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Contact: Victoria Perez The University of the Arts Tel. 860.416.4016 Email: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SOGNOVOYAGE A Dream Sequence of Action, Adventure, Fitness and Nutrition All Wrapped into One Philadelphia, PA (The University of the Arts) May 11, 2009 -- VProductions has started work on its first video game designed for the Wii entitled “SognoVoyage”. The video game brings together nutrition and fitness curriculum fundamentals to kids at home. Victoria Perez, Artistic Director of VProductions, says that “SognoVoyage is a health conscious video game that gets kids interested in nutrition because food is utilized as a means of progress rather than as an end.” SognoVoyage was designed in response to findings made by the Philadelphia Green Kitchen group. According to our research the nation’s average spending on food has decreased from 18-10%. The effects of which have been noted by spending on health care which has increased from 5-16% from 1960 to 2008. Unfortunately these statistics ring true throughout Philadelphia, specifically among children, with approximately 40% of the youth in southeastern Pennsylvania at risk for being obese. SognoVoyage was developed out of the need to reach children through a medium they enjoy, they readily use, and have access to on a daily basis. SognoVoyage is a video game designed for the Wii console which requires the player to perform a variety of physical movements corresponding to challenges on each level. It is the story of a boy miles away from home, trapped within his dreams (Sogno is dream in Italian). He quickly learns that he must eat to sustain energy and survive. Each level of the game is divided into three chapters. In the final battle of each level s/he will have to fight against the “boss”. As the player makes his way through each level more information is revealed, indicated to the player where he is, and how to get home. Along the way the player will learn the basics of agility, coordination, balance and teamwork through challenges with a friend or the computer. In addition each level is dedicated to a specific food group with undertones relating to daily serving sizes, the importance of balancing nutrition with physical activity and the value of taking responsibility for your own food decisions. SognoVoyage is an entertaining and proactive attempt to reach the next generation of kitchen consumers. The Univeristy of the Arts 333 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA Tel: 215.717.6255 website:

SognoVoyage Press Release  
SognoVoyage Press Release  

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