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VPPA Blue Ridge Newsletter March 2013

In This Issue  From the Governor  From the Lt. Governor  Upcoming Events  Quick Links

Blue Ridge Board

From the Governor Hello Blue Ridge! I hope you are feeling rested after a fantastic convention! Jim Carpenter did a wonderful job. It was so good to see everyone! Hopefully you are feeling more inspired and ready to implement some of the things you learned into your business. Our district did a great job in print competition! Here is a list of those receiving blue ribbons and any additional awards the images received, plus scholarships and degrees received my our members: Teresa Bernard


Golden – HS Senior, Court of Honor

William Garrett


Stuck to the Glass – Best Art/Restor. Elegance of the Past – Art/Restor., Court of Honor

Kevin Hurley


Move Over Rover – People’s Choice

Jeff Loope


Elements of Taste – Commercial Court of Honor


David Lee Michaels 3

Sharon Davidson, CPP

Melissa Morgan


Jennifer Stoneman


Shannon Turner


Lisa Carter

CPP Scholarship

Melissa Morgan

O'Neal Scholarship

Email Sharon

Lt. Governor, Michael Corbin

Dora the Explorer – Child Court of Honor Location, Location, Location – Justice Award

Model RSR – Best Commercial Maimed – Best Pictorial The Worley Family – Virginia CPP Colin – Best Portrait Album

David Lee Michaels, Sharon Davidson Kevin Hurley

2nd star


Congratulations to everyone!! I apologize in advance if I missed anyone! If I did, please let me know.

Secretary, Lisa Akers Email Lisa

I am attaching a link to a PPA webinar that we in the Blue Ridge have access to. It is "Post Capture: Textures Using Photoshop" with Michael Barton. We will have access to this webinar until the end of 2013. I hope you enjoy it! You will be asked to enter your name and email address. Michael Barton – Post Capture: Textures Using Photoshop (

I do hope that you will begin immediately implementing something that you learned into your business, and it is important to start immediately. By now we have all had time to digest what we learned. We should have some idea of what we want to do and how we can work that into our businesses. I have my list, and I am working on accomplishing those things. However, there is one thing I am going to try to keep in mind as I do so. Treasurer, Brian Muncy Email Brian

Quick Links VPPA PPA

Have you ever heard the saying, 'If you chase two rabbits, you are likely to catch none?' I have several ideas and I know that I personally must focus on one if I have a chance of "catching" the idea and making it work. Think of your ideas as rabbits, which are very quick and agile. You aren't likely to catch any of them if you try to chase them all at the same time. You will end up exhausted, frustrated, and right back where you started. If you do have several rabbits that you want to chase, try to catch one at a time. Chase the one that will do you the most good in the short term. You will be excited and motivated by reaching your goal, and you will be even more prepared the catch the next one. I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting! Happy Catching!! Sharon

From the Lt. Governor It seems like only last week we had the VPPA annual convention, with knowledgeable expert speakers from whom I trust all of us learned things needed to improve our photography, increase our motivation, and supercharge our businesses. Wait, it WAS last week! So here we are, time for the Blue Ridge regional meeting, and we are planning to top the convention experience. Tall Order, you say? I say, let’s go for it. On Monday, March 11, from 2:00 PM to 7:30 PM, Sue Rakes comes to Roanoke for the meeting at David Lee Michael’s studio. Who is Sue Rakes, you ask? She’s the principal of Sue Rakes Photography and one

of the few who’ve earned Master of Photography as one of the top 3% of photographers in the country. Her work speaks for itself -- look below and judge for yourself. She will improve your lighting outdoors and take you step-by-step through the process from location choice to final output. Beginning with a discussion about choosing outdoor locations before we head over to Wasena Park, she’ll show us how to find the perfect spot and how to light and photograph it. She will then lead us through her workflow in Lightroom after dinner at Big Lick Barbeque. I know that Winter 2013’s Snowmagedon is happening this week. But you know how snow is around these parts. It’ll be gone in a few days, in fact a special request has been put in with The Powers That Be for Monday, and the Weather Guessers currently say mostly sunny and 62 degrees (as I write this). So there is no excuse for you not to be there. Spending the afternoon in the company of someone with so much to share is the best use you could possibly make of the afternoon. David Lee’s studio is at 905 Winona Avenue. His phone number is 540-342-9129, and it is important folks RSVP by calling him or emailing him at to let him know how many chairs to set out. Unless you dig sitting on the floor, of course.

Upcoming Events * April 8-Meeting, Speaker Michael Corbin, Lynchburg, VA By popular request, I will be doing a walk-through on how (and why) to register your copyrights. Besides letting folks watch as I register my own, bring your laptop and we'll get everything you've shot since the first of the year registered, too. Way too few of us do register our work, and then we whine when it gets stolen because there's almost nothing we can do about it. Registration gets you the leverage to actually do something about the blatant theft of your photographs. *SEPPA April 13-16, 2013, Athens

If you have any suggestions or if you have an article you would like to be published in the newsletter, please email Lisa Akers (

Blue Ridge-March 2013  
Blue Ridge-March 2013  

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