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Blue Ridge Region April 2014


Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) anyone?!? I strapped a GoPro to a 5ft2 Parafoil and made this less than stellar beach image on a way too windy day! What could you do with KAP? The season is approaching with good weather and fair winds. Just a thought to add a new angle to your photos.

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This months cover image comes from your Secretary. In the Wind EXIF: GoPro HD2, f/2.8, 1/2200 sec. ISO 100. 2.5mm fisheye (16mm equiv.) To have your image featured here, email to with details.

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From the Governor... The recent reluctance of Old Man Winter to cut us all some slack and get on out of Dodge in timely fashion causing postponement of the Blue Ridge meeting by a week left me scheduled to be in Danville at the same time I was to be in Culpeper giving the Northern Region my talk on Copyrights. While I did read Carlos Casteneda’s tales of being in two places at once, I somehow managed to miss his description of exactly how he did that. I’m just guessing that others among us would like to learn that trick, too, so I’ll promise if I ever find out how that works, you’ll be the first to know. I trust those who attended Lori Jill’s workshop at Lisa Carter’s studio learned a ton of things I must now pick bit by bit from your pool of new skills lest I become uncompetitive. Those of you who missed it are in the same boat. Thank you to Lori Jill for teaching and BR’s Jenn Chaconas for bringing her to us. While you all were learning from Lori Jill, I was hearing “we wish we’d heard about this when we were just starting out in photography” and

“this is stuff the young folks really need to know -- where ARE they?” I’d like to add my “where are they” to the chorus, and ask each of you to go just a wee bit out of your way to meet and say hello to some of the young photographers you see in your daily rounds. You probably know who some of them are from seeing them around your area, even if you’ve never actually met them. Please invite them to go with you to our next Blue Ridge meeting. We do ourselves and them, as well as our neighbors and customers a HUGE disservice by not doing all we can to help those youngsters feed their passion for photography by helping them find the knowledge they need to get better and better. Who among us does NOT need to get better and better? Isn’t that what the VPPA is all about? To that end, of course, one must go see the speakers at our monthly programs, attend the annual Convention (just ended in February) and the Summer Seminar (coming up Sept 13-15 in Portsmouth). So do your best to join us at the coming Blue Ridge meetings. This month in Roanoke, next month in Lynchburg. - Michael Corbin

From the Lt. Governor...

Side Notes... Winter is over isn’t it?!? Just a few days ago we celebrated the first days of spring right? RIGHT?!? Old man winter, take some time off, you’ve done well this year... No Really, you’ve worn out your welcome! Everyone have a great month hopefully next newsletter we won;t have to speak of winter at all! - Michael Sink, CPP

We should all be super excited about how things have started off in 2014 for the Blue Ridge VPPA! We brought in an amazing instructor, Lori Jill, for a hands-on workshop that focused on using Painter in Photoshop. We had a great turnout, we welcomed a new face (Welcome to Robert Hedge) and we had a hostess with the mostest! Lisa Carter provided lunch and snacks that were out of this world… BIG THANK YOU to Lisa! Get ready for another exciting learning opportunity with Ty Swartz. I had the pleasure of meeting Ty at our February Convention and I am thrilled to say that Ty is a new member of the VPPA with a wealth of knowledge in social media. He will take us ALL to a new level!! Go ahead and save the date NOW! He will be presenting on Monday, April 21st @ David Lee Michael’s studio located at 905 Winona Avenue SW, Roanoke 24015 from 1-4pm. We may be meeting early for lunch. Please email David Lee at www. davidleemichaelsphotography@cox. net or call him (540) 342-9129 by Friday, April 19th to RSVP. Based on headcount, we will organize lunch. I have requested a quick bio from Ty and I promise to send that out via email once I receive it.

Go ahead and plan for May also! Michael Corbin will be hosting a class on May 12th from 1-4pm. Jeanette Burkle will be doing a handson Lightroom course… one that you will not want to miss!! More awesome speakers forthcoming, so stay tuned… Due to busy summers, vacations, seniors, etc., we may be combining June/July meetings, potentially making it a full day of learning to help with possible scheduling difficulties. Not 100% sure but would love to receive suggestions and ideas. Email me directly at if you would like to share your thoughts/ideas. Already looking forward to our next meeting with Ty and thanks in advance to David Lee for providing venue/space. So proud to be a part of this amazing group of photogs!!! - Jen Chaconas take a look at Ty’s bio sheet attached to the newsletter!

Upcoming Events April 21, 1-4pm - BRR Monthly Meeting at David Lee Michael’s Studio in Roanoke, VA, presentation by Ty Swartz regarding Social Media May 12th, 1-4pm - BRR Monthly Meeting at Michael Corbin’s Studio in Lynchburg, VA, presentation by Jeanette Burkle hands on in Lightroom

Ty Swartz, MBA, CPP, USN (Ret.) Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations Consultant City of Virginia Beach, Multimedia Communications Supervisor Small Business Owner, Pashion Photography Ty’s is an award winning internationally published Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with extensive understanding of business operations, infrastructure, and application deployments as well as his knowledge of products, software, and services helps him advance commercial businesses and government agencies with new media communications through the use of various cutting edge technologies that track message delivery and ROI identifying specific customer demographics. As an adept strategic planner and proven public relations leader with over 20 years of experience, Swartz is an accomplished communicator with extensive experience in brand management, digital communications, social media, relationship development, measurement, and integrated marketing strategy. Specializing in marketing communication, strategic planning, team leadership, digital marketing, project management, social media, and brand management. Ty ensures that his team delivers business value to clients consistently delivering high quality project commitments on time, and on budget. Swartz develops and implements new media strategies for positioning, branding and enhancing the reputation of clients by integrating marketing and communication strategies designed to attract new customers. Swartz has enhanced the visibility of previous employers through skilled implementation of highly effective internal and external communications efforts. A native of Greenville, Ohio and currently lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife Nicole. Ty served 20 years in the Navy and after traveling to more than 60 countries retired as a Public Relations Officer/Mass Communications Specialist Chief Petty Officer in 2011. He is an Honor Graduate of the Naval Schools of Photography in Pensacola, Florida and has a Workforce, Education and Development Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University, an Education Career Switcher Certificate from Regent University, and Master Business Administration from Brenau University (Project Management/Marketing).

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