University of Prince Edward Island Student Union Annual Report 2012-2013

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University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013



550 University Avenue ஃ telephone: 902.566.0530 ஃ fax: 902.566.0979 ஃ


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

Our Vision: As a unifying body, the UPEI Student Union strives to provide leadership while assisting students as they obtain the highest standards in their academic and personal life; enhancing their quality of life now and into the future.

Our Mission: The UPEI Student Union is a non-profit democratic representation of students. We are dedicated to fostering pride in the university, the betterment of university life, and enhancing the student experience at UPEI. We value our independence as an organization while maintaining effective relationships with the university and surrounding community.

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union Council 2012-2013

Our Core Values: •Representation for all students •Transparency, Honesty, and Accountability •Fun, Participation and Engagement •Progress (Growth, Strength, Best Practices, Creative Solutions, etc.) •Sustainability (Triple Bottom Line - Financial, Social, and Environmental) 2

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

A Sneak Peek... New Year. New Logo.

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The Start of Something New: Melissa’s First Year as General Manager

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The Wave: A Change of Pace

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Nicole’s First Year as Bar Manager

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The One Year Plan

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Social Media and Communication

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Keeping the Trust

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A Year of Conferences

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The Cadre: Online and On Fire

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Nexus Yearbook: Another Year of Smooth Sailing

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End of Year Banquet 2013

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A Look Into The Future

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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Student Union Council 2013-2014

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University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

New Year. New Logo.

UPEI S!"#$%! U%&'% ()"%*+$, %$w ('-'

Charlottetown, PEI (May 3, 2012) - The University of Prince Edward Island Student Union (UPEISU) is pleased to announce the launch of its new logo. The process, which took place over the last year, with much assistance from UPEI’s Integrated Communications department, is now in its implementation phase as of May 1. UPEISU President Kate VanGerven explains the reason for the rebranding exercise, “our old logo has never properly reflected the UPEISU’s vision, mission, or core values, and really didn’t say anything about the organization or what we do for students.” The rebranding process, led by the Vice President of Communications, UPEISU, included several student councillors, as well as full-time staff, in an attempt to better understand how the Student Union should be branded. The physical changes in signage will take place over the summer months to be ready for new and returning students come September.

[The New]

[The Old] In the UPEISU Executive By-Law, under the job description of the Vice President Communications, it states “The Vice President Communications shall assume responsibility for the UPEISU’s brand, its image, and its visibility on and off campus”. This has been particularly important this year while keeping our rebranding in mind.

With our new logo came a specific set of guidelines of when and where to use the logo. There are three specific fonts to use with our logo and many guidelines on which color logo to use in what situations. It has been an important part of my job to ensure that this is being carried out properly in order to maintain consistency within the organization. - Chelsea Merry, Vice President Communications.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

The Start of Something New

M$(&,,) M'rr'w’, .r,! Y$)r ), G$%$r)( M)%)-$r

Even though I have been working for the Student Union for the past 7 years this year was very much a learning experience for me as I took on a new role within the organization. While trying to learn and do my own position I had to assist and train our Administrative Assistant, Candice Heigh, who took over my position. This year we had a very new full time staff team as we had to hire an administrative assistant, bar manager, cooks and kiosk supervisor. We had only one full time staff besides myself returning from the previous year. I would like to thank my full time staff team for all of their hard work, commitment and dedication to the Student Union over the past year we had several challenges to overcome and everyone did an amazing job. The one thing I have always loved about working in a University setting is there is never a dull moment around the office and with your job tasks. Things can change with a moment’s notice and that’s what keeps the day interesting and makes it fun to be around the Student Union. Having two returning executive members during my first year as GM was a great asset as they were familiar with the organization and it gave me some comfort that I could turn to them for advice as they do with me. Highlights from the past year would include staff reorganization for the betterment of the organization, successful hiring boards for full time and student staff, becoming the chair of The Campus Trust, and participating in various committees, SU & UPEI related, among other things. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and learning the accounting systems and steps has been very interesting over the past year. One of my favorite parts of the job is representation the UPEISU at various conferences throughout the year. This year I had the opportunity to attend the 35th Association of Managers In Canadian Colleges Universities and Student Centres (AMICCUS-C) conference in Montreal, which I’m on the Board of Directors. As part of the board we have monthly teleconference board meetings and one in-person, where this year we went to Saskatoon to meet with the 2013 conference hosts. The other meetings I had the opportunity to attend were the Campus Trust Board meeting in June 2012 & January 2013 where, in June, I was nominated to be the chair of the Board. By attending these meetings it is a great opportunity to network with colleagues from across the Country. This networking is very important as we work in a very unique setting where your boss changes on a yearly basis but it is part of your responsibility to help train them. My first year as GM has been pretty much everything that I expected it to be. It is hard at the end of the year to say good-bye to the executive that you have worked with for the past year or sometimes longer, but there is always a new, good, and just as eager executive ready to start their year.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013


A ,+&/ &% !+$ r&-+! #&r$*!&'%

The Executive Vice President is responsible for the Student Union's relations with government and assisting students with academic appeals and other academic related issues ensuring students have a voice in all dimensions of their university experience. Key aspects of this portfolio include coordinating provincial and national lobbying efforts, sitting on various campus committees representing student’s interests and improving the public profile of students and their concerns. This year, the UPEI Student Union has made foundational strides in establishing ourselves as a valuable voice for students on the federal, provincial and campus levels. Being the only university on Prince Edward Island, it is important that the Student Union be advocating for students through policy development and research, awareness campaigns and quality government relations. The majority of this year’s work involved research and planning in order to ensure future advocacy was approached with the utmost professionalism, ensuring sustainable, purposeful results going forward. Lining up with the core values of the Student Union, the vision for this portfolio is to continue securing student representation and to provide students with an effective and united voice federally, provincially and on campus. It has been a pleasure working with our campus administration, faculty and staff this year. Through the long established relationship between the Student Union and university, students have continued to be well represented on various committees across campus. The UPEI Student Union is also proud to have participated in several meetings with the provincial government this year, advocating student’s concerns and gathering information in anticipation for this year’s provincial budget. As administrators of post-secondary education and with increasing challenges fiscally, it has become our priority to develop a strong relationship with our provincial government. To that effort, our participated in the Provincial Budget Consultation session in February proved to be a very rewarding collaboration, bringing students to the table as equal players. 6

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

As a student driven organization, we are excited to launch the First Annual Policy Planning Meeting as a part of our new vision for advocacy vision going forward. The goal of this conference is to set out our policy and advocacy goals for the year, providing opportunities for all students to contribute to and be heard by the organization in order represent students. On the federal level, in order to accurately represent the UPEI student’s voice, we continue to have strong participating in the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), working hard to ensure the federal government, the primary funders to post-secondary education, is hearing from students when making decisions. CASA continues to be an asset to our organization, working towards the vision of Canada achieving accessible, affordable and high quality post-secondary education system. The UPEI Student Union has seen a successful year investing time and resources into our advocacy portfolio, highlighting the importance of a strong student voice to government and on campus. With successful awareness campaigns throughout Education Week, significant strides in our provincial lobbying efforts, success in our federal advocacy initiatives and the strengthening of partnership with departments around campus, we are confident in reporting a successful 2012/2013 academic year. With a refreshed vision and a clear direction, students can rest assured that the UPEI Student Union will continue to be a valuable resource for students and a strong representation of their voice. - Danielle MacDonald, Executive Vice President


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

The Wave:

A C+)%-$ 'f P)*$

The 2012 - 2013 has seen a number of changes to the VP Activities position to allow the organization to operate more efficiently. The Wave’s entertainment has been moved from the VP Activities’ portfolio over to the Bar Manager’s to allow the bar to maintain a more consistent atmosphere. To replace this duty, the VP Activities will now directly oversee the O-Week Coordinator, and the Buddy Program Coordinator, as well as Shinerama, Movember, and any other fundraisers with which the SU decides to become involved. Wondering where the party at? From Dragonette’s sold out Back to School Pub, to Beach Blast 2013, which saw 24 teams competing in our annual indoor volleyball tournament, The Wave was the place to be. In addition to annual favourites like Halloween Pub (this year featuring Skratch Bastid and UPEI’s very own DJ Bagera) there were also new events like November’s country concert. The financial transparency behind these events has also increased this year, with the VP Activities making detailed post-event budget presentations to council to ensure that Students’ money is being spent in a responsible manner. -Jonathan Millington, Vice President Activities


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

The Wave:

A C+)%-$ 'f P)*$: N&*'($’, .r,! Y$)r ), B)r M)%)-$r

This year was my first year being bar manager at The Wave. It was a great year, full of new experiences and changes. I started the year off being the main supervisor of day to day Wave activities. This then changed to also organizing many Wave activities. Then it progressed into a lot more! The wave started out slow. With the exception of Dragonette, the wave was quiet. Bands and activities were mostly for a targeted group and bands were not drawing a crowd. Trivia lost a lot of momentum after a switch in hosts half way though the semester and open mic brought the same. It was then decided to divide the responsibility between the bar and VP Activities. This was beneficial, it gave time for the VP Activities to concentrate on other things, and with the bar manager organizing bar activities it got the staff more involved and excited about what was going on. This year there was a lack of society events. The ones we did host were total successes! Next year we hope to have many more! Second semester we introduced Game Show night and they were great nights! The lounge entertainment those nights was also well received. Food service this year was great! We had a great kitchen staff of Sebastian and Cindy, who worked well with limited resources and everyone loved the food! Next year we will try and build on this!

Nicole’s Events:

•Trivia • Game Show Night • Alexander Keith’s Birthday • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party • UPEI vs. Holland College DJ Battle • Thrift Shop Party • Storage Wars

It was an, overall, successful year. I think I am now ready for the challenges of next year! What I would like to see would be to open The Wave for lunch. It's a great space that should be used for more than what it is being used for now. I would also like to see more societies taking advantage of the space for fundraisers. We are moving towards a pub style bar where food and entertainment will be offered as well as some of the best and cheapest drinks in Charlottetown will be offered. attle: ? B c - Nicole Gallant, Bar Manager. H . d s e crow UPEI v ing th ill br hool w College’s c s H C nd WHI Holla ee V DJ Naj

UPEI’s era D J Ba g

Ugly Christma $5.00 or

s Sweater Pa

FRIDAY , Nov. 30 FR EE if yo

u have

an Ugly

10 pm -

1 am

Christm as





, 2013 Y 25th AN UAR tart J S Y m A p 11 FRID over || C 5 $ 19+ ||


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

The One Year Plan:

J)%")r0 - J)%")r0

One of the difficulties we face as a Student Union is a lack of continuity. Our executive team typically changes each year, and with that team goes ideas, goals, and sometimes projects that are only half done. After an external review of our organization, we decided to try a different kind of strategic planning. Rather than a traditional 3 or 5 year plan, we developed a one year plan that runs from January – January. Each executive’s term begins on May 1st and runs until April 30th, so developing this plan for January - January was done in order to keep the momentum of Student Union projects and goals going. The timing of this plan also means that the organization’s projects and goals will not change drastically with each new executive team. As this was the first year with this kind of strategic planning, it definitely took a lot of our time and energy. This planning exercise forced us to revaluate the services we offered and what we really wanted to do with them. Eventually, we found that we could categorize our goals into five different themes: Advocacy, Communication, Finances, New Initiatives, and Social. We provided each goal outlined in the plan with the relevant Student Union core values as a way of reminding ourselves of their purpose. This was important to me as President because we need to be an organization that never loses sight of why we’re here and what we’re supposed to do. One of the most exciting developments that resulted from our plan being approved by the Student Union Council was an increased emphasis on provincial lobbying. In terms of influencing the provincial “I’m confident that we’ve government’s decisions concerning post-secondary education, the UPEI Student Union’s role has been sporadic outlined solid, manageable goals for the incoming at best. While we do have the luxury of living in a small province with fairly easy access to our MLA’s and Ministers, executive to finish with we recognized that the arguments we were making in before preparing their own terms of student funding, institutional funding, and January – January plan.” changes to existing programs needed more substantial research if we were going to be taken seriously. After going through the process of preparing this plan, I’m confident that we’ve outlined solid, manageable goals for the incoming executive to finish with before preparing their own January – January plan. I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made under this new system of strategic planning and I wholeheartedly recommend it for the future of the UPEI Student Union. - Kate VanGerven, President.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

Social Media and Communication

1$ "(!&2)!$ pr'*r),!&%)!&'% !''( &, )(,' !+$ "(!&2)!$ *'22"%&*)!&'% !''(

Social media and communication in general has become a crucial part of every “The Student Union organization. With the student based, and tech savvy environment that comprises UPEI, Twitter page now has social media has become a key focus point of followers, my job. Our Facebook page and Twitter pages have grown tremendously this year. With the which is a huge incline Twitter outburst that has really peaked this from last year’s year, the Student Union Twitter page now has 1067 followers, which has almost doubled followers” from last year’s 595 followers. Our Facebook page is following the same trend with 1003 likes. This is a quick, easy, and informative “Our Facebook page is way to communicate to students, staff, faculty, and the community. Students are following the same staying actively engaged in the social media outlets by asking questions and giving trend with feedback which is really great to see.





Our YouTube videos have had many views, especially the UPEI Mental Health Week video, which featured students all across campus. This video has been recognized by various organizations across Canada and really put a positive and admirable spotlight on the students of UPEI. This year the UPEISU Communications Committee put out a Student Input Survey this year, asking questions surrounding the Student Union, The Wave, Mickey’s Place, and Panthernet. Although there was not a huge amount of feedback, the feedback we did receive was extremely helpful. From the feedback we got, the executive team created a plan (as asked for by the Student Union Council) on how to address many of the issues raised throughout the survey. We think and trust that this plan will be carried out in hopes to further the progress of our organization. - Chelsea Merry, Vice President Communications


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

The Campus Trust

K$$p&%- !+$ Tr",!

The UPEISU Vice President of Finance gets to sit on the Campus Trust Board of Trustees. I was lucky enough to serve on this board this year and it has been an incredible learning experience. Campus Trust is a group of universities that pool funds to operate an insurance policy and this policy is administered by the PBAS group based out of Toronto. While this doesn’t sound very exciting, the UPEISU pays close to a million dollars a year into the Campus Trust insurance plan making it by far the UPEISU’s largest single expenditure. Making sure this huge amount of money is managed correctly is the responsibility of the Campus Trust Board of Trustees. This year the Board did a number of things to ensure the trust’s growth and the diligent management of student’s money. First, the Trust has formed a Communications Committee. This committee has a budget of $22,400 and is tasked with promoting the work of Campus Trust to other universities. The Board is strongly committed to the work of the communications committee because if the trust continues to grow, it can take its already fantastic service to the next level.

“The Campus Trust has had a partnership with the PBAS Group as it's administrator since it was formed in the late 1990's. Over this time the Campus Trust has been pleased with the service and administration of our student medical insurance plans. At our January 2013 meeting it was decided that we would go to RFP for the administration services for the September 2014 student medical insurance plans and that we would continue to work with the PBAS Group until the results of the RFP have been approved through the Board. The PBAS Group has been a pleasure to work with over the years and they will be bidding on the RFP so potentially they will continue to be our student medical insurance administrator going forward as well.” - Melissa Morrow, General Manager

Second, the Trust discussed the operating fee. This fee supports the operation of the Board and is what pays for the administrative expenses. Campus Trust strives to make the best use of student money so this fee is currently set at 1%. Despite the low amount, the trust discussed lowering the fee by as much as half. The Finance Committee is responsible for managing the Trust’s finances and was tasked with making sure that each school was paying a fair portion of the operating expenses.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

Third, the Trust is obviously interested in student health and wellbeing and is continually looking at news ways to help students stay healthy. One way that is being considered is the Aspiria Student Assistance Program. Aspiria is an organization dedicated to student mental health and the Trust could secure the many services of Asperia at a fantastic rate if all member schools thought it was a good idea. The process of researching Aspiria was decided on by the Trust at this meeting. Fourth, the Trust is a very open and honest organization. When a school decides that it no longer wishes to be a part of the Campus Trust, that school can leave and take any money that they are owed. This culture of honesty and openness was displayed when a school that recently left the trust was given the Trust’s audited statements so they could claim and be reimbursed for any money they had left at the trust. This culture of honesty and openness was also displayed when the Trust decided to look around at other organizations to managed the Trust’s money. The PBAS group has done a fantastic job managing the groups finances for a very reasonable rate, but PBAS has never been directly compared to others in the industry. The Trust has complete faith in the PBAS group, and only decided to begin this comparison process to make sure that student’s are getting the best value for their money. The UPEISU remains a firm, founding member, of the Campus Trust and being able to sit around a table with other schools from across the country and make decisions that have real impact was an amazing experience and I look forward to continuing to serve on the Campus Trust. - Daniel MacDonald, Vice President Finance


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013


W$ w$%!, w$ w'r3$#, w$ ($)r%$#.

The Canadian Organization of Campus Activities’ national conference was held in Montreal this year, and was attended by the VP Activities, the VP Communications, and the Operations Manager. Days were spent in sessions on topics ranging from Risk Management and Programming to Student Engagement and Social Media usage, and evenings were filled with showcases from bands, DJs, comedians, and other entertainment, as well as networking sessions with the other delegates and industry professionals.

“COCA was an amazing experience. I was not only able to learn key assets for my job, but I was also able to participate in many networking events and meet a great group of, now, lifelong friends” Chelsea Merry, Vice President Communications

“COCA was a great way for me to share my experiences, and exchange information with my peers at other universities” - Jonathan Millington, Vice President Activities

Following the National summer conference was a regional conference held in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. This regional conference was held in part with Nova Scotia Music Week. Days were spent in meetings discussing our schools’ years thus far, and evenings were spent at various showcases featuring many great Nova Scotia Musicians. - Jon Millington and Chelsea Merry

This year I had the opportunity to attend the 35th Association of Managers In Canadian Colleges Universities and Student Centres (AMICCUS-C) conference in Montreal, which I’m on the Board of Directors. As part of the board we have monthly teleconference board meetings and one inperson, where this year we went to Saskatoon to meet with the 2013 conference hosts. The other meetings I had the opportunity to attend were the Campus Trust Board meeting in June 2012 & January 2013 where, in June, I was nominated to be the chair of the Board. - Melissa Morrow


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations is a federal lobby group of which the UPEI Student Union is a member. At CASA’s Policy & Strategy Conference, we’re able to prioritize the issues relevant to our student body which allows CASA home staff to research and develop policies in order to lobby efficiently at the federal level. At this year’s Policy & Strategy Conference, we had an opportunity to meet other Student Union executives from across Canada and identify similar concerns. It was amazing to talk with student executives from much larger schools and realize how fortunate we are at UPEI to have such a strong relationship with our administration. Our strong working relationship with many different areas in the university allows us to focus our lobbying efforts provincially as well as federally instead of just on our own campus. At Policy & Strategy, we were able to set a number of research priorities to be lobbied on in November at the Annual Lobby Conference in Ottawa. The Annual Lobby Conference, or “Lobby Con” in Ottawa was an amazing week of meetings with various Members of Parliament, Ministers, and senior bureaucrats. As an organization, CASA scheduled an impressive 130 meetings on Parliamet Hill, including meetings with the leaders of the Liberal, New Democratic, and Green parties. CASA was also successful in securing a meeting with the Prime Minister’s Office. Overall, CASA is an extremely impressive organization that truly depends on its membership to achieve success. The UPEI Student Union’s role in this organization will hopefully grow in future years in order to promote positive changes for post-secondary education at the federal level. - Kate VanGerven and Danielle MacDonald

"Spending a week in Ottawa for 'Lobby Con' was definitely the highlight for me throughout our year with CASA. It was a fantastic opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I developed earlier in my term." - Kate VanGerven, President

"It was an invaluable experience to participate in the CASA Lobby Conference and have the opportunity represent UPEI student's voices to government officials who can make real change in the Post-Secondary Education world." Danielle MacDonald, Executive Vice President


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

The Cadre:

The Cadre:

O%(&%$ )%# O% .r$

Last year, the staff of The Cadre distributed the publication's final print issue. From the number of staff members who have been seen clutching old issues, we know how nice it is to pick up a paper and hold it in your hands; however, it just didn't make sense to keep printing. Too many issues were left behind every month cluttering up hallways and lounges. Very few people from our generation read newspapers on paper anymore. Newsprint is dead. This year, we acknowledged its passing, buried it, and moved on. This year, The Cadre switched its publication to an online-only format. We went from publishing a single monthly issue, to publishing an average of four times daily Monday to Friday. Our staff redistributed time previously spent designing a newspaper for print, to ensuring full coverage of the campus community. When an athletic team or research initiative found success, we were no longer the jerks who held you in suspense for three long weeks pretending that you didn't already know. Breaking news was covered as it happened. At times, The Cadre worked so well that it broke stories before larger media outlets such as CBC and The Guardian could do so. The work of our staff and volunteer contributors has been a constant presence on the Canadian University Press (CUP) Newswire throughout the year, and has also been featured in MacLean's on Campus, an online division of MacLean's magazine. In the first semester, our new website averaged 4,500 unique pageviews per month; since December, that number has jumped to an average of 6,500, well exceeding the current student population of UPEI. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts have more than doubled in popularity. The Cadre's volunteer base has also grown exponentially from year's past, filled with first and second year students full of new ideas. From breaking news, to sports coverage, and popular parking features, UPEI's small studentrun news publication found relevancy both within the campus community and beyond. In its new format, The Cadre successfully joined a growing online media community. Our attendance at both the Atlantic Regional and National CUP conferences saw that success highlighted by students newspapers from across from the country, many of whom have since been in contact with The Cadre about our methods. We were the first member of the Canadian University Press to make the move to online-only. We will certainly not be the last. This year, UPEI's student news publication celebrated its 44th birthday – and we're not retiring anytime soon. The Cadre will continue to pioneer online-only student news throughout the 2013-2014 academic year, helped by returning staff and volunteer contributors, the launch of a new website, and a strong new advertising partnership with Rouge Media. - Lindsay Handren, Editor in Chief


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

Nexus Yearbook

A%'!+$r 0$)r 'f ,2''!+ ,)&(&%-

The 2012-2013 year has been a very successful year for the Nexus Yearbook. Our sta is made up of dedicated and hard working students who have a genuine love for what they do. The photographers made a point of attending as many events as they had the chance to and they both worked well together to ensure that he editors had quality pictures to use. The sports and the activities editor finished spreads according the set deadlines and communicated well with one another and with the yearbook editor. Since the yearbook was filled with so many hardworking employees it made for a very smooth year and I look forward to editing and presenting and the final product. - Rachel Wonnacott, Yearbook Editor "It's definitely been a great experience. I've had a lot of fun. It helped to teach me time management skills. It helped me to think creatively in other courses as well as use what I’ve learned (particularly with indesign) to finish several projects. Overall this year has been my favourite year at upei and I know working on the yearbook helped. I can easily say this job has been my favourite to date. When the stress of projects and exams was too much, working on the spreads was a great stress reliever." - Jillian Birt, Activities Editor "Working as photographer for the yearbook over the past 8 months has been an amazing experience. I have been able to attend many events at UPEI and capture many of the wonderful memories that are created at the university. My hope is that when the yearbook is completed in the fall, grads as well as non grads will be able to look back upon their experiences at UPEI and reflect on all the good times that were had." - Heidi Burt, Photographer 17

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

B)!%r-") H!r%-,/)r

S!r! R))v)0

C!*r) V'$#,%))r 'f %() Y)!r

C'#,"-$$'r 'f %() Y)!r Aw!r*

J#,) C'#,%r&.!,

S%! 'f %() Y)!r Aw!r*

F!"#$%& 'f %() Y)!r Aw!r*

End of Year Banquet 2013

A$$& H!rr-0 18

M)/!, J'(,0',

J-$$-!, B-r%

W!v) S)rv)r 'f %() Y)!r

M-"2)&’0 P$!") Appr)"-!%-', Aw!r*

R&!,, B'#*r)!#

W!v) B!r%),*)r 'f %() Y)!r

N1#0 Appr)"-!%-', Aw!r*

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

T!&%) W-$$'w0


C!$)b Of')/b#

O#%/'-,/ 3)"#%-v) 2012-2013

P!#$ N)w"'.b)

W!v) S)"#r-%& 'f %() Y)!r

W!v) S)"#r-%& 'f %() Y)!r

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

M)$-00! M'rr'w, K!%) V!,G)rv),, D!,-)$$) M!"D',!$*, C()$0)! M)rr&, J',!%(!, M-$$-,/%',, D!,-)$ M!"D',!$* 20

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013


A%# !+$ W&%%$r &,...

F!"" E"#$%&'( The Fall Election brought a much lower voter turnout than in previous years at 16.52%.

Spr&() E"#$%&'( The Spring Election brought a slightly higher voter turnout than the previous year at 35.69%. All executive positions had between 30%-35% voter turnout.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

A Look into the Future


4$*"!&v$ V&*$ Pr$,&#$%!

4$*"!&v$ T$)2 2013-2014

V&*$ Pr$,&#$%! C'22"%&*)!&'%,

Tr)v&, G'r#'%

V&*$ Pr$,&#$%! A*!&v&!&$,

A%),!),&) S2)((w''#

M)!!+$w R&*$

R0)% M*C)rv&(( 22

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― C'%5*&",

Outgoing Executive 2012-2013

Outgoing Executive 2012-2013 & Incoming Executive 2013-2014

Incoming Executive 2013-2014


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2012-2013

Student Union Council

A (''3 )+$)# !' 2013-2014

Chair of Council: Alexandra Heighington Deputy Chair of Council: *Fall 2013 Arts Representative: Sara Reeves Arts Representative: Derrick Biso Arts Representative: *Fall 2013 Science Representative: Michelle MacDougald Science Representative: Kate Rundle Science Representative: Keegan Marr Business Representative: Justin Lank Business Representative: Nathan Lawless Nursing Representative: Melanie Caird Veterinary Medicine Representative: Emily Colwell Education Representative: *Fall 2013 Accessibility Representative: *Fall 2013 International Representative: *Fall 2013 Residence Representative: *Fall 2013 Board of Governors Representative: Dana Kenny Senate Representative: Lucas MacArthur Senate Representative: Amanda Johnston Senate Representative: Laura Wisener Graduate Senate Representative: Bob Deziel Graduate Student Representative: *Fall 2013 First Year Representative: *Fall 2013 Ombudsmen: Brady Sheehy


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