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Abdul Jaseem.V.P. Vattapparambil Hose, Pulvetta (PO), Karuvarakund, Malappuram, Kerala


Objectives: To gain a dynamic and challenging role in the area of Electronics, Embedded Development and Communication engineering that will offer be the best opportunity for further development of my abilities, skills and knowledge

Education: Currently doing 4th year (7th semester) B-Tech Electronics & Communication th

Engineering under Calicut University (Aggregate up to 4

semester is 73.4%)

Modules Included:  Basic Electronics

 ‘C’ Programming

 Electronic Circuits

 Digital Electronics

 Microcontrollers

 Power Electronics

Projects: 

In 3rd year, developed an ‘Automated Water Tank’ and

received good


Interests: Circuit designing and Simulation: Designed many circuits for different

application and entertainment purposes. Travelling

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Key Skills: Communication:

Ability to communicate complex technical information and to handle difficult situations with tact and sensitivity. I presented the paper named ‘Brain Computer Interface (BCI)’ as a part of Technical fest conducted in MEA Engineering College. Ability to work under pressure:

Helped many of

my classmates, who


to get the

output before

demonstration of their Mini Project, to get their required output accurately in a short period of time. Circuit Designing:

Ability to design most of the Application and Entertainment circuits using discrete components and Microcontrollers. Embedded C-Programming for Atmel’s 8051 family of microcontrollers (Software including Keil IDE, Top View Simulator etc) Computing:

Good knowledge of MS Word, MS Power Point, Adobe Photoshop. Basic Hardware knowledge (BIOS and System Assembly) Programming C++ Created a blog for publishing my inventions ( Planning/ Organizing:

Worked as ‘Event Manager’ post in the college technical fest. Conducted, ‘How to Face Exam?’, a motivation class for 10th standard students before their annual examination (March 2011) Worked as SAP (Student Assistant Program) in 2nd year. Team Work:

3rd year Mini project was a group project, where I worked with three other students investigating automation process. I was responsible for coordinating different project steps. Our project gets good result.

Declaration: I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. In the event of being appointed, I will serve the company at the best of my ability and the satisfaction of my superiors. Abdul Jaseem.V.P.

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