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Info Session Dates and Times Tuesday January 28th Library Room 114 7-8 PM

Wednesday January 29th Library Room 114 7-8 PM

Thursday January 30th Library Room 114 6:30-7:30 PM

Introduction to AIESEC

AIESEC What are we? AIESEC is the world’s largest leadership development organization run completely by and for students. We strive to give students practical development experiences through our international exchange program as well as the member program of running a non-profit organization. As AIESECers, we firmly believe that by giving today’s youth a platform to explore and develop their leadership skills, they will become the type of leaders that the world will need tomorrow to solve our major issues. Our vision: Peace, and the fulfillment of humankind’s potential. By promoting cultural understanding through our exchange program and giving students the opportunity to create these exchange experiences, we believe that we are doing our part to contribute to a better tomorrow.

What to Expect as an AIESECer There are two main things that you can do in and with AIESEC. 1. Join AIESEC. As a member of AIESEC you will be contributing to the tasks that it takes to run this non-profit organization. AIESEC runs as a business with 7 different functional teams. As a member, you will be chosen for one of these teams and will have a unique job to fulfill. We offer many opportunities to attend conferences and travel abroad. Most importantly you will be in an environment where you can develop your leadership! 2. Go abroad. We offer two ways to go abroad. You could become either a Global Citizen through our volunteer programs, or a Global Talent through our paid internships. Global Citizen experiences are volunteer abroad programs that are generally unpaid and last about 6-8 weeks, however many of your living expenses are covered such as housing and some food. Global Talent internships are generally more long term internships, ranging from 3 months to a year and a half. These are generally paid internships in the fields of teaching, business or technology. You do not have to be a member of AIESEC to go abroad. However, we highly recommend that people who went abroad come back to join AIESEC.

Open Job Descriptions That YOU Can Fill Incoming Exchange Team (ICX): Explanation: This is our local sales team. We work with businesses in the area to generate internship opportunities where we can bring AIESEC interns. Here you will be able to meet with different businesses and tell them why they need AIESEC interns. After they say yes, this team is also in charge of the reception for that intern. Finding them housing and getting them accustomed to life in the USA! We’re looking for people who are driven and selfmotivated and maybe want to start their future in sales! No experience necessary!

Business Development Consultants Consultants will be working in teams to generate meetings and form relationships with businesses in the IT, Manufacturing, or University segments in order to promote our internship programs. We work with organizations located in Boone all the way down to Charlotte. Consultants are responsible for identifying the needs of a business partner and providing them an intern with the skills and competencies that the business needs. Don’t worry if you have no experience, you and your team will receive all the training you need when you join AIESEC! We’re looking for people who are self-driven, flexible and open-minded, but most of all people who are problem solvers. Remember that each intern that a business takes is really a person and our goal is to give them a life changing experience!

Account Delivery Administrator This person will be working in a small team to make sure we are delivering the best experiences possible to our interns. From sourcing potential interns and finding accommodations for their needs, the Account Delivery team sustains valuable relationships with the interns and companies. This could mean, tracking the satisfaction with the company as well as with the intern through different planning and programming efforts.

Outgoing Exchange Team (OGX): Explanation: The outgoing exchange team works with students and recent graduates that want to go abroad on an AIESEC internship. This includes the entire process of recruiting them, finding them

Online Platform Manager internships, and ‘matching’ them to these internships. Finally this also includes preparing them for anything and everything they may encounter while abroad. We are looking for people with strong communication skills that enjoy working with their peers. They should be organized with strong time management skills and excited by the process of helping people find the right internship for them.

Exchange Participant (EP) Manager When a student is accepted into AIESEC’s internship program they become an ‘exchange participant’ or EP. Each EP is assigned an exchange participant manager. As an EP manager, your job will be to guide and assist you EPs in the process of looking for internships and getting accepted to the one that is the best fit for them. This will also include preparing them for things that they could experience abroad. All members of the OGX team will be working as an EP manager, as well as one of the following additional job descriptions.

Outgoing Exchange Project Managers In Outgoing Exchange there are three positions with responsibilities that lie within project management. The role of these OGX project managers is to ensure that the necessary people are at events, to market events on campus, and to make sure logistics are taken care of. Like all OGX positions, they also are responsible for taking care of Exchange Participants (EP). This position will develop your ability to work in a team environment and to spread our mission for cultural exchange. You will be gaining a lot of skills in university relations, marketing, and working with other university students to send them on a life changing experience.

The Online Platform Manager’s responsibility is to ensure that those students who want to go abroad through AIESEC Appalachian get the proper treatment as a potential Exchange Participant (EP). Like all OGX positions, they also are responsible for taking care of EPs. This role will give you the ability to better your knowledge of the demand for AIESEC in the world, and give you the opportunity to directly impact people’s lives. You will gain skills in communication, project efficiency, and using an online platform to affect our reality today.

Team Culture Coordinator The Outgoing Exchange (OGX) team is the largest team in AIESEC Appalachian. An important aspect of having such a large team is making sure that everyone is bonding and being engaged. As Team Culture Coordinator your responsibilities would include planning Team Days for OGX so the team can bond. Like all OGX positions, they also are responsible for taking care of Exchange Participants (EP). This role will give you the opportunity to work will all members of OGX closely and to better their team experience. If you are interested in working with others and building a supportive culture within your team, this is the job description for you.

Customer Experience Manager The Outgoing Exchange (OGX) team sends Exchange Participants (EP) abroad throughout the year. This means that there needs to be a person responsible for making sure that all people abroad are having the best experience possible. Like all OGX positions, they also are responsible for taking care of EPs. This role will give you the opportunity

to work with people that are currently abroad and in the middle of their cultural exchange and to learn from their experiences and to help make their experiences better. If you are interested in making sure that our EPs have the best time abroad and want to be a part of that, then you should definitely consider this position.

Tracking and Partnership Administrator Outgoing Exchange (OGX) sends many people abroad throughout a year’s time to places all over the globe. This means that we need someone who can keep track of our Exchange Participants (EPs), present and past. AIESEC Appalachian also partners with other AIESEC entities throughout the globe to ensure that our EPs have the best time possible during their internship. Like all OGX positions, they also are responsible for taking care of EPs. This job will test your organizational skills and your ability to effectively communicate with others abroad. You will be gaining the skills necessary to track valuable information and the opportunity to talk to people around the world and creating partnerships with them.

Exchange Participant Event Planner Outgoing Exchange (OGX) sends many people abroad throughout the year, but spring semester is the busiest time for the team. AIESEC Appalachian has days where all of the Exchange Participant (EP) managers match their EPs to internships in a single day. This person’s responsibilities would include organizing this event ensuring that the team has the most success possible. Like all OGX positions, they also are responsible for taking care of EPs. This job would give you the opportunity to play a big role in making sure that each EP has the best internship possible. This job will give you experience in project management with the added level of helping people to go on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Outgoing Preparation Seminar Planner This role requires you to be in charge of the logistical planning of an event held to prepare EPs before they go abroad. You will be work directly

with other planners in order to plan and execute the event. Through this role, you will gain crucial skill in project management, event planning, organizational skills, and professionalism. Holding this event for our EPs is essential so they know what to expect from their experience and to help ensure that they excel abroad.


You will be given the opportunity to plan, organize, and coordinate fundraising events. Fundraisers will go to help send members to regional, national, and international conferences, as well as to help send members abroad. Don’t worry if you don’t have prior fundraising experience, education will be provided to make sure that you are prepared for the role.

Financial Manager

Explanation: The communications team is in charge of marketing AIESEC to students, businesses, and graduates. We also work with other organizations on campus as well as faculty to help promote AIESEC’s programs and mission to campus. We work with design, photography, writing and a multitude of other mediums to get our message out to the world.

This position will be responsible for helping to fill out financial reports and tracking the accounting systems to help track where money is coming from and where it is going to. You will also be expected to help with budgeting and keeping the records up to date monthly and quarterly. You will gain experience in finance and being responsible for a real organizations finances.

We are looking for people that are outgoing, gogetters with presentation skills, writing and design skills. Proactive learners with strong communication skills who like working with others. You should expect to work within strong deadlines as well.

External Relations:

Web Designer As the web designer you would be responsible for maintaining our website and making sure that it is up to date and beautiful. The web designer needs skills and knowledge in web design. Having an up to date and well designed AIESEC Appalachian page is essential to showcase our mission and events. As web designer you will gain a lot of practical experience in web design. This job is suited towards someone passionate for innovation and design.

Finance: Explanation: This is the team that handles our budgets, fundraising, and investments. This team also focuses on tracking our spending and revenue. We are looking for people with basic math skills, who are detail oriented, proactive, and organized.

Fundraising Team member This position will be responsible for raising money for AIESEC Appalachian, creating and distributing sponsorship packages, and applying for grants.

Explanation: External Relations is responsible for creating valuable partnerships with other organizations, local businesses, and the university. They are also in charge of events that AIESEC Appalachian hosts. We are looking for people that are outgoing, driven, well connected, with great presentation skills, and excellent people skills. If you are well connected on campus, invested in creating partnerships, and interested in hosting meaningful events then External Relations is for you.

External Partnership Coordinator As the External Partnership Coordinator you will be responsible for creating and maintaining partnerships with external organizations in order to improve AIESEC. Throughout the semester you will be creating partnerships to show a reciprocal relationship in which both entities will benefit from the partnership. You will gain valuable communication and professional skills while directly working with the university.

Director of Alumni Affairs The Director of Alumni Affairs will be working to create a valuable alumni program to utilize them to the fullest extent. This program will give our alumni the ability to contribute to our Local Committee (LC). This job will test your professionalism and help you to develop good communication skills that will engage

our alumni.

Event Logistics Coordinator As the Event Logistics Coordinator you will be responsible for the organization and the fulfillment of successful networking, educational, and recruitment events. This position will be given the opportunity to work with all of AIESEC Appalachian in order to create successful events. This job will give you excellent project management skills and allow you to test yourself in a very hands on environment. You will also gain valuable connections within AIESEC Appalachian and the university.

Networking Manager The job of the Networking Manager will be to connect and partner with other organizations on our campus to make our events bigger and more notable. This member will help to create a dialog with organizations and externals in order to widen AIESEC Appalachians brand. This job will require you to engage members of the university and community with AIESEC through good communication skills, professionalism, and innovation.

Our Values: -Activating Leadership

Talent Management Team: (TM)

-Striving for Excellence

Explanation: Our talent management (TM) team is the equivalent to our HR department. We do not recruit new members for TM. So there are no positions currently available for TM. However if you are accepted to another team, you have the ability to apply for TM after a semester.

-Living Diversity

-Acting Sustainably

-Demonstrating integrity -Enjoying Participation

Thank you for your interest in AIESEC! Best of luck throughout the entire application process! We can’t wait to meet you.

AIESEC Appalachian Fall 2013 Recruitment Booklet  

Here you will find a description about AIESEC member experiences as well as information describing the job descriptions we are looking for.

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