Bolman has written numerous books on leadership and organizations with co-author Terry Deal, including The Wizard and the Warrior: Leading with Passion and Power; Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership; Leading with Soul: An Uncommon Journey of Spirit ; Reframing the Path to School Leadership; Reframing the Path to School Leadership: A Guide for Principals and Teachers, Second Edition; Escape from Cluelessness: A Guide for the Organizationally Challenged; Becoming a Teacher Leader; and Modern Approaches to Understanding and Managing Organizations. Gallos is co-author of Teaching Diversity and the editor of Organization Development: A Jossey-Bass Reader and Business Leadership: A JosseyBass Reader, Second Edition.

David O. Renz, Beth K. Smith/Missouri Chair in Nonprofit Leadership; Director, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership; Chair, Department of Public Affairs; published the Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management in 2010.

Shad Dowlatshahi, professor of operations management, published Supply Chain and Operations Management (third edition) in 2010.

Joe Freeman Earns Alumni Achievement Award

In recognition of his outstanding commitment to the Bloch School and to the community, UMKC presented Tom Bloch, son of Bloch School benefactor Henry W. Bloch, with an honorary doctorate degree in business administration. Bloch (left) received his degree from Dean Teng-Kee Tan. As one of Kansas City’s most inspirational figures, Bloch’s unwavering commitment to sound leadership principles in the business and educational arenas is making a difference in Kansas City. Bloch ended a 19-year tenure at H&R Block in 1995, when he resigned as CEO to pursue his true passion: being an educator in Kansas City’s urban core. After teaching middle school math for five years, he applied his expertise in business and leadership to create a school that would motivate and prepare inner-city children to learn, excel and succeed. He founded this school, University Academy, in 2000. The nationally acclaimed Academy has grown from 200 students in grades seven through nine to serve more than 1,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade today. Over the past five years, almost all academy graduates have gone on to attend college. Bloch is a founding board member of the UMKC Foundation and chair of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. He and his wife, Mary, founded the Youth Service Alliance of Greater Kansas City to recognize outstanding community service through school-based programs. He is chair of the UMKC Board of Trustees and active with the School of Education’s Institute for Urban Education. In addition, he is president of the Bloch School Endowment Board and serves on the Council for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In the past several years, he has given generously of his time as a mentor for student entrepreneurs.

Joe Freeman (B.S.A. ’93) was named the Bloch School’s 2011 Alumni Achievement Award winner. In addition to the university’s five major awards, each academic unit nominates an alumna or alumnus they feel has made significant contributions to the school. Freeman is chief operating officer at Pioneer Services, which provides services to 1.3 million military families. He has provided volunteer leadership to the Bloch School’s Council for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Bloch Advisory Council, the Entrepreneur of the Year Advisory Committee and to the school’s alumni association board, as well as serving as a judge at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s annual Venture Creation Challenge.

Dionne Lewis Growing the advancement team This year, the Bloch School welcomed Advancement Director Dionne Lewis, who will oversee the school’s alumni and constituent relations. With both a bachelor’s degree and Master of Arts in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Lewis brings several years of expertise in managing annual giving. “My goal is to work with alumni to help

create and grow a program that alumni are proud to participate in, that students benefits from and that ultimately helps the school reach its goals, as stated in the new strategic plan, to foster loyalty, commitment and engagement by all Bloch alumni, and to involve alumni, business partners and community stakeholders in the delivery of educational programs.” The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Alumni and Development

Class Notes Dave Ebbrecht (E.M.B.A. ’08) was promoted from senior vice president of operations to executive vice president of operations for Kansas City Southern and its U.S. subsidiaries, working closely with the leadership of Kansas City Southern de Mexico. Jodi Faustlin (M.P.A. ‘02) has been named the new executive director at McFarland Clinic in Marshalltown, Iowa. Faustlin previously served as director of community service clinics for the Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City. Todd Frazier (M.B.A. ’98) was promoted to managing director of PFM Pricing Group, one of the nation’s leading providers of independent financial and investment advisory services to state and local governments and not-forprofit institutions. Debe Gash (E.M.B.A. ’04), vice president and chief information officer for Saint Luke’s Health System, was named a 2011 Premier 100 IT Leader by Computerworld. The award spotlights 100 exceptional leaders from technology and business sides of companies for their technology leadership and innovation.


Bloch congratulates Dick Gibson (E.M.B.A. ’02) A longtime friend of the Bloch School, alumnus and role model in leadership and service, Gibson retired last year from his role as vice president and chief administrative officer at the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. A graduate of UMKC’s Conservatory of Music and Dance in 1967, Gibson later returned to UMKC to earn his Executive M.B.A. at the Bloch School. Gibson has not only served the Kansas City community in a variety of roles, he served his country in Vietnam, and later, as chief of staff for the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Gibson has also

BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

been a staunch supporter of the Bloch School. He is president of the Bloch Alumni Board, he has served as a judge for the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s Venture Creation Challenge, and has been a business mentor to the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team. In addition, he received the alumni achievement award for service to the school.

Helen H. Spalding (M.P.A. ‘85) has retired as university librarian/professor emerita at Portland State University. During her 36-year career, she also held library management and administrative positions at UMKC and at Iowa State University. She continues as a founding member on the editorial board of portal: Libraries and the Academy.

Roxanne Jerde (M.B.A. ‘83) was named president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County after a nine-year tenure with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Jerde also spent 11 years at Hallmark.

Marcia Torbett (M.B.A., ’85) was named executive director of Child Watch Children’s Advocacy Center. Child Watch is a children’s advocacy center that provides counseling and other services to children who are victims of abuse or neglect.

Willie Lanier (M.B.A. ’01), former Kansas City Chief and NFL Hall of Fame inductee, has established the Dorothy C. Lanier Scholarship for members attending community colleges in Ohio in memory of his aunt. Over the years, Lanier has provided more than $525,000 in scholarship funds.

Blake Williams (M.B.A. ’99) joined PetSmart Charities as director of marketing and communications. PetSmart Charities is a nonprofit organization that creates and supports programs that save homeless pets and raise awareness of companion animal welfare issues.

Dr. Michael McAfee (M.P.A. ‘96) has been named director of the Promise Neighborhoods Institute (PNI), a new nonprofit community resource provider. McAfee has spent more than 20 years serving as a leader in the government, philanthropic and human-service sectors, collaborating with government, civic, business, nonprofit and faith leaders to connect families and children to economic and social opportunities. Richard “Rick” L. Scott (B.A. ’75) was elected governor of Florida in 2010 during the August primary. Scott is also the co-founder of Solantic Corporation, which builds and operates urgent care facilities throughout Florida. Beth K. Smith (M.P.A. ‘76) celebrates a milestone anniversary since founding the Kansas City Women’s Employment Network. Twenty-five years ago, two Kansas City philanthropists and visionaries, Smith and Marjorie Powell Allen, had a profound idea to “help women help themselves” and formed the Women’s Employment Network (WEN). Today, more than 5,400 women have graduated from WEN’s programs, and thousands more women, children and families have benefited from WEN’s support services.


Bloch Mourns Sudden Loss Bloch student Jonathan Rex Richerson, 28, passed away on Dec. 26, 2010, due to injuries sustained in a car accident. He received his B.A. in business management from the Bloch School and was in the process of pursuing a graduate degree in international finance. Richerson was a volunteer with the Heart of America Humane Society and was also working as a graduate research assistant in the Bloch School’s Student Services office. He will be missed by Bloch faculty, staff and fellow students. Victoria Stopple (M.B.A. ’76) passed away January 2011 Ronnie Francis (M.B.A. ’93) passed away February 2011 Robin Franklin (B.A. ’86) passed away April 2011 Neale Eugene Sowers (B.S.A. ’93) passed away April 2011 Sally Baker (M.S.A. ’94) passed away May 2011

Spotlight on service

Esther George

Bloch Advisory Council, E.M.B.A. ’00

The Bloch School is proud of the caliber and expertise of the individuals who serve on our advisory councils and boards. One of those people is Esther George, who was recently named CEO and president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. George is one of the only women to achieve this rank

within the Fed. Few executives can say they have climbed the ladder to success within one organization. George started with the Fed in 1982 as a commissioned bank examiner and worked her way up through five positions before landing her current role in 2009.

Over the past decade, George has also amassed global experience, having spoken and presented professionally in Malaysia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Peru, Japan and Switzerland, and has provided technical assistance to central bank officials in Morocco, Malawi and Iraq. George said her experience in the Bloch Executive M.B.A. program was enriching to her career. “My Executive M.B.A. experience was very valuable,” she said. “The professors in the classroom were top-notch, and the curriculum was relevant and challenging. “I met some very talented individuals from a wide range of industries as part of the program. We worked hard together and developed friendships that continue today. The program offered important global perspectives, such as travel to China, and

promoted innovation and an entrepreneurial focus that brings valuable skills to leadership in any discipline.” George exercises true alumni spirit by giving back to the Bloch School as a member of the Bloch Advisory Council and as a guest speaker for Bloch students. She also serveson the university’s Board of Trustees. Of her experience as a UMKC volunteer, George said, “The Bloch School is a wonderful resource to the Kansas City business community, and it continues to grow and mature under Dean Tan’s leadership. The opportunity to support the Bloch School’s mission has been incredibly rewarding. I think the engagement of the business community is essential, and both parties benefit enormously from that relationship.”

Bloch Advisory Council 2011-12 Terry Bassham EVP and Chief Financial Officer KCP&L Robert Bennett President Commworld

Esther George Executive Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Patrick Meyers Senior Executive Vice President Lockton Companies

Larry Redler National Managing Partner Grant Thornton LLP

Helen Miller Director of Leadership and Management Development American Century Investments

Larry Smith EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer UMB Bank

Tom Morefield President Financial Services Deluxe Corp.

Frank Wewers FLI-TEK Consulting, LLC

John M. Blakeney

Margaret Keating Group Vice President – Operations (retired) Hallmark Cards

Tom Bloch Founder University Academy

Denise Kruse President Adams-Gabbert & Associates

Mark Ciaramitaro Vice President, Tax Development H&R Block, Inc.

Pete Levi Polsinelli Shughart

Sue Mosby President and Thinking Partner Infinium

Catherine Lewis Global Tax Partner KPMG LLP

Rand O’Donnell President amd CEO Children’s Mercy Hospital

Jonathan Cohn President and Chief Executive Officer Yarco Company, Inc.

Jerry White Senior Retail Adviser Grubb & Ellis Patricia “Candy” Yakimo Senior Vice President Argus Health Systems

For more information, visit The Henry W. Bloch School of Management



 Alumni and Development

Donor Honor Roll Henry W. Bloch School of Management

$100,000+ Ms. Susan C. Benson Mr. Henry and Mrs. Marion Bloch & Affilated Funds Henry W. & Marion H. Bloch Endowment DST Systems, Inc. Advised Fund J.E. Dunn Construction Group, Inc. Dunn Family Foundation Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation Greater Kansas City Community Foundation & Affilated Trusts Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation William T. Kemper Foundation Carrie J. Loose Trust Mid-Continent Capital Trust Mr. James and Mrs. Annabel Nutter James B. Nutter & Company Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ann Regnier & Affiliated Fund Victor L. and Helen B. Regnier Fund Mr. Gerald White & Ms. Cyprienne Simchowitz Mrs. Shirley White White Family Foundation

$50,000-$99,999 Mr. Thomas M. and Ms. Mary S. Bloch Thomas M. and Mary S. Bloch Fund Mrs. Gloria Block Allen J. and Gloria L. Block Charity Fund Allen and Gloria Block Family Foundation Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Lisa Block DST Systems, Inc. Jewish Heritage Foundation Victor & Caroline Schutte Foundation Mr. Goodcents Foundation

$10,000-$49,999 Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Mr. Alan and Ms. Kathy Barnes DeBruce Foundation Mr. Paul and Mrs. Katherine DeBruce


BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011

Entertainment Properties Trust First Realty Advisors, Inc. Francis Families Foundation Arts & Culture Fund Garmin International Hunt Midwest Enterprises, Inc. Kansas City Power & Light Company Dr. Robert W. Lewis Estate The John Sublett Logan Foundation Mazuma Credit Union Nichols Company Charitable Trust Mr. John Nohe Nonprofit Information Networking Pioneer Services, Inc. Polsinelli Shughart, PC Fred H. & Shirley J. Pryor Foundation Mr. John and Ms. Marny Sherman The Sosland Foundation Sprint Nextel Corporation The Ten Ten Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 Mr. Alan and Mrs. Mary Atterbury Anonymous Commerce Bank Mr. John C. Davis & Mrs. Jane Reusser Davis Mr. Lee and Mrs. Bethany Derough Ernst & Young, LLP Euronet Worldwide, Inc. William T. & Frances D. Grant Char Trust Kansas City CFA Society Kansas City Chiefs Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation Mr. Herb Kelleher Mr. Steven B. Rafferty Wichita Community Foundation

$2,500-$4,999 AMC Entertainment, Inc. Andrews McMeel Universal Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City Mr. Peter and Mrs. Lynne Brown Colony Realty Partners, LLC Mr. Peter and Mrs. Gloria DiGiovanni

Mr. Joe B. Freeman and Ms. Kristin Miller-Freeman Greater KC Chamber of Commerce Inergy, L.P. JMW & Associates, LLC Kansas City Southern K.C. Southern Industries Charitable Fund KPMG, LLP Ms. Anne Larson Lathrop & Gage LC Lockton Companies, LLC M & I Bank Mr. Henry and Ms. Jackie Massman Massman Construction Company Stanley L. Maxwell Fund Mr. A. H. and Mrs. Tollie Myers, Jr. Prairie Capital Management, LLC RED Development, LLC RSM McGladrey, Inc. Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP Tortoise Capital Advisors, LLC U.S. Bancorp Foundation Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Julie Welch Mr. Frederick and Ms. Brenda Woodrell

$1,000-$2,499 Mr. Irv and Ms. Sharyn Blond Mr. Roger W. Borgelt Stanley J. Bushman Philanthropic Fund Mr. Stanley Bushman and Ms. Ann Canfield Carter Community Memorial Trust CFMA-KC Chapter Citizens Bank and Trust Dr. Barry and Mrs. Patricia Daneman Dr. David P. Donnelly Mr. Larry and Ms. Jennifer Downey Mr. Terry and The Honorable Peggy Dunn Mr. Scott Freeman The Freeman Family Foundation Mr. David and Ms. Carol Freirich Grant Thornton LLP Hallmark Cards, Incorporated Mr. Barnett and Mrs. Shirley Helzberg

Shirley Bush Helzberg Donor Adv Fund Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program Mr. Charles Helzberg and Ms. Sandra Baer Charles M. Helzberg Philanthropic Fund Mr. Irvine and Mrs. Ellen Hockaday Irv Hockaday Family Fund Human Resource Forum Integra Realty Resources IREM Kansas City Chapter #15 Mr. Drue and Ms. Emily Jennings Kingston Environmental Services, Inc. Legg Family Foundation Fund Mr. John and Ms. Jennifer Legg Ms. Catherine A. Lewis Mr. Richard and Ms. Donna Loraine Lutjen Mr. Scott and Mrs. Johanna Marolf Ms. Michelle M. Martin Mr. Dave Matthews Ms. Lindsey S. Meling MMC Corp. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney NAIOP of KC, Inc. Price Waterhouse Coopers George P. Reintjes Company, Inc. Right Management Consultants Mr. Thomas D. Sanders Schifman, Remley & Associates Mr. Andrew B. Schmitt Ms. Mary Schulte Michael & Cathy Schultz Fund Mr. Michael and Mrs. Cathy Schultz Mr. Jay and Ms. L. Carole Scott Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Elizabeth Solberg Mr. David and Ms. Pamela Spellerberg Tax Executives Institute Inc. Mr. Paul and Mrs. Liz Uhlmann UMKC Trustees Mr. James and Mrs. Margaret Van Dyke Mr. Joel Voran Mr. Gregory Walton Rebecca Wang & Daniel Tsai Family Fund Ms. Haihong Wang Frank and Helen Wewers Family Fund

Mr. Frank and Mrs. Helen Wewers Mr. Mark and Ms. Nicole Wright Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Eulalie Zimmer

$500-$999 Mr. Don and Mrs. Wendy Armacost Mr. Ronald J. Benjamin Mr. Irwin and Mrs. Rita Blitt Block Real Estate Services, LLC Mr. Mike Boehm Citizen’s Bank Country Club Bank Mr. Don Crabtree Mr. John and Mrs. Anna Doll Ms. Renee L. Donoho Colonel Richard and Mrs. Ruie Gibson Mr. David R. Goodman Mr. Kamal G. Guiha and Ms. Naila R. Seif Mr. Donald and Mrs. Adele Hall J & H Landscaping Company, Inc. Mr. Leon and Mrs. Margaret Jacobs Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Anne Jezak Mr. Bruce and Ms. Janet Kauk Mr. Joe Kauten Mr. Gerald and Ms. Bonnie Kelly David Woods Kemper Memorial Foundation Lane4 Property Group, Inc. Mr. Nam Lee Merit General Contracting Inc. Meschures, Campeas, Thompson Ms. Nikki Miles Pareto Marketing, Inc. Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets, Inc. Mr. Carl R. Renfro Mr. Donald D. Stanley Dr. Pamela S. Stuerke Mr. Michael and Mrs. Amelia Trollinger Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Melanie Tucker Mr. Greg Walton Walton Construction Co., LLC Ms. Donna Ward Mr. Peter and Mrs. Linda Woodsmall Mr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Yakimo Mr. Edgar and Mrs. Carol Yee

$250-$499 Mr. Don and Mrs. Christine Alexander Rev. Kiu-Young Bae, Ph.D. & Ms. M. Soon Bae Mr. Dean and Ms. Shirley Baker Dr. F. Barry Barnes Benedictine College Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Jane Bird Mr. Paul and Ms. Kristine Birney Ms. Lisa L. Black Bob Sight Ford Inc. Mr. Aaron Boyd Mrs. Mary Shaw Branton Mr. John and Mrs. Debra Campbell Mr. Chris and Mrs. Cheryl Davis Mr. Richard and Mrs. Patti Downey Mr. William Dunn Mrs. Teri Ann Drake Cox Mr. John Dreves and Ms. Elizabeth Estill Ms. Sandra Ferguson Mr. Donald and Ms. Jennifer Fitzpatrick Ms. Deborah Gash Mr. Gary and Mrs. Pamela Gradinger Mrs. Nancy A. Grasse Mr. Casey and Mrs. Paula Halsey Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Donna Hartmann Mr. Jim and Ms. Anita Herbers Mr. Robert A. Herrmann, Jr. Ms. Treasa Hershberger Dr. George Whitfield Holcomb Mr. Jason W. Hsueh, Sr. Kemper and Company, LLC Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Christine Kemper Mrs. Deedee King Mr. Craig and Ms. Linda Knouse Mr. Charles H. Kopke KPMG Foundation Mr. William H. Laws Mr. Benny and Ms. Edith Lee Mr. Bradley Lee & Ms. Julie Mercer Lee Gary & Jo Ellen Leifer Donor Adv Fund Dr. Gary and Mrs. Jo Ellen Leifer Lewis Rice & Fingersh, LC Mr. Peter Lucas Mr. Dev and Ms. Sue Malik

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


 Alumni and Development

The McKellar Group Inc. Ms. Kathryn L. Mendicki Mr. Richard and Ms. Lorrie Miles Mr. Wesley C. Miller Mr. Mohamed Nur Mr. Charles R. Owen Mr. Charles D. Parkinson Ms. Carla Pavone Mr. Gary and Mrs. Barbara Pettus Mr. Bill Pfeiffer & Mrs. Mary Kay McPhee Mr. Todd Pleimann Mrs. Annie Presley Dr. Stephen W. Pruitt Mr. Charles and Mrs. Laura Robb Rockhurst University Rubin Brown, LLP Mr. Paris and Ms.Tanya Saunders Mr. Jeffrery Schemmel Mr. Timothy and Ms. Carol Schutt Mr. Lyle and Mrs. Marcia Scott Scott-Hollar, Inc. Mr. David Seay Mrs. Charlotte Simonson Dr. Georgia Smedley Mr. Eric and Mrs. Diane Smith Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Mary Smith Mr. Tom Turner Harry S. Truman Library Institute Mrs. Glenda M. Vittetoe Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Jennifer Wampler Mr. David Von Watts Mr. Patrick and Ms. Cynthia Whalen Mr. Robert and Dr. Amy Wolf

$100-$249 Mr. Marvin and Ms. Donna Abernathey Adams-Gabbert & Associates Inc. Mr. Robert and Ms. Dana Aikin Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marsena Alley Mr. Dennis L. Anderson Mr. Larry and Mrs. Jeannie Anderson Mr. Matthew Anderson Mr. Craig Arensman & Mrs. Michelle Sanders Arensman Mr. Labe Asner Mr. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Baker Bank of Prairie Village Mr. George Albert Barreto


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Ms. Erin A. Barrett Mr. James and Mrs. Dana Bartimus Ms. Melissa S. Bechtel Dr. Brian and Mrs. Joan Belt Ms. Joyce Benedict Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Carol Berns Mr. Don Bolen Mrs. Rhayma Ann Blake Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Catherine Bortnick Ms. Grace L. Boswell Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sharon Bradley Ms. Margaret E. Brisch Ms. Susan Brisch Mr. Mark and Mrs. Stephanie Bross Mr. T. Richard Brown Ms. Denice Lynn Brunkow Mr. Wilbur C. Buckheit Mr. Gary and Mrs. Kathryn Bussing Mr. Mark and Ms. Sandy Byler Mr. Richard and Mrs. Marla Byrne Mr. Lance and Ms. Jennifer Caldwell Mr. Dale and Mrs. Wanda Cantrell Mrs. Irene Caudillo Mr. George and Ms. Jenean Cayot Mrs. Frankie Chandrasekhar Mr. Ken S. Cherry Mr. Chris Chidester Mrs. Courtney W. Christensen Mr. Anthony Clark Ms. Barbara J. Clark Mr. David and Ms. Joyce Clemenson Mr. Frank and Ms. Patricia Conforti Mr. Charles and Mrs. Patricia Connely Mr. William and Ms. Paula Conroy Mr. Everett Corwin, Jr. Mr. David and Ms. Jill Cox Ms. Amanda Croasmun Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Janice Cubbage Ms. Donna H. Cunninghame Mr. David Daneman Ms. Julie B. Davis Ms. Sharon L. Divine Mr. Edward T. Durant Mr. Steven and Ms. Lynne Edgar Mr. Roy and Ms. Luella Ekberg Mr. Steve and Mrs. Holly Elfanbaum Mr. Erik and Mrs. Beverly Elving Mr. David and Dr. Susan Everson Ms. Rhonda Faustlin

Mr. Frederick A. Findley Ms. Lisa Lane Franz Mr. Kenneth James Fulk Mr. Robert V. Gahagan Professor Lee G. Bolman & Dr. Joan V. Gallos Mr. Gregory and Ms. Sandra Galvin Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Margaret Gehrig Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Midge Given Mr. Mitchell and Ms. Judith Glassman Mr. David S. Gledhill Mr. John and Ms. Mary Glenski Mr. Russ and Ms. Madonna Gordon Mr. David and Ms. Linda Graves Mr. Thomas D. Green Mr. Terrence and Mrs. Lois Greenwood Mr. Keith J. Hagel Ms. Lisa Haigh Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Teresa Harris Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hart Ms. Joan L. Hartung Ms. Sharra L. Haynes Mr. J. Randall and Mrs. Cathy Hedlund Mr. Darrell and Mrs. Kimberly Hein Mrs. Rachelle Renee Henke Mr. David and Ms. Laura Hensley Mrs. Betty L. Henson Professor Emeritus Jack Heysinger Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Cynthia Hoenig Mr. Stan H. and Mrs. Emily House Dr. John L. Hysom, Jr. Drs. Bruce and Cynda Johnson Mr. Richard and Ms. Darlene Johnson Ms. Jennie E. Johnson Professor Emeritus Karl Johnson & Ms. Helen H. Spalding Mr. Steve and Mrs. Beverly Johnston Mr. Pete Joiner Ms. Jerilyn Jones Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Deborah Jonscher Mr. Kurt L. Kaiser Mr. James and Ms. Kelly Kallenberger Kembel Munnick Foundation Mr. Larry R. Kemm Mr. Gery K. Kloiber Mr. Michael and Ms. Linda Kobe Koch Equipment LLC Ms. Janice M. Kreiter

Dr. Lavern E. Krueger Ms. Denise Kruse Mrs. Toni Penn Kunzman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lange Mrs. Mary Laubinger Mr. David and Ms. Delois Laverentz Mr. William and Mrs. Barbara Lavery Mr. Michael J. Lawless Mr. Mark and Ms. Traci Leslie Dr. Lawrence D. Lewis & Ms. Adel Butterfield Lewis Mr. Donald and Ms. Sharon Lewis Ms. Pamela J. Linwood Mr. Brian and Ms. Pat Macdonald Ms. Linda Manley Ms. C. Sue Martin Lt. Col. William and Ms. Linda Martin Mr. Kyle Matchell and Ms. Christina Gondring Mr. Daniel and Ms. Shelley Mathews Mr. Robert and Mrs. Heather Maynard Mr. Frank and Ms. Deborah McCalmon Mr. Patrick J. and Mrs. Jodi McGannon Mr. Charles and Ms. Carolyn McKee Mr. Joseph and Ms. Amy McKenny Mr. Robert and Ms. Jane McKim Mr. Brian Kent McMullen Mr. Stephen and Ms. Susan Melton Mr. C. Stephen Metzler Mr. Craig and Mrs. Patricia Miller Mr. Richard and Ms. Janet Milone Mr. Henry Wise Darcy & Ms. D. A. Mirenda Mr. Gregory Mitchell Dr. James C. Mobberley & Ms. Laura S. Moore Mr. Kenneth and Ms. Kathleen Monach Mr. Thomas Morefield Mr. Leon and Mrs. Marsha Morgan Mr. Ronald L. Morris Mr. Jason and Ms. Julie Moulden Mr. Jay Muchow Miss Sharon L. Munden Mr. Mark and Mrs. Therese Myzer Mr. Charles Nigro & Dr. Carol Green-Nigro

Mr. Masami and Mrs. Joyce Nishimoto Mr. Harry Lemley and Ms. Rhonda Noah Ms. Amanda S. Noble Mr. Edward Gerhard Opbroek Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Peggy Patterson Mr. Kevin and Ms. Rita Pavicic Mr. Joel and Ms. Brenda Pelofsky Ms. Jacqueline L. Perlman Mr. Grant R. Peters Mrs. Kathleen M. Peterson Mr. Todd and Dr. Lesli Pitman Mr. Barry and Mrs. Peggy Pollara Mr. Philip E. Poplaski Mr. Steven and Ms. Kelley Purvis Major Victor and Ms. Salam Raskovsky Ms. Janet Razafsky Mr. William B. Rector Mr. James R. Reese Mr. Christopher Remboldt Mr. Frank B. Rhodes & Ms. Susan Hill Newton-Rhodes Mr. Eric and Ms. Jamie Rice Mr. Peter and Ms. Suzanne Richie Mr. Phillip and Ms. Julie Risalvato Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carol Rivas Dr. David Cornell and Ms. Mary Ruhl Mr. Scott Ruland Mr. Paul and Mrs. Celina Sanchez Mr. John and Ms. Julia Sandman Mr. Craig and Ms. Deana Savage Mr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Scarbrough Mr. Donald and Ms. Carol Schaefer Tom and Judy Schmidt Family Fund Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Judith Schmidt Mr. Peter and Mrs. Catherine Schneider Mr. Dennis W. Scott Mr. Alan and Ms. Stacey Sickendick Mr. Dave and Ms. Margaret Smith Ms. Susan M. Smith Mrs. Laura L. Snow Mr. Theodore Joseph Sobol Dr. Lanny M. Solomon Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Laura Stack Mr. John D. Starr Mr. Michael B. Steamer Mr. Evan and Mrs. Karen Stewart Mr. Chase Stobbe

Mr. William Herbert Stouffer Jr. Mr. John and Ms. Ann Sundeen Mr. Karl Sweers Mr. L. Jay Tarr Mr. Paul and Mrs. Linda Teater Mr. Michael E. Tedder Mr. Robert Theis Mr. Junior and Ms. Sherron Thiry Mr. Herbert and Ms. Linda Tillinghast TMPitman, LLC, CPA Mr. Edward Tompkins Mr. Michael and Ms. Karen Tritt Mr. Roy L. Tucker, Jr. Ms. Carol Van Natta Mr. Kevin P. Vanderweide Mr. Lewis and Ms. Paula Volk Mr. Paul and Ms. Jacqueline Voris Mr. Keith Allen Ward Mr. Jerry and Ms. Renee Watson Mr. Scott and Mrs. Rhonda Wedel Mr. Steven Fehr and Ms. Cynthia Wendt Ms. Kimberly Elaine West Mr. Gary and Ms. Shirley White Mr. John and Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom Mr. Ralph and Ms. Melinda Wilks Mr. Lawrence Wilkus Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Mary Wiltfong Mrs. Michelle Lynn Wolf Mr. Dale and Ms. Patricia Wolf Mr. Michael B. Wood and Mrs. Maggie F. Wood Mr. Robert G. Wright

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management


Master of Business Administration

The Bloch M.B.A. : An Advanced Degree of Success The Bloch School of Management M.B.A. is a part-time, evening program for college graduates or mid-career individuals who seek to enter or rise within the ranks of management. Classes are scheduled at night to be convenient for working adults.


Jan. 7 Alumni Night at the Topps Baseball Game

Remember your college days at Bloch? Come back and see us and experience the excitement all over again. Put these 2012 dates on your calendar today.

March 2 Management Update Professional Development Session I*

calendar of events For more information about upcoming alumni events, contact Dionne Lewis at 816-235-6128 or

April 26 UMKC Annual Alumni Awards Luncheon Bloch School Accounting Department Alumni Reunion

BLOCH Magazine

Winter 2011


As part of the M.B.A. program, students also attend a number of weekend seminars, workshops and experiences that enhance professional and personal capabilities. These opportunities put them in touch far beyond the classroom with an ecosystem of resources such as mentors, employers and peers.

Students may customize their M.B.A. education by choosing from among eight emphasis areas: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Entrepreneurship Finance General Management International Business Leading and Managing People Management Information Systems Marketing Supply Chain and Operations Management

CALL NOW for more information and to apply.

April 27 Annual Regnier Family Foundations/Bank of Blue Valley Venture Creation Challenge


* Stay tuned! The Bloch School will be offering professional development sessions to all Bloch alumni who want to come back and learn at the hands of our world-class faculty.

Relay Missouri: 1-800-735-2966 (TTY) UMKC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

Across the country: Alumni events will be held nationally in Houston, Dallas and other locations throughout the upcoming year.


The program provides a rigorous global management education with a thorough understanding of functional disciplines, multidisciplinary integration, professional development and real-world problem solving to help prepare graduates for senior management careers in today’s global business environment.

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UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI-KANSAS CITY Henry W. Bloch School of Management 5100 Rockhill Road, Bloch 217 Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

UMKC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. Relay Missouri: 1-800-735-2966 (TTY)

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Nutter Family Gives Back to Education This year, the James B. Nutter Family made a generous donation to name one of the newly renovated Bloch School classrooms, marking the first named classroom at the school. “UMKC and the Bloch School are headed in the right direction, and we want to support the school and help Kansas City through the educational process,” said James Nutter Jr. “Education is the way our city will grow,” said James Nutter Sr. “Everything Henry Bloch has done has been of great value, and this school is one example of the value of giving back. His legacy and the future of the Bloch School are worth our support.” Please support the Bloch School’s goals for its students and the community. There are excellent naming opportunities in the current and new Bloch School buildings. Contact Karlyn Wilkins, director of development, at 816-235-5554 or 54

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Bloch Magazine 2012  

Henry W. Bloch School of Management Annual Alumni Magazine

Bloch Magazine 2012  

Henry W. Bloch School of Management Annual Alumni Magazine