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April 19 - 25, 2010

Regional Themes

New Zealand Pure Discovery


Unique Diversity


April 21 -23, 2010

Trade Days The Wine World is Here… To Do Business With You! 32nd Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival 1,700 wines • 197 wineries • 14 countries • 61 events • 7 days • 25,000 attendees

Canada’s Premier Wine Show... Informative, Educational, Entertaining The Trade Days Conference program is an integral part of Canada’s premier wine show. The schedule is designed to meet the needs of industry professionals who continue to demand trade focused events that will increase their knowledge and expertise. Three days of seminars and tastings will introduce retailers, buyers, servers, chefs and media to the latest industry trends. Leading wine experts and principals from around the world are coming to Vancouver to answer questions and share their favourite vintages. Without a doubt, this is the best opportunity in Canada to meet the men and women behind the wines you sell and serve. International Festival Tasting The Tasting Room is the hub of the Festival and the world of wine gathers here. All 197 wineries will be present, pouring a variety of wines from their ranges. The Trade Tastings are the best place to make a new discovery, as they will feature 180 wines that are unlisted and not yet available in British Columbia. These are in addition to the 761 wines that are poured at both trade and public tastings. Go to pages 12 & 13 for all the details. Altitude, Latitude and Attitude Wines of Argentina - Unique Diversity New Zealand Wine - Pure Discovery This year, two of the Southern Hemisphere’s greatest wine producing countries will share the spotlight as the Festival’s theme regions. Winemakers from Argentina and New Zealand are making their way north to share their spectacular wines in an exciting line-up of events designed to highlight both the wines that have made them famous as well as some new and unique discoveries. Respectively, each country can claim to produce some of the world’s most exceptional Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. This pedigree is reflected in the other magnificent wines that will be found at the 2010 Festival. Global Focus: Rosé For this year’s Global Focus, the Festival will explore the heralded rise of Rosé. There are 61 (at last count) Rosés being poured in the Tasting Room and at special events during the Festival.

The Shore Club The Shore Club is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor of this year’s Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival. Wine represents a key element in the hospitality we extend to our guests at The Shore Club, so it gives us particular pleasure to support this prestigious North American wine festival. Each year, the wine industry from around the world looks forward to this iconic Vancouver event, and all of us from Vancouver are delighted to welcome everyone to our city to join in the celebration. The Playhouse Theatre Company has a reputation and tradition as one of Vancouver’s cultural highlights. The Playhouse Wine Festival gives us all a chance to celebrate and support the Playhouse as it enters an exciting time in its history, with an energy and creativity that we all enjoy. Cheers to the Playhouse Theatre Company, and enjoy the Wine Festival! David Aisenstat, Proprietor, The Shore Club



Once the curtain closes on the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, it rises to showcase the wine world at the 32nd annual Playhouse Winefest, featuring 197 wineries from 14 countries. We are thrilled to host this congregation of industry heavy-hitters who are travelling to Vancouver to share their products and their knowledge with you. There is something for everyone at the 2010 Festival: whether you’ve recently joined the industry or own a chain of businesses; whether you’re taking time from your job to attend a seminar or tasting, or travelling to Vancouver to experience the full Trade Days Conference. This year’s Festival focuses on altitude, latitude and attitude, as we highlight the wines and industry trends in our theme regions Argentina and New Zealand and our global focus on Rosé. Don’t miss the theme region plenary and seminars, and be sure to take in this year’s symposium on “Truth in Labeling.” Join me in raising a glass to all the participants, local and international, who make the Playhouse Wine Festival one of the most important dates on the industry calendar, and to all the winners in our Celebrating Excellence competitions. I look forward to seeing all of you in April when the wine world is do business with you! Harry Hertscheg Executive Director Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival

How to Order Trade Days Conference events are restricted to members of the hospitality and food and beverage industry. Individuals purchasing tickets for these events must provide their name, occupational title, and the name of the establishment at the time of booking. All event tickets are available through the Playhouse Box Office. Phone 604.873.3311 Toll Free 1.877.321.3121 Monday to Friday 9:30 am-8:00 pm Saturday 12:00-4:00 pm

In person at 127 East 2nd Avenue Vancouver, BC Monday to Friday 9:30 am-5:00 pm

Online at (select public events only) • • •

Please note that nametags and tickets are required for access to the Tasting Room. For further information, visit the Trade Days Conference section of our website. Buy early! Many events will sell out in advance. No refunds, exchanges or replacement tickets will be issued.

Tickets to all Trade Days Conference events on sale February 9, 2010 at 9:30 am. Printed Festival program information is subject to change without notice. Please visit for current program details and further ticket information.


Global Focus - Rosé

Rosé Any wine that inspires headlines of renaissance and revolution deserves a close examination. Rosé has been adopted as an underdog by its fans and branded as simple and unsophisticated by its detractors. It’s funny to think that so much controversy can come from an admittedly approachable bottle of pink. The truth is that Rosé wines offer a great combination of the dry, refreshing characteristics of white wine and the complexity and colour of reds. While it is synonymous with the south of France, it is universally recognized that there is no better accessory to a long hot day than a cool bottle of pink, and virtually every wine producing region on the planet makes a variation of the stuff. These wines are produced from a wide variety of grapes and offer an amazing assortment of flavours. They are dry, fruity and refreshing and valued for their ability to match to foods. The days of the domination of sweet pinks like the deceptively named White Zinfandel are over. The world’s wine drinkers are developing a taste for the drier, more refreshing variations, proving that pink should no longer be associated with sweetness. The majority of Rosé is produced using one of two methods. The most common is maceration, where the juice of red grapes is left in contact with the skins for a limited amount of time after the crush. The juice is eventually drained from the skins before fermentation occurs, with the resulting wine acquiring just enough of the pigment, phenols and tannin from the skins to add body and colour. The amount of time the juice sits on the skins determines just how dark the Rosé will be and how much red wine character it will show. The second method of making Rosé is to produce red and white wines separately, and then to blend them together. With proper skill and care, blending can produce an outstanding Rosé, exemplified by the prized and respected Rosés of Champagne. Check out the special seminar Rosé-Rama!, work through a comparative tasting at the Rosé Tasting Station, see why Rosé is a perfect food wine at Rah, Rah Rosé!, or use the Rosé themed map to navigate the International Festival Tasting Room. Celebrate the sunshine with a glass of the pink stuff!

Events highlighting Rosé Thursday Rosé-Rama!

Friday What’s Behind Pairing with Rosé?

Saturday Rah, Rah, Rosé!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Rosé Tasting Station – Compare Rosé from around the world at this tasting station in the International Festival Tasting Room, sponsored by the International Sommelier Guild and WineAccess magazine

Event Legend Wine and Food Pairing a menu designed to complement a flight of featured wines

Wine Tasting an informal, stand-up tasting at winery tables

Wine and Food Grazing a stand-up event with wine and food

Wine Seminar an educational sit-down tasting


Argentina Theme Region Event featuring the wines of Argentina


New Zealand Theme Region Event featuring the wines of New Zealand

Rosé Global Focus Event


Argentina Wine Regions


Argentina Unique Diversity Argentina: A unique habitat for the creation of great wines Located in the Southern Cone of the American Continent, with a population of 38 million and a territory that is four times larger than France, Argentina is one of the world’s greatest ecological reserves. High mountains and plains, lush vegetation and extreme deserts, forests and steppes, glaciers and waterfalls: Argentina has it all. The vast winemaking region is a strip of land located in the west of the country, at the foot of the Andes range, which stretches from latitude 22° south to latitude 42° south. The cultivated area covers more than 225,846 hectares. The altitude, the wide range of temperatures, the local know-how, the new technologies and a deeply rooted popular wine culture lend our wines unique identity and quality.


Altitude: Unique, Distinctive Character Altitude, as it generates microclimates and varied terroirs, is a factor that distinguishes Argentina from the rest of the world and translates into outstanding expression and diversity in our wines. Continental Climate The fruit in our wines is unique. As our “high valleys” are far from the oceans, Argentina is one of the few continental winemaking areas in the world. Terroir Extension and Diversity Argentina grows quality vineyards in large areas. In its large territory, different terroirs develop as a result of the combination of diverse altitudes and latitudes, of the variability in soils and precipitation, and of the presence of the Andes Range. The Low Fertility of the Soil The low organic matter content of the soils near the Andes Range leads to restricted vine growth and to the natural development of premium grapes with genuinely distinct flavours. Dry Climate Good climatic conditions allow growers to maintain vineyards naturally with very little treatments. Due to the climate’s dryness it is extremely easy to produce organic wines. Purity of the Water Few winemaking industries in the world can enjoy the exceptional water quality found in our mountain valleys, where there is no contaminating activity that could detract from the quality of this vital resource. A Long-Standing Vinegrowing and Winemaking Tradition Argentina has a rich wine culture that has its roots in the traditions of the European immigrants that settled the country. The combination of Spanish, Italian, French and native heritage has nurtured several generations of extremely knowledgeable, sensitive, and creative vine growers and winemakers. Malbec, Our Iconic Variety Though originally from southwest France, this red variety is better suited to Argentina soil than any other. In Argentina, Malbec has found what many believe to be its ideal environmental conditions, something that leads to exceptional wines with a unique varietal expression. Indeed, Argentina is internationally acclaimed as the producer of the most sophisticated Malbecs, particularly those from Mendoza, which are considered to be the best in the world. Torrontes, An Original Native Variety Argentina is the only country in the world that produces Torrontes. It owes its prestige to the outstanding quality of the vineyards in the Cafayate Valley, in the province of Salta. Due to its special microclimate, that region has achieved outstanding vineyard development and produces fruity, tasty wines that linger in the mouth and in your memory.


New Zealand Wine Regions


New Zealand Pure Discovery New Zealand: Make Our Discoveries Your Own An isolated South Pacific island nation with a temperate climate, New Zealand enjoys undeniable advantages when it comes to producing distinctive, ultra-premium wines. No place is more than 130 km inland, and the proximity of New Zealand’s vineyards to the ocean have a pronounced effect on the character of its wines. Mild, sunny summers and marked differences between day and nighttime temperatures in many regions slow the ripening of the grapes and allow them to develop pure, intense varietal flavours.


This is the foundation of New Zealand wines’ elegance and power, and helps explain their famed balance, structure and food friendliness. And with growing regions extending from latitude 34° in the subtropical north to latitude 47° in the mountainous south (the most southerly vineyards in the world), regional diversity is dramatic, enabling a striking array of wine varieties and styles to flourish. Four varieties (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet/Merlot blends) account for over 80% of production, but New Zealand also excels in the production of an increasing range of popular styles and varietals – with Sparkling wines, Syrah, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewürztraminer leading the way. 100% Committed to Excellence New Zealand’s wine producing history extends back to the founding of the nation in the 1800s. But it was the introduction of Marlborough’s astonishing Sauvignon Blanc in the 1980s that saw New Zealand wine explode onto the international scene, courtesy of world-beating performances in international competitions and rapturous critical reviews. And while Marlborough retains its status as one of the world’s foremost wine producing regions, the quality of wines from elsewhere in the country has also garnered international acclaim. By world standards, New Zealand’s production capacity is tiny, accounting for only 0.5% of total volume. And though the average price tag for a New Zealand wine is a reflection of its desirability, few would question its ability to deliver excellent value for money. In fact, it’s the unswerving commitment to quality over quantity that has won New Zealand its reputation as a premium producer. This commitment is evident from the vineyard to the winery: along with global leadership in sustainability, New Zealand continues to pioneer advances such as canopy management, stainless steel fermentation techniques and screwcaps. Dedicated to Sustainability Although the purity of flavour you encounter in New Zealand wine may be so extraordinary as to seem magical, in truth it owes much to the industry’s focus on protecting the environment in which the fruit is grown. New Zealand’s remote location, agricultural economy and well-publicised rejection of nuclear power earned New Zealand a “clean, green” tag, and the wine industry is at the forefront of the country’s sustainability movement. Its world-leading initiative, Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand® (SWNZ®), promotes best practice in areas such as water usage, energy consumption, waste management and biodiversity. Over 80% of vineyard area and 75% of wineries are already enrolled in the program, and the industry goal is for 100% of New Zealand’s wine to be produced under SWNZ or other accredited sustainable, organic or biodynamic programmes by 2012.


Trade Days Conference Pass Trade Days Conference Pass $395

For those who want it all – three days of wine, food, information and networking

Trade passes are available for buyers only. Buyers must provide their name, title, and name of establishment at the time of purchase. There is a limit of one Conference Pass per establishment. Wednesday • What’s in Your Wine? A Symposium on Truth in Labeling Thursday • Opening Plenary: Dare to Compare! Discover the Wines of Argentina and New Zealand • Trade Days Lunch • Trade Tasting with Buyers Hour • International Festival Tasting Friday • Your choice of Argentina’s Malbec: A Host of Stars in the World of Wine or Get the Dirt on New Zealand Terroir or What’s Behind Pairing with Rosé? • 7th Annual Awards Lunch: Celebrating Excellence • Trade Tasting with Buyers Hour • Gold Pass Tasting Lounge with wines, complimentary Riedel Ouverture glass, and light buffet • International Festival Tasting Plus priority access to the Tasting Room – no line-ups!


Package prices are per person based on double occupancy and are subject to availability. Single supplements available. Hotel taxes not included. Credit card charged at time of booking.

Hotel Packages & Accommodation

Spend your evening tasting some of the best wines the Festival has to offer then retire to your own personal suite.

Executive Hotel Vintage Park

Package includes: • One night at the Executive Hotel Vintage Park, Downtown Vancouver • International Festival Tasting Room session • Complimentary parking and internet • Complimentary shuttle to and from the Vancouver Convention Centre • Daily complimentary wine tasting in La Vallee Restaurant located in the hotel • Upgraded deluxe Jacuzzi guestrooms

Tasting Room Package $139 per person based on double occupancy, plus taxes and fees

1379 Howe Street

To make a reservation call 1.800.570.3932 or for general information visit

Wine tasting, fabulous food and a room at one of Vancouver’s top hotels – across the street from Wine Festival headquarters – make this package a must for any wine enthusiast. Package includes: • One night at The Fairmont Waterfront • International Festival Tasting Room session

The Fairmont Waterfront 900 Canada Place

Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival Package Rates from $159 per person based on double occupancy, plus taxes and fees

Call 1.800.441.1414 and ask for in-house reservations or use promo code PRFES1 bookable at

The following hotels are offering special room rates for Wine Festival patrons. Call and ask for the “Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival rate”: Executive Hotel Vintage Park $125 Fairmont Pacific Rim $210 The Fairmont Waterfront $190 1.800.441.1414 Pan Pacific Hotel $195

Hotel Rates

Make a weekend – or week – of the Playhouse Winefest

1.800.570.3932 1.800.441.1414 1.604.691.1991 or 604.662.8111 or toll free in Canada at 1.800.663.1515 in USA at 1.800.937.1515

For free travel information and accommodation reservations, call Hello BC at 1.800.HELLO BC 1.800.435.5622 (North America). Or visit

Business Traveler Information


Trade Tastings

Take a trip around the wine world in the International Festival Tasting Room, with two afternoons dedicated specifically for trade professionals. Explore wines from Vancouver Island to New Zealand, with 12 other countries in between. Tickets are available by calling 604.873.3311.

Thursday, April 22 and Friday, April 23

941 wines • 197 wineries • 14 countries

Trade Tasting with Buyers Hour

Explore the International Festival Tasting Room with your food and beverage industry peers. This is an unparalleled opportunity to meet wine producers from around the world, taste rare wines and boost your knowledge. The Trade Tastings are not only an excellent opportunity to network and taste away from the crowds, but also a chance to sample 180 wines that are unlisted and not yet available in British Columbia; these are in addition to the 761 served at both trade and public tastings. A winery principal, identified by a royal blue lanyard, is a senior member of the winery, intimately involved in the wine-producing process as a winemaker, proprietor or senior executive. Feel free to ask questions – this may be the best opportunity to find out more about each wine.

1:30 – 5:00 pm VCC West, Ballroom C 1055 Canada Place $39

Trade Tasting

2:30 – 5:00 pm VCC West, Ballroom C 1055 Canada Place $29

The first hour in the room each day (1:30– 2:30 pm) is reserved for trade buyers, executive chefs, Trade Days Conference Pass holders only, providing the time and freedom to taste wines, find out what’s hot, and connect with wine industry personalities away from the crowds. Capacity in the Tasting Room is far lower during the Trade sessions – you can avoid the crush and share tips with your peers when you visit in the afternoon. Please note that nametags and tickets are required for access to the Tasting Room. For further information, visit the Trade Days Conference section of our website. Tasting Room Sponsors: San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, Pedersen’s Rentals, ContainerWorld, Agropur, Balderson Cheese, Caffè Umbria, Freybe Gourmet Foods, Krinos Foods, La Maison Alexis de Portneuf, Terra Breads, Terra International Foods


Trade Tastings 2010 is all about altitude, latitude and attitude as Argentina and New Zealand share the spotlight as Theme Regions. From Argentina, the dizzying altitudes and snow-capped Andean mountains produce grapes that are ripened to perfection year after year. The ultra-premium wines of New Zealand exemplify the sustainable approach and dedication to excellence of the country’s wine industry. Both countries will be present in significant numbers and will have a dedicated section of the International Festival Tasting Room for you to explore.

Argentina and New Zealand

A nz

Sponsored by Wines of Argentina and New Zealand Wine

With this year’s Global Focus on Rosé, you can expect many friendly pink quaffers from around the world. Guests will find 61 different Rosés in the Tasting Room, produced in a wide variety of styles. For a comprehensive comparative tasting of Rosés from around the world, head directly to the Rosé Tasting Station, where experts from the International Sommelier Guild and WineAccess magazine will be your guides.

Rosé Tasting Station

Sponsored by WineAccess

This year, the Tasting Room will play host to three Regional Tasting Regional Tasting Stations Stations, providing guided flights from these unique terroirs. Alsace Wines, Wines of British Columbia and California’s Zinfandel Advocates & Producers will be present to offer three unique tasting

Treat yourself by spending a night or weekend in one of the premium Hotel Packages hotels offering special Festival packages. These hotels are a short walk or cab ride from the convention centre and other venues. Relax, kick your heels up and leave the driving for another day. Packages are listed on page 11. Puddifoot gives you the opportunity to test the claims made about the effect glassware has on the taste of wine. Here you can try the same wine in a Festival glass, a generic restaurant glass, and in a varietally specific glass. Glassware from a variety of manufacturers will be available for testing including glassware from Riedel. The only way to understand the difference glassware makes is to actually compare the tastes! We encourage you to try it out and decide for yourself.

Puddifoot Glass Tasting Booth


Festival at a Glance Monday, April 19

For more information and for full event details, visit All events available through Playhouse Box Office 604.873.3311 Group rates only available until March 31 Follow the Festival on Twitter @PlayhouseWine and @VPIWF_TradeDays

Tuesday, April 20

Wednesday, April 21

Thursday, April 22

Diva(s) at the Met 5:30 -7:30 pm Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver

What’s in Your Wine? A Symposium on Truth in Labeling 1:30 - 5:00 pm Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue Simon Fraser University

Dare to Compare! Discover the Wines of Argentina and New Zealand 9:15 -11:15 am VCC West

$45 / Page 16

$45 / Page 17

Wine Seminar


Big Sky Party & Grill 6:00 -8:00 pm Monk McQueens

Trade Symposium

Wine & Food Grazing

$59/$50 groups of 8+

Trade Days Lunch 11:30 am-1:15 pm VCC West

Get Uncorked! 5:30-7:30 pm Earls Hornby

Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande Dinner 6:30-10:00 pm Wine & Food Grazing Le Gavroche $49 / Page 25 Winery Dinner $150 The Journey is the Reward Experienze Toscane with 6:00-10:00 pm Antinori and Umberto Fraîche 6:30-10:00 pm Winery Dinner Il Giardino $135 Winery Dinner $195 Argentine Terroir Meets Coastal Mendoza Medley Cuisine 6:30-10:00 pm 6:30-10:00 pm Brix Restaurant Coast Restaurant & Wine Bar Winery Dinner

Winery Dinner

Boutiques of BC 6:30 -10:00 pm Elixir Bistro

South Africa Treasure, North Shore Gem 6:30-9:30 pm Moustache Café


Winery Dinner


Ode to Joy! Rombauer @ West 6:30 -10:00 pm West Winery Dinner


Return to the Classics 6:30-10:00 pm The Hermitage Winery Dinner


Lunch (Trade)

$69 Page 17

Trade Tasting with Buyers Hour 1:30 - 5:00 pm VCC West Rubicon Estate: Rutherford Dust & Larry Stone 4:00-5:30 pm Terminal City Club Boardroom Tasting



Winery Dinner


Style & Substance with a Sparkle 6:30-10:00 pm CRU Restaurant

Opening Plenary (Trade)

Fetzer Great Beginnings – Flavours of the City 5:30-7:30 pm The Fairmont Waterfront Wine & Food Grazing

$69/$60 groups of 8+

Wine Tasting (Trade)

Wine Tasting (Trade)

$29 Page 12

Global Winemaking with Paul Hobbs 5:00-6:45 pm VCC West

Passionate About Pinot 5:00-6:45 pm VCC West

$39 Page 12

Wine Seminar

Wine Seminar


Rosé-Rama! 5:00-6:45 pm VCC West

Bodega Catena Zapata: Now and For All Time 5:15-6:45 pm Terminal City Club


Wine Seminar


Winery Dinner

Trade Tasting 2:30-5:00 pm VCC West

Boardroom Tasting


West Coast Spirit Meets French Style 6:30-10:00 pm YEW Restaurant Winery Dinner


Lift Your Glass with Babich Wines 7:00-10:30 pm LIFT Bar-Grill-View

Goldcorp presents Bacchanalia Gala Dinner + Auction 5:45-11:00 pm The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Winery Dinner, Auction



Curtain Raiser 6:00-7:00 pm VCC West

Wine & Food Grazing

Invitation & passes only

Winery Dinner


German Zest Fest 9:00-11:00 pm Campagnolo Restaurant

California Cruisin’ 8:30-11:00 pm Canvas Lounge

$49/$40 groups of 8+

$55/$45 groups of 8+

Wine Mingler


Wine Mingler

International Festival Tasting 7:00-10:00 pm VCC West Wine Tasting


Wine Tasting

Wine & Food Grazing

Wine Mingler

Lunch & Brunch

Wine Seminar

Winery Dinner

Boardroom Tasting

Trade Only Events

Friday, April 23

April 19 - 25, 2010

Saturday, April 24

Argentina’s Get the Dirt on What’s Behind New Zealand Pairing with Malbec: Terroir Rosé? A Host of 9:30 -11:15 am 9:30 -11:15 am Stars in the VCC West VCC West World of Wine Wine & Food 9:30 -11:15 am Wine Seminar (Trade) Pairing Seminar VCC West $40 (Trade) Wine Seminar Page 18 $40 (Trade) Page 18 $40 Page 18

Dine Italia 11:30 am-2:30 pm La Terrazza

Vintners Brunch 11:30 am-2:00 pm VCC West

Sit-down Lunch


$129/$1200 table of 10

Spain: Vinos & Tapas ¡Olé! 12:30-2:30 pm Salt Tasting Room

Aussie Barbie 12:00-2:00 pm Monk McQueens

Flavours of the Festival 12:00-2:30 pm Fairmont Pacific Rim

Cape Coastal at Hart House 11:30 am-2:00 pm Hart House Restaurant

Sit-down Lunch


Grazing Lunch


Sit-down Lunch


7th Annual Awards Lunch: Celebrating Excellence

Wine List Awards, Sommelier of the Year, Spirited Industry Professional Award, The International Culinary School Wine Professional Challenge, Fetzer Great Beginnings, Quady Dessert Competition

11:30 am -1:15 pm VCC East, Parkview Terrace Lunch (Trade) / $69 / Page 18

Trade Tasting with Buyers Hour 1:30-5:00 pm VCC West

Trade Tasting 2:30-5:00 pm VCC West Wine Tasting (Trade)

$39 Page 12

Cool, Single and Sustainable 5:00-6:45 pm VCC West

Going for Gold 5:00-6:45 pm VCC West Wine Seminar

Wine Seminar


BC Food & Wine: Our Land, Revealed 12:00-2:00 pm O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar

France – Ooh la la ! 12:00-2:00 pm Vancouver Rowing Club



Grazing Lunch

Grazing Lunch

Salud Chile! 12:00-2:00 pm Teahouse in Stanley Park

A Celebration of Passion! 12:00-2:30 pm VCC West


$89/$80 groups of 8+

Cinq Cepages Blending Seminar 1:00-2:45 pm VCC West

Rah, Rah, Rosé! 3:00-4:45 pm Miele Showroom


The Roots of Zinfandel 5:00-6:45 pm VCC West Wine Seminar


Wine Semimar


The Wolf and the Dragon 3:00-4:45 pm VCC West

Wine & Food Pairing Seminar

Wine Mingler


25 Under $25 4:30-6:30 pm District 319 Wine Mingler



Gold Pass Tasting Lounge 5:30-9:00 pm VCC West Wine & Food Grazing

$149 includes Friday IFT

International Festival Tasting 7:00-10:00 pm VCC West Wine Tasting

$89/$80 groups of 8+

Meet Your Match: Speed Dating Meets Wine Tasting 5:00-6:45 pm VCC West Wine Seminar




$109/$1000 table of 10

Grazing Lunch

Grazing Lunch

$29 Page 12

Wine Tasting (Trade)

Sunday, April 25

Gold Pass Tasting Lounge 5:30-9:00 pm VCC West

International Festival Tasting 7:00-10:00 pm VCC West

$149 includes Saturday IFT

$89/$80 groups of 8+

Wine & Food Grazing

Wine Tasting

Tiki Tour of New Zealand 5:00-9:00 pm The Listel Hotel Wine & Food Grazing


Panther Creek @ db Bistro Moderne 6:00-9:30 pm db Bistro Moderne Winery Dinner


Peju Fuels the Playhouse 6:30-9:30 pm refuel Winery Dinner


Tango for Your Tastebuds 6:30-10:00 pm Cobre Restaurant Winery Dinner



Trade Days Conference Events Wednesday, April 21 What’s in Your Wine? A Symposium on Truth in Labeling

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre 580 West Hastings Street 1:30 – 5:00 pm (Reception from 4:00 – 5:00 pm) $45

What does it mean to “tell the truth” – truth about what, truth according to whom? While every ingredient in your breakfast cereal is dutifully listed, do you really know what goes into your wine besides grapes? The Age of Scrutiny is here, at the retail counters and on the magazine racks. Will the wine industry lead or follow on issues of transparency, consistency and compliance? Join Anthony Gismondi, Glenn Sigurdson and prominent industry leaders to define the issue of standards in wine labeling. After, mingle with the panelists and your peers and discuss the issues further over a glass of truthfully marketed wine. Sponsored by WineAccess, IVSA and ContainerWorld


Trade Days Conference Events Thursday, April 22 Two countries, from two different continents: both offering exceptional wines and varietal diversity, both passionate about expressing terroir. Discover why altitude, latitude and attitude are the key to each wine region’s unique diversity and why they stand alone in their ability to produce the best there is. Hosted by wine experts Anthony Gismondi and David Scholefield and assisted by a panel of Argentina’s and New Zealand’s leading winemakers and pioneers. We dare you to compare!

Dare to Compare! A Discover the Wines of Argentina and New Zealand – Opening Plenary


VCC West, meeting room 109 1055 Canada Place 9:15 – 11:15 am $45

Sponsored by Wines of Argentina and New Zealand Wine

Join the 197 participating winery principals at this welcome lunch located in the new West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Enjoy spectacular views as you enjoy a lunch featuring Mount Riley Savée as the reception bubbly, and finishing with Argentina’s Familia Schroeder Deseado sparkling dessert wine. Once again Richard Carras, a legend among Vancouver wine agents, will be the master of ceremonies, presiding over a meal created by VCC Executive Chef Blair Rasmussen.

Trade Days Lunch VCC West, Ballroom D 1055 Canada Place 11:30am – 1:15pm $69

Due to reduced availability, there will be a limit of one ticket per establishment. Sponsored by JF Hillebrand, Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino


Trade Days Conference Events Friday, April 23 Argentina’s Malbec: A Host of Stars in the World of Wine


VCC West, meeting room 109 1055 Canada Place 9:30 – 11:15 am $40

Get the Dirt on New Zealand Terroir

Get up close with Argentina’s signature red varietal, Malbec. A panel of producers and winemakers, guided by wine consultant David Scholefield, will explore Argentina’s seven main winegrowing regions. Learn about Malbec’s ageing potential and how the altitude of its terroir can change the flavour profile. A must for any restaurateur or retailer looking to increase their Argentine Malbec sales. Sponsored by Wines of Argentina


VCC West, meeting room 118 1055 Canada Place 9:30 – 11:15 am $40

Spanning 10 degrees in latitude (1600 km), New Zealand’s terroir changes dramatically from the sub-tropical north to the cool climate, mountainous south. Michelle Bouffard and Michaela Morris will get down and dirty with our guest winemakers on what’s going on in eight of New Zealand’s key wine regions. In this seminar you will learn about the terroir and diversity of each New Zealand region and experience the essence of their uniqueness and excellence – captured right in your glass! Sponsored by New Zealand Wine and Air New Zealand

Rosé is certainly a great match to food, with its versatility, structure and refreshing characteristics. This versatility will be put to the test by a panel of talented sommeliers and chefs, as they explore rosé bubbles and still and dry styles from the old and new world. The talented chefs behind the dishes will be Philadelphia’s Tony Lawrence (A Chef For You), Blair Rasmussen (Vancouver Convention Centre), Julian Bond (Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts), and Dino Renaerts (Diva at the Met).

What’s Behind Pairing with Rosé? VCC West, meeting room 121 1055 Canada Place 9:30 – 11:15 am $40

Sponsored by WineAccess

7th Annual Awards Lunch: Celebrating Excellence VCC East, Parkview Terrace 999 Canada Place 11:30am – 1:15pm $69

A nz

Celebrate excellence with your peers in the restaurant community and find out who will be rewarded as having the best wine and food programs, who will be the 2010 Sommelier of the Year and who will receive the Spirited Industry Professional award. CBC broadcaster Rick Cluff hosts this event, which features a diverse and tantalizing range of wines from Argentina and New Zealand paired with the culinary talents of VCC Executive Chef Blair Rasmussen. Sponsored by Wines of Argentina, New Zealand Wine, ContainerWorld, Puddifoot and Vancouver Magazine




Sponsored by:






Andrea Vescovi, Blue Water Café + Raw Bar

Silver Rimrock Café The Wine Room (Fairmont Chateau Whistler)



Vintners Brunch

Blue Water Café + Raw Bar West Restaurant


C Restaurant Chambar Belgian Restaurant CinCin Ristorante Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill + Enoteca Fuel Restaurant Salt Tasting Room Vij’s


Araxi Restaurant + Bar


Sooke Harbour House Atrevida (Galiano) Il Terrazzo


Stage Wine Bar

Honourable Mention

Hart House Restaurant Haus Europa Restaurant (Gibsons) restaurant 62 Tomato Fresh Food Café The William Tell

Executive Chef Blair Rasmussen VCC


Cactus Club Café The Fish House in Stanley Park The Observatory Pearl on the Rock Provence Marinaside La Quercia Rangoli Seymour Golf and Country Club Yew restaurant + bar The Beach House Bistrot Bistro Bravo Restaurant + Lounge (Chilliwack) Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar Diva at the Met Earls Restaurants The Flying Tiger Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House Goldfish Pacific Kitchen Gramercy Grill Gudrun Lift Bar Grill View Nu Restaurant + Lounge Onyx Steakhouse + Lounge Pair Bistro The Salmon House La Terrazza Restaurant and Lounge Zest Japanese Cuisine

John Schreiner


Fetzer presents

Great Beginnings

Ryan Mah – Joe Fortes

The Landing West Coast Grill (Nanoose Bay) Quady Dessert Competition Nautical Nellies Nadin Bueher – Thomas Haas Fine Panache at Bear Mountain Chocolates & Patisserie The Pacific

Honourable Mention

Sommelier Challenge

Keith Nicholson – Le Crocodile


All Seasons Café (Nelson) Sal’s Prime Steakhouse (Kelowna)

Honourable Mention

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The Rotten Grape (Kelowna)

ALBERTA Platinum

Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro (Calgary)


Catch Restaurant (Calgary) The Living Room (Calgary)


River Café (Calgary) Bronze Chef’s Table (Calgary) Raw Bar (Calgary)

Honourable Mention La Ronde (Edmonton)

Trade Competitions

2010 Celebrating Excellence Program

Six coveted industry awards will be presented at the 7th Annual Awards Lunch. • Sommelier of the Year • Spirited Industry Professional Award • The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival Annual Wine List Awards • Fetzer Great Beginnings Wine and Appetizer Challenge – Flavours of the City • Quady Dessert Competition • The International Culinary School Wine Professional Challenge (formerly known as The Sommelier Challenge) Come and celebrate with Vancouver’s best! For more information and a full list of past winners of these awards, visit Sponsored by Puddifoot

Wine List Awards Competition

The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine List Awards pay tribute to restaurateurs who have committed to producing an original and creative wine program, rather than just simply printing a wine list. Restaurants are invited to submit their wine program details to a panel of respected wine critics for judging. The categories open are: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honourable Mention. Key criteria: • The philosophy behind the restaurant’s wine program • How successfully wine and food pairing goals match the philosophy • Wine education for staff • User-friendly format free of grammatical and spelling errors • Value for consumers To be considered a restaurateur must complete the following: • Online application • Current wine list in PDF format • Current dinner menu in PDF format • Non-refundable entry fee of $125 The entry fee includes the price of one ticket to the Annual Awards Lunch and one ticket to the Friday Trade Tasting with Buyers Hour. Winners will be announced at the Awards Lunch and will be posted online at the Festival website, and the results will be published by Vancouver Magazine and WineAccess magazine. The Wine List Awards are endorsed by Vancouver Magazine and the Import Vintners and Spirits Association of British Columbia. Official Safety Partner St. John Ambulance

Fetzer Great Beginnings Wine and Appetizer Challenge – Flavours of the City

Flavours, fun and Fetzer Wines. The annual competition to dazzle taste buds and delight your palates is once again upon us. Come see what defines Vancouver as Canada’s trend-setting culinary arts province. The city’s top chefs vie for gold for the best food and wine pairings in an evening of culinary competition. This event is a great way to get a snap shot of the culinary scene’s “who’s who” in Vancouver – a way to test out exciting, new local food and wine wonders. Sponsored by Fetzer Vineyards


Trade Competitions

Every year, a panel of industry professionals convenes to recognize an individual as the province’s finest sommelier. Nominees are vetted and requested to outline their wine philosophy, their wine program and their wine list. As Sommelier of the Year, the winner joins an elite group of Canadian sommeliers and receives a Trade Days Conference Pass to attend the 2011 Playhouse Wine Festival. Past winners include:

Sommelier of the Year Award

• Andrea Vescovi (Blue Water Café – 2009) • Neil Ingram (Boneta – 2008) • Chris Van Nus (Blue Water Café – 2007) • Sebastien Le Goff (CinCin Restaurant – 2006) • Tom Doughty (C Restaurant – 2005) • Mark Taylor (CRU Restaurant – 2004) • Barb Philip MW (Fish House and Cannery Restaurants – 2003) • Peter Bodnar Rod (C Restaurant – 2002) • Mark Davidson (The Beach House – 2001) • Brent Hayman (Raincity Grill – 2000) The annual Spirited Industry Professional Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the sales, service or promotion of wine in British Columbia. The Festival solicits nominations from across the province to recognize Spirited Industry Professionals who have made a significant and indisputable impact upon British Columbian wine culture.

Spirited Industry Professional Award

Past Winners: • John Schreiner (2009) • Christine Coletta (2008) • David Scholefield (2007) • Darryl Weinbren (2006) With a passion for all things sweet, the 22nd Annual Quady Dessert Competition brings together pastry chefs, cooks and students who vie for top prize in Canada’s unique plated dessert competition. Taste, wine pairing, technique and presentation are judged blind by a panel of acclaimed culinary professionals, sommeliers and food and wine media. The winner heads to California with a friend for a trip of a lifetime. Pairing their creations with Quady Elysium and, using the finest ingredients, the best among them will win the honour. Watch for the winners then order dessert and a glass of Elysium!

Quady Dessert Competition

Sponsored by Quady Winery and

Sommeliers and wine professionals vie for the chance to compete for the International Culinary School Wine Professional Challenge now in its fifth year. Entry to the competition is free, but all entrants must be employed professionally in the wine industry. For further information visit The Art Institute of Vancouver’s website.

The International Culinary School Wine Professional Challenge (formerly known as The Sommelier Challenge)

Past winners: • 2009 Keith Nicholson (Le Crocodile) • 2008 Chris Giroux (Bacchus at the Wedgewood Hotel) • 2006 Kimberley Hall (The Fairmont Waterfront) • 2005 Pamela Cohen (International Sommelier Guild)


Featured Speakers and Chefs Speaker


Michelle Bouffard, house wine Richard Carras, Vice President, Authentic Wine and Spirits Merchants Laura Catena, President, Bodega Catena Zapata Bob Coleman, Winemaker, Chateau St. Jean Rick Cluff, CBC broadcaster Mark Davidson, wine educator Anthony Gismondi, Senior Editor, WineAccess magazine; Columnist, The Vancouver Sun Paul Hobbs, Winemaker DJ Kearney, wine educator Michaela Morris, house wine James Nevison, wine writer, halfaglass Tim Pawsey, wine and food writer George Samios, Wolf Blass Global Wine Ambassador David Scholefield, wine personality Barry Scott Glenn Sigurdson, consultant, CSE Group Larry Stone, General Manager and Sommelier, Rubicon Estate Daenna Van Mulligen, Wine Diva Stephen Wong, wine writer

Get the Dirt on New Zealand Terroir Tiki Tour of New Zealand Trade Days Lunch Bodega Catena Zapata: Now and For All Time Cinq Cepages Blending Seminar 7th Annual Awards Lunch: Celebrating Excellence Cool, Single and Sustainable What’s in Your Wine? A Symposium on Truth in Labeling Passionate about Pinot Going for Gold Dare to Compare! Discover the Wines of Argentina and New Zealand Meet Your Match: Speed Dating Meets Wine Tasting Global Winemaking with Paul Hobbs Rosé-Rama! What’s Behind Pairing with Rosé? The Roots of Zinfandel Get the Dirt on New Zealand Terroir Tiki Tour of New Zealand 25 Under $25 Rah, Rah, Rosé! Fetzer Great Beginnings The Wolf and the Dragon Rosé-Rama! Dare to Compare! Discover the Wines of Argentina and New Zealand Argentina’s Malbec: A Host of Stars in the World of Wine Bacchanalia Gala Dinner + Auction What’s in Your Wine? A Symposium on Truth in Labeling Rubicon Estate: Rutherford Dust & Larry Stone Diva(s) at the Met The Wolf and the Dragon



Kye Agrios, Chef, Granville Room Matthew Batey, Winery Chef, Mission Hill Family Estate, The Terrace

Flavours of the Festival

Oliver Beckert, Executive Chef, YEW restaurant + bar Robert Belcham, Executive Chef, refuel Julian Bond, Executive Chef & Program Director, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts Rick Bowman, Executive Chef, Monk McQueens Fresh Seafood & Oyster Bar Clement Chan, Sous Chef, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mosaic Joe Chaput, Chef, Au Petit Chavignol, Jonathan Chovancek, Chef de Cuisine, Culinary Capers Catering Rick Davidson, Chef, Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort, Cedar Room Patrick Doré, Chef, The Fairmont Waterfront Jean Claude Douguet, Chef, Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

West Coast Spirit Meets French Style Peju Fuels the Playhouse

Flavours of the Festival

Vintners Brunch What’s Behind Pairing with Rosés? Big Sky Party & Grill Aussie Barbie Vintners Brunch Flavours of the Festival Vintners Brunch Vintners Brunch Flavours of the Festival Flavours of the Festival Vintners Brunch

Featured Speakers and Chefs Chef


Mario Fortin, Executive Chef, Aqua Riva Willi Franz, Executive Winery Chef, Gray Monk Estate Winery, The Grapevine Restaurant François Gagnon, Executive Chef, Teahouse in Stanley Park Warren Geraghty, Executive Chef, West Harman Gill, Executive Chef, So.cial at Le Magasin

Vintners Brunch Flavours of the Festival Salud Chile! Ode to Joy! Rombauer @ West Vintners Brunch

Ken Iaci, Chef/Owner, Papi’s Ristorante Italiano Flavours of the Festival Gennaro Iorio, Executive Chef, La Terrazza Flavours of the Festival Dine Italia Stuart Irving, Executive Chef, Cobre Restaurant Tango for Your Tastebuds Stephane Istel, Chef de Cuisine, db Bistro Moderne Panther Creek @ db Bistro Moderne Sutha Jeyarasa, Executive Chef, Hy’s Encore Steakhouse Vintners Brunch Dave Jorgensen, Executive Chef, The Salmon House Vintners Brunch Kris Kabush, Executive Chef, Hart House Restaurant Cape Coastal Scott Kidd, Executive Chef, Lift Bar Grill View, Lift Your Glass with Babich Wines Vintners Brunch Dobrosav Kovacevic, Executive Chef, Canvas Lounge California Cruisin’ Tony Lawrence, Chef/Owner, A Chef for You What’s Behind Pairing with Rosé? Robert LeCrom, Executive Chef, The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Bacchanalia Gala Dinner + Auction Don Letendre, Executive Chef, Elixir Bistro Boutiques of BC Geoff Lundholm, Chef/Owner, Moustache Café South Africa Treasure, North Shore Gem Reuben Major, Head Chef, Earls Hornby Get Uncorked! Hervé Martin, Chef/Owner, The Hermitage Restaurant Return to the Classics Wayne Martin, Chef/Owner, Fraîche The Journey is the Reward Umberto Menghi, Chef/Owner, Il Giardino Experienze Toscane with Antinori and Umberto Tim Muehlbauer, Pastry Chef Educator, Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver Vintners Brunch Alana Peckham, Executive Chef, CRU Restaurant Style & Substance with a Sparkle Jay Perera, Executive Chef, The Shore Club Vintners Brunch Alvin Pillay, Chef de Cuisine, Campagnolo Restaurant German Zest Fest Stefan Pimenta, Executive Chef, Le Gavroche Château Pichon Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande Dinner Roger Planiden, Executive Chef, Sumac Ridge Estate Winery, Cellar Door Bistro Flavours of the Festival Scott Pratico, Executive Chef, Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House Vintners Brunch Blair Rasmussen, Executive Chef, Vancouver Convention Centre Vintners Brunch A Celebration of Passion! The Wolf and the Dragon What’s Behind Pairing with Rosés? Trade Days Lunch 7th Annual Awards Lunch: Celebrating Excellence Dana Reinhardt, Chef/Owner, SOL Kitchen Consulting Rah, Rah, Rosé! Dino Renaerts, Executive Chef, Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver Flavours of the Festival Diva(s) at the Met What’s Behind Pairing with Rosés? William Tse, Executive Chef, Goldfish Pacific Kitchen Vintners Brunch Michael Viloria, Executive Chef, Delta Vancouver Suites Hotel, Manhattan Flavours of the Festival John Waller, Executive Chef, The Wickaninnish Inn, The Pointe Restaurant Flavours of the Festival Chris Whittaker, Executive Chef, O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar, The Listel Hotel BC Food and Wine: Our Land, Revealed Tiki Tour of New Zealand Jason Wilson, Executive Chef, Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar Mendoza Medley Josh Wolfe, Executive Chef, Coast Restaurant Argentine Terroir Meets Coastal Cuisine David Wong, Executive Chef, Fairmont Pacific Rim Flavours of the Festival


Participating Wineries


New Zealand



Casa Montes Bodegas & Viñedos Bodega Catena Zapata Cavas del 23 Chakana Estate Viña Cobos Bodega Colomé Viña Doña Paula Bodegas Escorihuela Bodegas Etchart Bodega del Fin del Mundo / Bodegas y Viñedos Renacer S.A. Finca Flichman O. Fournier Francois Lurton Argentina Graffigna Humberto Canale Domaine Jean Bousquet Luigi Bosca Mi Terruño Michel Torino Bodega Norton Pascual Toso Bodegas Salentein Bodegas Santa Ana Familia Schroeder Bodega Tapiz Terrazas de los Andes Tomás Achával Wines Bodegas Trapiche Trivento Bodegas y Viñedos Valentin Bianchi Valle de la Puerta S.A. Bodega Vistalba Xumek Zorzal Familia Zuccardi

Allan Scott Family Winemakers Astrolabe Wines / O:TU Ata Rangi / Borthwick Vineyard Babich Wines Brancott Chard Farm / Rabbit Ranch / Gibbston Highgate Estate Crossroads Elephant Hill Estate and Winery Giesen Wine Estate Gladstone Vineyard / Vinoptima Jackson Estate Kim Crawford Man O’ War Vineyards / Ostler Vineyards Matua Valley Moncellier Wines Monkey Bay Mount Riley Wines Mud House Wines Nautilus / Twin Islands Ngatarawa Omaka Springs Estates Oyster Bay Wines Paritua Vineyards Sacred Hill Sileni Estate Spy Valley St Helena Wine Estate Staete Landt Stoneleigh Two Paddocks / Waitiri Creek Wines Villa Maria Estate Winegrowers of Ara Wither Hills Woollaston Estates Yealands Estate

d’Arenberg Evans & Tate Gemtree Vineyards Grant Burge Hardys Innocent Bystander / Giant Steps Jacob’s Creek Negociants Australia Nugan Estate Penfolds Pertaringa Peter Lehmann Wines Sandalford Wines Thorn-Clarke Wines Wolf Blass Xanadu Yabby Lake Vineyard [yellow tail] Yering Station

British Columbia Artisan SakeMaker at Granville Island Averill Creek Vineyard CedarCreek Estate Winery Church & State Wines Ex Nihilo / Celebrity Cellars Ganton & Larsen Prospect Winery Gray Monk Estate Winery Herder Winery & Vineyards Mission Hill Family Estate Osoyoos Larose Peller Estates Poplar Grove Winery Quails’ Gate Winery Sumac Ridge Estate Winery Tinhorn Creek Vineyards


Ontario Mike Weir Wine

Participating Wineries





Anakena Viña Caliterra Carmen Carolina Wine Brands Viña Chocalán Concha y Toro Emiliana Vineyards Viña Errázuriz Viña Haras de Pirque Miguel Torres Viña Morandé Viña Casa Tamaya Undurraga

Bürgerspital Estate German Estate Wines Weingut Gunderloch Henkell Schloss Reinhartshausen P.J. Valckenberg

Quinta Do Passadouro Saven Symington Family Estates The Taylor Fladgate Partnership Wine & Soul Lda

California Bonterra Vineyards Chateau St. Jean Francis Ford Coppola Winery / Rubicon Estate Hope Family Wines J. Lohr Kendall-Jackson Kenwood Vineyards MacMurray Ranch Wines Merryvale Vineyards Michael David Vineyards Peju Province Winery Quady Winery Ravenswood Robert Mondavi Winery Rombauer Vineyards Seghesio Family Vineyards Signorello Vineyards / Edge Wines Stonehedge Winery / Fuse Winery

Israel Galil Mountain Winery / Golan Heights Winery


Blason de Bourgogne / La Chablisienne Boutinot M. Chapoutier Chéreau Carré Domaine Doudet Naudin Lanson Champagne Louis Latour Nicolas Feuillatte Perrin et Fils Pfaffenheim / Dopff & Irion Reutenauer les Vins du Sud Ouest La Compagnie Rhodanienne Roux Père et Fils Château Sainte-Roseline Champagne de Venoge Veyret-Latour

South Africa Alto Boekenhoutskloof DGB Nederburg Tukulu

Italy Altesino Estates of Antinori Bastianich / La Mozza Beni di Batasiolo Cantina Breganze Damilano Falesco Masi Agricola Mezzacorona Ricasoli Villa Rinaldi Rocca Delle Macìe Santa Margherita S.p.A / Ca’ del Bosco S.p.A.

Spain Grupo Faustino Freixenet Segura Viudas Torres

Oregon Panther Creek Washington The Magnificent Wine Company Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Mexico L.A. Cetto


The Wine Festival is Generously Supported by:

Consulate General of Argentina Australian Consulate Consulate General of Chile Consulate General of France Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Consulate General of Israel

Consulate General of Italy Consulate General of Mexico New Zealand Consulate General Consulate General of Portugal South African High Commission Consulate General of Spain Consulate General of the United States of America

Participating Agents

AFIC EXIM (Canada) Altovin International AnaRona Wines Andrew Peller Authentic Wine & Spirits Merchants Bacchus Group (The) Blue Note Wine & Spirits Calibrium International Charton-Hobbs Christopher Stewart Wine & Spirits Corby Distilleries David Herman & Son Delf Group (The) Diageo Canada Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits E & J Gallo Winery Canada Foremost Wine Domaines Foster’s Wine Estates Canada Free House Wine + Spirits Global Wine Merchants Grady Wine Marketing Great Legs International Wines International Cellars Kirkwood Group (The) Landmark Selections Lanigan & Edwards Legacy Brand Management

Liberty Merchant Company Lone Tree Cellars Mark Anthony Brands Oyster Bay Wines (Canada) Pacific Wine & Spirits Patagonia Imports Peacock & Martin Philippe Dandurand Wines PMA Canada Rare Finds Wine Importers Red Dog Wine & Spirits Renaissance Wine Merchants RES Marketing Services Saffire Wines Saverio Schiralli Agencies / Vanrick Corporation Seacove Group (The) Select Wine Merchants Stile Wines Summit Fine Wines Vincor Canada, a Constellation Company Vino Allegro Wine Imports Vintage West Wine Marketing Waldorf Wine Group Whitefish Beverage Agency Whitehall Agencies WineRunners Zamperini Trade

Special Thanks To:

Import Vintners & Spirits Association of BC: The Import Vintners & Spirits Association of British Columbia is a non-profit association formed in 1975 by a small group of liquor agents who felt a united voice should be heard when communicating with the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch. The agent members account for approximately 85% of all imported beverage alcohol in British Columbia.

Industry Partners

British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch ContainerWorld JF Hillebrand Vancouver Convention Centre Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino – Exclusive Water Sponsor Pedersen’s Rentals – Exclusive Rentals Sponsor Puddifoot St. John Ambulance – Official Safety Partner


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Watch for blue dot products available only at the festival wine shop!




BUY NOW CARRY LATER For your convenience, the BC Liquor Stores Festival Wine Shop offers a free bottle check service. Buy your selection early in the evening (while supplies last) then have it set aside for you to pick up when you leave. For added convenience, purchases can be shipped free of charge to your local BC Liquor Store. Just ask any Festival Wine Shop Sales Associate for more information. GET HOME SAFE FREE TRANSIT TICKET After the tasting, visit the BC Liquor Stores Get Home Safe booth, located outside the Festival Wine Shop, and pick up a complimentary single zone transit ticket. The ride’s on us!

BC LIQUOR STORES FESTIVAL WINE SHOP HOURS APRIL 22 – 23 | 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM APRIL 24 | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival 127 East 2nd Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T 1B4 Canada FOR TICKETS CALL PLAYHOUSE BOX OFFICE 604.873.3311 1.877.321.3121

2010 Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival Trade Brochure  

The Trade Days Conference program is an integral part of Canada’s premier wine show. focused events that will increase their knowledge and...

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